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Nederlandstalig nieuws

11 okt 2019 - ADHD, ADD en autisme; diagnostiek en integrale ondersteuning
6 sep 2019 - Ziekte van Lyme, diagnostiek en integrale behandeling
Al 900 weerfoto's van Sjef Kenniphaas op tv
Artabana zorgverzekering
Artsen die extra kosten rekenen bij rijbewijskeuring aangepakt
De afdeling FakeNews van de NOS draait weer overuren
De suikerunie kiepert weer een vrachtwagen suiker in de Coca-Cola fabriek in Dongen
De tandarts moet weer terug in het basispakket
De twee verschillende fenotypes qua stress
Dit is het effect van een hittegolf op je relatie
Gemeenten gaan pgb-vaardigheid toetsen
Gemeenten wachten te lang met het preventief bestrijden van ongedierte
Hardlopen kan helpen tegen stressklachten
Hittegolven kwamen vroeger vaker voor dan nu
Hoge bloedsuikerspiegel verhoogt het percentage alvleesklierkanker
Israelische studie wijst uit dat wekelijkse sex de kans op overleven na hartaanval verhoogt
Kinderen in gevaar door gebrek jeugdzorgwerkers
Klimaatverandering - Oorzaak de mens?
Koeien geven minder melk door extreme hitte, schade is soms onomkeerbaar
Meerderheid Nederlanders wil alternatieve zorg in basispakket
Nationale Bond tegen Overheidszaken
Nieuwe inzichten in effect van neonicotinoïden op nuttige insecten
Nog meer ‘zorgcowboys’ de deur gewezen in Twente
Nog veel onbegrip voor mensen met PTSS
NVWA heeft handen vol aan zo'n 300 'probleemboeren'
Onophoudelijke klimaat indoctrinatie van de NOS in vakantiemaand
Ontstekingsremmende kruiden
Opvallend veel doden op de snelwegen droegen geen gordel
Privéstress vaak oorzaak van ziekteverzuim
Reuzenteek nu ook opgedoken nabij Belgische grens
Rol voor voedingsindustrie in hernieuwbare energie
Schaapherders nemen maatregelen tegen wolf
Schaf eigen risico in de zorg af
Slaappillen - nog meer risico’s
Steeds meer volwassenen slikken ADHD-medicatie
Stichting AAP vindt 53 exoten in Nederlandse huisdierenhandel
Stress zorgt voor veel verzuim op werk
Vrouwen die tijdens zwangerschap verhuizen krijgen veel vaker te vroeg geboren baby
Waarschuwingsregister Zorg en Welzijn
Warme aarde, koel hoofd Simon Rozendaal
Wetenschappers kondigen aan dat ze hersencellen kunnen manipuleren met een implantaat


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Acerola kers
Chlorella alg (bron chlorofyl)
Natuurlijke multivitamine
Vitamine B12
Vitamine C
Vitamine D
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Anti-Fracking Lib Dem Leader Takes Donations From Fracking Company Director
Avoid Folic Acid and Take Folate (as methyl folate)
Best Detox Bath for Nano & Radiation
Biesbosch-bijen in de verdrukking
Censorship in science
Community discovers their homes are on Toxic land
Crowdfunding bioboer na droogte; van de hel in de hemel
Does Chewing Gum Help with Weight Loss?
Dolphin Mom Adopts a Calf From a Different Species | Nat Geo Wild
Dr Peter Gøtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime
Environmental Racism is Bad for Your Brain
Exercise as a Treatment for Depression [Scientific Review]
Fallen pears rejected by insects - Planet X causes plant disease
Fracking Industry Using Their Political Connections To Silence The Critics
French farmers protest against EU trade deal with Canada
Green Frontier | Official Trailer | Netflix
Healing Allergies, Migraines & ADHD With Medical Medium
Hond Winnie die in bench naast weg werd achtergelaten is klaar voor nieuw baasje
How the US is attempting to put 5G on fast track despite health concerns
How to Fix Your Chapped Lips
How To Use Black Coffee For Weight Loss
Illegale jachthutten in Reeuwijk
Incredible Shrinking Europe — Between Climate Utopia & Green Energy Crisis
Is the Rise in Lyme Disease Due to Weaponized Ticks?
Medical Skepticism - Today’s Scientific Cultural Disease
Mijn vrouw stierf letterlijk van de pijn, dat moet anders
Popular Candy Brands Sued Over “No Artificial Flavors” Claims
Psych Meds Cannot Fix Biochemical Imbalances Because There Are No Imbalances
Recent Research on Teaching Verbal Behavior to Children with Autism
Searching for Cold Fusion | Olga Dmitriyeva
Spaanse politie geeft man die apparaten in ravijn dumpte lik op stuk
Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance
The ABC hates debate on climate change because it wants 'alarmism'
The GOP is blaming video games for mass shootings
The Politics of Cancer - Big Money = Big Changes in the Cancer Industry 2
The Politics of Cancer - The Science of Cancer Therapy (Part 1)
Understanding one of the world's most elusive sharks
What Causes High Blood Pressure?
What Happened To Us?
Where Does It End? New ‘Monarch’ Brain Device Approved for ADHD
Why Music is so Appealing to The Brain
You Can't Fix Other People, But You Can Fix Yourself

