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  Het leefbewust journaal - 19 juni 2019

13.200 migrantenkinderen opgesloten in VS
25 redenen om de Gardasil HPV-prik te vermijden
Almelo gaat exorbitante winsten 'zorgcowboys' aanpakken
Antwoorden op Kamervragen over de biomassacentrales
Aronia verhoogt thermogenese
Boer Peter verdient maar zo'n 3 tot 5 cent per broccoli
Boeren kunnen meer verdienen zonder dat de consument meer betaalt
De huisartsenpraktijk als afvoerputje
Door ehbo-les leren scholieren voor elkaar te zorgen
Energieverstoring die in een vorig leven is ontstaan
Er verandert alleen iets in de wereld als we zelf veranderen
Flinterdunne sensor spot longbeschadiging
Geen filterbubbels in Nederlanders, maar wel risicoís
GentherapieŽn vinden steeds meer hun weg naar de praktijk
Het eten van ananas kan floaters tegengaan
Mogelijk EU-verbod op chloorpyrifos in voeding
Muziek helpt bij het opbouwen van de hersenen van extreem te vroeg geboren baby's
Nederlanders willen alternatieve geneeswijzen in basispakket
Ruim twee miljard mensen hebben geen toegang tot schoon drinkwater
RWE en Innogy broeden op fabriek voor groene waterstof in Eemshaven
Tijdgeest Megazien
Veganisme niet zo duurzaam en gezond als je misschien denkt
Wat zijn cortisol-bewuste work-outs?
Zeeland zeker 100 jaar veilig ondanks zeespiegelstijging


Autism is Associated with Amount of Time Between Births
Boost Your Energy with Singing Along to Music?
Crafting Your Own Diabetic Diet
Friendly Octopus Clings To Diver's Leg
Gut Microbiota Changes from Plant-Based Diet
IBS and Cell Phone Use
New science that could be the key to ending the autism epidemic
Oxalates in Spinach and Kidney Stones Should We Be Concerned?
Phil Good - Energy Update (Major Shifts!)
Robert Holmes PhD - Climate Scientist - There Is Still Hope For Science
Skin Microbiome - Opposing Roles in Barrier Function, Inflammation and Repair
Solar Flares Purging Gaia's Body and the Human Collective
The brain, the guts and your health
The Real Truth About VItamin D
The Science and Politics of Glyphosate
The three risk factors behind obesity
Understand Probiotics vs Prebiotics
Using Supplements for Mental Health
When eating healthy is bad for you

Internationaal nieuws

2 hours in nature boosts mental health, study says
A personalized diet can reduce the risk of diabetes
Acupuncture creates an anti-inflammatory immune response to clear warts
Adherence to dietary recommendations and colorectal cancer risk
Air Pollution Ranked as Biggest Environmental Threat to Human Health
Anti-inflammation approach shows promise for preventing cancer metastasis
Antioxidant puts up fight, but loses battle against toxic protein linked to Alzheimerís disease
Babies should NOT be delivered before 34 weeks even if their mothers' waters break
Bacon sandwiches and fried chicken can raise your risk of dementia
Bayer's latest strategy to blunt Monsanto Roundup problem
Breakthrough paves way for new Lyme disease treatment
Breastmilk antibody protects preterm infants from deadly intestinal disease
Cancer risk or harmless? - Study provides clarity over gene variants
China slaughter exposed in tribunal claims as 'substantial' number killed for human organs
Climate change enhances carbon dioxide flux from lakes
Climate change had significant impact on Amazon communities before arrival of Europeans
Climate Change-Fueled Valley Fever is Hitting Farmworkers Hard
Cognitive decline may speed up after heart attack
Common nerve pain drug linked to suicidal behavior
Cosmetics Hurt Young Children at Least 12 Times a Day
Divorce likely to put weight on children
- Forbiddensource update 18.6.2019
Duke researchers identify enzyme involved in regulating growth, spread of breast cancers
Earthís population could shrink soon
Exercise linked to a decreased likelihood of age-related dementia and memory loss
Facebook posts can be used to identify anxiety, depression and psychosis
Farm-like indoor microbiota may protect children from asthma also in urban homes
Gene Increases Risk for Pot Addiction
Gut microbiota linked with temperament traits in young children
Hot spots increase efficiency of solar desalination
How dangerous is the radiation in Brazil nuts?
Immune System's Role in Retinal Degeneration is Disease Dependent
Investigate Link Between Fracking and Childhood Cancers
Iran increasing production of uranium
Long-Term Study Links Pesticide Exposure to Hypothyroidism
Marijuana damages teen brains, top doctors say as they call for the drug to be banned for under-25s
Metformin improves learning and memory in mouse model of Alzheimerís disease
Monsanto List Targeted 600 in Germany and France
More genetic evidence of what puts people at risk of cancer
Nearly 400 Ontarians died of opioid overdose last summer
Older adults in long-term care need mental health
Protect your gums and your brain with K2
Scientists describe microbiome composition in patients suffering from IBD and PSC
Stress vaccine that could mitigate PTSD & anxiety possible within next 15yrs
Study underscores role of menthol cigarettes in smoking cessation

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