Het leefbewust journaal - 25 juni 2019

Nederlandstalig nieuws

Aanbiedingen supermarkten vrijwel altijd ongezond
AirPods zijn een tragedie
Beantwoording Kamervragen over bericht ‘Tandarts onbetaalbaar voor half miljoen mensen in Nederland’
Bestrijdingsmiddelen uit water halen kost geld. En dat betaalt de klant
Canada verbiedt import haaienvinnen
De voorbije decennia heeft de groene beweging vooral drama verkocht
Energievervuiling door het eten van teveel verkeerde producten
Geothermiecentrale veroorzaakt lichte aardbeving in Mol
Marc Cosyns over oorzaak en remedie
Nachtbrakers kunnen biologische klok verzetten om welzijn te verbeteren
Ondanks uitspraak stikstof toch vergunning verstrekt door provincie
Patiënten in ’diabetesblauw’ naar Tweede Kamer voor glucose-sensor
Provincie Overijsel wil tuineigenaren stimuleren om tegels en stenen te vervangen door groen
Suikerwater leverancier blijft sponsor van de Olympische Spelen
Tips om hittestress bij dieren te voorkomen
Waarom je je auto niet moet voltanken bij temperaturen van 30 graden en hoger
Waarom zwemmen in plassen en kanalen echt wel gevaarlijk is
Wat doet de hitte met ons lichaam?


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5G Cellphone Towers - Concerns on Health
Are Root Canals A Root Cause of Cancer & Autoimmune Disease?
Dog with skin like cracked stone. Amazing transformation
Don’t Use Xanax (Alprazolam) Until You Watch This Video
Genetic expression to reverse disease
GMOS and the Threat to Our Food, Our Land, Our Future
Google buries Mercola in their latest search engine update
Healed Acne With Medical Medium
John Schoonbee, MD of Swiss Re - on Coronary Calcification CAC and Staying Alive
Keto Rash is a Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Deficiency
Modified is an award-winning documentary on GMO labeling
Should Government Breakup Social Media Companies?
The Benefits of Sweating
The Diet That Shrinks Your Brain
Univ Of Hawaii Teaches the Dangers of Censorship
Wikipedia’s content problem

Internationaal nieuws

18 Million Americans Still at Risk of Lead Poisoning from Water Pipes
A common sign of hypoglycemia is a headache or migraine
Agriculture organizations against monsanto in Argentina
Alkaloids represent important group of anticancer drugs with enormous potential
Alzheimer’s Disease Reversed in Human Cells
Australian farmers eliminate herbicide-resistant "superweeds" using natural non-herbicidal methods
Be in bed before 10.30 if you want to have kids
Can exercise improve your gut health?
CANADA begins harvesting organs from euthanized humans
Cannabis Found Effective in Fighting Drug-Resistant Bacteria
City asked to include e-cigarettes in smoking ordinance
Complementary and alternative therapy for pediatric acne
Cup of coffee boosts weight loss ‘helping the body burn calories faster’
Diabetes verminderd handhaven kerntemperatuur tijdens thermische stress
Do the rules of environmental protection extend to exoplanets beyond our solar system?
Give babies peanut butter before they turn one to help avoid allergies
Google’s Chrome Web Browser “Has Become Spy Software”
Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Can Be a Symptom of Undiagnosed Hemophilia
How Big Pharma Suppresses ‘Biosimilars’
Is dietary potassium ‘missing link’ for headshaking?
Is our screen dependence making us “virtually autistic”
Lyme disease patients push for better treatment, diagnosis and prevention
Modified - A Film About GMOs and the Corruption of the Food Supply for Profit
Moringa oleifera stem extract alleviates oxidative stress-induced cataract formation
Ocean swimming alters skin microbiome, increasing vulnerability to infection
Our brain likes new information as much as money
Perimenopausal Osteoporosis on rise, says doctor
Researchers Find Missing Link Between the Brain and Immune System
Should you be drinking alkaline water?
Studies show no evidence of fall in cigarette consumption due to WHO’s FCTC
The Arab world is turning its back on religion and on US relations
The essence of vitamin C in the body
The growing case to ban fracking
The paradox of global warming and colder winters
The Right to Question Our Government and Big Pharma
These foods help fight stress like no others
This Japanese town is trying to recycle all its waste
Toxic ingredients and food additives can increase your blood pressure
Vacations Good For Cardiovascular Health
Vitamin D, cancer, and dysregulated phosphate metabolism
Where does your plastic go? Global investigation reveals America's dirty secret

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