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How to Make Orgonite Towerbusters

This video will show how to make Orgonite. These devices are meant to be placed around cell towers, places of negativity meditation, sickness, better moods, gardens, wifi routers, smart meters, radiation

Hoe maak je je eigen orgoniet pyramides ?

Een hele grote pyramide op maat gemaakt

Orgonite zelf maken

Orgonite® is simpelweg een combinatie van een diversiteit aan geleidende metaal delen die in giethars worden gegoten.

- Stevig koperdraad voor de vortex
- Ijzerstukjes of ijzerzaagsel
- Koperen spijkertjes
- Aluminium-, metaalzaagsel of wel kleine stukjes
- Goud- of zilverpoeder
- Kristal gruis/restanten van bergkristal, rozekwarts of granaat
- Optioneel: kleine edelsteentjes, vooral hematiet is uitermate geschikt
- Of amuletten, liefst uit metaal of halfedelsteen
- Uiteraard giethars met verharder (activator) in de verhouding 2 : 1

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Step by step demonstrations of casting epoxy based resin. In this demonstration, an ORGONITE casting is demonstrated using common household items and our MAX CLR A/B epoxy resin.

Orgonite, hoe maak je een krachtig wapen van Liefde

De werking van orgonite is het aantrekken van negatieve energie en deze neutraliseren en dan omzetten in positieve energie. Een prettige bijkomstigheid is, dat door de masten zelf, ( het materiaal van gewone elektriciteitsmasten is ijzer en de vorm is een piramide vorm op de punt) de werking van het orgonite dusdanig versterkt wordt, dat de positieve straling zo groot is dat hier mee zelfs negatieve energie vanuit vliegtuigen te niet wordt gedaan.

Uit dit gegeven is het zg "giften" ontstaan, wat betekent dat mensen towerbusters spreiden onder masten in hun omgeving. Sommigen verspreiden de towerbusters ook op en rond gebouwen die "naar" aanvoelen, zoals gevangenissen, rechtsgebouwen, vredespaleis (!), verzorgingshuizen, scholen, flats en ook waterpartijen zoals zuiverings installaties, meren, kanalen, vijvers. En de echte fanatieke "gifters" verspreiden de towerbusters over hele gebieden, waarbij geen mast "ongegift" blijft!

Basis orgonite bestaat uit een mengsel van 50% organische stof (hars) en 50% anorganische stof (ijzer, aluminium, koper, zilver,goud of andere metaalsoorten) en kristal. Meestal bergkristal, maar ook andere kristalen kunnen erin verwerkt worden. Dit kan van alles zijn. Elke vorm, maar ook elk aanvullend materiaal kent zijn eigen werking. Het orgonite is als het ware een generator en versterkt op deze wijze weer de werking van vormen en toegevoegde materialen en functies.

Orgonite, Orgone effects on the Human Aura

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Orgone Energy

Wilhelm Reich was a big fan of Freudian psychology, but he took it one step further. Tune in to learn more about Reich's alleged discovery of orgone energy -- and why some people think the US government suppressed his studies -- in this podcast.

Orgonite forum

Orgonite test with food

I wanted to perform the test on a food item that was not artificially enhanced in any way (such as sprayed with chemicals to preserve freshness). I also wanted a food item that had clear signs of spoilage with which it would be easy to notice/mark when spoilage had begun. Because of this I chose organic bananas. I can't guarantee they do not have chemicals sprayed on them, but since I do not have banana trees of my own from which to harvest the fruit, it was the best I could do in a pinch Smile

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Orgone Energy -- A breakthrough that has already happened - GLOBAL BEM conference Nov 2012

My presentation on Orgonite and orgone energy at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) conference in Nov 2012, Hilversum, Netherlands. See also for more information.

Ken Rohla: How to Neutralize Radiation and Chemtrails From the Sky, Your Garden, and Your Body

Fresh And Alive founder Ken Rohla tells how to protect yourself and your environment from the heavy metals and radioactive nuclides in the atmosphere encircling the globe from nuclear accidents like Chernobyl, Fukushima, over 2,000 nuclear bomb tests, and more. Ken also discusses how to get into deep sleep states at night, ORMUS minerals, scalar energy, mechanics of the mind-body connection, and many other advanced natural health topics.

Who is Afraid of Wilhelm Reich

This is a subtitled version of the documentary "Wer hat Angst vor Wilhem Reich" by Antonin Svoboda in coproduction with Austrian TV.

