Het leefbewust journaal - 8 februari 2019


1 op de 7 kinderen heeft een gehoorbeschadiging
2,1 miljard euro voor ouderenzorg niet benut
30.000 euro boete voor fraude met fipronil-eieren
Animal Rights verbijsterd over ellendige vossenvallen
Bak je eten niet goudbruin
Bewijs voor reuzen op aarde weggemoffeld. Waar waren ze zo bang voor?
Brein verandert tijdens zwangerschap
Crispr-cas krijgt een zusje - casX
D66 wil 'duurzaamheidsbedrijf' Nederweert sluiten na brand
De klimaatwetenschap snapt er helemaal niks van
De mens is zijn grote diersoorten aan het opeten
De strijd tegen seksueel wangedrag in de goededoelensector woedt voort
Er zit een luchtje aan de investeringen van de Rabobank
Europa verbiedt moedwillig gebruik van microplastics
Europese burgers blijven na dieselgate in vieze lucht zitten
Food influencers serveren hapklare brokken eetbare identiteit
Ga geen medicijnen hamsteren, anders is er voor anderen niks meer
Geluk zzp'er hangt samen met gezondheid
Hoe Canada Goose-jassen worden gemaakt
Indoor air pollutants affecting health, well-being of people working, living in enclosed areas
Inspectie kijkt bij elk incident in ggz Eindhoven naar probleem personeel
Je wilt toch weten wat er in de producten zit die je dagelijks gebruikt?
Kamer vraagt minister om opheldering over privacy ziekenhuizen
Kamervragen over treinen met gevaarlijke stoffen bij Amersfoort
Kan straling van een mobiele telefoon tot kanker leiden?
Klokkenluider Marijke Helwegen is blij te zijn verlost van implantaten
Levering 50 onmisbare geneesmiddelen onzeker
Lidl en Aldi misleiden klanten met meergranenproducten
Microben in de darmen kunnen wellicht dementie voorspellen
Nederlandse bedrijven moeten gaan helpen om voedselvoorziening in West-Afrika op peil te houden
Netflix serie Rotten laat zien wat er écht in je voedsel zit
Nieuw alternatief voor chroom-6 - algenskeletten
Onderzoek Kanazawa universiteit toont verband tussen ontstekingen en kanker
Ook De Bilt begint onderzoek naar misstanden bij Veilig Thuis
Parabenen, dit moet je weten
PET plastic vervangen kan nog groener
Plastic in maag van elk aangespoeld zeezoogdier
Restricted Elimination Diet werkt bij 60% van kinderen met ADHD
Scholiere uit Gouda overleden aan besmettelijke meningokokkenziekte
Senioren willen wonen met zorg
Steeds meer 'youngtimers' op de Nederlandse wegen
Stresshormoon kan exposure-therapie bij PTSS misschien verbeteren
Toegang medisch dossier in hele EU
Vegan dieet slecht voor botten
Verzekeraar VGZ vindt dat tandartsen te veel rekenen voor implantaten
Voel je je 's nachts zieker dan overdag?
Wat als alle auto's elektrisch worden?
Youth for Climate is een initiatief van de Europese Commissie, bedacht en bestuurd door Brussel
Zeker driekwart van de Nederlandse scholen draait nog op vervuilende ‘grijze’ stroom
Zorgen over luchtkwaliteit - Oirschot wil extra studie A58
Zorgverstrekkers slaan alarm over onhoudbare werkdruk in seniorenzorg


$10,000 a month growing microgreens in a basement
'Het bedrag voor zieken is mager", aldus Rob Bedaux die 45 chroom-6-slachtoffers bijstaat
5G Wireless - The coming privacy nightmare
A Calm Day on Patrol in Liberia
A life-saving device that detects silent heart attacks | Akash Manoj
Amnesty International is a 'toxic' workplace, new report finds
Are Negative Ions Good For You?
Are You Practicing Safer Cell Phone Use?
Balsamic Vinegar vs. Apple Cider Vinegar on Keto
Chemical Conversion of Plastic Waste into Fuel
Coconut Oil vs Other Oils - Is it Truly Bad for You?
Cosmic Magnetic Fields – The Ultimate Challenge to Gravity-Centric Cosmology
Dangerous Pitfalls and Ego Traps Lightworkers Must Avoid
DNA companies sell your data to police
Dr. Lindsey Berkson on Healthy Hormones
Duurzame doelen - te mooi om waar te zijn?
Een veilig thuis voor kinderen waar ze mogen blijven
Food as Medicine - Food 101
Genocide Of Indigenous People Changed The Climate
Improve Relationship Communication and Connection
Inwoner Poederoijen vreest extra gaswinning
Is 10,000 IUs (International Units) of Vitamin D Toxic?
Linde Werdelin Deep Sea Oktopus 360 - Tenerife
Loreen Hackett on PFOA Contamination in Hoosick Falls, NY
Natural Remedies for Depression
NIH NTP Study Demonstrates Cell Phone Cancer Link Dr. Ronald Melnick
Ro Khanna Confronts Big Pharma Parasites
The Big Diabetes Lie Diabetes treatment Offer and Presentation From the Doctors at the ICTM
The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – Negative emotions
Update on Dietary Fibre - Health Canada's Regulation
Vissers vrezen einde van hun tijdperk op de Noordzee
Wat als we het klimaatprobleem met een simpele techno-fix kunnen oplossen?
What is Aging? - Altered Intercellular Communication
Why Are Brain Tumor Second Opinions Important?
Why Don't We Have Nuclear Fusion Power Yet?


