Het leefbewust journaal - 13 maart 2019

2,5 jaar wachten op orthopedische slof
Actiegroepen protesteren tegen de vliegroutes van Lelystad Airport
Antibiotica en maagzuurmedicatie verhogen darminfecties kinderen
Avondmens? Dan is vroeg opstaan ongezond
Banken moeten van schadelijke investeringen in bio-industrie af
Big pharma VS Nederlandse overheid
Blootstelling aan pesticiden versnelt ontwikkeling ALS
Bosexpert over omvergewaaide bomen
Deel van de gemeenten negeert hogere loonkosten in Wmo
Dieet met veel L-histidine beschermt tegen overgewicht
Draai ouders van misbruikt kind de rug niet toe
Een opstapeling van factoren geeft verschil in elektrogevoeligheid
Er wordt gesjoemeld met data bij vrijwel alle medicijnen
EU-rechter verplicht EFSA tot meer transparantie
Geweld tegen hulpverlener? Dan geen taakstraf maar cel
Hartpatiënt Carla hoeft dankzij een sensor bijna nooit meer naar het ziekenhuis
Het kabinet moet belasting heffen op milieuschade bij de verwerking van grondstoffen
Het KNMI en het raadsel van de verdwenen hittegolven
Inspectie gaat op bezoek bij nieuwe aanbieders van thuiszorg
Internethype maakt de wereld schoner
Item De Peuleschil in KRO-NCRV programma BinnensteBuiten
Klimaatdrammers krijgen hun zin niet in overleg met luchtvaart
Last van je darmen? Dit dieet zou je klachten kunnen verminderen
Minder fijnstof, toch nog dodelijk
Mysterieuze groep orka’s ontdekt in Zuidelijke Oceaan
Mythe nr 1 - 97% wetenschappers onderschrijft opwarming aarde
Natte natuur Schokland nu gebied met hoge natuurwaarde
Nederlanders maken zich zorgen over verdwijnen van insecten en vogel
Nederlandse zwembaden zitten vol met schimmels
Nieuwe energielabels huishoudapparaten in 2021
Provinciaal verzet zet strijd om Lelystad Airport verder op scherp
Provincies krijgen weerstand bij uitrol 5G
Recht op vuur, of zieke buur?
Risico’s van 5G moet je niet onderschatten
Rotterdams bedrijf bestrijdt burn-out
Scholen gaan meisjes bestoken met HPV vaccinpropaganda
Social influencing, hoe worden jongeren online beďnvloed?
Stijging overdosissen met oxycodon
Straf bij dierenleed kan en moet harder
Straffen voor geweldplegers tegen hulpverleners moeten omhoog
Tijd voor een andere aanpak bij opruimen asbest
We praten wel over minder vlees eten, maar we doen het niet
Week zonder vlees is marketingtruc bedrijven
Wegwijscafé helpt mensen op weg
Wim Hof methode (the iceman) | Wie en wat is dit?
Woensdag bij Cafe Weltschmerz Marcel Crok over gemanipuleerde cijfers KNMI
Zeg als ouder ook sorry tegen je kind


A Modern Description of Lactic Acidosis
Baby Guts Benefit from B. Infantis
Baking Soda - Sodium Bicarbonate
Blueberries for a Diabetic Diet and DNA Repair
Can solar geoengineering limit rainfall extremes?
Doctor Said It Was All In My Head
Fasting Boosts Your Stem Cells
Food Corps BUY Research Results - Marion Nestle PhD
Intellectual honesty is a crime in any totalitarian country
Is Alkaline Water Really Better For You?
Keto for Chronic Infections with Dr Jay Davidson
Most Toddlers Consuming Adult Level Amounts of Sugar?
Nattokinase - The Natural Secret For Better Blood Flow, Circulation
Politicians Can't Stop Climate Change - Dr. John Harper Version 2
Selenium and Iodine Taken Together
Thalidomide survivors seek justice in 'world’s worst pharmaceutical disaster'
The Car Seat Dangers Putting Your Kids at Risk
What is Vitamin B6? Deficiencies, Symptoms and Foods
What's Unhealthier - Rice or Wheat?
Why Is Meat A Risk Factor For Diabetes by Gabriel Cousens
‘Frankenfish’ coming to table near you


