Het leefbewust journaal - 11 januari 2019



Aanpak biggensterfte faalt
Ach, ik heb niks te verbergen ....
Aerobics, helemaal terug van weggeweest
Albert Heijn gaat nu ook warme maaltijden bezorgen
Alcoholgebruik heeft groot effect op Europese sterftecijfers
Alleen maar inzetten op elektrisch rijden leidt tot meer uitstoot
Als we voedsel gaan importeren, hebben we gefaald
Baas Erasmus MC - hogere prijs zeldzaam kankermedicijn is volstrekt onterecht
Ben je ZZP’er en ga je meer of minder verdienen?
Biomassa en elektrische auto’s gaan broeikaseffect niet dempen
Bonje over 3 gekapte bomen in de Botlek
Britse overheid voert informatieoorlog tegen Rusland – Geotrendlines
Bruins wil Novartis spreken over kankermiddel
Copy-paste epd
CRISPR-Cas - medicijn van de toekomst?
Dat we spijbelen is ons probleem, klimaatprobleem is veel groter
De griepepidemie ontwijken? Ga mediteren, zegt een nieuwe studie
Depressie onder ouderen door verwaarlozing of mishandeling in de jeugd
Deze vegetarische burger moet de wereld redden
Digitaal vitaal - de voordelen van online gaan als je ouder wordt
Doorbraak voor leerling met diabetes - school mag zorg niet zomaar weigeren
Drie mythes over de verhoogde btw op jouw boodschappen
Dromen op de rug van een tijger
Ecologen Radboud werken mee aan onderzoek plasticvervuiling na containerramp
Gepersonaliseerde medicijnen bij hartritmestoornissen
Giftig chroom-6 op vier bruggen in provincie Utrecht
Google hoeft vergeetrecht alleen binnen de EU toe te passen
Greenpeace laat IPCC vallen als beleidsopties niet aanstaan
Helpt hypnose bij een prikkelbare darm?
Hoe vezels/darmbacteriën het cardiovasculaire systeem beschermen
Hummus - Voordelen voor de gezondheid van dit gerecht
Kinderrechten en het recht op een eerlijk proces mogen we niet aan de kant schuiven
Kleine plasticdeeltjes zullen in de toekomst veel milieuschade aanrichten
Koelkast te koud of te warm? Dan verspil je al snel 75 euro per maand aan voedsel
Lyme als spirituele wekker
Meeroken verhoogt de kans op hartritmestoornissen
Minister gebruikt maas in de wet bij besluit over Lelystad Airport
Nieuw onderzoek naar het gebruik van suikervervangers
Noodkreet van leerkracht Caroline aan minister Crevits
Nu van het gas af leidt alleen tot meer CO2-uitstoot
Op Schiermonnikoog liggen de plastic korrels tussen de hazenkeutels
Philips vergroot accent op zorg
Research Details How Junk Food Companies Influence China’s Nutrition Policy
Roep om verbod fastfoodkramen bij scholen
Rozenbottel werkt tegen huidveroudering
Snackwagens weren bij scholen
Tumormicro-omgeving benutten bij bestrijding borstkankercellen
Vegetarische slager - de ex van Marianne Thieme en de man van Antoinette Hertsenberg
Waarom gaan Nederlanders niet meer de barricades op?
Warmtepomp in bestaande woning is niet haalbaar als je dat tegen kosten opweegt
Wijziging referentiewaarde B6
Willen we knippen en plakken in het dna van mensen?


'Viering van de liefde' als protest tegen anti-homo-verklaring
Antibiotic resistance - what is animal agriculture's role?
Are you more or less apt to get cancer now?
Asbestos Found in Baby Powder. You'll Never Guess How
Brain Plasticity - The Effects of Antidepressants on Major Depression
DWGWD Aflevering 1 - Overbevolking
Eline van der Kruk bewegingsonderzoek in London
Hoe helpt een goede nachtrust tegen psychische klachten?
How Scientists Are Using Diaper Technology to Study Brains
How Vancouver is saving addicts' lives - BBC News
Is Fasting Dangerous
Klacht van de Dag - UWV
Love Lust And Laughter
Nearly A Third of Americans Aren't Getting Enough of This Vitamin?