William Reich, Orgone energy documentaire

Victor Sobey on Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Research Oct 1993

Victor M. Sobey, M.D. came to the field of neuropsychiatry through serving in the U.S. Army Medical Corps during the Second World War. During the years of 1943 to 1946, Sobey practiced neurology and psychiatry at several military hospitals including Walter Reed. He had made the rank of Captain by the time he was honorably discharged from the army in 1946. It was during the following year, in 1947, that Sobey first encountered the work of the psychiatrist, scientist and revolutionary researcher in psychosomatic medicine and human sciences, Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Sobey worked closely with Reich from 1947 until Reich's death in 1957.

In the years following the death of Dr. Reich and the destruction of the institutions and publications Reich had established and defended, Dr. Sobey maintained an independent private practice in Orgone Therapy. With Sidney Handelman, M.D., Dr. Sobey also established scientific laboratory to research the Reich Blood Test. Throughout the remainder of his career, Sobey trained a group of clinicians in the clinical practice and science of orgonomy.

Victor M. Sobey was born and raised in a working class, rural background. He grew up in Solvay, an upstate New York suburb, and worked his way through college at Syracuse University and then at The Chicago Medical School. His down-to-earth manner was suited to the work of Dr. Reich because of its inherent simplicity. "It just made sense," he was known to say, of Orgone Therapy. He liked that it could be studied and tested and it was shown to be effective and based in the fundamental functions of nature. Sobey stayed close to Dr. Reich throughout the legal proceedings which lead to Reich's imprisonment. He was also witness to the subsequent incineration, in 1956, of all of Dr. Reich's books and articles. It was Dr. Sobey's painful job to be present while the U.S. Marshals confiscated all printed material that was later burned an the incinerator at Gansevoort and Hudson Streets in Manhattan. He never forgot that experience. "I felt like people who, when they are to be executed, are made to dig their own graves first and are then shot and thrown in," he later recalled. He had fought against the Nazis in the war, only to find himself present at a book burning, allow to happen in his own hometown, in America.

Dr Sobey described this entire experience in a letter.

"(We) felt like people who, when they are to be executed, are made to dig their own graves first and are then shot and thrown in. We carried box after box of the literature. No accurate check was taken of the amount, but it filled the truck....After loading was completed, the truck went to the Gansevoort Incinerator at Gansevoort and Hudson Streets. It dumped its load of books into the fire, and it was done." Dr. Sobey added at the end of his report, "....the burning of these books is not the whole issue but is only one aspect in the murder of the truth."

Victor M. Sobey died on June 5, 1995 of heart failure while undergoing treatment for lymphoma. Today his work is carried on by a small group of students, who have continued to practice and study. He felt that it would take many years before Dr. Reich's work would be openly and fairly evaluated. While always keeping in mind his experience as a witness to Reich's persecution, Victor M. Sobey passed on his knowledge; "so that the record would be kept straight," and for the few who might care.

A Cloudbusting Experiment to Restore Wintertime Rains to Israel and the Eastern Mediterranean During an Extended Period of Drought

In spring of 1991, I was contacted regarding the serious drought situation in Israel and asked what the possibilities were for increasing rains or restoring the normal rainy season to the region by using the technique of cloudbusting. After some preliminary analysis of the situation, the possibility of success in Israel appeared to be high, an assessment based not only on my own past successful experiences with the cloudbuster in the deserts of the American Southwest, but also on the equally positive results of cloudbuster experiments in Israel undertaken by the associates of Dr. Walter Hoppe in the 1960s and 1970s (4), and by Dr. Richard Blasband of the American College of Orgonomy in 1983.

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James DeMeo's Research Website -
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

DeMeo has been investigating the work of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich since 1970, and founded OBRL in 1978. With cooperative assistance from a network of professionals and institutes supportive of Wilhelm Reich's original discoveries, OBRL has grown to become one of the world's primary centers for genuine and uncompromised research and educational programs focused upon Orgonomy, the science of orgone (life) energy functions in nature, as developed by Reich in the first half of the 20th Century.

Wilhelm Reich - Alone - home recording 03 04 1952 (ad-free)

Instructions on making a Croft style CloudBuster

Peter Robbins on Wilhelm Reich March 8, 2014

Peter Robbins returns to the show, and we talk about his return to the UK and Rendlesham, and then get into the life and research of Wilhelm Reich. If you are not familiar with the man, you should be. You will see why on this show. Peter is of course best known for his work on the Rendlesham Forest case, but has an extensive resume dealing with Reich as well. Peter Robbins was first introduced to the books of Wilhelm Reich as a teenager by a college roommate, to whom he remains deeply indebted. In 1976 he met Dr. Elsworth F. Baker, Reich's first assistant for the last eleven years of his life. Soon after this he became a patient of Dr. Baker and entered into almost seven years of medical orgone therapy with the distinguished orgonomist.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy

Over many years Dr. Wilhelm Reich's work and findings on the orgone energy, or life-energy, have been subjected to careful scientific scrutiny and evaluation, being verified and confirmed in their major aspects, even while his malicious critics continue to ignore or distort this record of accomplishment and discovery. This video gives a short introduction, and provides reference books and websites by which the interested viewer can obtain facts and accurate information. Comments are active, but sorry I won't approve of typical skeptic-comments, or other words which are questionably unclear, off-target, or distort or make ridicule of Reich. No "orgonite" or "chemtrail" nonsense either. There's plenty of that already on internet, and those websites never allow honest facts about Reich and orgonomy to emerge.

