Het leefbewust journaal - 19 januari 2019



Leefbewust aanbieding van dit weekend
5G-technologie - Bellen schaadt cellen
Aardmagnetisch veld onmisbaar voor leven op aarde
Alleen al in Amerika sterven elk jaar 200.000 mensen door medische fouten
Consumenten blijken voedseletiketten te lezen
Darmfloratherapeut Nienke Tode-Gottebos vertelt hoezo bottenbouillon zo gezond is
Desinformatie, de smoes van politici voor het invoeren van censuur
Dierenbeschermers stappen naar de rechter om vossenjacht
Een ziekenhuis in Melbourne gaat paddo-therapie uitproberen voor stervende patiënten
Gentherapie bevordert zenuwherstel
Gepersonaliseerde behandeling geeft voorzichtig optimisme bij asbestkanker
Golven zijn hoger en sterker geworden – en het ergste moet nog komen
Groei landbouwexport stagneert, maar nog wel 'indrukwekkend'
Heeft natuur heilzame invloed op dreigende burn-out?
Helemaal niemand is blij met de wietproef
Hufters - Dieren die via ecoduct veilig A1 oversteken stuiten op jagershut
Ikazia Ziekenhuis roept 'babyknuffelaars' in het leven
Kabinet moet aanpak stalbranden niet vooral aan veehouderij overlaten
Kan ketogene voeding de bloeddruk doen stijgen?
Mammografie verergert de kankerepidemie
Media Nepnieuws en CO2 Volksverlakkerij
Microalgen, een duurzame voedselbron voor de toekomst?
Nederlandse militairen hebben kanker door burnpits
Nieuw behang kan leven redden
NVWA moet regels naleven, maar gaat wel uit van vertrouwen
Onder deze namen verstoppen fabrikanten suiker in ons eten
Onderzoek naar binnenlandse adopties en 'afstandsmoeders'
Onheilsprofeten die stijging van de zeespiegel voorspellen negeren wetenschappelijke kennis
Overheid komt voortaan binnen langs de achterpoort
Oxfam moet meer doen na misbruikschandaal
Potten helpen in de strijd tegen onveilige voeding in Ethiopië
Protest tegen 5G zwelt aan na geheime testen
Rechter laat Google zoekresultaten schrappen over berispte arts
Staand werken - -10 kilo in 4 jaar
Stoppen met 5G kan nog, de voor- en enorme nadelen
Tijdgeest Megazien 15 januari 2019
Veganistische landbouw zonder gebruik van dierenmest
Verplicht supermarkten zorg te dragen voor verduurzaming
Voorzitter Arib pikt al het gedoe met telefoons in de Tweede Kamer niet langer
Wat is nano-luchtvervuiling, dat waar de politiek en media over zwijgen? Deel 1
Waterschap zuivert ziekenhuiswater aan de bron
Zelftest baarmoederhalskanker
Zorgen over jeugdzorg

Black holes could open portals for hyperspace travel
Lectins in Vegetables Causing Bloating?
Scientists Warn of Health Effects Washington DC Council 5G Small Cell Roundtable
Some Epsom Salt Remedies Are Completely Worthless
The HighWire with Del Bigtree
The Science Behind Ice Storms
Time for an Update on Lyme Arthritis by Bazak Sharon
Vaccinaties verwoesten kinderen en dokters ontkennen het
Vieze luiers niet langer in de gewone prullenbak
What can you Drink while Intermittent Fasting?
What is a Sudden Stratospheric Warming and how does it work?
What to Eat After Gallbladder Removal?
Why Potassium is Important for Energy and How to Support it

