Het leefbewust journaal - 19 februari 2019

10.000 jaar tumult over melk
Alcoholgebruik meten via haar en nagels
Anticonceptiva kunnen herkenning complexe emoties belemmeren
Auto-immuunziekten beïnvloed door genetische volumeknoppen
Belastingdienst houdt geen rekening met belangen kinderen
Beter voedselsysteem moet via het boerenerf
Britse vissers blijven massaal vis overboord gooien
De botsende werelden van televisie en geneeskunde
De jaarlijkse gevreesde buikgriep in gezinsverband
De Reclame Code Commissie heeft FrieslandCampina op de vingers getikt
Door groene koffiebonen te fermenteren, verbeteren de smaak en aroma's van koffie
Echte Jan Radioshow 20 te gast journaliste Sietske Bergsma
Economisch belang gaat voor dat van omwonenden bij Schiphol
Gemeenten weigeren duidelijkheid bij huishoudelijke hulp
Goede richtlijnen nodig voor verjongingsinjectie
Het groene boekje
Het smerige geheim achter de electrische auto
Hoe lichaamsbeweging kan beschermen tegen Alzheimer
Motie om lagere grenswaarden te hanteren voor stof uit Teflon
Motie over inkomensaanvulling bij mensen met een medische urenbeperking
Nieuwe onthullingen over Monsanto
Onduidelijkheid over eigen bijdrage Wmo
Overheid doet niets tegen fijnstof
Rooms-katholieke kerk schuldig aan kinderdwangarbeid en mensenhandel
Tata Steel - provincie wist wel degelijk van nieuwe productiemethode die grafietoverlast veroorzaakt
Verbod op gesleep met dieren naar landen buiten de EU
Waarom moeten harde wetten gelden voor kinderen als machtigen eraan ontsnappen?
Wakker Dier lanceert vandaag een radiospot tegen de kip-kiloknallers van Albert Heijn
Wereldvreemde VVD wil meer luchtvervuiling in Nederland
‘Klimaat-journalisten’ Activisten van hun eigen emoties


24 Hour Long Schumann Gaia Spike Wave
4 Clever and Healthy Ways to Replace Sugar
84-jarige Rotterdamse kokkin maakt nog dagelijks bami
Documentairemaker Marijn Poels praat met Sietske Bergsma over klimaat activisme
Dr B M Hegde on Coconut oil Great Benefits for Everyone
Dr BM Hegde Secrets revealed - BP, Sugar, Cancer, Heart Stroke Healthy Lifestyle for Better Life
Dr.Hegde gives some easy method for being healthy
Fracking scandal - 'geoscientists' exposed as shills for big oil and gas
Frequency Wars & the Orgone Energy Solution
Health Optimization Medicine and Practice - Dr. Ted Achacos
Heart Attack without Clogged Arteries?
Hoe kunnen we in de toekomst nog beter leugens detecteren?
How Our Brains DEHUMANISE Homeless People
Humor - Peuterspeelzaal Ma
Intermittent Fasting, Autophagy & Insulin Resistance
The Fragile Pillars of Biological Determinism for ADHD
The Truth About 5G
Wereld zonder insecten
What Really Happens When You Overeat
Why These Vegetables Outgrew All Others in My Organic Garden