A Food Critic's Take On The 'Food As Medicine' Movement
A hidden route for fatty acids can make cancers resistant to therapy
A simulator allows patients to experiment how their vision will improve before surgery
A small number of crops are dominating globally. And that's bad news for sustainable agriculture
Alternative take on statins, fat and cholesterol is an intriguing read
Apps can secretly record your iPhone screen and expose your secrets, researchers claim
Autism spectrum disorders may stem from multiple factors
Ban children's smartphones from mealtimes and before bed, parents told
Binge drinking in adolescence causes lasting changes in emotional center of brain
Blood leukocytes mirror insufficient sleep
Blood protein contributes to memory loss in Alzheimer's disease
Boost Your Antioxidant and Healthy Fat Intake With Rosehip
Cannabinoid compounds may inhibit growth of colon cancer cells
China’s Aging Population Is a Major Threat to Its Future
Chronic pain most common reason U.S. patients get medical marijuana
Climate Change - The Impacts and the Need to Act
Climate change poses greater risk of mental health challenges for children born to depressed mothers
Deep sea reveals linkage between earthquake and carbon cycle
Dermatology patient advocacy groups may not disclose conflicts
Did the FDA Just Approve a Toxic New Artificial Sweetener?
Do Financial Relationships Between Physicians and Drug Companies Influence Prescribing Practices?
Do microplastics harm humans?
Do you get headaches? They are one of the symptoms of b12 deficiency
Dog dies after eating brownies that contained sweetener
Dutch scientists baffled over 20,000 seabirds dead or dying washing up on North Sea
Eating more citrus fruits is an easy way to prevent dementia
Endocannabinoid system, a target to improve cognitive disorders in models of Down syndrome
Europe’s palm oil strategy is fading
Excessive weight gain in early childhood affects teenage heart health
Fibromyalgia syndrome in adults may be a consequence of childhood sexual abuse
Five-year global heatwave coming, scientists say
French & German farmers forced to destroy crops after GMOs found in Bayer/Monsanto seeds
GMOs not main culprit in monarch butterfly decline
Heavy drinking in teens causes lasting changes in emotional center of brain
How to Use Sea Salt Water to Treat Acne
Immunosuppressants reduce artery plaque in people with psoriasis
In the future even healthy people will be tracking blood sugar
Intense IV blood sugar control doesn’t improve stroke outcomes
Interactive websites may cause antismoking messages to backfire
Is Cancer Smarter Than We Are?
Is GLUTEN a worse food “criminal” than SUGAR? You be the judge
Is Your Exercise Routine Causing Varicose Veins?
Leading German Geologist Calls Notion Of “Climate Tipping Points” Scientific Hype
Maternal Depression and Natural Disaster-Related Stress During Pregnancy May Affect Infants’ Temperament
Melting Ice Sheets May Cause "Climate Chaos", Says Report
Minister asked to clean up Puhipuhi's toxic mercury mine
New Role for Dopamine in Deadly Brain Cancer
Normal brain aging patterns occur at a faster rate in people with psychosis
NSAID impairs immune response in heart failure, worsens heart and kidney damage
Paul François, the French farmer taking on Monsanto
Plastic trash polluting our oceans is expected to double by 2025…what is being done to stop this global crisis?
Replace harmful chemical cleaners with these essential oils
Return of French farmer's case keeps Monsanto in legal spotlight
Scientists Create Transparent Material That Could Turn Windows Into Solar Panels
Scientists to create new 'chemical noses' to rid the environment of industrial pollutants
Self-generated energy soars in Spain as solar panels plunge in price
Shorter courses of antibiotics are nearly always as effective as longer ones for many common infections
Should You Drink A2 Milk?
Side-effects not fully reported in more than 30% of healthcare reviews
Smoke from wildfire is like a 'chemical soup,' says fire researcher
Strongest evidence yet that obesity causes depression, even in the absence of other health problems
Study Estimates Misuse of Prescribed Opioids in the United States
Study unravels how microbes produce key compound used to fight cancer
Suicides among active-duty soldiers are up about 20 percent
Synthetic cannabis may stop colorectal cancer from growing, study suggests
Tens of thousands dying each year as 'unsafe produce' impacts food system in sub-Saharan Africa
Text to quit JUUL - New chat bot aims to coach teenagers through quitting
The British government wants to dump nuclear waste in Northern Ireland
The Interplay Between Relationships, Stress, and Sleep
The Involvement of the Gut in Parkinson’s Disease - Hype or Hope?
The world’s most evil chemical promoters and food POLLUTERS all exposed at one website
These highly effective alternatives to toxic medication help beat depression
Tweak your brain chemistry toward happiness, purpose, meaning
Unwarranted product defense by Bayer and Syngenta had catastrophic consequences for the environment
Using Heart Energy To Power Life Saving Devices
Using screens in dark room associated with worse sleep outcomes than using with the lights on
Vitamin D helps treat lethal drug-resistant TB
Voluntary control of brainwaves in deep brain of patients with Parkinson's disease
What Happened to the 100,000-Hour LED Bulbs?
Which herbs help reduce inflammation?
Why some children with strep throat suffer from repeated tonsil infections
Yoga could help millions of arthritis patients
Zebrafish offers clue to alleviate gastrointestinal distress related to autism

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