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Orgone Accumulator ( ORAC) DIY Step by Step

You can find more details in James DeMeo book " The Orgone Accumulator Handbook".

Orgone energy accumulator

In the early 1940s, Reich settled in Rangeley, Maine, where he founded the research center Orgonon (now the wonderful Wilhelm Reich Museum). In 1956, Judge John Clifford of the United States District Court in Portland ordered, following the direction of the Food & Drug Administration, the incineration of all books pertaining to Reich’s orgone energy accumulator — effectively all Reich’s writings. The FDA also ordered the destruction of all accumulators.

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Orgone Energy and Transmutation

The late Dr. Wilhelm Reich -- an Austrian psychoanalyst, inventor, pioneer, and the author of several influential books and essays -- discovered orgone energy and coined the term "orgone" in 1939. He is best-known for his controversial book The Function of the Orgasm. Wilhelm Reich's discoveries so confounded the powers that be that they illegally jailed him. His books were burned to prevent his knowledge and its potential applications from reaching the public.

The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich 2012

Wilhelm Reich´s Cloudbuster

How to use Orgonite and clear your home of toxic EMF

I discuss frequently asked questions about Orgonite including where to place it for best results, how much to use, and how to mitigate chemtrails and toxic EMF in your home.

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Orgonite Coil Wrapping

ORGONE energy charges DSLR camera BATTERY in 30 sec !!!

Don Croft about his cloud buster

Anyone who has been accustomed to looking at the sky knows that in early 1999 the chemtrails began making almost daily appearances in all these regions, turning the sky into a big tic-tac-toe game, with sometimes six or eight white, very quiet jets seen at any given time, all day long, flying at altitudes far too low to leave contrails.. The United Nations is the only organization I'm aware of that flies white, unmarked aircraft and the spewplanes fly low enough to be easily dentified with binoculars.

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Chembuster - Moniqiue Calis

Een chembuster is feitelijk een cloudbuster, een vinding van Wilhelm Reich. Reich is de ontdekker van Orgone energie of levensenergie die overal aanwezig zou zijn in het universum. Zijn cloudbuster zou deze Orgone energie aantrekken en is daarom een Orgone accumulator. Tegenwoordig zijn cloudbusters populair vanwegen hun vermeende vermogen tot het verjagen en neutraliseren van zogenaamde chemtrails.

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Bouw je eigen chembuster

Ja, het gaat er nu echt van komen, we gaan in de strijd tegen de chemtrails. Pas zat ik in een vliegtuig terug vanuit Duitsland boven Nederland, en het viel me op dat Nederland echt helemaal in een deken van smog gehuld is. Ik wist niet wat ik zag. Ik wist ook niet dat het zo erg was. Boven Duitsland had ik het ook al gezien, maar boven Nederland lijkt het wel nog erger. Al die chemtrails hebben een soort van deken van smog veroorzaakt, dat continu op ons land hangt. Met het vliegtuig was het net alsof je in een dikke soep keek je zag bijna niets terwijl het vanaf de grond "zonnig" was, "onbewolkt".

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Kate Bush song on cloudbusting

Official music video for the single "Cloudbusting" written, produced and performed by the British singer Kate Bush. It was the second single released from her no.1 1985 album Hounds of Love. "Cloudbusting" peaked at no.20 in the UK Singles Chart. The music video, directed by Julian Doyle, was conceived by Terry Gilliam and Kate Bush. The video features Canadian actor Donald Sutherland playing the role of Wilhelm Reich, and Bush playing the part of his young son, Peter.

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VSZT1 orgon equipment, the tool for home treatment

Deel 1

Deel 2

Wat is orgon energie ?

Was ist Orgon ? Andere Bezeichnungen für den Begriff sind:Bioplasma / Prana / Chi / Biophotonenenergie (nach Prof. Popp) / Orgonernergie (nach W. Reich) Raumlebensenergie (n. Jakob Lorber) = feinstoffliche Energiebezeichnungen. Diese Energiefelder enthalten den Bauplan, das Informationsmuster nachdem sich Materie organisiert.




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