A lawn is better than fertilizer for growing healthy blueberries
A new therapeutic target for blocking early atherosclerosis in progeria
A new way to sense earthquakes could help improve early warning systems
A Researcher Uncovered a Chinese Database That Lists the “BreedReady” Status of 1.8 Million Women
A Witch Hunt Against Parents of Unvaccinated Children
A world full of copper helped animals colonise the Earth
Adolescents are more likely than adults to use fruit- and candy-flavored e-cigarettes
Air pollution globally kills 1.6 million more a year than smoking
Alcohol & Psychotropic Drugs Can Kill
Alzheimer's - How does the brain change over the course of the disease?
Analysis reveals key gene for bacterial infection
Ancient DNA is a powerful tool for studying the past – when archaeologists and geneticists work together
Antibiotics in Childhood Have Been Linked to an Increased Risk of Mental Illness Later in Life
Are AirPods dangerous? 250 scientists warn they may be
Association Between Elevated Heart Rate and Type 2 Diabetes
Australia’s drought could be increasing Q fever risk
Big storm clusters are on the increase – what this means for hurricane hotspots
Blood holds key to liver regeneration
Brain stimulation reduces depression symptoms, shows study
Can choline be used as an alternative treatment for Alzheimer's disease?
Cardiovascular risk factors also influence the brain
China says air pollution dropped in 2018
Climate change could devastate painted turtles, according to new study
Coal power stations disrupt rainfall
Colorectal cancer in patients with early onset is distinct from that in older patients
Deadly superbugs in our oceans spread by PLASTIC
Dozing on a sofa with your baby may be making sudden infant death syndrome 50 times more likely
Earth’s atmosphere subject to dramatic oxygen cycles, new research finds
Effective tooth-brushing can help men avoid erectile dysfunction, study finds
Europe's Little Ice Age - All things which grew above the ground died and starved
Experiences of nature boost children’s learning
Fake drugs kill more than 250,000 children a year, doctors warn
Forgetting uses more brain power than remembering
Fukushima grapples with toxic soil that no one wants
Genetic Editing of Animals Has Horrible Side Effects
Gut bacteria compound may be a key component for fighting Type 2 diabetes
Gut microbiome patterns associated with post-surgery complication risk
Healthy and sustainable diets, we need action now
Honey bees can help monitor pollution in cities
Inflammation engulfs our lives in epidemic proportions
Is porn making young men impotent?
Italy bans unvaccinated children from school
Lead and cadmium can contaminate your beverages from microwave-heated ceramic cups, reveals study
Longer lives will leave people with 'healthy hearts but stupid heads', scientist warns
Margaret Thatcher's fascination with alternative medicine revealed in correspondence with Barbara Cartland
McDonald’s in hot water over ‘Happy Studio’ app targeting kids with junk food ads
McKibben took a completely unnecessary fossil fuel-guzzling trip to Sweden
Mindfulness found to improve mental health of students
Moderate muscle strength may lower risk for type 2 diabetes
Mother, 28, has double D breast implants removed because the silicone 'was POISONING her'
Mushroom consumption may reduce odds of having mild cognitive impairment
Music captivates listeners and synchronizes their brainwaves
Parents rally against 'devastating' autism funding changes
Particulate matter pollutes the air above Africa
Pathogens hitchhiking on plastics ‘could carry cholera from India to US’
Pesticide Exposure Changes Bees’ Genes
Pregnancy discovery unlocks clue to Alzheimer’s, arthritis and other ageing diseases
Prenatal smoking tied to higher risk of infant sleep-related deaths
Probability of Catastrophic Geomagnetic Storm Lower than Estimated
Probiotics Effects On Insulin Resistance
Researchers report two pathways that cells use to mend cancer-causing DNA damage
Researchers uncover additional evidence for massive solar storms
Same Leftists who say vaccines promote the "greater good" now insist that ABORTION is a "moral good" for society
Some children can 'recover' from autism, but problems often remain
Specialized Microbes Within Plant Species Promote Diversity
Study of young athletes suggests snoring and sleep apnea are linked to sudden cardiac death
Study warns of disinfectant use in hospitals
Sunspot activity is waning as the sun approaches a new cycle
Thyroid hormone helped our ancestors survive but left us susceptible
True rate of statin side effects ~25%
Vitamin D may protect against pollution-associated asthma symptoms in obese children
Web inventor urges users to seek ‘complete control’ of data
With Ice Growing At Both Poles, Global Warming Theories Implode
Women are diagnosed for diseases later in life than men

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