Het leefbewust journaal - 15 januari 2019



'Milieuvriendelijk' vlamvertrager kan degraderen tot minder veilige verbindingen
11.000 toestellen tegelijk in de lucht - wirwar aan vliegtuigen groeit nog flink door
50PLUS wil contant betalen terug in ziekenhuis Terneuzen
AOW-tegoed voor oudere minima met huisdier
Arijan van Bavel vertelt in KRAAK over zijn nieuwe klucht ‘Medisch Centrum Best’
Bedrijfsartsen met argusogen
De feiten over het basisinkomen - is het dan toch niet zo’n goed idee?
Dotcom.radio nr 136
Een leefstijldieet als medicijn voor langzaam groeiende prostaatkanker
Elektrische activiteit aarde neemt toe, magnetische activiteit neemt af
Feestje, deadline - hoe erg is het om een nachtje door te halen?
Fopspenen met honing veroorzaken botulisme bij kinderen in Verenigde Staten
Foute vrijwilligers straks op één zwarte lijst
Franse politie bestookt gele hesjes vanuit helicopters
Generieke CO2-heffing werkt niet
Genetica kan de effecten van vitamine E op het risico op kanker beïnvloeden
Gezamenlijke zwarte lijst voor ontuchtplegers
Het rommelt bij Santorini
Ingrijpende jeugdervaringen en gezondheidsproblemen
Jeugdzorgverleners 'Die continue alertheid zuigt je leeg'
Nuon-verkoper - Ik ben een oplichter
School experimenteert met elke dag gymles
Slachthuis vervolgd voor paardenvleesaffaire
Te hoge bonus voor zorgverzekeraars
UMCG test immuuntherapie tegen erfelijke borstkanker
Veel mensen hebben nu al last van hooikoorts
Vlierden helpt MS-patiënte Bianca Leesberg naar Rusland
Vrouwen met borstimplantaten moeten zelfonderzoek doen tegen zeldzame kanker
Wakker Dier is klaar met stuntzucht van Albert Heijn
Weer meer medicijnen niet leverbaar
Welzijn kippen bij fastfoodketens extreem slecht geregeld
Zo vol met plastic zitten de rivieren bij Jakarta


Alleen de Eerste Kamer kan nu de Klimaatwet nog stoppen
Amazing Oil Fight Depression
Consciously Influence Your Autonomous Nervous System
Intense January 2019 Manifesting Energy and Activation
Mark Steele - 5G The Existential Threat
Soft Spoken Massage Tutorial with Tessa
The Sacred Plant - Expert Interview With Dr. Frankel
What Are The Financial Relationships Between Universities And Corporate America?
Why James Blunt Is Campaigning For Sustainable Fishing


3 Nutrients that reduce excessive amounts of the stress hormone cortisol
A molecular switch for stopping inflammation
A Study Found That People Enjoyed Sex More When High Than When Drunk
About half of adults experience some type of back pain
Acupuncture performs as well as drug therapy for treating high blood pressure
Ad watchdog has eyes on social media influencers
Air pollution exposure linked to increased risk of miscarriage
Aliens could be living on a planet that’s tantalisingly close to Earth, scientists say
Arugula Helps Prevent Fatty Liver Disease
Association of Severe Hypoglycemia and Cardiovascular Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes
Australia’s Monumental Wind & Solar Fail - Soaring Power Prices Just the Beginning
Baking Soda, an Inexpensive Way to Combat Autoimmune Disorders
Big Pharma’s total corruption and control over U.S. lawmakers now being exposed by the global news media
Can our pets experience seasonal affective disorder? One expert says yes
Canada's Food Guide: The end of the milk doctrine?
Caring for Your Aging Pet – What You Need to Know
Chemical weapons agency agrees to ban Novichok nerve agents
Children With Vitamin D Deficiency - Is A Wrist X-Ray Necessary?
Chinese government to start blaming social apps for what their users’ post
Chinese police begin new probe into expired vaccines
Could pomegranates offer the key to new IBD treatments?
Delivery of 45 Age Reversing Gene Therapies at Once is Under Peer Review
DNA tool allows you to trace your ancient ancestry
Dozens of patients left with ‘blind patches’ could sue a lens manufacturer
Dr Miriam Stoppard - Why dementia gets more severe in the winter
Fentanyl blamed for mass overdose in California that killed one and left 14 in hospital
Fluoride Reduces IQ advert - NOT socially irresponsible
Foie Gras maker cries foul after US Supreme Court ruling
Genetic Variant May Predetermine Cognitive Decline in Parkinson’s
Geoscientists reconstruct ‘eye-opening’ 900-year Northeast climate record
Germany's Christian Democrat leader slams anti-diesel 'crusades'
Glyphosate Found in 100% of California Wine Tested, Even Organic
Heartwarming moment woman warms up shivering stray dog with her scarf
Heavy smog, worsened by weather, raises alarm across Asia
How a pro-vaccine doctor reopened debate about link to autism
How governments use Big Data to violate human rights
How is oxygen 'sucked out' of our waterways?
Hypovitaminosis D - A Disease Marker in Hospitalized Very Old Persons at Risk of Malnutrition
Junk food ad ban on London transport to take effect in February
Less Salt or More Potassium and Fiber?
Levering hulpmiddelen wordt door gemeenten verbeterd
Magic Mushrooms warning as foragers told mild winter has led to abundance of psychedelic fungi
Map reveals how poor diets are killing millions across Europe
Medicijnen ‘te goedkoop’, tekorten lopen op
Men and Women Remember Physical Pain Very Differently
Million dead fish cause environmental stink in Australia
More Baby Boomers drinking at risky levels
Nicotine found in 'nicotine-free' e-cigarette liquids sold in Australia, study finds
Novel Device to Reduce Chemotherapy’s Harmful Side Effects
Our oceans may be warming quicker than previously thought
Overweight horses are the 'new normal', vets warn
Painkillers for dogs, cats may be worsening human opioid crisis
Pineapples offer you enormous health benefits and can even help the body fight off chronic disease
Poo and pesticides found in e-cigarettes
Prenatal exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic field and its impact on fetal growth
Relationships between Vitamin D? and Metabolic Syndrome
Restricting promotions of food and drink that is high in fat, sugar and salt
Running a marathon can increase cardiac strain in amateur runners
Scientists find link between colitis and colon cancer
Seeking true happiness? Harness the power of negative thinking | André Spicer
Some nose, throat bacteria less likely to develop into flu
Stem Cells Regulate Their Fate by Altering Their Stiffness
Study reveals nuances of racial inequalities in breast cancer prevention
Swiss shipping line starts clean up of Dutch waters after container spill
Thai capital fires water cannon into the air to fight pollution
The human brain works backwards to retrieve memories
Too much salt - water desalination plants harm environment - UN
Trends in neonicotinoid pesticide residues in food and water in the United States, 1999-2015
Updating copyright rules for news
Vast fracking waste dumps are destroying Patagonia’s indigenous land (VIDEO)
VAT fat may cause pathogenic obesity
Veteran Meteorologists Warn Of „Bitter Cold” …”Areas Under The Gun”
What does air pollution do to our bodies?
Whistleblower nurse who lifted lid on autism abuse scandal reveals

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