Het leefbewust journaal - 15 februari 2019


100% natuurlijke biologische zoetstoffen en additieven van groenten- en fruitschillen
4 redenen om minstens 1 keer per week voor plantaardig te kiezen
Afname insecten desastreus voor natuur
Belgisch gunstregime multinationals volgens EU-hof niet illegaal
Belgische staat int 124 miljoen euro meer aan tabaksaccijnzen dan in 2017
Biologisch gezien zijn wij niet gemaakt voor lange relaties
Blootstelling aan glyfosaat bevattende herbiciden en het risico op Non-Hodgkin Lymfoom
Bodemdaling is een sluipmoordenaar
Boete op komst vanwege vellen bomen in Tilburgs bos
Bruins start onderzoek naar effectiviteit zorg uit basispakket
Burgers Flexibel? Dan overheid en politici ook!
Darmflora gezonder dankzij afvalstromen voedingsindustrie
De beklemmende wereld van dementie
De energietransitie wordt onbetaalbaar
EU start onderzoek naar 'tabaksreclame' bij F1-teams
Europa dramt linktax en uploadfilters door
Europees akkoord over hervorming auteursrecht
Geeft rhinosinusitis een verhoogd risico op depressie en angst?
Gezondheidsonderzoek naar longkanker in de IJmond moet herhaald worden
Green Gallery - de Marktplaats in Voedselverspilling
Herwaardering van emoties in de politiek
Het klimaatdebat, de wetenschap en de Global Warming HOAX
Het Microbendieet - goed voor de darmen?
Het pillenprobleem is overal
Internetpesten is schuld slachtoffer?
Je kunt pas liefhebben als je jezelf liefhebt
Kankermedicijnen uit afgekeurde Chinese fabriek
Kinderbescherming neemt maatregelen na rapport
Klimaathysterie toont, we zijn helemaal niet zo’n nuchter volk
Kolven beïnvloedt melk ín de borst
Koop biologisch voedsel tegen insectensterfte
Kringloopboer moet hogere marge uit subsidiepotjes halen
Meer campylobacter op je vlees in 2080
Mensen die snurken hebben minder behoefte aan seks
Minder antibiotica door CRP-test bij acuut zieke kinderen
Minister zet in op redding van insecten
Misleiding door de voedingsindustrie - clean labels
Mogelijk verband tussen hoog cholesterol en alzheimer
Nieuwe norm voor ventilatie van gebouwen
Onderzoek Altrecht naar dood patiënte niet openbaar
Saffraan even effectief als Ritalin bij ADHD
Vaccinkerk wil weigerouders financieel straffen
Van kernuitstap tot vliegtuigtaks
Verband chemische stoffen en verminderde longfunctie kinderen
Zink is een sporenelement dat nodig is voor een gezond immuunsysteem
Zo ga je gezond om met lawaai
Zonder hulp is de Afrikaanse neushoorn snel uitgestorven
Zwitsers zijn grootste consumenten van bio ter wereld


3 At Home Smoothie Recipes to Fight Inflammation
A Natural Way to Quit Smoking
Alex and Andrew find tons of single-use plastic in the ocean
Are Negative Emotions Magnets for Cancer?
Gezondheidsrisico's van ZENDMASTEN - Dr. H.C.Moolenburgh
Hoe groot is de kans dat je niet de vader van je kind bent?
How does plastic end up in the ocean?
Implant could eliminate brain tumors
It’s Not Just Hormones - Meet This Environmental Toxins Educator
Prof. Grant Schofield - "Lessons to change medicine'
Scientists Play God, Wipe Out Entire Species with Gene Editing Technology
Special broadcast on AIDS/HIV – Where is the paradigm today?
The 8 Benefits of Using a Dry Sauna
The Gary Null Show - energy medicine
The path between being a service to our fellow mankind and earning a living
Three Ingredient Keto Stuffed Mushrooms | Quick, Easy & CHEAP Recipe
Veel paarden staan alleen, terwijl ze behoefte hebben aan gezelschap
What is Hormesis and How Can It Help You Live Longer?
Will maakt unieke foto zwarte panter
Windmolens voor de kust, voor- en tegenstanders


