Het leefbewust journaal - 14 februari 2019


Aangepaste peptiden effectief tegen resistente ziekteverwekkers
Aangifte tegen Defensie wegens gif in hoofdkwartier Dutchbat
Actie tegen eenzaamheid bij paarden
Allergisch voor make-up
App die luchtkwaliteit weergeeft allesbehalve nauwkeurig
Artsen moeten aan de slag om oxycodongebruik terug te dringen
Baanbrekend proces maakt waterstof uit lucht
Beantwoording Kamervragen over bericht dat zzp'ers geen schuldhulp krijgen
Bij depressieve mensen ontbreken vaak twee soorten darmbacteriën
Chemisch aroma e-sigaret kan longfunctie beschadigen
Contouren voor een nieuw mestbeleid
Dat jongens achterlopen in hersenontwikkeling is een mythe
Gehandicaptenzorg geconfronteerd met toestroom uit ggz
Gezondheidsproblemen kunnen een effect zijn van chronische stress in de kindertijd
Heel Holland zakt
Het leven van Vianna (24) staat vanaf haar twaalfde in het teken van mantelzorg
Hoogste prijsstijgingen in vijf jaar door btw-verhoging
In het vizier van de Monsantotrol
Jeugd-ggz en jeugdzorg moeten beter samenwerken
Kamerlid wil opheldering over Italiaans afval Chemours
Kan zeewier de wereld redden?
Kennis, Kunde, Kassa
Kinderbescherming houdt te weinig toezicht
Met een kleine waterstoffabriek op je auto rondrijden
Mobiele telefoons en risico op hersentumoren?
NAM moet boer 4 ton betalen voor bevingsschade
Natuurorganisaties dienen bezwaar in tegen ontheffing doden vogels op vliegveld
Nieuwe inzichten in gevaarlijke infectie
Noorwegen voert walvisvlees aan pelsdieren
Ondernemers in het MKB willen graag een dag minder werken
Onnodig dat aanleg van zonneparken stagneert
Oproep Minister aan 18-jarige zegt niets over automatisch donorschap
Overmatig alcohol verandert emotioneel centrum hersenen pubers
Sanering Thermphos-terrein Vlissingen eind volgend jaar klaar
Sleep je kind niet van opvang naar opvang
Spookvliegtuigen besproeien het luchtruim boven Delft en Rotterdam
Student met arbeidsbeperking weer eerlijke kans op onderwijs
Te veel bomen gekapt op landgoed Heidepark
Testen aan de hand voorspellen verloop herstel na botbreuk
The food CIA
We rijden massaal op plantaardige olie (en dat is bijzonder schadelijk)
ZEMBLA laat stemanalyse uitvoeren op uitspraak over vervuilde grond Vink


Actiegroep strijdt tegen bomenkap op landgoed Tilburg
Anguished mother dog wails for wounded baby. Sweetest reunion!
Applying the Science and Holism of Happiness to Transform Your Clinical Practice
Chemicals That Damage The Thyroid
Children who eat lunch score 18 percent higher in reading tests, new study shows
Cities Cannot Stop 5G Implementation
Climate and Atmosphere Shifts Mid-Winter 2019
De wereld moet transparanter en rechtvaardiger
Dr. Fine will discuss the 6 Tenets of FINER health, including the connection to music to healing
GMOs Revealed with Dr. Patrick Gentempo
Heavy rains = Ocean Plastic
Hoaxed Movie Trailer
Hormones and Keto — Dr. Eric Westman
How antibiotics used in factory farming destroy our microbiomes
Living Off the Land in Hawaii | Explorer
Making Ascension Easier and How to Communicate with Spirit
Mantelzorgers ervaren enorme regeldruk
More Things You Eat That Are a Lie
Natuurvriendelijke landbouw? Marije bezoekt boer Krispijn
One Tree Planted - Global Forest Watch
Opluchting bij mogelijk donorkind van sjoemelende spermadokter
Pieter Derks over het internet - vrijheid van meningsuiting zijn we al kwijt
Recipe - Morning Grain Bowl
Staan banken en multinationals duurzame ontwikkeling in de weg?
The Brain, the Heart, and the Law of Attraction
The Dirty, Dark Secrets They Don't Want YOU To Know & 5G Roll-out
Welke rol kan natuurinclusieve (landschaps)architectuur spelen in de stad van de toekomst?
What In The Cell Is Going On - Organic horticulture methods
Whats Wrong With Corporations Controlling Our Food? by McKay Jenkins
Why Are Food Allergies on the Rise? with Ruchi Gupta, MD
Why do I Have Low Cortisol Symptoms with High Cortisol?
Why Others Wont Help You - Success Lesson 3
Why You Should Fast, Why Your Gut Microbes Love Fasting
Wireless hearing aids can send microwave radiation into a person’s brain
Your frequency has changed, You are not in their paradigm anymore


