Het leefbewust journaal - 26 januari 2019


Actieplan Stalbranden schiet tekort
Belangrijke rol voor patiënt in terugdringen van niet-gepaste zorg
Binnenkort verplicht tien dagen vaderschapsverlof in alle EU-lidstaten
Blue Monday is een verzinsel
De opvoedkwestie - omgaan met een gevoelig kind
Defensie wist van de problemen met de burnpits in Afghanistan
Dierenhandelaar op internet licht mensen op met zieke dieren
Dit zegt de wetenschap over (jouw) slaapproblemen
Dreigt de wereld ten onder te gaan door narcisten?
Duitsland van de kolen af?
Dé ziekte van deze tijd is depressie
Een kwart van het ziekenhuispersoneel haalt de griepprik
Eenzaamheid een serieus probleem onder jongeren
Fransen schrikken van hun brood
Gaslighting - het geven en ontnemen van hoop
Geen bewijs van werking protonentherapie tegen kanker
GeleHesjes op zaterdag 26 januari – De Lange Mars Plus
Heropen debat over pensioen en arbeidsongeschiktheid zzp'ers
Het mysterie van de pensioenen
Hoe groot is de invloed van de pluimveehouderij op de totale fijnstofconcentratie?
Huisarts zet stempel met paarse krokodil in
In Brabant stierven baby’s door taboe op borstvoeding
Innovaties in de zorg hard nodig, ‘anders kunnen we zorg niet meer betalen’
Je krijgt de kroketten niet geweerd uit de kantines
Je privacy als betaalmiddel
Kamervragen na zorgen over vogels Lelystad Airport
Kan een goede matras rugpijn verlichten?
Kan Fikkie tegen de kou? En hoe zit het met katten en konijnen?
Kleuters voor het Klimaat lijkt mij een geslaagde slagzin
NVWA laat varkens in horrorstal aan hun lot over
Onze maatschappij dreigt door te drammen in ikkige inbunkering
Opmerkelijke gezondheidsvoordelen van bijenproducten
Roodheid of zwelling van de geslachtsorganen door diabetes medicijn?
Rusthuisbewoners slikken 126 pillen per week op einde van hun leven
Signify verdient stiekem 'tientallen miljoenen' aan de cannabisindustrie
Stijgend aantal inbreuken op verkoop van tabak aan -16-jarigen
Vaatschade kan vasculaire dementie veroorzaken
Vasten goed voor afvallen en diabetici
Verband Alzheimer en mondbacterie
Vlaamse identieke tweeling brengt nieuwe genetische oorzaak van artritis aan het licht
Waarom is de Stichting Vaccinvrij niet welkom in de Tweede Kamer?
We zijn gebouwd op schaarste, maar leven in overvloed
Zijn algen het voedsel van de toekomst?
Zo kan je als mantelzorger in gesprek met je werkgever over je rechten


A 'Fourth Social Revolution'?
Atlantis Rising, The Primordial Energy Has Finally Arrived
By mapping its own air pollution, London can help cities worldwide
Can Fast Food Affect Brain Diseases?
Can Seaweed Cut Methane Emissions on Dairy Farms?
Cannabis and Cancer Treatment
Combating Cancer
Conflicts Of Interest In Testing For Vaccine Safety by Del Bigtree
Crispy Baby Potatoes, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, & Kale & Cabbage Salad
Curing Diabetes with Plant Foods
Do Kids Need School? Inside the 'Unschooling' Movement
Don't Ignore These Low Potassium Symptoms
Drug-resistant superbugs 'as big a threat as climate change'
Esther spreekt duidelijke taal tijdens landbouwdebat
FDA more beholden to the pharmaceutical lobby than to American citizens
Miranda is dakloos, op papier bestaat ze niet meer
Next Generation Democratie
Organic Should Be The Minimum Standard Of American Agriculture
Sea Otters - A Day in the Life
Should parents feed infants allergenic foods earlier to prevent allergies?
Starfruit and diabetes
Study Links Bee Decline to Cell Phones
The Cave of Inspiration - Bruce Lipton - Evolution & Creation
The Evolution of the Human Body - Solar Powered Alchemy
The Fats You Should Eat to Help You Eat Less
The Future of Hospitals
The Gary Null Show - 1.24.19
The Great Energy Race
The Return of the Annunaki
These 5 Things to Reverse Fatty Liver
Treating Toxic Mold with Dr. Margaret Christensen
Wat is het gevaarlijkste dier ter wereld?
What to do if you get glutened
What's up with the Potential Autoimmune Triggers (GI-MAP Training for Clinicians)
World Economic Forum Discuses A.I. MIND CONTROL
Your Potassium Sodium Ratio Should Be 4:1