12 reasons why even a low level of glyphosate exposure is unsafe
A genetic study reveals success of reintroduction program of green turtle in Cayman Islands
A high-carb diet may explain why Okinawans live so long
Air pollution increases ER visits for breathing problems
All Levels of Herbicide in Food, Beverages Unsafe – Report
Apples increase good cholesterol HDL by 10%
Asthma attacks three times more common than thought, amid warnings over air pollution
Australian Government Causing Death and Disability with Mandatory Vaccination Policies
Autism begins during pregnancy, may be caused by mercury in dental amalgam and Thimerosal in flu shots
Beauty vlogger left suicidal after breast implants caused her ‘constant pain’
Bisphenol A levels and women with polycystic ovary syndrome
Breast cancer risk skyrockets when you gain weight
Can turning your heating off help you prevent an infestation this winter?
Cosmic Rays to Trigger Solar Flashes, Earth Core Eruptions, and Pole Shifts
Couples who laugh together stay together, scientists discover
Effect of short exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields on saliva biomarkers
Effects of evening exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by 3G mobile phones on health and night sleep
El Paso woman in her mid 20s dies of the flu; had been vaccinated against influenza virus
EPA Ignored Scientific Research Showing Monsanto's Glyphosate Causes Cancer
Epigenetics contribute to male and female differences in fear memory
EU Chemicals Agency proposes ban on deliberately added microplastics to combat pollution
Feds failed to protect habitat of endangered bee found in Illinois, lawsuit says
Fermentation is back - how will living organisms reshape your plate?
Flint water crisis - hope for justice as top Democrat vows to review investigation
Fracking gas wells linked to migraines, fatigue and chronic nasal problems
Frail older people are at greater risk of getting dementia, even when their brains are healthy
Gene therapy promotes nerve regeneration
Hitting the Reset Button on Aging Cells
How Lobbying Blocked European Safety Checks For Dangerous Medical Implants
Indian state to implement universal basic income by 2022
Is your dog anxious or aggressive? Try these natural homemade remedies
Long periods of undisturbed sleep during pregnancy may be associated with stillbirth
Magnesium supplements may regulate vitamin D levels to prevent disease
Many cancer patients have undiagnosed hepatitis
Measuring the Overuse of Outpatient Antibiotics
Melatonin supplementation improves oxidative and inflammatory state in the blood of professional athletes
Millions of Americans exposed to elevated nitrate levels in drinking water
Mindfulness linked with fewer menopausal symptoms
Molecules of GM food can accumulate in human digestive tract and enter cells of body
More Evidence for the Positive Impacts of Elevated CO2 on Wheat
Nanoparticle breakthrough in the fight against cancer
New anti-inflammatory compound acts as 'surge protector' to reduce cancer growth
New regulation designs on cigarette packs direct smokers’ attention to health warnings
New Study Concludes Greenland Ice Sheet Is Melting Even In Winter
Opioid Use in Pregnancy Linked to Birth Defects?
Pollution in India's holy Ganges makes it toxic
Poor sleep and heart-related death
Psychological distress is a risk factor for dementia
Radon Causes Cancer. These Tourists Drink It Up
Researchers identify brain cells likely involved in memories of eating that influence next meal
Science CONFIRMS it - Vaccines spread measles
Scientists create a renewable source of cancer-fighting T cells
Scientists Find Brain Cells That Make Pain Hurt
Sesame oil found to protect the heart from disease
Soft drinks + hard work + hot weather = possible kidney disease risk
Sputnik slams Facebook as it removes 350+ pages for ‘inauthentic behavior’
Stem cell therapy shows early promise against macular degeneration
Study finds elevated levels of stress hormone linked to housing type and tenure
Study recasts cerebellum as key player in social reward
Temperature-induced Cardiovascular Disease Deaths in Iran
The Interaction between Viral and Environmental Risk Factors in the Pathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis
The way you use Facebook may give clues to your mental health, say researchers
THIS is why the EAT Lancet recommends eating more plants and less animals
Violent action films DON'T cause more violence among teenagers, say psychiatrists
Vitamin D as a profile marker for cardiovascular diseases
Why Decreased Sunlight Exposure Makes You Depressed
Why do people want to stop a cure for autism being found?

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