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Nederlandstalig nieuws

2018 was opnieuw een dodelijk jaar voor milieu-activisten
80 procent van de chauffeurs maakt zich zorgen over veiligheid met hitte
Aantal rookvrije terrassen neemt toe in Nederland
Airco remt haalbaarheid klimaatdoelen
Animo stuurt noodkreet naar provincie over voorgenomen kap lindes N271
Anticonceptie zonder hormonen - deel 1
Apple luistert mee naar seks, drugsdeals en medische informatie via Siri
Bepalen eiwitten hoeveel we eten en hoe dik we worden?
Censuur op sociale media
De indirecte aanval van de stad op de natuur
De ronduit gevaarlijke mythes van KLM-baas Pieter Elbers
Dit huis van een Italiaanse architect kost €28.000 en 6 uur om te bouwen
Doodvriezen van kankerweefsel kan borstkankerpatiënten helpen
Een radioactieve wolk boven Europa die twee jaar verborgen bleef
Elk jaar lopen liefst 100.000 Belgen zorginfectie op in ziekenhuis
Ethiopië claimt wereldrecord bomen planten
Geen autoritstress meer voor gevonden huisdieren
Gifboer Bayer ziet winst halveren
Hitte 50-66% te wijten aan verstedelijking en hitte eiland effect
In Heeswijk 150.000 (!) kuikens gestorven door hitte
Jonge katjes gered uit vuilcontainer in De Bilt
Jonge xtc-gebruiker kruipt te snel achter het stuur
Kernenergie is nergens op de wereld ooit winstgevend geweest
Kinderen worden ziek na plaatsen 5G-mast in één van de eerste 5G-steden ter wereld
Koeien in paniek, mogelijk door testen 5G-netwerk
Meer gezondheidsklachten door gebruik van lachgas
Meer honden en katten vergiftigd door nieuw muizengif
Mensen houden van bomen
Milieuclub klaagt Parijse autoriteiten aan voor giftige dampen bij Notre-Dame
Niet 10.000 maar minstens 160.000 dieren stierven hittedood
Onderzoek naar sport als goedkoper antidepressivum
Orthopedische schoenen minder goed dan gedacht
Stress van personeel door honden verlagen
Supermarkt is ontworpen om mensen dik te maken
Vaccineren, De grote illusie
Website met like-button verantwoordelijk voor data die Facebook verzamelt
Weerstand tegen transitie naar duurzame landbouw
Windmolens maken onze zee kapot
Ziek na het HPV vaccin, elke dag aan het infuus
Ziggo monteurs met AED in de bus
Zo weet je of je allergisch bent voor een wespensteek
Zonneminimum - Rusland in de ban van zomerkou

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5G, Cancer, & The Environment - David Icke
7 Foods You Should Eat as You Get Older
A Colombian student helps stop blast fishing to protect the environment
Beached whales rescued in Florida
Debunking Algae Myths - Catharine Arnston & Ashley James
Dr. Rex Fleming explains how US scientific organizations suppress "deniers"
Eetbare woonwijk in Leidsche Rijn
Gifbult naast woonwagenkamp Arnhem onderzocht
Glyphosate Banned In Austria As More Countries Become Aware Of Weed Killer Poison
How to Get Rid of Cravings During Your Menstrual Cycle with ONE Nutrient
Is Big Pharma Obligated to Make Data Findings Available to the Public?
Plant Based Diets Recognized by Diabetes Associations
Portable Air Conditioners - Why you shouldn't like them
Protest Against the Untested Roll-Out of 5G Technology in New York City
The Dangers of EMF - Interview With Peter Sullivan
Tientallen dode dieren bij opvang door hitte
Tony Pantalleresco's remedy - high blood pressure
Treat acne and treat bruises with potatoes
Vaginal mesh - Testing 'way less thorough' than on washing machine
Volunteer Goes Out On A Limb To Save Lives