A humorous advert encouraging children to eat more vegetables
A review of complementary therapies with medicinal plants for chemotherapy-induced
peripheral neuropathy
Albania rethinking hydro policy on environmental concerns
An anti-gold mining campaigner is released after six hours in custody
Are Tattoos Linked with Individuals’ Health and Risky Behaviors?
As polar seas heat up, mammals will find less slow, stupid prey
Bacteria and viruses are fighting back, but will big pharma save us?
Being thin is in the genes - Scientists discover some people's DNA lets them eat whatever they want
Breakthrough Test May Improve Macular Degeneration Treatment
Bullying is an “Infringement” on Children’s Rights
Cervical smear - The 30 second test that could save your life
China clones monkeys and deliberately edits genes to make them mentally ill
Cigarette filters are the No.1 plastic pollutant
Climate-smart eating? Swedish professor calls for ‘vegetarian pets,’ gets blasted online
Cod stocks on course to crash if ocean warming continues
Commuting by train causes stress for nearly half of people
Could 'Memory-Erasing' Implants Help Prevent Drug Relapses?
Deadly Ebola Virus Is Found in Liberian Bat, Researchers Say
Delayed Guillain-Barré Syndrome after Bariatric Surgery
Developing severe migraines in middle age is a major warning sign of stroke risk
Do Infections Really Increase the Risk of Heart Attacks?
Does Mold Cause Cancer and Should You Worry?
Drug companies are teaching old drugs new tricks
Dual action of vitamin C in iron supplement therapeutics for iron deficiency anemia
Early exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields at 1850 MHz affects
auditory circuits in early postnatal mice
Electronic Devices Outnumber Humans & Trigger a Surge in E-Waste
Environmental protection in outer space
Enzyme that breaks down amino acids may promote aging
EPA fines for polluters at lowest level in two decades, data shows
EU agriculture Commissioner ‘surprised’ by gene editing court ruling
Even Adults Sleep Better After Being Rocked to Sleep
Even as public opposition to glyphosate grows, some French winemakers denounce ban
Exploring Links between Melatonin, Inflammation and Depression
Facebook sold out the internet, secretly lobbied IN FAVOUR of upload filters
Farmer blames PFAS for growing number of animal deformities
FDA's opioids adviser accuses agency of having direct link to crisis
Finding eco-friendly alternatives to cotton — in the forest
Food allergy is linked to season of birth, sun exposure, and vitamin D deficiency
Foods to Eat and to Avoid to Take Care of Your Gallbladder
For years, doctors used bad science to choose who could get a new liver
France Becomes The First Country to Ban All Five Pesticides Linked to Bee Deaths
France's glyphosate exit to be 80 percent complete by 2021
GMO Propaganda Has No Place In Your Child's Classroom
Greenland's southwest ice sheet particularly sensitive to warming
Herd Immunity - A False Rationale for Vaccine Mandates
High levels of distress and depression in young people on autism spectrum
High-carb diet in Okinawa, Japan, may be one key to longevity
How Eating Mushrooms May Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels
How friendly mice can affect their lonely cagemates
How sleeping on the floor can be healthy
Important signaling pathway in breast cancer revealed
Is "biosludge" responsible for causing more cancer?
Machine Learning and Medicine - Is AI the Future of Psychiatry?
Mainstream Media Is Literally Making People Sick
Men with early prostate cancer live longer than those WITHOUT the disease, new data reveals
Microplastic contamination found in common source of groundwater, researchers report
More fish consumption and omega-3 supplementation needed to push the omega-3 index to 8 percent
Neanderthals were long-distance killers
Neuroscientists May Finally Know Whether the Adult Brain Can Grow New Cells
Neurotechnology products are not regulated as medical devices
New therapies could boost the body’s natural anti-cancer responses
Our Dangerous Impulse to Demonize the Other Side
Party is over for dirt-cheap solar panels, says China executive
People born between 1966 - 1994 are at greater risk of measles
Pesticides Are Harming Bees in Literally Every Possible Way
Promising results for cannabis use for those on the autism spectrum
Redesigning allergen molecules could cure allergies
Scientists at Kanazawa University have unravelled a link between inflammation and cancer
Skinny genes the 'secret to staying slim'
Soluble fiber may improve diabetes control
Spirulina Liquid Extract Protects against Fibrosis Related to Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis
Testosterone Levels Associated With Adiposity in Postmenopausal Women
The effects of Spirulina supplementation on metabolic syndrome components
The physiological function of APP (Alzheimer protein)
There are hidden killers in our broken food system
This is how to know when you’re ill enough to be prescribed antibiotics
Three paralyzed men have walked again after receiving electric jolts to the spine
Tobacco use during adolescence is associated with paranoia, largely due to shared genetic influences
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey ADMITS that yes, social media platforms “definitely collaborate”
on methods of censorship
USDA Approves Edible Cotton
Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy linked to autism in children
Which herbs can help with psoriasis?
Why Does the Sun Make Some People Sneeze?
Why saturated fat cannot raise cholesterol levels (LDL levels)
Why you should go flexi-vegan, study says
Your Gut Microbiome and Anxiety - What’s the Connection?

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