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Nederlandstalig nieuws

5 procent van tieners slikt al een slaapmiddel
Amandelhof in Zeist onder verscherpt toezicht
Betrek zorgmedewerkers bij onderzoek Korsakov
Boete voor het doodslaan van eenden
CO2 heeft nauwelijks tot geen invloed op het klimaat
Cursus Ziekte van Lyme, diagnostiek en integrale behandeling
De Datavakbond strijdt tegen de techgiganten
De giftige velden van Paraguay
De hoofdprijs - SMA medicijn
De nieuwe preutsheid
Door zomerse hitte hoge ozonconcentraties op komst
Droogte erger in EU door slecht watermanagement
Een Noordzee vol drijvende zonnepanelen?
Eerste tekenen van "droogtestress" bij bomen
Elektrisch rijden op vakantie
Faceapp valt wel onder EU privacywet
Goudsbloem (calendula) - gezondsheidsvoordelen
Hitteplan redde al duizenden mensen het leven
Hoe verminder je ontstekingen in de darmen ?
Is er een link tussen het elektromagnetisch veld rond de aarde en de locatie van piramides?
Kan Alzheimer ontstaan door je leefstijl?
Let goed op je huisdier tijdens de hitte
Maagzuurremmers oorzaak van extra overlijdens
Ministerie wijst nieuwe poging schaliegaswinning Cuadrilla af
Onze beste airco's worden gekapt.....
Patiënt met hart- en vaatziekten mag zelf bepalen of hij het waard vindt om te stoppen met roken
Provincie alsnog gedwongen om op te treden tegen agrariërs door wegvallen PAS
PvdA wil opheldering over gebruik Nederlandse patiëntendata
Raad van State vernietigt verminderde terugbetaling voor patiënten fibromyalgie
Spierziekte SMA opnemen in hielprikscreening
Sponsoring EU voorzitter door Coca Cola
Terugkerende vakantiegangers moeten thuis uitkijken voor legionella
Van de vervuilende aardolie over op thermische energiebronnen
Vrouwen die meerdere kinderen krijgen leven langer
Woensdag en donderdag geen paardenkoetsen in Brugge
Zonnen zonder smeren is gezond

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Benefits of Flaxseed Meal for Weight Loss
Children Struggling To Breathe In The Polluted Afghan Capital
Climate Science 5; The IPCC's Forcing Estimates are Wrong Too
De neppe mazelen crisis - Patriot Nurse
EPA Refuses to Ban Dangerous Pesticide Chlorpyrifos Linked to Brain Damage in Children
Food Packaging is Full of Toxic Chemicals
Hoe aluminium in vaccins het zenuwstelsel aantast
How Fast the Global Harvest Will Drop Out in the Grand Solar Minimum
How to Get Faster Weight Loss Despite Having Hypothyroidism
I had horrific symptoms after breast implants
Monsanto Monopoly Results In Our Favorite Foods Tainted With Roundup Poison
Onderzoek - kalfjes in kooien
The Foods That Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels
What is Normal Fasting Sugar Levels on an Intermittent Fasting Plan
What Should Athletes Eat? Do They Need Animal Protein?
Yoga for Weight Loss & Metabolism

Internationaal nieuws

5G Is Millimeter Wave Technology. How The ACLU Weighs In On “Directed Energy Devices.”
A new study shows Americans are drilling deeper than ever for fresh water
Aging for Amateurs - Are you dehydrated?
Antisocial Media, Your Censor-slip Is Showing
Association Between Index of Nutritional Quality and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Australia’s Head Climate Warrior Slams Wind Turbine Eagle Slaughter
Avoiding the Refined Carbohydrate Trap of Plant-Based Eating
Ayurvedic tips for reducing high cholesterol
Barcelona ‘to ban smoking outdoors’
Better funding for evidence-based treatments will improve health of chronic pain sufferers
Boosting a gut bacterium helps mice fight an ALS-like disease
Can Plant-Based Diet Stave Off Diabetes?
Do you have fibroids? Dr Chris warns tummy cramps could be sign
Drain tiling, the hidden accelerator of water pollution
Early introduction of peanuts in babies to reduce allergy risk
Eating a vegan diet can cut your risk of developing diabetes by almost a quarter
Electronic tongues may help diagnose early stage bladder cancer
Evolutionary gene loss may explain heightened risk of cardiovascular disease in humans
Facial microexpressions change your emotions, but how?
Fingerprint of Multiple Sclerosis Immune Cells Identified
Freedom of Information disclosure reveals more deaths in Australia after HPV vaccination
Genetic mutation made humans susceptible to heart attacks
Global health leaders must do more to prevent the spread of infectious disease
Gut bacteria may have motor neurone disease role
Heart disease biomarker linked to paleo diet
Heatwave Hysteria? It’s Called Summer
High Concentration of Airborne Cancer Causing Toxin Found in Georgia
High fluoride levels in water cause teeth discolouration and in extreme cases, bone decay
How can homeopathic treatments help with Lyme disease?
How Sensory Overload Affects Me as Someone With Anxiety, ADHD and Bipolar Disorder
Intestinal microbes may affect course of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Iraq's polluted water supply sickens 120,000 people
London's toxic school runs - how polluted is the air children breathe?
Lots of lead in the water? Maybe manganese is to blame
Mathematical Analysis Debunks ’33 Degrees’ Greenhouse Gas Effect
Medical study links miscarriages to anti-anxiety pills
Microbial compound found in infant gut increases allergy, asthma risk
Molecular Sensor Scouts DNA Damage and Supervises Repair
More sensitive climates are more variable climates, research shows
Northland council's GMO decision and process met with outrage
Nutritionist reveals her secrets for clearing up pimples
Overstuffed cancer cells may have an Achilles' heel
Researchers develop new compound to block therapeutic target in aggressive blood cancer
Researchers identify encephalitis as rare toxicity of immunotherapy treatment
Researchers investigating microplastics in drinking water
Researchers unveil experimental compound to block therapeutic target in blood cancer
Scalp acupuncture found to effectively reduce ASD (autism) symptoms
Seven ways to feeler cooler in bed during a heatwave
Skipping Breakfast May Lead to Childhood Obesity
Study examines role of plastic exposure in irregular heart rhythms, arrhythmias
Study Shows Millions Take Daily Aspirin Without Doctor’s Advice
Sunglasses increase risk of sunburn and skin cancer
The drug that banishes baldness can ruin a man's love life
The sign in your eyes you could have liver cancer
Tracking smoke from fires to improve air quality forecasting
Video of uncontacted Amazon tribe highlights threat from illegal loggers
Weather/climate charlatans try to scare us
Why Isn’t Chlorpyrifos Banned?
Wind Turbines Against Nature
Women with breast cancer should start postoperative chemotherapy soon


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