Het leefbewust journaal - 17 januari 2019


20 procent van kinderen van gescheiden ouders ziet hun vader niet meer
900 Varkens gestikt door sabotage
Ambtenaren proberen regelmatig ‘onafhankelijk’ onderzoek te beïnvloeden
Antibioticaresistentie - wat is de rol van de veeteelt?
Apothekers moeten vaker zelf medicijn maken
Ballonnen voortaan verboden in Zeist
Bewoners eisen dat Inspectie ingrijpt bij Rotterdam-The Hague Airport
De klimaatwet en de politiek van CO2 - volksverlakkerij
De toekomst van het monetaire systeem
Dierproeven voor de veehouderij massaal goedgekeurd
Directeur van Nederlands nationaal park wil dat wolven afgeschoten mogen worden
Een verdwaald bos in de stad
Farmaceuten zijn gewoon slimmer
Fors meer mensen met griepklachten naar de huisarts
Geen ‘stigmatiserende’ 1-euromaaltijden meer voor arme Vlaamse kinderen
Glyfosaatstudies opnieuw in vraag gesteld
Help mee met in kaart brengen van plastic vervuiling in en om de Waddenzee
Help mee, bescherm de Europese wateren
Hoe meer CO2, hoe groener de aarde. Dat harde feit mag niemand horen
Industrie hoest miljard euro op tegen plastic afval
Kabinet laat aanpak stalbranden vooral aan veehouderij over
Kamerbrief over aanpak gevolgen aardbevingen door gaswinning in Groningen
Konikpaarden uit Oostvaardersveld verhuizen deels naar De Slufter op Texel
Lang zullen we leven
Melkveehouderij moet aan de bak met ammoniakemissie
Minister - geen paniek, aanvullende zorgverzekering blijft bestaan
Muizen met obesitas zijn minder angstig zonder zombie-cellen
Mysterieuze verschuiving Noordpool, wat betekent dit?
Natuurinclusieve landbouw vast onderdeel van Groen Onderwijs
Nieuwe portiegrootte-gids leert Britten hoeveel ze moeten eten
Omstreden onkruidverdelger kreeg groen licht op basis van witwasteksten van de fabrikanten
Onderzoekers - 'Zelftest net zo nauwkeurig als uitstrijkje'
Ontzilting zeewater loost enorme hoeveelheden giftige pekel
Oplossingen voor luchtvervuiling met (ultra)fíjnstof (3)
Pas op met CT-scans
Plofkip en supermarkten
Rechtszaak over natuurgebied in Soesterberg van start
Stop subsidies voor palmolie in biodiesel
Tata, mijn staalfabriek, je maakt me ziek
Veel VN-medewerkers doen aangifte van seksueel wangedrag
Vrouwen beperkter dan mannen
Waar maatregelen zijn getroffen tegen lood, dalen de criminaliteitscijfers
Waarom gezondheidsapps en -gadgets maar zelden ons gedrag aanpassen
We zetten sterk in op biologische teelt
Wijk aan Zee wil hulp van Rutte tegen uitstoot
Zware pijnstiller onder de loep

Causes of Crohn's Disease
Coffee causes Insulin Resistance (Don't Panic)
Dead Zones - Impact Animal Wastes, Sewage, And Fertilizers have
Do Low-Carb Diets increase mortality??
Do We Really Know What Autism Is? It's Not a Lack of Empathy!
Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Pole Shift
Exploring the Hidden Face of our Dark Deep Ocean Planet
Fennel Seeds for Stomach Bloating and Cramping
Haringvlietsluizen nu echt op een kier
Het Groene Oosten S6 - medicijnresten in het oppervlaktewater
Het Groene Oosten S6 - Groene tuintips van Lodewijk Hoekstra
How Climate Change Is Being Used To Sell The World On Communism
How does Finland handle radioactive waste? By burying it
How To Be On The Keto Diet The Healthy Way
How To Survive Dangers of 5G
Infertility and Diet
It's All About Food - Jovita Oruwari, MD
Ketosis is More Than Just Lowering Your Carbs
Lawsuit Claims Popular Sunscreen Gives Users Chemical Burns
Minder plastic eten, drinken en inademen?
Mycotoxins and Diabetes
New study finds stethoscopes are filled with bacteria
Red Meat and Mental Health
The Gary Null Show - 01.15.19
Timely Earthquake Warning North America (SSGI Analysis)
Toxic Tea? If you drink tea, watch this.
We are in danger of entering a post-antibiotic apocalypse
Welke straf voor kattenmoordenaar?

