Het leefbewust journaal - 21 maart 2019

Andere techniek nodig op zoek naar aardwarmte
Annelies heeft spijt van doorgefokte rashond
Beantwoording Kamervragen over het recht krijgen na een medische misser
Belgische supermarkt Colruyt haalt suiker en vet uit huismerk kindersnacks, zou dat smaken?
Botsen over het klimaat
Effect alcoholcampagnes nihil
Gezondheidsinspectie gaat bloeddrukmedicijnen terugroepen
Gif in mest bedreiging voor insecten en vogels
Het effect van voedingsvezels op metabolisme en darmflora
Het stigma van de vrouwenborsten
Hoe je meer ziet dankzij je voorspellende brein
Leven, overleven en voortplanten
Leververvetting Ger H Koek, MDL arts
Mindfulness blijkt de mentale gezondheid van studenten te verbeteren
Nachtmerries voor ooggetuigen Utrecht in eerste weken
Nierfalen door paracetamol
Nieuw stuk kaak nodig? Kweek het op je ribben
Olijfolie tegen auto-immuunziekten
Rechtbank VS oordeelt dat omstreden onkruidverdelger kanker veroorzaakt
Veilig Thuis verzwijgt honderden klachten
Verslaafd aan tabak en aan frisdrank
Voetballers die glucosamine slikken, zorgen ervoor dat hun gewrichten langer meegaan
Wat gebeurt er als je jouw darmen niet goed verzorgt?
Werken zonder onderbrekingen is beter


11 Warning Signs Your Liver Is Full Of Toxins
5D Earth vs 3D Earth, Some Things about the New Earth
72 Hour Solar Flash Watch
David Wilcock - Pineal Gland Activation
Deep Learning - Miracle or Snake Oil?
Dit is wat plastic in een walvis doet
Doctors change recommendations for aspirin
Does Your Body Weight Have a Set Point?
Dr. Catherine Crofts - 'Beyond Insulin'
Earth Hit by Meteor Explosion 10 Times More Powerful Than Nuclear Bomb
Een Evolutionaire kijk op gezondheid en ziekte Birgit Spoorenberg
Healed From Eczema With Medical Medium
How a new species of ancestors is changing our theory of human evolution
How does ocean acidification affect coral reefs?
How to Flush Gallstones Naturally
Intuitive Eating - Robyn Youkilis & Ashley James
Laura Hayes exposes corruption of vaccin industry
Our Modern Civilization and the wide Use of Poisons
Our Planet | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
Reduce Lectins for Autoimmune Conditions
Shark Encounter in 180
Sinning with Seed Oils - are Vegetable Oils Healthy?
Social circus in a warzone
The Dangers of Using Baking Soda
The Gary Null Show - 03.19.19
The Importance of Connecting to the Spirit of the Land
The Importance of Sighing
What Is The Danger Of Taking Statin Drugs?
Who’s to blame for the neurotoxin poisoning the Pacific?
WiFi Kills - Barrie Trower on UK Column
World's largest study to monitor children’s pollution exposure


7 Effective Ways to Increase Your Vitamin D Levels
A growing body of research indicates these insecticides are killing “beneficial insects"
Abandoned at 18 - the young people denied mental health support because they are ‘adults’
Air pollution may damage a man's ability to perform in the bedroom
Aluminium in infant formula
Anti-obesity leader slams food industry, supports crackdown on junk food marketing
Apple and orange waste can be made into edible bioplastic
Bayer shares slide after latest Roundup cancer ruling
Beware of queen bees under your feet, say scientists
Birth by Caesarean section is too sterile a way to begin life
Blood pressure drug linked to death risk
Boeing crash could be ‘scandal to rival Dieselgate’
Calif. Bill Would Ban Cosmetics With Chemicals Linked to Cancer or Reproductive Harm
Can Some Children Outgrow Autism?
Children who are exposed to metformin in the womb may later have a higher risk of obesity
China Celebrates Step Closer To Banning Cosmetic Animal Testing
Despite Lack Of Studies, Safety Standards Relaxed Ahead Of 5G
Diet, Air Pollution May Play Role in Ankylosing Spondylitis Activity
Ears Can Be Used For ECG To Predict Heart Rhythm
Electronic prescribing and medication administration in hospital could be linked to error increases
FDA issues warning letters to breast implant manufacturers days before hearing
Flavoring Chemicals in E-Cigarettes
Fountain of youth for heart health may lie in the gut
Gardening for just 10 minutes a week can cut risk of death, study suggests
Home remedies for sensitive teeth
How hot spots of genetic variation evolved in human DNA
Low levels of certain eye proteins could serve as predictor for Alzheimer’s
Mail Says Our Nice Weather Is Due To Global Warming
Medicinal cannabis 'has opened a Pandora's box of people thinking it's a miracle cure'
Mother's Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields before and during Pregnancy is
Associated with Risk of Speech Problems in Offspring
Nearly 70% of fruits and veg have pesticide residue on them even AFTER being washed
New paper on the risks that mobile technologies have on children
North America Cooling Since 1998
One in five Chinese children is overweight or obese
Organic farming improved but still flaws with traceability, EU auditors find
Outsmarting Autism, Updated and Expanded
Plant cellulose can pave the way for healthy bone implants
Pollutants, pathogens could team up to make us sick
Reforestation Drones Can Plant 100K Trees In An Hour
Researchers create hydrogen fuel from seawater
San Francisco moves to ban e-cigarettes until health effects known
Scientists reverse alcohol-seeking behavior in rats with flip of a switch
Single high-dose oral vitamin D3 treatment in New Zealand children with inflammatory bowel disease
Spaceflight is activating herpes in astronauts
Study examines how high altitude affects memory
Super-smeller helps develop swab test for Parkinson's disease
The Dangerous Food Additive That’s Not on the Label
The establishment media has launched a vicious ‘war’ on chronically ill people
The truth about cholesterol lowering for over-60s
Vegan YouTube star slammed after she was caught eating fish at restaurant

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