Het leefbewust journaal - 9 februari 2019


Aansluiten van warmtepompen wordt flink vertraagd én duurder
Bamboerietjes en bioplastic voor een duurzamere en gezondere foodcourt
Beter een boom geplant dan een boom verbrand
Bill Gates Foundation is na de Amerikaanse regering de grootste donateur van WHO
Campagne tegen kooi-eieren bij Starbucks hervat
CDA en PvdD Overijssel willen geitenstop aanpassen
Chemotherapie bevordert de verspreiding van kanker
Cliënten failliet Joost Zorgt krijgen nog zes weken zorg
CO2-leugen brengt jongeren in verwarring
De jacht op de elektrische deelstep
De wereld wordt groener en dat zou slechte zaak zijn?
Defensie neemt extra maatregelen vervoer gevaarlijke stoffen
Deze rentmeester loopt samen met 50 natuurboeren tegen ‘welwillende muren’ op
Duitse ontdekking misschien alternatief voor glyfosaat
Een ziekenhuisrestaurant omvormen tot een gezonde kantine
Elekriciteitsverbruikers moeten mee betalen voor nieuwe gascentrales
EU-regeringen pleitbezorgers grote bedrijven, niet van eigen bevolking
Fipronil-fraudeurs voor de rechter
Geen verband tussen CO2-concentratie en temperatuur
Het ‘glutenbrein’ zo snijdt graan de bloedtoevoer naar de hersenen af
Hoe groen zijn klimaatspijbelaars?
IJstijd blootgelegd in de Afrikaanse woestijn. Onderzoekers doen onverwachte ontdekking
Klimaatactivisten zijn de pseudowetenschappers
Klimaatspijbelaars blijken georganiseerd en gefinancierd door EU
Mantelzorgmakelaar trekt mensen tegen betaling uit zorgmoeras
Meer fruit zorgt voor minder hartproblemen bij dialysepatiënten
Megakippenstallen nefast voor luchtkwaliteit
Natuur produceert 96% van de CO2, de mens slechts 4%
Plan Blokhuis met ggz is onuitvoerbaar
Proef met basisinkomen in Finland is mislukt
Reovirus als kankerbehandeling
Straling WiFi en de 5G-evolutie
Streepjescode verplicht voor geneesmiddelen
Stresshormoon kan misschien helpen bij exposuretherapie
Tabaksfabrikant heeft mond vol van gezondheid, maar wie gelooft dat?
Verschillende soorten verzadigd vet verlagen risico op hartinfarct
Vind jij ook dat dieren in de veehouderij een beter leven verdienen?
Vooral het NOS Journaal jaagt de klimaatangst aan
Waar komt die 1.000 miljard vandaan?
Zelfrijdende auto’s zullen nooit moreel zijn
Ziekenhuis wil geen zieke bezoekers over de vloer
‘Complexe’ patiënten vormen groot probleem in de zorg


4 Eating Mistakes You Can Fix Now | Life well lived
5G tech is ‘crime under international law’
Acato vecht voor Rotterdamse thuiszittende autisten
Are Plums Good For You? 8 Reasons To Eat Plums Everyday
Aspartame and Diabetic Retinopathy
Beyond the Pill with Dr. Jolene Brighten
Can Fiber Cure Lupus?
Chronically Inflamed, then Never the Same
Creating Compassionate Kids
Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Dig In
Easy Keto Peanut Butter Cookies
EPA Continues To Refuse Limiting Teflon Toxins In Drinking Water
Finding the Root Cause of an Illness
Geen last van Straling, (dachten ze)
Global Food System Is Killing Us
Healing Trauma and Spiritual Growth - Peter Levine & Thomas Huebl
Heart Solutions for Women with Dr. Mark Menolascino
Illegale jacht in Cyprus
Is it a Vitamin D3 or Calcium Deficiency?
Lifestyle Suggestions That Enhance Sleep
Radiation sickness in Japan from Fukushima exposure after disaster
Reversing Breast Implant Illness
Sahara desert climate alters every 20,000 years
Sharks, Dolphins, Penguins and Whales
Sleep Loss Increases Pain
Solar Watch, Flash Flood, Hailstorm, Mudslide
Student builds prosthetic arm using lego pieces
The association between organic food consumption and cancer risk
The Great Global Warming Swindle - Full Documentary HD
The sugar trick
The Sugar-Cancer Connection with Ty Bollinger
Voor 8 euro toegang tot patiëntgegevens fysiopraktijk
WHALES VS BOATS - One landed on top of me
What Foods Cause Type 2 Diabetes And What Foods Prevent It?
Why You May Not Be Losing Weight or Fat Adapting
Wynia’s week; Klimaatdebat is misleidend schimmenspel
Zoutpannen Project Larache Marokko


