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  Het leefbewust journaal - 8 juni 2019

4 inspirerende tips van Luchtwachters
Artsen maken zich zorgen over opmars medische crowdfunding
Beantwoording vragen over de milieuschade van houtstook
Behandeling hepatitis C verlaagt risico op ziekte van Parkinson
Biologisch glijdt af in schimmige wereld
Blikseminslagen van de laatste 48 uur
Britse reclame-autoriteit doet online junkfoodreclame gericht op kinderen in de ban
Darmflora baby tegen ontstaan allergie
Definitief 'nee' tegen wietproef in Den Bosch
Den Dolder - de samenleving versus de psychiatrie
Facebook aanpakken kun je niet in je eentje
Frankrijk wil vernietiging van onverkochte kledij wettelijk verbieden
Gebrekkige afvalverwerking maakt van Middellandse Zee een open riool
Gefilterde dieseluitstoot verergert longstoornissen
Gifverbod sportvelden in 2020 blijft overeind
Grondeigenaar draait straks niet meer op voor torenhoge kosten van opruimen gedumpt drugsafval
Heb je je ooit afgevraagd waar je leren schoenen vandaan komen?
Het kersenseizoen is begonnen
Inuline, voedsel voor je darmbacteriën
Krokodillentranen van staal
Kwartiertje mediteren ongeveer gelijk aan dagje vrij
Luteïne, een supplement tegen luiheid
Nederland dringt opnieuw aan op EU-vliegtaks
Nederland haalt doel voor wind- en zonne-energie van 2020 waarschijnlijk niet
Nederland maakt zich weinig zorgen over oude ijzeren gasleidingen
Nog maar één keer eerder nam de CO2-concentratie in de atmosfeer zó snel toe
Ons milieubeleid graaft niet diep genoeg
Onze kinderen lopen risico op hersenschade door uitstoot zware metalen Tata Steel
Ook kweekvis moet meer groente eten
Prijzig medicijn voor alle SMA-patiënten vergoed
PvdD boos op minister Schouten om bijen
Stop ongezonde producten in neutrale verpakkingen
Toegevoegde waarde van biologische producten is hoger dan van gangbare producten
Vooral kinderen hoogopgeleide ouders spelen binnenshuis
Vrouwelijke studenten die smartphone intensief gebruiken slapen minder goed
Waarom we ons ineens druk maken om een schaarste aan zoete aardappelen
Wachtlijsten verpleeghuizen groeien snel
We zijn niet gemaakt om 's nachts te werken
Zo krijgt de farmaceutische industrie zelfs gezonde mensen aan de medicijnen
Zonnecellen verstoren wifi en digitale apparatuur


A critical review of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program - Wayne Rohde
A Natural Solution to Balance Hormones for Women and Men with James Frame
A New Understanding of SIBO and IBS, with Mark Pimentel
Advances in Nutritional Science to Slow Aging and Remain Healthy Until 100
Are You Afraid of Fats? Don't Be, Not All Fats Are The Same!
Autism Spectrum Disorders - The Next Logical Step for the Chiropractor.
Canada's "garbage ship"
Do Antibiotics Cause Celiac Disease
Dr Paul Mason on Advanced Cholesterol
Eat More Sardines on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)
Evidence-Based Medicine or Evidence-Biased?
Fasting, Autophagy & mTOR Inhibition
Flint's Continuing Water Crisis & Criminal Justice Reform In Atlanta
Genetically Engineering Human Babies May Have Backfired
Guinea Pig Law Allows Big Pharma To Use Experimental Drugs On Dying Patients
Health Effects of Pesticides Use
How old are your organs? To scientists’ surprise, organs are a mix of young and old cells
Keeping Glucose Low - at a Chinese Restaurant
Learn What Stem Cells Can Do For You! John Young
Let's NOT Fight the War Against Obesity
Man, Measles, and Make-believe - Andrew Wakefield, MBBS
Meet the Animal Rights Activists Facing Prison Time for Rescuing Ducks, Piglets from Factory Farms
Monsanto Executive James Guard Deposition 9.14.2018 | Pilliod Monsanto Trial
Monsanto Executive Samuel Murphey Deposition 1.22.2010 | Pilliod Monsanto Trial
Monsanto Executive William Heydens Deposition
Monsanto Scientist Daniel Goldstein Deposition 2.27.2018 | Pilliod Monsanto Trial
Monsanto Scientist Mark Martens Deposition 4.7.17 | Pilliod Monsanto Trial
Monsanto Scientist Michael Koch Deposition 1.11.2019 | Pilliod Monsanto Trial
Monsanto Scientist William Reeves Deposition | Pilliod Monsanto Trial
Protecting Family Health and Environment
Relieves Scoliosis Back PAIN
Revealing the ASD IBS microbiome, and how we can rebuild it
The 3 Strongest Protectors Of Your Bones | Life well lived
The Gary Null Show - Update – Vaccine bills in NY State legislature and Action to take
The Great American Health Hoax
The Orang Asli (Malaysia) have had much of their land stolen
The role of neuroinflammation in apraxia... Julie Logan, DC
The Silent Voice of Autism
Toxic cocktail - The secret within your flowers
Vaccine Risk Awareness Day And Week June 3 | HighWireRadio
Vaccines - The Evolution of Bad Science - Del Bigtree
Why Boosting Your Metabolism Does NOT Work
Your Hormones Are A Vital Sign


5 Pesticides Linked To Autism
A quick, accurate way to determine if a chemical causes cancer?
Additives such as emulsifiers and thickeners could be compromising your gut health
Allergic airway inflammation ameliorated by oral treatment of sea cucumber
Alzheimer’s disease protein links plaques to cell death in mice
Alzheimer’s Therapy May Help Overcome Opioid Addiction
Ancient Siberia was home to previously unknown humans, say scientists
Animal welfare activists urge end to SeaWorld dolphin shows
Are we more constipated than we think?
Being overweight as a teen may be associated with higher risk of heart muscle disease in adulthood
Brain Changes May Be Linked to Unexplained Motor Symptoms
Brazil environment agency launches operation to combat Amazon deforestation
Breathing in black carbon from polluted air linked to alterations in lung blood vessels
Children at risk in Nigeria due to lead poisoning from gold mines
Chimpanzees in the wild reduced to ‘forest ghettos’
Cocaine is on the rise in Europe, EU drug agency says
Dogs may reflect their owners’ stress levels, finds research
Eating salmon can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, but which kind should you buy?
Exercise can help eliminate the excess brain connections of autism
Good sleep cuts appetite for sweet, salty food
High-salt diet inhibits cancer growth, researchers find
How Dangerous Are Dry Cleaning Chemicals?
How Temperature Affects Your Sleep
Iodine tablets to be distributed to 2.2 million French people living near nuclear plants
Irregular sleep patterns associated with metabolic abnormalities
Listening to music eases pain and other symptoms in patients with breast cancer
Low-grade inflammation directly affects the brain’s dopamine system
Lowering Cholesterol Levels May Worsen Nerve Damage in T2DM
Molecular bait can help hydrogels heal wounds
Nine Years After BP Spill, Some Cleanup Workers Still Feel Sting of Dispersants
Opioid addiction doesnt always start with the doctor
PCOS, Diet and Nutrition
Solar minimum could help SLOW global warming
South Korea pollution - Is China the cause of 'fine dust'?
Starving fungus of iron may treat drug-resistant infection
The French and German activists are fighting a more successful fight against Roundup
What foods are good for kidneys?
Yoga Isn’t Just For Your Mind—It’s Good For Your DNA

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