Op Schiermonnikoog liggen na de MSC Zoe bijna overal kleine plastic deeltjes
Power of Possible - Mood & Anxiety
Rijnmonders meten luchtkwaliteit bij eigen huis
Snoring and Sleep Apnea - What is It and How Do I Stop?
The Gary Null Show - 01.09.19
The Launch of 20,000 Low Orbit 5G Satellites
The Truth About Big Pharma and How Medicine Turned Into An Monopoly
Understanding Hormones - Thyroid, Sex Hormones, Adrenal Disfunctio
What Impact Does Breast Feeding Have On The Health Of Children?
What is Hepatitis C?
What Is The Connection Between Antibiotics And Breast Cancer?
Why Asthma and ADHD can occur together and what should we do about it?
Why Your Fear is Stopping Your Growth
Young Orca whale rescued from fishing net in Peru


10 Healthy Smoothie Ingredients for a Morning Boost
A Blue Clue In Medieval Teeth May Bespeak A Woman's Artistry Circa A.D. 1000
A longitudinal UK study on the relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and well-being
A New Idea about What Triggers Alzheimer's
Acid reflux could cause death during epileptic seizures
An intermittent fasting diet could improve health for the obese
Animal ‘superbugs’ a growing threat to human health
Anxiety pills that promise so much leave behind a hidden 'epidemic'
Are night sweats a sign of alcohol withdrawal?
Autism and navigating friendships
Autism CURE? Scientists discover way to 're-wire brains of mice'
Big Ag running out of herbicides that work, resulting in "superweeds" that are threatening the food supply
Big Pharma Just Bought Access to Your DNA From Genealogy Company 23andMe
Blood pressure warnings about the 'keto diet' may not apply to humans
By mollycoddling our children, we're fuelling mental illness in teenagers
Calculating the fatal dose of novel psychoactive substances
Can our forests survive the next drought?
Cardiovascular diseases and nutrition in Europe
Case Western study finds high levels of lead in Cleveland children
CDC Research Shows the Flu Vaccine Makes Kids Sick But “Experts” Say it’s Not the “Flu”
Child abuse linked to risk of suicide in later life
Colorectal cancer rates and deaths soaring in the US, especially among young adults
Controlling children's behavior with screen time leads to more screen time, study reveals
Could Immunotherapy Offer a Cure for Cancer?
Dairy And Four Other Foods That May Trigger Cancer
Decreased deep sleep linked to early signs of Alzheimer's disease
Discussing the MMR vaccine with patients
Dog food made from insects to go on sale in UK for first time
Effects of Indoor and Ambient Black Carbon and PM2.5 on Pulmonary Function among Individuals with COPD
Eliminating Pesticide Drift in Georgia
Elizabeth Warren is trying to break up Big Pharma “cartels”
Endometriosis study 'sheds light on links to infertility' say scientists
EPA scraps plans to change pesticide rules
EU the real eurosceptics! Salvini WARNS Brussels of upcoming REVOLT – 'Italy the engine'
EU under fire after lifting threat to ban Thai seafood imports over illegal fishing
Even slightly early birth linked to lower income and education in adulthood
Excessive use of social media and drug abuse are LINKED say scientists
Experts reveal air pollution causes ‘HUGE’ reduction in intelligence
Exposure to sugary breakfast cereal advertising directly influences children's diets
Extra body fat, especially around the middle, may be linked to brain shrinkage
Farmers warned as pesticides detected in Waterford drinking water
Feeding the World Without Destroying It
Ford vehicles to deploy 5G brain cancer technology in vehicles by 2020, frying your brain while you drive
GcMAF, David Noakes & Big Pharma Protectionism
Gene Mutation May Be Tied to Severity of Social Deficits in Autism
Gut-liver axis transfer of vitamin E appears compromised by low vitamin C levels, review finds
Hair dye is toxic – could natural alternatives be made to work?
Health is not always sexy for journalists. Why not?
Heartbreaking note of 10-year-old girl who 'killed herself to make mum happy'
High Levels of Androgens in Men Associated With Increased Risk for Anxiety Disorders
High-fiber diets - More threonine needed during immune challenge?