A Neuroscientist Explores The Biology Of Addiction In 'Never Enough'
A new history of autism traces the diagnosis of a disability
A recent study suggests you're better off eating dessert before you dive into your salad
Activists file suit to stop dolphin hunting in Japan
Acupuncture For Autism Found Effective
African American women at a higher risk for heart disease
Another Winter Storm Is Coming. Here's How It Can Affect Your Mental Health.
Are you showering wrong? Some experts say you might be!
Asthma pill targets airway muscles to decrease attacks
Autism-Associated Gene Deficiencies Linked to Neuronal Hyperactivity
Babies with healthier diets are more active and sleep better—new findings
Brain clock ticks differently in autism
Breakthrough study highlights the promise of cell therapies for muscular dystrophy
Can prenatal exposures to BPA impact ovarian function?
Cannabis use in teens raises risk of depression in young adults
China environmental crime arrests up more than 50 percent in 2018
Counterfeit medicines, from headache pills to cancer drugs, have become a multibillion-dollar problem
Countries still using antibiotics to fatten animals despite ban
Curcumin Alleviates ? Amyloid-Induced Neurotoxicity in HT22 Cells via Upregulating SOD2
Damaging effects of ageing could be prevented, scientists claim
DDT exposure linked to increased breast cancer risk for all women through age 54
DDT exposure raises ALL women's risks of breast cancer 40 years later, study finds
Decoding the human immune system
Diet drinks may be associated with strokes among post-menopausal women
Ditch low-fibre, high-fat diet - It can increase the risk of severe sepsis
Drinking this juice on a daily basis could help lower your reading
Eating certain carbohydrates triggers the growth of cancer cells
Exercise gives older men a better brain boost
Experimental 'nano-painkiller' is more effective and less addictive than morphine
Experts Weigh Whether Vaginal Mesh Should Be Pulled From US Market
FEFU scientists found persistent organic pollutants in animal fur
Gaming system helps with autism diagnosis
Getting too little sleep raises heart disease risks by letting plaques build in blood vessels
Glyphosate Found in All 5 Major Orange Juice Brands Tested
Heavy drinking may boost desire for alcohol, study says
Human cells can change job to fight diabetes
Ketamine-inspired nasal spray for depression on cusp of landmark FDA approval
Lavender oil has same effect as prescription drugs in trials
Link between alcohol consumption and breast cancer ignored by women most at risk
Living With Lyme Disease
Mangoes have a positive effect on moderating high blood pressure
Medical trial on tooth implants, using six labradors, has prompted widespread protest in Sweden
Movement impairments in autism could be reversible
Nerves that control heart rate may contribute to autism
Neural processing during trauma and lifetime adversity interact to increase core symptom of PTSD
New research shows an organic diet shrinks pesticide exposure
New reversible antiplatelet therapy could reduce risk of blood clots, prevent cancer metastasis
New study suggests having even two cans of soda per week increases risk of metabolic syndrome
Paradoxical Effect of Anti-HPV Vaccine Gardasil on Cervical Cancer Rate
Platinum nanoparticles for selective treatment of liver cancer cells
Prenatal exposures to BPA may pose threat to human ovarian function
Prenatal stress found to alter the developing brain
Prevent heart attack and stroke with potassium
Recent analysis finds that atrazine is contaminating the drinking water in corn-growing areas of the Midwest and beyond
Recent Explosion of Poultry Factory Farms in N.C. Piles Manure from 515.3M Chickens Onto Waste From 9.7M Hogs
Researchers discover the signal that drives stem cells to form new bones
Role of the Gut Microbiome in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Safety review of breast implants reopened after Implant Files stories
Shocking range of plastic found in loggerhead turtle that died on an Italian beach
Smoking cannabis as teenager increases risk of depression by 40 per cent, Oxford study finds
Spirulina extract can prevent the increase of fat in the blood by inhibiting lipid metabolism and absorption
Study finds link between endocrine-disrupting chemicals and equine metabolic syndrome
Study finds long-term use of acetaminophen during pregnancy may increase a child’s risk of ADHD
The 'Nordic Diet' goes mainstream in Denmark
The Dangers of 5G to Children’s Health
The Vagus Nerve and Diabetes - How the Brain Affects Glucose Levels
The ways of wisdom in schizophrenia
There’s more to oxytocin, the so-called love hormone
UN IPCC Scientist blows whistle on lies about climate, sea level
Vitamin D and omega-3 and children with autism spectrum disorder
Will Trump’s EPA Protect Americans from Toxic PFAS Chemicals?
Wireless carriers are working hard to talk up 5G
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