Internationaal nieuws

1 in 300 thrives on very-early-to-bed, very-early-to-rise routine
A healthful home food environment
A novel method for detecting autism in children
Acetoin is a precursor to diacetyl in e-cigarette liquids
Acidified soil loses calcium, which helps plants retain water
Acupuncture And Herbs Alleviate Diabetic Neuropathy
Advanced sleep phase may affect at least 1 in 300 adults, study reveals
Alarmed by dense wildfire smoke, Californians are snapping up home air purifiers
Antibiotics Are Being Misused By People In US, Study Shows
Bad Science & Climate Alarm Distracts Us From Real Problems
Belarus’ forgotten children – victims of Chernobyl’s nuclear radiation
Better apps might improve health, study finds
Cancer Treatment Fast-Tracked By New App For Medical Trials
Children have sharp and focussed minds than adults
Chronic depression - Form of CBT may fail after two years
Comparison of serum B12, folate and homocysteine concentrations in children with autism spectrum disorder
Consider this therapy to enhance brain function
Could music festivals be good for your health?
Data Reveals American Consumers Favor Fast-Food Chicken Over Burger Chains
Dietary choline associates with reduced risk of dementia
Does herbicide kill more than weeds?
Electric fans are NOT safe for cooling down when the heat is dry
EU experts agree pesticide may damage unborn children
Fertilizer feast and famine - Solving the global nitrogen problem
Genetic effects on obesity can be lessened by several kinds of regular exercise
Geomagnetic Reversal - The Svensmark Effect
Govt Expert Unwittingly Exposes FDA’s Vaccine Fraud
Greece 'pessimistic' about future of EU
Greenland glacier thickening
Gut cells have remarkable defense mechanism when faced with certain kinds of toxins
Hard Brexit would cause significant economic disruption – EU Commission
High doses of vitamin D during pregnancy found to help child's dental health
High lead concentrations found in Amazonian wildlife
How do kids end up with higher levels of weed killer?
How Google threatens your children
Human breast milk may help babies tell time via circadian signals from mom
Improving the magnetic bottle that controls fusion power on Earth
India gaat massaal over op kolenstroom
Intensive Lipid Lowering Linked To Neuropathy
It’s the same old game, the changing weather is our fault
Japanese Scientists Approved to Bring Human-Animal Hybrids to Term
Ketogenic diet causes ‘remarkable’ effect in patients with diabetes
Lack of vitamin d may cause pain in this part of the body
Low vitamin D levels were associated with NAFLD in children and adolescents
Monsanto Verdict - Toxicity Is Being Sold To Us
More Israelis Becoming Workaholics
New Epigenetic Regulation of Cancer Uncovered
Nobio gets FDA approval for anti-bacterial dental fillings
Over a third of the U.K.’s native bee and hoverfly species are dying out – here’s why it spells trouble for crops
People with interstitial lung disease (ILD) have poorer sleep quality than other people,
Pesticides deliver a one-two punch to honey bees
Prenatal parental stress linked to behaviour problems in toddlers
Prevalentie van mogelijke interacties tussen geneesmiddelen bij Zweedse poliklinieken bij kinderen
Radiation Levels Higher in Marshall Islands Than in Chernobyl
Remember how cold Europe was the first half of July?
Researchers investigate Alzheimer's treatment involving mobile phone frequency
Scott Tipps Shreds The Use Of “Scientific Consensus”
Sea level rise likely not to drown low-lying Pacific atolls
Seabirds are threatened by hazardous chemicals in plastics
Seaweed and kelp are more than food
Small reduction in alcohol, big reduction in heart disease risk
Social stress tied to lower bone density after menopause
Stressors In Middle Age Linked To Cognitive Decline In Older Women
Study Outlines Positive Diet Changes To Cut Heart Disease Risk In Diabetics
Sunscreen Chemicals Enter Your Bloodstream
Temps far, far below normal across almost the entire territory of European Russia
The Hidden Costs of Cancer
These Medical Devices Are Inserted Into 500,000 Patients Each Year — but Are Tough to Sterilize
Toxic Psychiatry
Trendy vibrating machines used for weight loss may slash your risk of type 2 diabetes
When the Sun dims the Earth freezes and nothing known to humanity can stop this


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