Hormone Replacement Skin Patches Don’t Raise Risk for Blood Clots
How to make an easy skin toner at home using vinegar
How ‘weight bias’ is harming us all
Immune cells track hard-to-target brain tumours
In the world’s ‘happiest countries,’ an increasing number of young people don’t feel well at all
Irish-based researchers help make tuberculosis breakthrough
Is a Cumulative Exposure to a Background Aerosol of Nanoparticles Part of the Causal Mechanism of Aerotoxic Syndrome?
Is the so-called 'midlife crisis' a real thing?
It’s Time to Settle the Hormone Confusion
Lack of deep sleep and more day time naps could be early sign of Alzheimer’s
Lead in water - Study shows many schools have far too much
Let's map our DNA and save billions each year in health costs
Leuvenaars ontwerpen pleister om hartslag te meten
Lung Neuropeptide Exacerbates Lethal Influenza Virus Infection
Mapping residual esophageal tumors -- a glimpse into the future?
Mechanism for impaired allergic inflammation in infants may explain hygiene hypothesis
Men and women remember pain differently
Metabolite from pomegranate diet reduces inflammatory bowel diseases
Mexico’s sugar tax effective for reducing soda purchases
My ‘Special’ Report On Sea Level Rise
Nanoparticles That Zap and Kill Cancer Cells Are a Small Solution to Huge Disease
Need Pain Relief? Try Acupuncture Instead of Opioids
Neuroimaging Study Shows Social Exclusion Relevant in Motivating Extremism in Those Vulnerable to Radicalisation
New Gene Therapy for Vision Loss Proven Safe in Humans
New hope for a diabetes cure - Cells in the pancreas could be 'manipulated' into producing insulin
New insight into how lack of quality sleep is linked to Alzheimer’s disease
New options for breast cancer drug development found in estrogen receptors
Olivia Newton-John Is Recuperating from Cancer Treatments with Herbs and Cannabis
One cardiologist's mission to reduce statin use for cholesterol
One hour on the Tube is as toxic as standing next to road for an entire day
Oral-B dental floss linked to toxic chemicals, study claims
Over 3 Million U.S. Children on Psychiatric ADHD Drugs
Overweight people are found to have smaller brains
Peppers to Help Prevent Parkinson's
Pesticides used on coca plants decimate Bolivian bee population
Reduced use of pesticides can cut short cancer cases
Research reveals the anti-diabetic activity of wheat
Researchers have made a significant breakthrough in understanding how norovirus, initiate infections
Right to be forgotten by Google should apply only in EU, says court opinion
Rituximab may delay MS disability for some patients
Smart Meters could be overbilling you by a whopping 582%
Space travel? The human body is not compatible with ionising radiation
State considers adding medical marijuana conditions like autism and depression
Stem cells used to trace autism back to the formation of neurons
Stop Antibiotic Use in Citrus Production, Leading to Life-Threatening Illness
Stop the 5G Network on Earth and in Space, Devastating Impacts on Health
Students create probiotic to help honeybees fight deadly fungus
Study reveals how soda industry influence helped shape obesity policy in China
Study Reveals Possible Link Between Herpes Virus and Alzheimer's
Study shows that even moderate alcohol consumption may increase risk of atrial fibrillation
Study Smarter, Not Harder
Suing Big Pharma for opiod deaths
Taking HRT pills 'DOUBLES the risk of suffering dangerous blood clots'
There’s a Toxic Weedkiller on the Menu in K-12 Schools Across the U.S.
This EPA Rule Change Could Kill Thousands
This First Nation produces clean water. So why are so many residents afraid to drink it?
To live a long life, you should embrace getting older, study finds
UCLA study overturns dogma of cancer metabolism theory
UK MPs urge Theresa May to appoint ‘minister for hunger’
Vinegar, Wine, and Artery Function
We desperately need to store more carbon – seagrass could be the answer
What drinking TWO glasses of wine a day does to your heart
With inspectors furloughed, reduced FDA inspections 'put our food supply at risk'
Women with IBD have increased risk of developing mental illness, finds study
Women with pelvic mesh complications face higher depression risk
YouTube Is Bursting With Videos Meant to Give You Brain Orgasms

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