Het leefbewust journaal - 28 februari 2019

Actiegroepen tegen Lelystad Airport voelen zich gesterkt door enquête
Antibioticaresistentie neemt toe ondanks reductie varkenshouderij
Biomarkers bij hartfalen
Bomen helpen elkaar
Burger met zonnepaneel is de klos
Chaos is compleet in hoofdpijndossier Lelystad Airport, hoe nu verder?
Depressie omgekeerd bij mannelijke muizen
Duizenden migrantenkinderen seksueel misbruikt in Amerikaanse detentiecentra
Eczeembehandeling met Kokosolie en Minerale Olie versus Vaseline
Een beter begrip van bloedvergiftiging door de schimmelinfectie Candida
Fastfood-reclames verboden in metro en bus van Londen
Fibulakopje, de onbegrepen pijn aan de knie
Geef doofblinden een stem
Geen allergische klachten na het eten van een gele kiwi
Gemberprijs zal komende weken gaan dalen
Gezondheidsraad gaf ‘politiek’ advies over protonencentra
Groen licht voor cannabisbureau
Heeft medicatie tegen een licht verhoogde bloeddruk geen zin?
Helft jongeren onder 18 weet toch aan tabak te komen
Hitteberoertes zijn beter te behandelen dan we doen
Hoe geoengineering de klimaatcrisis kan versnellen
Inzetten van ons eigen afweersysteem bij ziekenhuisinfecties
Jongeren gezocht voor onderzoek over uithuisplaatsingen
Mensen spelen Russische roulette met hun eigen gezondheid
Moderne Wanen
NASA bevestigt dat de aarde een stuk groener is geworden
Neanderthalers liepen rechtop zoals moderne mensen
Omega 3 bij allergische aandoeningen
Onzekerheid effecten genetisch gemodificeerde voedingsmiddelen
Opgroeien in het groen verlaagt kans op mentale problemen
Probiotica tegen diarree bij chemo- of radiotherapie
Rechtse Eurocraten gaan akkoord met einde aan vrij en open EU-internet, bomvol uploadfilters
Roken remt vermogen om gevaarlijke vorm huidkanker te bestrijden
Sharon maakt lasagne met pompoen in plaats van pasta
Socialistisch ziekenfonds "Tandzorg wordt onbetaalbaar"
Stedelijke frisdranktaks werkt, maar wordt ook omzeild
Studie omega 6 linolzuur - ontstekingsreactie is genetisch bepaald
Uploadfilters leiden tot aanzienlijke privacyproblemen
Voor krachtsporters is een kop koffie een beter pepmiddel dan een pil met cafeïne
Waterstof uit de lucht - Belgen presenteren speciaal zonnepaneel
Wetenschappers testen ultrasoon geluid als behandeling tegen depressie
‘Big Pharma’ peinst er niet over de prijzen te verlagen


Brain Body Diet - The New Breakthrough Protocol To Lose Weight
Bust Belly Fat while Boosting your Immune System
Climate change affecting soil's ability to absorb CO2
Corporate Media Explains Cooling to Begin
Diet Doctor Podcast 14 — Dr. Robert Lustig
Does Male Infertility Lead to a Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer?
Don’t Throw Away The Healthiest Part of Fruits and Vegetables
Dr. Phil's Philosophy on Depression - "Pain is a Motivator" | Joe Rogan
Eating Nuts Every Day Can Help with Male Fertility?
Factory Farming Unsustainable Yet We Live From It - Travelogue
Fatal Flaw In Climate Change Science
Food, Nutrition, and Politics, A Conversation with Marion Nestle
Glyphosate, Weed Killer Found in 19 of 20 Beverages Even Organic, Full List
Human waste turned into fuel briquettes at camp
Katwijker mag toch wiet kweken voor eigen gebruik
Laagvliegende vliegtuigen, geluidsoverlast en steeds minder vertrouwen in de overheid
Lawmakers grill pharmaceutical executives over drug prices
Miracle Gut Healing Protocol
New holistic antibacterial 'recipe' for animals
Rijden op waterstof, hoe werkt dat precies?
Stop the war on children
Strong SOULar Wind Stream & Geomagnetic Storms Coming In
Tekenexplosie en egelsterfte, natuur compleet van slag
The Danger of Glucose in your Urine
The Gary Null Show - 02.26.19
The Infectious Myth - Fighting against Shaken Baby Syndrome with Keith Findley
Top pharmaceutical executives testify before the Senate Finance Committee on drug prices
What is Leaky Gut & How to Avoid It
Why Bill Gates Slammed Solar Energy
Why High Blood Sugar on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)
Why noise is bad for your health -- and what you can do about it | Mathias Basner
Working with the Earth's Electromagnetic Field


