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  Het leefbewust journaal - 7 mei 2019

5G mobiel internet kan gevolgen hebben voor voorspelling weer
7 effectieve manieren om je vitamine D te verhogen
7000 handtekeningen tegen uitbreiding varkensstal Schuttert in Ommen
Alle grote leugens rond klimaatverandering gedebunkt
Amsterdams verbod op benzineauto's leidt niet tot schonere lucht
Antibioticagebruik verhoogt risico op hartaanvallen en beroertes
Australië wil miljoenen wilde katten doden met vergiftigde worstjes
Bijna kwart Nederlanders kampt met klacht of aandoening van spijsverteringsstelsel
Bijna één op de vier Nederlanders kampt met maag-, darm- of leverproblemen
Boeing wist al jaar van problemen 737 MAX
Brandgevaar door foute aansluiting zonnepanelen
Computer analyseert straks kankercellen
De rol van Basf, Bayer en IGF in WW2
Depressie & Reconnective Healing
Deze kruiden vervangen zout
Discriminatie op grond van handicap en chronische ziekte neemt toe
Duitsland wil mazelenprik verplichten op crèches en scholen
Een grote groep meteorologen uit de hele wereld waarschuwt dat 5G weersatellieten kan blokkeren
Eieren doodgeschoten ooievaar nu in Herwijnen
Eisen aan spoedzorg voor ouderen te hoog
Erik Danen wil tumoren vangen in hun eigen web
Facebook overtreedt mogelijk AVG door medewerkers posts te laten labelen
Gasloos wonen makkelijk gemaakt
Geen paprika's en bananen meer in plastic bij Albert Heijn
Het idee achter een voedselbos
Hoe aanhoudende droogte bomen beschadigde
Hoe kwartels lijden op intensieve pluimveehouderijen in Europa
Hollands getinte expeditie voor bedreigde ijswalvis
Inductie koken wokken, grillen en stoven
Klimaatactivisten zijn de pseudowetenschappers
Komt die Amerikaanse hormonensteak weldra op uw bord?
NVWA beboet 114 verkopers van elektronische sigaretten
Simon Rozendaal tempert in Buitenhof het vuurtje van de klimaathysterie
Stoppen met roken vermindert kans op blaaskanker vrouwen
Te veel proteïneshakes zijn nefast voor je gezondheid
Van Neurenberg naar Brussel
Zorgdirecteur krijgt 'promotie' na Michael P.


10 Incredible Uses for Mint Leaves That You Need to Try
10 Japanese Vending Machine That Will Blow Your Mind
5G Children's nose bleeds in Gateshead
ADHD Clutter Tips - Clutter and Memorabilia
Audio/Slides 5G Presentation to Marin County Wireless Subcommittee
Bird vs wind turbine fail
Cancer as a Mitochondrial Metabolic Disease
Cancer Town, Louisiana
Cara - For Women Only
Carbon Dioxide, CO2, revealed as the “Miracle Molecule of Life” for re-greening the planet
Depression is a silent killer
Does WiFi Radiation Affect Brain Function?
Dr. John Halamka - The Future of Health and Medicine
Een foute Europese afslag - Jean Wanningen en Paul Buitink
Electrolyte Imbalances | Don't Do What I Did
EPA Says Pentagon Can Pollute As Much As They Want
Getting Enough Vitamin D From Foods? HIGHLY UNLIKELY!
Have Lobbyist Politicized Our Food?
How to Reduce Exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA)
How to Regain Self Control — Jess Dudley
How to reverse pre-diabetes | Type 2 diabetes
Is This the Biggest Trigger of Autoimmune Issues?
Mass fish kill - What next for the Darling River community | Australian Story
Mind-blowing stage sculptures that fuse music and technology | