Het leefbewust journaal - 10 januari 2019



Android telefoons hebben slechte standaardbeveiliging
Bessen verdringen broccoli uit Brits boodschappenmandje
Boerenorganisaties willen filmacties Animal Rights tegengaan met hulp justitie en politie
Boswachter Leenderbos boos om vernielen hek rond Schotse hooglanders
Consument zelf bepaalt welke informatie Google krijgt
Deze yogaserie doet wonderen voor je spijsvertering
Een maand zonder alcohol, waarom zou je dat doen?
Er blijft geen mantelzorger meer over
Farmaceut vraagt zesvoudige voor kankermedicijn
Frisdrank met suiker verhoogt risico op nierziekte
Gemeente negeerde melding van klokkenluider
Groningers 'slurpen' pgb's op, gebruik in Noord-Holland opvallend laag
Hoe Nederlands kankeronderzoek Novartis aan miljarden gaat helpen
Hoe wordt om gegaan met zorgdossiers?
Je jeugd beïnvloedt je liefdesleven
Jeugdtrauma vergroot kans op depressie bij ouderen
Kabinet reserveert 75 miljoen euro voor hulpfonds jonge boeren
Klimaatakkoord bedreigt bedrijven in energiesector
Meer treinen gaan op waterstof rijden
Meest kwetsbare mensen aan lot overgelaten in Griekse vluchtelingenkampen
Milieuvriendelijk alternatief voor MDF en spaanplaat van aardappelen
Nederland kan binnen enkele decennia tabaksvrij zijn
Nederland kan binnen enkele decennia tabaksvrij zijn
Nemen we in 2019 afscheid van het scherm?
Nieuwe genetische oorzaken voor Alzheimer ontdekt
NS-medewerker - ‘We noemen het ook wel de obesipas'
Oceanen slaan veel meer warmte op dan gedacht
Partij voor de Dieren vindt kunstgras niet groen
Pgb'ers positiever over zorg dan cliënten met naturazorg
Recordaantal klachten over geluidsoverlast van Schiphol
Rijnmonders meten luchtkwaliteit bij eigen huis
Te veel dode biggen omdat consumenten te weinig voor varkensvlees willen betalen
Transformatie jeugdhulp
Vasculaire verkalking - een hard-nekkig probleem
Wat is die polaire vortex waar iedereen het over heeft?
Wetenschappelijk onderzoek van groot belang voor biologische sector
Zijn er in Tilburg en omgeving voldoende mensen die samen de Herenboerderij Hart van Brabant willen beginnen?
Zo kun je voedsel verbouwen op een drijvende boerderij
Zo overwin je schroom in het praten over seksualiteit


Accelerating Rate Of Sea Level Fraud
As death rates from cancer decline, why are some communities faring worse?
BNR Beter - De gevaren van alcohol
Brain modulation therapies for ADHD
Causes of Workplace Burnout
CholesterolScience Show - with Dr. David Diamond
Early and earlier intervention in autism spectrum disorder
Exploration - Genetic Engineering People
Frequency of the Earth Raising at Alarming Rate
Happy Fast Brain Chemicals That Will Change Your Life
Health and biodiversity in the era of data-driven research
Het Groene Oosten S6 - Verrot lekkere granola
High and Low Dopamine - Can You Have Symptoms of Both?
Kan je geheugen gemanipuleerd worden tijdens je slaap?
Masculinity Is Now Officially "Harmful"
Pioniers in de Zorg - App tegen vermoeidheid bij kanker
Pipeline Over Indigenous Land
Rommel ZOE vissers en vrijwilligers maken de Waddenzee weer schoon
Straatinterview Gele Hesjes
The Gary Null Show - 01.08.19
The Immune System and Cancer
The Systematic Forced Organ Harvesting in China
The tech transforming the food industry
Thinking twice about ADHD and autism spectrum disorder
Vasculaire verkalking - een hard-nekkig probleem
What have we learnt about the causes of ADHD in the last 10 years?
Why doctors are worried about the Apple Watch EKG
‘Microdosing’ myths & realities


