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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Astronauten printen huid en botten uit eigen stamcellen
Bijna 600 verdachten opgepakt bij wereldwijde actie tegen dierensmokkel
CBG start campagne over wisselwerking tussen medicijnen en kruidenproducten
Dikke baby? Geef het leven van de ouders de schuld
Déze gezonde hobby maakt volgens onderzoekers gelukkiger dan geld
E-book patiëntenrechten
Frankrijk stopt met vergoeden homeopathie via zorgverzekering
Gelidium elegans, de afslankalg
Het Nederlandse luchtvaartbeleid zou zin hebben in Congo
Hittestress bij Nederlandse slachterijen tijdens hittegolf juni 2019
Jagersclub is bende verslaafde moordlustigen
Kamerbrief over bloedglucose sensoren FGM en CGM
Klooien met klimaatgrafieken
Kop groene thee verbrandt vijf gram vet
Laat drugscriminelen betalen voor opruimen rommel
Luxemburgse Parlementsleden willen 100% biologische landbouw in 2050
Mensen met hartklachten krijgen sneller geheugenproblemen
Minder mensen overleden aan meningokokken dan in 2018
Oermens kwam al eerder naar Europa, maar stierf weer uit
Ook fraude met biologisch voedsel opgespoord in internationaal onderzoek Opson VIII
Opnieuw vroege piek in tekenbeetseizoen
Pregnant Mothers Exposed to Insecticides More Likely to Have Children Who Develop ADHD
Pro-prikker en medisch specialist overheid over vaccins en autisme
Tegemoetkomingsregeling ingesteld voor meer Q-koorts patiënten
Tegen windparken in de tuin is geen poldermodel opgewassen
Vegaburger moet kunnen
Voedselonzekerheid leidt tot diabetes type 2
Volgend jaar nog meer processierupsen

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Does marijuana hurt or help your brain?
During a Pole Shift - India, California and Central Africa likely to sink
Generation Screwed
Gut Health & Weight Loss w/ Kandace Kichler, MD
How climate sceptics tricked the public
How to feed the world in 2050
Keeper of the Light
Komst extra hoogspanningsmasten zorgt voor onrust in 's-Gravenmoer
Melbourne researchers make flu breakthrough
Natural solutions for psoriasis
New plan underway to preserve the Great Barrier Reef
Non Toxic Weed Killer | How To Avoid Toxic Chemicals
Nutritional Strategies for Regulating Mood in ASD
Root Cause of Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia
Searching for Biomarkers of Stress Related Mental Illness and Suicidality
The Best Food Sources of Magnesium
The Destruction of America's Mental Health Care System
The Gary Null Show - Monsanto in Puerto Rico & Heart Blockage
The increasing industrialisation of the pig industry
The Many Forms Of Vaccine Injury and What To Do Next
The Vaccination Debate
Using infrared light to detect rheumatoid arthritis earlier
Verbeterde kledingindustrie met enzymen
World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day 2019 - part 1
World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day 2019 - Part 2

Internationaal nieuws

A Lifelong Battle Against the "Disease of Silence"
A Link Between Telomere Shortening and Species Aging
A moderate dose of novel form of stress promotes longevity
A New Study Just Revealed That Earth's Core Is Actually Leaking
A WWII innovation could soon be used in fighting flu deaths
Anaesthetic devices 'vulnerable to hackers'
Anticholinergic drugs increase your risk for dementia
Are Doctors Treating More Thyroid Cancer Patients Than Necessary?
Association between greater magnesium intake and better knee cartilage architecture suggests
protective effect against osteoarthritis

Associations between Vitamin C and D Intake and Cartilage Composition and Knee Joint Morphology over 4 years
Baicalin can protect the liver against injury caused by acetaminophen
Carnosine shows neuroprotective effect in experimental stroke research
Chlorella vulgaris Improves the Regenerative Capacity of Young and Senescent Myoblasts and
Promotes Muscle Regeneration

Climate Despair Is Making People Give Up on Life
Common blood pressure med might help fight Alzheimer's
Cool walls can reduce energy costs, pollution
Could Manipulating the Microbiome Treat Food Allergies?
Could vitamin D be the key to recovery?
Crackdown on unproven stem cell therapies long overdue, Ottawa scientist says
Dentist accused of killing 1000s of protected jaguars in Brazil
Diesel trucks are among California's biggest polluters—smog-check them
Does a new study suggest fruit juice increases cancer risk?
Don't listen to Atkins' call for cutting carbs in the dietary guidelines
During a Pole Shift - India, California and Central Africa likely to sink
Endometriosis, Immune cell discovery could provide relief for women with ‘hidden’ pain disorder
Exposing the Increase in the Psychiatric Drugging of Infants and Toddlers
Gut virus 'older than humanity' could be useful for Crohn's and diabetes medicine
Lawyer who took on DuPont has book coming out
Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer's Strengthens
Metformin use linked to lower risk of dementia in African Americans with type 2 diabetes
Neural sleep patterns emerged at least 450 million years ago
New research shows Parkinson's disease origins in the gut
New Scots oil and gas exploration plan branded "dangerous and unsustainable"
Novel form of stress promotes longevity
Omega-3 Supplement Lowers Risk of Cardiovascular Death
Orcas loaded onto trucks as Russia releases more from 'whale jail'
Perinatal Vitamin D intake may prevent Preeclampsia
Pet tags link widely used flame retardant to hyperthyroidism in cats
Pollution warning over car tyre and brake dust
Potential Role of the Microbiome in Acne
Pregnant women should eat more chocolate, a study suggests
Psychologist able to discuss emotional stress associated with severe weather
Regulator set to ban breast implants more than 100,000 Australian women already have
Rosmarinic acid improves hypertension and skeletal muscle glucose transport in angiotensin II-treated rats
Scientists make progress in understanding the gut microbiome's role in individual response to diet
Siberian Maldives is actually a toxic dump, Instagrammers warned
Spotting these black spots could mean a bedbugs - have you seen this before?
Study finds association between air pollution, coronary atherosclerosis in Chinese population
Study finds association between vitamin D supplementation and decline in incidence of midlife deficiencies among women
Study finds new way to enhance regenerative potential of aged intestine
Study Warns Carbon-Saturated Oceans Headed Toward Tipping Point That ...
Subclinical heart disease may cause more falls in older people
Sugary drink consumption and risk of cancer
Supplement study coordinated, all-out assault on nutrition
The Autism blame game - This time, it’s the womb
The Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation. Don’t Put in Your Shirt Pocket.
The Environmental Fallout of Toxic Plastics
The Role of Dietary Supplements in Depression and Anxiety
Uncontrolled diabetes can cause nerve damage
Vitamin D, Autoimmune Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis
Why sex becomes less satisfying with age
YouTube 'kidfluencers' should have same legal protections as child actors


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