3D-bioprinted brain tumor shows interaction with immune cells
A MEMS Device Harvests Vibrations to Power the IoT
A New “Solar Paint” Lets You Transform Your Entire House Into a Source of Clean Energy
A Nuclear Fusion Reactor Just Set Several World Records
Activity alters protein crucial for formation, maintenance of neural connections
Already A Vintage Year For Climate Claptrap
Antibacterial Activities of Herbal Toothpastes Combined with Essential Oils against Streptococcus mutans
Antidepressants Can Interfere With Pain Relief Of Common Opioids
Are Earth’s Magnetic Poles About To Flip, And What Will Happen When They Do?
Arteriosclerosis - A Silent Killer
Blaming social media for child angst? It’s only half the picture | Gaby Hinsliff
Blood leukocytes mirror insufficient sleep
CDC Data Counters its Own Vaccine Narrative
Central American immigration driven by climate change, but this fact is being ignored
Chinese tree bark could help treat pancreatic cancer
Consuming walnuts linked to lower prevalence of depression symptoms
Could hamsters provide new clues to Alzheimer's?
Crabby cats are survivors, Frozen cat revived after found covered in ice
Deepwater Horizon oil spill's effects are still being seen
Desalination Could Cause Ecological Sea Change
Diet high in vitamin C could protect against gestational diabetes
E-cigarette advertising may face heavy new restrictions
Eating healthily ‘significantly improves mood’
Eating more citrus fruits is an easy way to prevent dementia
Evidence for a new fundamental constant of the sun
Evil YouTube announces plan to halt people from discovering “conspiracy” videos
Finlands universal basic income trial finds giving unemployed people money didnt help them back to work
Fluconazole Makes Fungi Sexually Active
Gene therapy against chlamydia to prevent infection shows promise
Glacier found with huge CRACK sparking fears it will BREAK APART in Greenland
Gun violence not linked to mental illness, researchers say
Hill's canned dog food recalled - dog owners report deaths
How a fungus can cripple the immune system
How modern life gets in the way of sleep
How Philip Morris is navigating the shift from big tobacco to big tech
How to Strengthen the Mind-Body Connection
How we identified brain patterns of consciousness
Indoor air pollutants affecting health, well-being of people working
Is It Beginning? 10 Significant Earthquakes Rock California
Klimaschutz als Religion
Knowing I am autistic has set me free to be me
Men's Testosterone Levels Are Dropping At An Alarming Rate
Metformin Abuse for Weight Loss Purposes in a Patient Without Diabetes
Microbiome could be culprit when good drugs do harm
More than 10 million Texans are drinking water contaminated with atrazine
More than 400 scientific papers could be withdrawn because they may have involved harvested organs
NASA - Extremely Low Sunspot Counts Indicate Global Cooling Onset
Nine women die from rare cancer linked to breast implants
Normal brain aging patterns occur at a faster rate in people with psychosis
One part of the brain appears to be immune to Alzheimer’s
Panel of Blood Markers Signals Amyloid in Brain
Phthalates may impair fertility in female mice
Prostate cancer research shows how tumour growth can be cut in half
Putting Solar Panels on Water Is a Great Idea—but Will It Float?
Radiation Expert Calls 5G Rollout a „Global Catastrophe”
Radiation physics constraints on global warming - CO2 increase has little effect
Real life Experience of Medical Cannabis Treatment in Autism
School-aged children with cognitive dysfunction may have been exposed to air pollution while in the womb
Scientists discover a better way to make plastics out of sulfur
Scientists have discovered a way to destroy cancer tumors using nothing but sound waves
Seafood mislabelling persistent throughout supply chain, study finds
Selenium Levels in Community Dwellers with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Stalled fertility declines linked to disruptions in women's education in Africa
Studies shed new light on Antarctica’s future contribution to sea level rise
Study finds low to moderate levels of worry or anxiety actually help your memory
Study finds men concerned with social approval say they have bigger penises
Study Reveals How Sugars Wipe Out Important Bacteria in Gut
Tackling tumour scar tissue could be key to treating pancreatic cancer
The 14-Year-Old Who Convinced People to Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide
The Grain-Brain Connection - Unraveling the Controversy
The Great SSRI Scam - How Taking Anti-Depressant Drugs Can Kill You, Part 2
The link between the flu and depression REVEALED
The one cream to use in the shower to fight itchy eczema flare-ups
These highly effective alternatives to toxic medication help beat depression
Thirdhand smoke residue exposes children to chemicals
Three Big Nails In The CO2 Global Warming Coffin
Vitamin D and immune cells stimulate bone marrow disease
We are NOT alone! Professor says aliens DID send asteroid - ‘I won't back down’
Why forgetting at work can be a good thing
Widespread mould causing 'health disaster' in remote First Nation

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