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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Actie voor vleermuizen op vliegbasis Soesterberg
Alfa Gal Syndroom door tekenbeet
Anses waarschuwt voor nanodeeltjes
Artsen aanvallen en bedreigen aan de orde van de dag bij huisartsenposten
Betrouwbaarheid en (on)zekerheden in het klimaat
CBD-olie mogelijk even effectief als antibiotica
De dialoog tussen je darmbacteriën en je brein
Drie nieuwe Tiny Forests voor Zaanstad
Een energiestoot krijgen van suiker?
FaceApp - van kijken naar bekeken worden
Geen cent te verdienen aan elektrische auto voor autobedrijf
Geen zin in trainen? Cafeïne maakt sporten leuker
Gelden de gezondheidsvoordelen van koffie voor iedereen?
Gemeenten onderzoeken effect van geluid windmolens op gezondheid
Het aantal hittegolven neemt in de USA drastisch af in de laatste eeuw
Het demoniseren van antivaxxers door Elma Drayer (Volkskrant)
Hoe sommige natuurlijke suikers ons helpen tegen ziekte
Instagrammers zwaar ziek na foto’s bij ‘het Tsjernobyl van Galicië’
Inzicht in effect tegelijk gebruik medicijnen en voedingssupplementen
Meer onderzoek nodig naar de effecten van microdoses LSD
Met FaceApp geef je je foto's weg aan Poetin
Minister Schouten, vergeet u de bio-boeren niet?
Moderne plantensystemen tegen fijnstof bieden perspectief
Motie Ouwehand over het stoppen van de import van kippen­vlees en eieren uit Oekraïne
Podcast luisteren, in feite de wederopstand van die goeie ouwe radio
Speciaal onderwijs in het nauw door lerarentekort
Stop met aangeleerde empathie
Ten aanzien van klimaat is er veel onterechte paniek
Thieme regeert met ijzeren hand
Utrecht definitief over op de ja-ja-sticker
Utrecht komt met verbod op gebruik van lachgas op straat
Vakantiegangers - spoel kranen door vanwege kans op legionella
Varkens in Nood en Dier & Recht sluiten aan bij de Dierencoalitie
Verplichte 5G masten en mazelenvaccinaties.....
Verspreiding van miljoenen kilogrammen arseen en chroomVI via o.a. cement
Waarom veel supermarkten momenteel geen broccoli hebben
Wat hebben Braziliaanse landbouw en vernietiging van Mexicaanse kusttoerisme met elkaar te maken?
Wreed veetransport uit Roemenië, onderweg naar Koeweit

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Acerola kers
Chlorella alg (bron chlorofyl)
Natuurlijke multivitamine
Vitamine B12
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4ocean Partners with Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation
Arnhem elektrocuteert Japanse woekerplant
Creating Just Local, Organic Food Systems
Do you want to get off your medication?
Explaining the Science of Soil
FaceApp craze on social media raises concerns about AI and privacy
Fasting and Chronic Inflammation
Growing Meat in a Lab
How effective are antidepressants?
How Mushrooms, Cannabis, and Immunotherapy are Winning the War on Cancer
How to Biohack your Fasts - CHTV 282
Learn How to Turn Your Tap Water Into a Healing Elixir
Mercury releases from amalgam during drilling
Operation Siso - Protecting the Mediterranean Sea
Peter C. Gøtzsche - Death of a Whistleblower and Cochrane's Moral Collapse
Preventing Alzheimer's with Lifestyle Changes and Diet
Saving India’s coral reefs
Sugar and Type 2 Diabetes ?— Dr. Eric Westman [Facts about sugar]
Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency
Testimony on 5G and Wi-Fi in Schools to Peel Regional Council
That's What Destroying Our Planet's Magnetic Field
The 7 Causes of Arrhythmias
The coverup and health risks of the HPV vaccine Gardasil
The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply (Culture of the Land)
The opioid industry fought hard to keep this database hidden
This Vitamin is More Important than You Realize
Unieke beelden van groep dolfijnen voor Nederlandse kust
What almost dying taught me about living | Suleika Jaouad
What’s the deal with all the news about glyphosate?
Why Are You Always Tired?
Why Wasn’t Gluten an Issue 50 Years Ago?