3D printed implant promotes nerve cell growth to treat spinal cord injury
9 Brands Dog Food Recalled Over Vitamin D Toxicity
A little weed may change the teenage brain
A molecular switch for stopping inflammation
A remarkable new study shows stem cells can reverse MS in some patients
An author’s book on childhood trauma is a searingly brave move
Antarctica Is Dumping Hundreds of Gigatons of Ice into the Ocean Right Now
Anti-obesity pill could be near after discovery of a hormone that stops the body from burning fat
Arctic blast to send temperatures plummeting as winter firms its grip
Aussie hospital to treat dying patients with ‘magic mushrooms’ in bid to tackle anxiety
B-group vitamins can improve concentration among people with first episode psychosis
Better oral health with new type of glass ceramics
Big Tech's censorship is leading to "the takeover of humanity"
Blood-brain barrier breakdown an early driver of dementia, USC study says
Breast cancer cells could be stopped from spreading if they are turned into FAT cells instead
Cambridge University scientists develop new test for breast cancer
Campaigners stop truck of ‘exhausted calves’ amid calls for live export reform
Chance of depression in new doctors depends on where they train
China releases images of seeds sprouting on moon
Chocolate better for coughs than cough syrup, study says
Cilia beat to an unexpected rhythm in male reproductive tract, study in mice reveals
Climate Concerns Are Pushing Oil Majors to Look Beyond Fossil Fuels
Could these 2 popular foods be sabotaging your mental health?
CT Senator Wants Proof That 5G Is Safe Before Installing It
Do low emission schemes improve children’s lungs?
Does glandular fever lead to schizophrenia? Study reveals a link
Dose vitamin D supplementations improve peripheral diabetic neuropathy?
Drinking green tea for its health benefits?
Drug hobbles deadly liver cancer by stifling protein production
Earth's Tilt May Exacerbate a Melting Antarctic
Emerging Role of Vitamins D and K in Modulating Uremic Vascular Calcification
Epigenetic change causes fruit fly babies to inherit diet-induced heart disease
EU glyphosate approval was based on plagiarised Monsanto text, report finds
Exposure to high caffeine levels in the womb can increase a child's risk of excess weight
Family behind Purdue Pharma pushed opioid marketing, Massachusetts says
Fasting diets are going mainstream — ahead of the science
Fever alters immune cells so they can better reach infections
First Law Of Thermo Backs Nikolov & Zeller, Refutes Climate Alarm
Flavoured e-cigarettes fuelling a dangerous increase in tobacco use
French court cancels Monsanto weedkiller permit on safety grounds
Genetic risk for atypical heart attack in women identified
Global Warming Crop Apocalypse Is Just Media Fearmongering
GPs prescribe more opioids for pain in poor Northern areas, study reveals
Gut bacteria in fruit flies do not have a major influence on behavior
How AGEs increase breast cancer risk
How an impacted wisdom tooth almost dissolved my jaw
How Can Science Help Reverse Blindness?
How Candida albicans exploits lack of oxygen to cause disease
How harvesting natural products can help rural people beat poverty
How high-tech agriculture is transforming the fortunes of Nigerian rice farmers
How manganese produces a parkinsonian syndrome
How Neutrophils Drive DNA Damage Linked to Cancer
How Tai Chi Can Relieve Chronic Pain
How to make a vegan beanburger | Felicity Cloake (The Guardian)
Ibuprofen Alters Human Physiology (Articles)
Inflammatory response to dietary linoleic acid depends on FADS1 genotype
Intestinal bacteria from healthy infants prevent food allergy
Ketamine infusions could treat depression - even in people who suffer from anxiety and addiction
Largest twin study to-date finds 40 percent of diseases are driven by DNA
Leaky blood vessels in brain can predict Alzheimer's years earlier than dementia-causing plaques
Let's prepare now so farming insects as food is environmentally friendly, say scientists
Levels of inflammatory marker (CRP) linked to housing type and tenure
Levels of stress linked to the type of housing accommodation in UK
Long-term use of benzodiazepine may lead to increased suicide risk
Lung cancer screening complications may be higher than expected
Mass vaccination for influenza a failed strategy, scientists admit
Medical detection dogs help diabetes patients regulate insulin levels
Military spouses face higher perinatal depression risk
More Lack Of Evidence For CO2 Induced Ocean Warming
Muscle stem cells can drive cancer that arises in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Neurofeedback helps to control learning success (AlphaGalileo)
Officials Say Small Vaping Device Juul A Major Health Risk To Youth
Our oceans broke heat records in 2018 and the consequences are catastrophic (The Guardian)
Our vegetables are full of dirty secrets
Patients Across The World Outraged By Failure To Inform Them Of Device Dangers
Physical activity, any type or amount, cuts health risk from sitting
Poo transplant effective treatment for chronic bowel condition
Poo Transplant Proves Effective Against Colon Cancer
Recent research finds that rural homes in NY are contaminated with pesticides
Research reveals novel approach to suppressing chemotherapy-induced tumor growth
Researchers reveal how fasting leads to better overall health
Right to repair gathers force
Science Is Starting to Connect More of the Dots Behind the Cause of Childhood Cancers
Scientists discover a chemical that slows the spread of deadly SARS, Zika and bird flu
Sleeping less than six hours a night may increase cardiovascular risk
Slow replanting of palm a blow to Indonesia's efforts on environment
Smartphones - are they just a pain in the neck?
South Korean animal charity 'killed dogs rescued from meat farms'
Student Investigates Role of Microbiome in Arterial Injury Response
Study confirms micro-algae's cleaning ability in wastewater treatment
Study finds the circuits that may help you keep your cool
Study reveals that eating bright yellow foods can make you happy
Study shows no long-term removal of Neandertal DNA from Europeans
Subsidies of up to £1billion given to firms for burning wood in power stations could be axed
The Bystander Effect - Neuroscientist shows how our brains dehumanise homeless people - video
The global suicide rate has seen a net decline. What caused it?
The pace at which the world's permafrost soils are warming
The Surprising Link Between Teflon and the Atomic Bomb
The ultrasound scan you can do yourself
Tiny pellet no bigger than a grain of rice could banish the agony of back pain
Top 8 Nontoxic Cleaners You Can Use at Home
Top Oil Lobbyist Wants Government Open to Keep Rolling Back Environmental Rules
Turkey accused of plundering olive oil from Syria to sell in the EU
UCI study identifies a new way by which the human brain marks time
UK’s clean air drive undermined by Brexit
Using bottled or tap water impacts health benefits of green tea
VO?max - the gold standard for measuring fitness explained
We're Overdoing It on Sunscreen
Weedkiller Roundup banned in France after court ruling
Wetenschappers ontwikkelen baanbrekende methode om kans op borstkanker te voorspellen
What you need to know about cupping therapy
Why do doctors miss the menace that kills more women than breast cancer?

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