9 Best Yoga Poses for Healthy Liver
A 'Meaningful' Life Is Connected To Better Health, Study Finds
A large-scale international study discovered novel genetic risk loci for Alzheimer’s disease
Alarm after Christmas decorations found tied to New Zealand birds
All Sand on Earth Could Be Made of Star Stuff
Alzheimer’s Attack on the Brain May Vary with Race
Antibiotics Linked to Fatal Heart Condition
Are YOU brushing your teeth wrong? Dentists reveal four tips for better dental health
Are Your Facebook Friends Making You Feel Sick?
Associations between metformin use and vitamin B12 level, anemia and neuropathy in patients with diabetes
Bill Gates’ dangerous love affair with plutonium
Biomarkers identified that could predict the risk of stroke
Blood infections need to be treated fast. This new tool could help.
Blueberries can lower the risk of tooth decay as dentists call for the fruit to be used in mouthwash
Bored and stressed, US workers hit by shutdown head back to school
Brain plasticity restored in adult mice through targeting specific nerve cell connections
Breastfed babies more likely to be right-handed
Calcium / vitamin D supplementation / colorectal cancer development
Cancers, Abortions, Deformed Children are the High Cost of ‘Clean’ Nuclear Energy in Jharkhand
Cellular energy route finding may improve understanding of aging, chronic disease
Certain psychiatric drugs linked with elevated pneumonia risk
Childhood stress of mice affects their offspring behavior
China to launch non-subsidized pilot solar, wind power projects
Cigarette Smoking May Contribute to Worse Outcomes in Bladder Cancer Patients
Common overlooked mineral deficiency study results released
Constant cravings - is addiction on the rise?
Could a less sedentary lifestyle help to beat osteoporosis?
Defective immune cells in the brain cause Alzheimer's disease
Dental flossing and other behaviors linked with higher levels of PFAS in the body
Depression and obesity linked to greater likelihood of hip pain
DNA screening test become norm to detect genetic diseases
Does Intermittent Fasting Actually Work?
Does Living In Cold Climates Help You Live Longer?
Does Sunlight Impact Mental Health?
Does this common food additive stop us exercising?
Drug sponge could minimize side effects of cancer treatment
Effects of Vitamin D Use on Health-Related Quality of Life of Breast Cancer Patients in Early Survivorship
Emergency care physician says vitamin C can cure patients from sepsis
Environmentally friendly flame retardant could degrade into less safe compounds
Evaluation of HbA1C and serum levels of vitamin D in diabetic patients
Exposure to cannabis and stress in adolescence can lead to anxiety disorders in adulthood
Floridians Against Fracking Unleash Giant ‘To Do Lists’ Reminding New Governor of First Campaign Promise
Genetics may influence the effects of vitamin E on cancer risk
Having "noisy knees" increases your risk of developing osteoarthritis, study concludes
How herpesviruses shape the immune system
Hundreds of torture survivors, pregnant women and children in Greek refugee camps, Oxfam says
Is This Why China Went To The Dark Side Of The Moon?
Ketogenic supplements delay seizures without dietary restrictions
Lemon grass tea is good for your brain, study finds
Low moods affect more than just your mental health, scientists discover
Maternal programming during pregnancy induces long-term postpartum obesity
Maternal stress leads to overweight in children
Negative social media behaviors may be associated with depression in millennials
No More Brace Face? Teens Increasingly Use Clear Aligners
Recycling is being burned because a refuse giant is overwhelmed, claims whistleblower
Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers
Research explains public resistance to vaccination
Researchers overcome hurdle in CRISPR gene editing for muscular dystrophy
Scientists are removing CO2 from the air to make new products
Scientists design 'smart' wound healing technique
Scientists discover medicine cocktail that clears 'zombie cells'
Severe 25-OH vitamin D deficiency as a reason for adverse pregnancy outcomes
Should You Wash Your Produce?
Sponge offers hope of 'less toxic' chemotherapy
Suicides and overdoses doubled in the last two decades - driven by opioids, new study claims
Technique boosts omega 3 fatty acid levels in brain 100 fold
The climate crisis is a crisis of culture, and thus of the imagination
The effect of vitamin D deficiency on eradication rates of Helicobacter pylori infection
The end of chemo's side effects? Scientists create gadget that removes the drug from the bloodstream
The interplay between vitamin D and viral infections
The Overblown & Misleading Issue Of Global Warming
The simple ways everyone can skip the blues this winter season
The Stomach-Churning Violence of the Agrochemical Oligopoly
The Teacher Who Fed a Live Puppy to a Snapping Turtle
The Yellow Vests and Vaccine Freedom
This is why you should take care if you use a microwave to cook eggs
Thousands of Female Penguins Are Being Stranded in South America
Warming of Oceans Is Equivalent to 1.5 Atomic Bombs Every Second Over Past 150 Years
Whatever Happened To Peak Oil?
WHO study likens palm oil lobbying to tobacco and alcohol industries
Your Brain Isn’t a Computer — It’s a Quantum Field
Your Eye Color May Increase Your Risk Of Seasonal Affective Disorder

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