3 Ways CBDs Can Provide Endometriosis Relief
3D printing snacks from food waste? Sounds gross, but it’s actually brilliant
A cup of tea or a handful of berries a day can prevent heart disease
Accelerating the Caribbean's Climate Resilience
Air pollution shines from this alarming map
Annual noninvasive stool test effective for colon cancer screening
Another New Study Links Cancer & Glyphosate, Monsanto’s Main Ingredient In Roundup
Antimicrobials used to treat zoonotic diseases are becoming less effective
App to ‘translate’ women’s feelings triggers fury in Japan
Ascorbic acid supplementation improves postprandial glycaemic control and blood pressure in individuals with type 2 diabetes
Bacteriophages to the Rescue - A Possible Approach to Antibiotic Resistance
Beyond glyphosate - French vineyards shift away from controversial weedkiller
Cell atlas of the aging lung
Cervical 'Microbiome' Could Help Predict Cancer Risk
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - It's Real, and We Can Do Better
Climate rewind - Scientists turn carbon dioxide back into coal
Climate scare never about honest science reporting
Demand retailer eliminate toxic pesticides, increase organic to protect people, curb “insect apocalypse”
Disappearing Clouds Could Dramatically Raise Earth’s Temperature
Doctors, Big Pharma and FDA ripped for bungling control of potent painkillers
Does having children make you happy? It would if parenting was cheaper, study finds
Drug interactions in ER's common but preventable, Rutgers study finds
Examining silver nanoparticles in natural environments
Fasting improves metabolism, reverses ageing – Study
Fossil fuels are bad for your health and harmful in many ways besides climate change
Geological ‘Hotspot’ Melting Pine Island,Thwaites Glaciers, Not Global Warming
Hip fractures may serve as first sign of undiagnosed Alzheimer’s disease
How chronic stress boosts cancer cell growth
How inactivity and junk food can harm your brain
How power-to-gas technology can be green and profitable
Humble vitamin C tablet key to Deakin diabetes breakthrough
Infants exposed to corticosteroids in utero are smaller at birth, study finds
Injuries the largest cause of death for people with autism
Lake Erie just won the same legal rights as people
Men are affected by kidney failure more often than women
Metabolism may be linked to biological clock, study claims
Nearly 50% of transport pollution deaths linked to diesel
Nerve Injury May Trigger Onset, Progression of ALS Symptoms
New research connects vegetarianism and depression. The question is why?
New study claims microdosing improves focus and fights depression
Noisier waters linked to behaviour change, hearing loss in whales
NSAID Allergy May Increase Risk for Opioid Use Disorder
Number of children vaping doubles in just four years
Office worker, 69, developed mercury poisoning after eating too much fish
One in eight US teenagers contemplates suicide, study finds
Packaging insecticides in tiny capsules may make them more toxic
Plastic found in deepest ocean animals
Research reveals that sandalwood heals breast cancer cells at the deepest level
Right Here, Right Now in a Grand Solar minimum with an Ice Age approaching
Rise of drug-resistant superbugs rings alarm bells in Europe
Risk of red meat allergy from tick bites higher than previously thought
Role of Vitamin D and Its Analogues in Diabetic Nephropathy
Roundup weed killer factor in man's cancer, US court told
Scientists discover how the body reacts to bacterial invasions
Search a Child, Pay Cash - The Adoption Lobby
Solar Cycle to Cause a ‘Mini Ice Age’ as Early as 2020
Study explores experience of pain during non-suicidal self-injury
Study shows eating grapes may stop prostate cancer from advancing
Study suggests humans are now producing more chemical waste than can be tested
Sun WITHOUT sunspots in February - solar minimum WARNING
The association between heatwaves and risk of hospitalization in Brazil
The Crisis Of Science
The Sun has already programmed an ice age into the climate system
Tiny lab-grown tumours and organs could be used to test HUNDREDS of cancer drugs
Tobacco plants transformed into 'green bioreactors' to benefit human health
Turning stem cells into bone with nanoclay-reinforced hydrogel
What do garlic and white onion have in common? Both can lower blood pressure and prevent diabetes
What You Must Know About Gluten
Yale researchers develop modular approach to engineering immune cells

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