61% Of NOAA USHCN Adjusted Temperature Data Is Now Fake
A Grain-Free Diet May Not Be Good for Pets
A new stem cell derived tool for studying brain diseases
Abortions up to just seconds before that precious child takes their first breat
Adding Bugs To American Diet ‘Could Be A Pathway To Eating Healthier’
Almost 400 prescription medications can deplete specific nutrients
As Americans reject vaccines, health workers abroad risk death to deliver them
Association of small fiber neuropathy and post treatment Lyme disease syndrome
Associations between adverse childhood experiences and health outcomes in adults aged 18–59 years
Being a truth-teller is the greatest service to society
Brain-zapping implants that change mood and lift depression
Brain?Enhancing ‘Smart Drugs’ Promise a Boost in Creativity, Memory
Broccoli is one of the best detoxifying foods you'll ever find
Can the Pill Affect How Women Recognize Emotions in Others?
Children are grossly underdiagnosed for sleep disordered breathing
Cigarette smoking as a risk factor for diabetic nephropathy
Combinations Of Pesticides May Prove Toxic For Honeybees
Common antibiotics found to cause delirium and other brain disorders
Could an “Energy Overload” Be Fueling Cancer?
Dental Caries and Vitamin D Status among Children in Asia
Diets consisting of fewer calories improve cell performance
Diets rich in fibre, vegetables can relieve depression
Differences in digestion of starch can promote visceral fat accumulation in rats
Eating an organic diet for one week is enough to lower toxin levels
Eating lots of meat tied to higher risk of liver disease
Electric nanoparticles can target and kill cancer cells
EU classifies palm oil diesel as unsustainable
Famous Chinese health food brand stung in honey scandal
German researchers discover how sleep can fight infection
Global Population Collapse Looms
Government accepts 'debilitating' effects of medical implants
Grote scepsis over evolutietheorie. 1000 invloedrijke wetenschappers uiten hun twijfels.
High unemployment at birth increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in women
High-fat diet associated with a higher risk of kidney damage
How A Plant-Based Diet Transformed Ella Mills' 'Health Nightmare'
Impact of consuming green and yellow vegetables on the depressive symptoms of junior and senior high school students in Japan
Insufficient sleep could damage your DNA and genes, study finds
Is magnesium the secret to ending PMS? Vitamin eases headaches and cramps
Large study fails to link phthalates and increased breast cancer risk
Lloyds Insurers Refuse To Cover 5G Wi-Fi Illnesses
New method to detect antibiotics-resistant bacteria
New study finds ecosystem changes following loss of great white sharks
Newly-released Genetically Modified beans toxic to human liver cells
Patterns of Internet and smartphone use by parents of children with chronic kidney disease
Pill that reverses brain damage could be on the horizon
PREDIMED trial of Mediterranean diet - retracted, republished, still trusted?
Preventing autism in your baby during pregnancy
Prevention of tooth extraction-triggered bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaws
Ready meals and snacks linked to deadly diseases
Relax the rules on earthquakes to let fracking expand, say scientists
Removing Senescent Cells Improves Heart Health
Researchers discover almost 2,000 new gut bacteria
Researchers examine link between OSA and inflammation, organ damage
Researchers provide insight into how breast tissue stiffening promotes cancer development
Rooibos’ potential to curb heart disease undeniable
Sausages, bacon and steak cause fatty liver disease
Scientists believe it may be possible to reverse the heart damage caused by aging
Scientists discover new mechanism by which sleep supports the immune system
Sleep loss encourages spread of toxic Alzheimer’s protein
Sugar addiction is REAL
Taiji dolphin hunt - activists to launch unprecedented legal challenge
Texas A&M-led study explores the role of estrogen in controlling Type 2 diabetes
The 'Strange Science' Behind The Big Business Of Exercise Recovery
The Illusory Link Between Vaccinations and Autism
The Impact Of Organic Diet On Reducing Pesticide Toxicity Levels In Human Body
Trauma of Australia's 'stolen' children
Unclogging blood flow to the brain could open the floodgates for Alzheimer’s treatment
Waarom is het zo gevoelig om over klimaatverandering te discussiëren?
Wave device could deliver clean energy to thousands of homes
We saved our town from your plastic rubbish
When Good Cells Go Bad - Regulating the MS-Causing Properties of Th17 Cells
Which anesthetic is less likely to cause post-op confusion?
Why too much DNA repair can injure tissue
Wireless Hearing Aids May Cause Dizziness
Would the government let Jesus cure cancer?

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