Het leefbewust journaal - 25 januari 2019


43 procent van de Belgen niet overtuigd dat zelfrijdende wagen veilig is
Aandacht Voor Pesten Bij Mensen Met Een Licht Verstandelijke Beperking
Apotheek moet ‘discrete ruimte’ hebben om gênante situaties te vermijden
Belastingontduiking kost Nederland 22 miljard euro per jaar
Bestralingstherapie bij kanker
Bijna 122.000 dieren kwamen vorig jaar om het leven bij stalbranden
Bloedingen door bloedverdunners
CBDolie ipv Electroshocktherapie
De ene autist is de andere niet
De farmaceutische wereld barst van de boeven
Driekwart mantelzorgers ervaart hoge werkdruk
Economische oorlog elite tegen Russisch gas belangrijker dan risico's aardwarmte?
Epigenetics - what impact does it have on our psychology?
Epileptica zorgen bij Alzheimer voor langere ziekenhuisopnames
FB blijkt allergisch voor GeleHesjes
Forse daling in gebruik van ADHD-medicijn Ritalin
Franse babyluiers bevatten verboden chemicaliën
Gevolgen klimaatdoelen voor auto-industrie geven Gele Hesjes voet aan de grond in Duitsland
Gezondheid googlen doen Nederlanders het meest van alle Europeanen
Greenpeace opnieuw in beroep tegen vergunning kerncentrale Borssele
Greenpeace vraagt aandacht voor rol levensmiddelenfabrikanten bij reductie plasticgebruik
Hoe de ‘Engelse ziekte’ helemaal niet zo Engels bleek
Is opwarming uniek en nog nooit eerder vertoond?
Jonge maaltijdbezorgers gevaar op de weg
Mondbacterie mogelijk oorzaak Alzheimer
Neem geen dieren in beslag bij mensen met geldzorgen
NVWA controleert op verbod neonicotinoïden
Op 4 februari ("Grey Day") is al onze groene energie op
Reclame voor zwarte jongeren focust op ongezonde produkten
Ruim duizend meer wetten en regels dan tien jaar geleden
Samen eten stimuleert kind
Schuldhulp voor zzp’ers - Gesloten loketjes
Stalbranden - waarom stallen tikkende tijdbommen zijn
Strafrechtelijk onderzoek naar grafietuitstoot
Tata Steel heeft maximaal aantal overtredingen bereikt
Toelating Chloorprofam wegens procedurele redenen op de tocht
Valkuilen bij chronische darmklachten, rol van calprotectine
Waterstof tanken aan de pomp in Binckhorst
Wet tegen onverdoofd slachten per 1 januari ingevoerd
Wet vermindering administratieve lasten Wmo en Jeugdwet krijgt instemming eerste kamer
Wilde konikpaarden Oostvaardersplassen vrijgelaten op Texel
Yoghurtdrankjes blijven suikerbommen
Zeehonden in Britse haven raken verstrikt in plastic afval
Zeelucht is goed tegen kanker en cholesterol
Zit religie in je brein


Attention, All Ascension Specialists
Bayer Desperately Attempts to Prune Evidence in Monsanto Trial
CDA wil giftreinen uit Dordrecht weg hebben
Doctors Bullying Patients, & How To Take Your Power Back
Drug Companies May Be Scamming Consumers With “Maximum Strength” Cold Medicines
Food system transformation needed for human and planetary health
Guardians of the 5D Higher Mind Grid Are Holding It Down
Heal Your Thyroid Holistically
Health risks of widely used toxic chemicals need further assessment
Held Berry redde vrouw en kinderen uit auto, die op zijn kop in de sloot lag
How One Parasite Stays in Shape
How Saudi Arabia’s petrodollars silenced US over the past years
Intermittent Fasting - The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do for Your Health
Is de fermentatiehype gezond?
Loneliness, An Epidemic?
Nuts Studies Are a Hoax (Part 2 of Nuts)
Return of Light Meditation Results
Routine Vaginal Delivery - What to Expect
Sleep and Heart Health–What You Should Know
Stalbranden - waarom stallen tikkende tijdbommen zijn
Systemic Toxicity of Aluminium Adjuvants - Prof. Christopher Exley
The Richest 26 People Own As Much As The Poorest 4 Billion
The Side Effects of Intermittent Fasting
Toxic substances found in many nappies
Welcome to the New Age
Why do we need to explore the deep ocean?
Yet more dire news on the insect collapse front, can we survive if they can’t?
You are Energy, Awakening the SOUL


3D printing may aid in the treatment of osteoarthritis
Allergy-triggering cells could be used to fight colon cancer
American missionary exposed isolated tribe in Brazil to serious diseases
Annual lobbying by big pharma
Another Headline-Grabbing Fake Ocean Warming Study
Antidiabetic, Antihyperlipidemic, and Antioxidant Activities of Mulberry Lees Fermented Products in Diabetic Mice
Association between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and global DNA methylation in
visceral adipose tissue from colorectal cancer patients
Big brands revisit the milkman model to cut plastic pollution
Big Oil Fuels The Climate Campaign
Big Pharma spends record millions on lobbying
Black smokers at higher risk for peripheral artery disease
California Doctors Alarmed As State Links Their Opioid Prescriptions to Deaths
Cancer has a biological clock and this drug may keep it from ticking
Carb-restricted diets found to improve metabolism and reduce liver fat
Childhood lead exposure tied to adult mental health issues
China clones five gene-edited monkeys for sleep disorder research
Climate drives link between forest biodiversity and productivity
Data privacy rules in the EU may leave the US behind
Dementia and Gum Disease
Early 20th century global warming
Enzyme that breaks down amino acids may promote aging
Even Modest Blood Pressure Elevation in Young Adults May Take a Toll on the Brain
Evidence of atherosclerosis found in 16th-century mummies from Greenland
Exposure to stimulating environment increases brain plasticity of mice as well as their offspring
Greenpeace study slams Japan’s plan to dump radioactive Fukushima water into the ocean
Heart Disease Risk Begins Before Birth. Vitamin C Could Help
How diplomatic missions became entangled with the tobacco industry
How Microbiome Research is Changing Medicine
How the Wiring of Our Brains Shapes Who We Are — with Kevin Mitchell
Is ocean warming accelerating faster than thought?
Know Your Enemy - The Royal Institute Of International Affairs
Large volcanic eruption in Scotland may have contributed to prehistoric global warming
Latest Fake Claims About Greenland Ice Loss
Long-term consumption of caffeine may worsen effects of Alzheimer's
Married people are physically fitter, study finds
New insights about the role of myelin-producing cells in MS
New insights into brain cell types of people with MS could help develop improved therapies
Norwegian researchers find new treatment for prostate cancer
Particle-forming sulfur dioxide is the most damaging pollutant from coal-fired power plants
PETA sparks outrage by barbecuing fake dog to promote veganism
Positive well-being may protect against depression in people with autism
Revolving door brings Trump-tied lobbying firm even closer to the White House
Severe infections in childhood may boost chances of autism diagnosis
Study finds that your nose SHRINKS when you lie
Study outlines link between America's eviction crisis and high rate of STIs
Study Peeks Into the Brain Wiring Behind Dyslexia
Study sheds new light on male infertility
Tackling the Complexity of the Gut Microbiome for Better Treatments
The double-edged sword of palm oil
The Role of Sex Hormones in Primary Headaches
Too Much Fried Food May Shorten Your Life
University scientists make vitamin B12 breakthrough
Urban heat makes people sedentary, passive and lonely
You do NOT need to spend six weeks in a cast if you fracture your ankle - three weeks is plenty

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