Internationaal nieuws

20 Large Quakes Hit California In Last 24 Hours
8 fruits to eat when you're breastfeeding for better milk production
A Bad Copyright Bill Moves Forward With No Serious Understanding of Its Dangers
A diet that may stave off heart failure
After the Guardian’s latest censorship, John McDonnell can’t believe what the paper’s become
Algae-killing viruses spur nutrient recycling in oceans
Alzheimer's drugs 'fail because of a patient's DNA'
Alzheimer's gene may affect cognitive health before adulthood
Antioxidants and Depression
Benefits of Turmeric for Arsenic Exposure
Big Sugar and neglect by global health community fuel oral health crisis
Boosting Natural Killer Cell Activity
Bowel Wars - Hydrogen Sulfide vs. Butyrate
Brazil deforestation soars in July, threatening EU trade deal
Breast milk chemical dissolves tumours so cancer patients can pass them in urine
Can a Broken Heart Contribute to Cancer?
Cancer cells reconnect with their inner child to evade immunotherapy
Carrots deliver nutrients that preserve vision
Censored Facts On Measles And The Measles Vaccine
Chinese herbal formula wu mei wan reduces insulin resistance, protects pancreas, prevents diabetes
Cory Booker slams Bernie Sanders for taking campaign dollars from 'Big Pharma'
Could Lactose Explain the Milk and Parkinson’s Disease Link?
Dietician explains sugar causes drug-like addiction
Do Vitamin C Supplements Prevent Colds But Cause Kidney Stones?
Effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids on proliferation and survival of prostate cancer cell
Effect of tobacco smoking on the risk of developing community acquired pneumonia
Evidence suggests increase in vitamin E recommendations for older adults may be beneficial
Extremely hot days could double in US, study shows
Fatty liver disease - An often-silent condition linked to heart disease
Fennel Seeds to Improve Athletic Performance
Food system needs a revolution, not tinkering around edges by the ultra-processed producers
Genetic Link Between Alzheimer’s and Brain Inflammation Found
Getting rid of chronic infections by waking up sleeping bacteria
He Crushed Diabetes - A1c from 14.5 to 5.3 in 3 Months
How Scientists Are Using Eggshells to Grow New Bone
Humans aren’t designed to be happy – so stop trying
In the sun you can make vitamin D sulphate
Infants born in 'clean' hospitals aren't exposed to beneficial bacteria that boosts immune system
Is Fracking Bad for Drillers and Investors?
Is Something in Tobacco Protective Against Parkinson’s Disease?
Is the Risk of Skin Cancer From Sun Exposure Overblown?
Is there a link between gut health and autism?
Low vitamin D level was associated with metabolic syndrome and high leptin level
Meta-analysis findings suggest resveratrol supplementation could help control the
progression of periodontal disease
Metronome Neurons Act Like Timekeepers in Mouse Brains
NASA Global Temperature Trends Based On Guesswork, Made-Up Data
Night shifts, long hours linked to miscarriages and preterm births
Outrage as Trump EPA Says It Won't Ban Pesticide Linked to Brain Damage in Children
Rapidly Fluctuating India Sea Levels Were 4 m Higher Than Today 6000 Years Ago
Research explains why sleep is so important for your immune system
Scientists Find a New Kind of Cell That Helps Heal the Heart
Slowing Our Metabolism with Nitrate-Rich Vegetables
Soy isoflavone consumption linked to risk of Kawasaki disease
Study boosts microbiome fitness and diet quality link
Study reveals how aggressive prostate cancer metastasizes by evading the immune system
Surprising link found between insulin resistance, avoiding Alzheimer’s
The Dark Side of the World's Bestselling Drug
Woman reveals her breast implants caused her to develop acne and DEPRESSION
Your garden may be a source of flavorful and medicinal flowers


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