Het leefbewust journaal - 29 januari 2019


Antwoord op Kamervragen over stimuleringsmaatregelen voor zonneceldakpannen
De gevolgen van opruimwoede bereiken de – inmiddels overvolle – kringloopwinkels
Edenaar start crowdfunding voor documentaire ‘Eten van eigen Hof’
Gelderse politiek wil opheldering over plan voor meer giftreinen
Glasvezelkabels bij vaatbehandelingen
Granaatappel vermindert cortisol met een derde
GroenLinks, wat is dat voor een partij?
In Canada is melk voortaan niet meer gezond
Je goedkope biefstukje kan van een Poolse kankerkoe komen
Kabinet moet voor zomer akkoord sluiten over salarisverhoging verpleegkundigen
Lenende studenten hebben stress door studieschuld
Links Nederland is doof en blind voor impact hoofddoek
Massaal protest tegen megakwekerij
Meeste privacyzorgen over 'kopietje paspoort' en online-privacy
Microplastics vormen nog geen grote risico’s, volgens Europese topwetenschappers
Moeten westerse zadenbedrijven meer doen in ontwikkelingslanden of juist niet?
Obesitas, ondervoeding en klimaat grootste bedreiging voor wereldbevolking
Ongerustheid over zieke koeien geslacht in Polen
Overgewicht is vaak niet een kwestie van simpelweg te veel eten
Suïcidale kinderen opsluiten in de separeercel is schadelijk
VGZ wil onderzoek naar verborgen medicijnhandel
Vooral seksuele intimidatie in sociaal werk en zorg
We weten misschien eindelijk wat de oorzaak is van de ziekte van Alzheimer
Zachtfruit is helemaal hip en gezond, maar droogt Spanje illegaal uit


2-Minute Immune Boosting Juice | Ancient Nutrition
Are you eating too many carbohydrates for your body type?
Big Game Cilantro and Garlic Infused Shrimp Tacos
Calcium Fluoride Deficiencies - A Visual Understanding
Can Gluten Cause Arthritis
CoQ10 Explained - Mitochondrial Energy Support
Dr. Tim O’Dowd - PCOS and Insulin Resistance
Drinking This Increases Both Breast & Prostate Cancer
Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Ice Age
How Can We Save Our Trees?
How to Relieve Stress with Scalp & Face Massage, Pain Relief
Keto Snacks Are Bad for Keto and Weight Loss
Machteld Huber vertelt over Positieve Gezondheid
Magnesium and Calcium (Part 3)
Magnesium and Calcium (Part 2)
Man Made Fossil Fuel Climate Change Hoax
Measles Outbreak - A Fact-Based Response
NASA Satellite Images Reveal Shocking Proof Of Climate Engineering Around The World
New high-tech band-aids could heal wounds faster
Northern Hemisphere is Not Warming
Nu ook Pim de kat uit puinhopen gasexplosie gered - RTL NIEUWS
Resistant Starch Myth Busted? (Diabetics Beware)
Seaweed eating microbes used to manufacture bioplastic
Seismic Update 28 Jan 2019 - Deep M 6.2 Fiji
The new Global Syndemic - how obesity, under-nutrition and climate change join up
The Paleo Diets Impact On The Planet, Climate Change, And The Animals
The Real Truth About Health Free 10 Day Conference
Time to Heal Divisions Between All Races of Beings
“Dream” (feat. Natalie Bergman, Ryan Merchant, Keenan O’Meara & Tal Altman)


2 MILLION people have been exposed to cancer-causing chemicals in contaminated blood pressure drugs
Actual recycling could be lower with new methodology
Antibiotic resistant superbug gene discovered in remote Arctic area
Are we finally falling back in love with carbohydrates?
As asthma deaths rise by a quarter in ten years, is rising pollution to blame?
Bad cholesterol - ‘Slim down’ fat-carrying particles to reduce its spread
Breast cancer in young women is more likely to be fatal if they have had a baby, study finds
British lung cancer patients are first to benefit from lifesaving surgery that 'microwaves' tumours
Bug bombs are ineffective killing roaches indoors, leave behind toxic residue
Can we ditch intensive farming - and still feed the world?
Can zinc deficiency affect the development of autism spectrum disorders?
Carbon dioxide emissions from global fisheries larger than previously thought
CDC To Collect Data On Teens With Autism
Climate change pushing killer whales to migrate north
Cranberries may reduce gut health problems for meat eaters
Crimes against nature - how greed fuels illegal trade in animal parts
Drug firm founder heads to trial over opioid bribes scheme
Europe is trying to make the internet more fair. How that may backfire.
Experts urge governments to launch ‘Big Tobacco’-style fight on junk food firms
Fitness trackers 'overestimate' calorie burning
Genetically modified virus injection into tumor can treat metastatic melanoma
Has the BBC been ordered to stop reporting on ‘Yellow Vest’ protests?
How dangerous is marijuana for young men's mental health?
Incorrect information about wireless phones and the risk for brain tumours in a Swedish newspaper
India-Born Billionaire Bribed Doctors With Cash, Strip Clubs, On Trial
Is Big Pharma the Only Answer to Schizophrenia?
Kenya dhow made from recycled plastic carries message about harmful effects of waste
Listeria in the feed - A dangerous hygiene problem in fattening pigs
Microplastic contamination found in common source of groundwater, researchers report
Movement video games boost preschoolers' exercise
New research reveals that prescription opioids are used long-term to treat severe osteoarthritis
Not all saturated fats are equal when it comes to heart health
Oolong tea extract may fight breast cancer as scientists claim it has 'great potential'
Opioid injecting linked to substantial rise in bacterial heart infections
Regular ‘good’ sex can lower blood pressure as successfully as medicine, scientists claim
Researchers discover immune regulator that appears to dictate glioblastoma
Scientists bring new insight into how animals see
Scientists have found a way to fabricate replacement parts within hours using only water bottles and other recyclable materials
Seven ways to beat a sore throat this winter
Sickle-cell patients dreamed of a cure; enter gene therapy
Stop 5G on Earth and in Space
Stress and dream sleep are linked to pathways of brain cell death and survival
Study shows lutein can boost heart health
Superbug gene found in one of the most remote places on Earth
Take on food industry to beat malnutrition and obesity, says report
Two decades of policy failure on obesity. Why?

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