8 Non-Toxic Shampoos that Won’t Destroy Your Hair
A hidden source of air pollution? Your daily household tasks
A new chemical process could turn a quarter of our plastic waste into clean fuel
A toxic crisis in America’s coal country
Activating gene that helps excite neurons reverses depression in male mice
Anaesthetists say patients at risk after flawed oxygen guidelines
Anti-Aging Drug That Kills Old Cells Passes First Human Trial
Anti-fungal bandages containing cinnamon extract
Antibiotic resistances spread faster than so far thought
Beware of the GMO trap! Golden Rice release in Bangladesh a marketing tool for GMOs
Birch pollen allergen immunotherapy normalizes nasal gene-expression and microbial community
Black Snow Is Falling from the Skies in Siberia, and It Is Toxic
Blood clot discovery could pave way for treatment of blood diseases
Brain discovery explains a great mystery of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
Brazil's indigenous groups decry Bolsonaro's escalating attacks
Ceiba pentandra trunk bark and diabetes
Children from homes with flame-retardant sofa have high SVOC concentration in their blood
Circadian phenotype impacts the brain’s resting state functional connectivity, attentional performance and sleepiness
Could cranberry juice help relieve arthritis pain?
Could sight restoring lens implants leave you with worse vision?
Disturbing CDC statistics show that opioids have killed more people than the Vietnam War
Drinking contexts associated with early onset of alcohol intoxication among adolescents
Drones and big data - the next frontier in the fight against wildlife extinction
Eating GM maize sprayed with Roundup increased death rate – study
Flavonoids epicatechin in apples lower the blood pressure
France plans to impose stricter regulations on social media platforms
Geoengineering is a Dangerous Distraction
Gore’s Deliberate Climate Fraud To Increase Governmental Power
Grapefruit Juice, CYP3A4 and Supplement Interactions
Heavy smoking could lead to vision loss, study finds
High amylose wheat flour could ‘open new area of food formulation’
Hormone therapy may increase cardiovascular risk during gender transition
How Car Pollution Hurts Kids’ Performance in School
How common, preventable are sepsis-associated deaths in hospitals?
How Personality and Emotions Increase Diabetes Risk
How Racial Bias Has Shaped the Opioid Epidemic
How the Trump Administration Pulled Back on Regulating Toxic Chemicals
How Your Subconscious Can Improve Your Health and Change Your Life
Indonesia's pulp and palm oil polluters 'owe millions' in fines
Insectageddon and the agri-chemical industry
Irregular heartbeat triggers can easily be altered
Italy to adopt Sikkim model of organic farming
Judge to Allow Evidence of Monsanto’s Alleged Ghostwriting at Trial
Legal cannabis oil sold in British health shops can get users high, study shows
Low serum magnesium levels are associated with increased risk of fractures
Massive deforestation by refugees in Uganda sparks clashes with local people
Media Lies Pushing Polar Bear Invasion Story
Medicinal cannabis - Why has it taken so long to get to patients?
Men who can do over 40 push-ups are at a 96% lower risk of heart disease, study finds
Monsanto Roundup Attacks Healthy Gut Bacteria, Lawsuit Says
New device simplifies measurement of fluoride contamination in water
New Findings From German Scientists Show Changes in Precipitation Over Europe Linked To Solar Activity
New research finds that estrogen improves insulin sensitivity
New study confirms broccoli to be extremely effective at battling liver cancer
Nitrous oxide myelopathy with functional vitamin B 12 deficiency
Patients with diabetes mellitus have high risk of stable ischemic heart disease
Patients' own cells could be the key to treating Crohn's disease
PMI’s continued subliminal promotion of combustible products
Researchers find genetic vulnerability to menthol cigarette use
Short bursts of intense exercise 'better for weight loss'
Since Monsanto’s entry into India in 1998, the price of cotton seeds has increased by about 71,000%
Small cell lung cancer may respond to combination of immunotherapy and DNA damage repair inhibitors
Smoking may limit body's ability to fight dangerous form of skin cancer
Sofas and vinyl flooring are poisoning children
Sweden’s airports have a solution to ‘stop emissions, not travel’
The Illogic Of The ‘Official’ Global-Warming Dogma
The Microbiome and Colorectal Cancer
Tiny fibers create unseen plastic pollution
US academics feel the invisible hand of politicians and big agriculture
UTMB develops drug to rejuvenate muscle cells
We ignored the evidence linking cigarettes to cancer. Let's not do that with vaping
Whole-Grain Foods Not Always Healthful
Why some brain tumors respond to immunotherapy

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