Het leefbewust journaal - 19 maart 2019

4 leerlingen van basisschool gediagnosticeerd met kanker
Algoritmes werken kennelijk niet tegen terrorisme
August de Vocht van NoFoodWasted vertelt hoe je minder kunt verspillen
Autisme ontdekken op oudere leeftijd
Boeing had te veel invloed op veiligheidscontroles
Brancheorganisatie wil schonere kachels en haarden
CardioMEMS-sensor leidt tot ruime halvering van het aantal ziekenhuisopnamen
De Italiaanse olijfolie dreigt dit jaar op te raken, fraude ligt op de loer
De strengste ouders worden de meest tolerante grootouders
Dieet met weinig toegevoegde suikers verbetert vette lever ziekte
Dotcom radio 17.3.2019
Draaien van nachtdiensten desastreus voor blaasfunctie
FD-journalist Hella Hueck leest een column over de energietransitie
Help ons verband tussen aluminium en autisme bloot te leggen
Jonge walvis sterft door 40 kilo plastic in zijn maag
Kamerbrief over vervoer gevaarlijke stoffen door de lucht
Nieuwe wapens diereninspecteurs tegen foute hondenfokkerijen
Ontbijtkoek moet in de obesi-tas
Opiaatgebruik in VS neemt af
Oud-Medemblikker achter honderden tikkende tijdbommen in Medemblik
Oudere hr-ketels van Agpo Ferroli brandgevaarlijk
Paarden Oostvaardersplassen naar Spanje
Vaccinatie-kritische boeken verbannen?
Veel aandacht voor duurzaam boeren bij verkiezingen
Vooral ouderen vaker gedwongen opgenomen
Waterschappen zijn in heel Nederland meer belasting gaan heffen
We willen wel afval scheiden, maar we maken nog veel fouten
Zwanenkiller van Oud-Alblas slaat opnieuw toe


All Natural Youthful Hands At Home
Couples Who Make Fun of Each Other Have Better Relationships
Deep Learning What Is It Good For ? Prof. Ankit Patel
Immune System Booster
Is Eating EGGS Bad for Your Heart?
Managing type 1 diabetes with low carb - Dr. Katharine Morrison
The debate over whether glyphosate causes cancer
The Loss of Freedom of Speech
The One Nutrient You Can't Get from Food
The Simple Explanation Of Genetically Modifying Seeds Everyone Needs To Hear
Uncovering the history of Earth’s climate


A Future Without Fossil Fuels?
Antibiotic Envelopes Could Cut Infections After Pacemaker Implant
Apple Watch can detect irregular heartbeat
Artificial intelligence to measure citizen perception towards events of noise pollution
Brazilian Peppertree found to disarm deadly MRSA bacteria
Calcium in arteries is shown to increase patients' imminent risk of a heart attack
Can maternal exposure to carbon black nanoparticles affect male fertility?
Canadian experts say prolonged antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease 'harmful'
Case Study Shows CBD Shrinks Tumor
Children's noses 'hold clues' to serious lung infections
Combining High Intensity Exercise And Carb Intake in Type 1 Diabetes
Commonly used heart drug associated with increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest
Delegates lose fight on banning pesticide linked to autism
Diabetics more likely to experience high blood sugar after joint surgery
Do not fear the smear - how to overcome anxiety about cervical screening
Drinking just one can of sugary drink a day 'raises your risk of dying from heart disease
Effect of vitamin D level on periodontal treatment outcomes
Eggs and cholesterol - Why a new study may be misleading
Elevated Levels of Toxic Chemicals Found in Menstrual Pads and Disposable Diapers
Epsom salt baths can reduce inflammation, increase blood flow
Experimental blood test accurately spots fibromyalgia
Failing to warn about teen cancer risk from vaping is 'unforgivable' - says surgeon
Fenugreek reduces menopausal symptoms
Foods That Help Produce Melatonin
Guillain-Barré syndrome and influenza vaccines
Harvard Scientists Have Discovered The DNA Switch That Controls Whole-Body Regeneration
Hormonal treatment may trigger depression in men with prostate cancer
I was not prepared for the amount of plastic I saw in dead whale
Insights into the Potential Role of Mercury in Alzheimer's Disease
Leading Swiss Publisher Calls Climate Movement A “Mass Trance”
Low-purine diet for elevated uric acid level in blood
Major concern over 'probiotics for migraines' research
Mentally tiring work ‘increases diabetes risk in women’
MIT research shows brain wave stimulation might help Alzheimer’s
Mushrooms May Help Reduce Risk Of Memory Problems
Nitrogen pollution's path to streams weaves through more forests (and faster) than suspected
Nutritional psychiatry - can you eat yourself happier?
Occupational exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields and risk of Alzheimer disease
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Prevent Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder-Induced Memory Impairment
On Vaccines - Our Legislators Don’t Know Vaccines
Our brains may ripple before remembering
Partial Oral Antibiotic Therapy Safe and Effective in Infectious Endocarditis
Regular physical exercise can help enhance your mood and address depression
Russian scientists have determined indicators of stress development in the human body
Scientists identify compounds in coffee which may inhibit prostate cancer
Solar tsunami can trigger the sunspot cycle
Stem Cell Therapies for Treating Diabetes
Strength training may reduce the risk of diabetes in obesity
Study highlights danger of vitamin B12 deficiency
Study reveals green tea extract may reduce inflammation and obesity
The Risks Of A Cesarean Section
This Diet May Reverse Symptoms Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
This extremely potassium-rich salad ingredient may help to lower bp
This Harvard scientist wants your DNA to wipe out inherited diseases
Uncovering uncultivated microbes in the human gut
Vaping ‘epidemic’ among teenage girls could lead to breast cancer later in life, warns top surgeon
Warning of overload in childhood trauma data
When it comes to heart health in older women, all movement matters
Wired for Healing - Remapping the Brain to Recover From Chronic and Mysterious Illnesses
Your friends could be making you fatter

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