Internationaal nieuws

5G Wireless Technology Is War against Humanity
A new portable device lets smartphones count real biological viruses
A third of Guam reefs killed by rising ocean temperatures
African smoke is fertilizing Amazon rainforest and oceans, study finds
Arctic air has plunged into ALL of transcontinental Russia this week
Babies are able to identify figures who 'deserve' empathy
Ban fracking in UK, Jeremy Corbyn urges Boris Johnson
Bayer faces 5,000 new lawsuits over pesticide cancer claims
Bayer says now targeted in 18,400 glyphosate cases in US
Birds with plastic had higher cholesterol and more uric acid
Blueberries linked to major blood pressure, memory and aging benefits
Brazil’s toxic pesticides ‘affecting people all over the world’ through agricultural exports
Can tinkering with gut microbes really improve our health?
Cannabidiol reduces aggressiveness, study concludes
Climate - about which temperature are we talking about?
Collapse of Wind Power Threatens Germany’s Green Energy Transition
Corn silk can prevent inflammation on a cellular level
Could Meditation Help Prevent Cognitive Decline in Adults with MCI or Early Alzheimer’s?
Could obesity accelerate the brain's ageing process?
Could pollen extract in association with vitamins be favorable in the reduction of
chronic prostatic inflammation?
Craving sugar? It could be caused by lack of sleep
Did you know donating umbilical cord blood could save a child’s life?
Drug-resistant superbug spreading in Europe's hospitals
Ear 'tickling' therapy could 'help thwart ageing'
Esa released over 400000 images from Rosettas comet mission
Fake news on 5G from New York Times Science Desk (two articles)
French divers resurface after deep-sea mission on climate change
Geoengineering is very controversial. How can you do experiments?
Germany's Bayer dealt new legal blow as more Brazil farmers challenge soy patent
Here is how to ease endometriosis
How Canadian doctors are tied to big pharma
How scientists found ‘secret to Earth’s future’ below ice
Huge Solar Storm Will Hit Earth On July 31 Or August 1
Intake of ergosterol increases the vitamin D concentrations in serum and liver of mice
Intermittent Fasting - A Popular Diet With Serious Psychological Risks
Is Acupuncture the New Approach to Improving Fertility?
Like one in three UK women, and one in ten men, Nadia suffers bladder weakness
Link between music and speech rhythm in brain could provide language insight
Metformin suppresses cancer cell growth in endometrial carcinoma
Mini ice age could last until 2055 - shock warning
Monsanto fails bid to banish experts from St. Louis Roundup cancer trial
Montmorency tart cherry juice may help improve cognitive performance in older adults
Mysterious Radioactive Cloud Over Europe Originated In Russia
Particulate matter air pollution and national and county life expectancy loss in the USA
Patient Feedback Could Improve Childbirth Experiences at Hospitals
Pet food firm sues FDA; wants some Salmonella to be allowed
Protein promotes DNA repair, may treat Parkinson's disease
Research links widely-used drugs to a nearly 50% higher risk of dementia
Researchers recreate the sun’s solar wind and plasma “burps” on Earth
Researchers unlock the key to clearly identifying diseased beta cells in type 2 diabetes
Retired MSU professor says her office was known as the 'cancer corner'
Smart deep brain stimulators for Parkinson’s
Stillbirth risk in diabetes higher with obesity and high blood sugar
Study identifies multiple regions in the genome linked to risk of re-experiencing PTSD
Study reveals how bacteria beat immune systems
Tea and mushrooms - Two promising targets for tackling cognitive decline
Tens of Thousands of Women Are Complaining of Breast Implant Illness Globally
The Deadly Pride Of Climate Science
There Were More Record Lows Than High Temps In The Last 7 And 30 Days
Tickling the ear with a small electrical current could 'help you stay healthier as you get older
Trying to Avoid a Second Stroke? Blood Pressure Control Is Key
Two EU Professors - IPCC Climate Modeling Methodology Opens Door To “Fake Conclusions”
University Punishes Professor Behind Academic Journal Hoax Papers
Vaccines – Kendrick on benefit, risk and moral hazard
Why Climate Change Wasn’t Behind Paris’s Record-High Temperature
Woman's contraceptive implant migrated to her lung
Workplace safety can worsen under bullying bosses
Worried About Big Pharma? Then Reduce the FDA’s Regulatory Power.
Yale researchers find genetic clues to troubling PTSD symptom


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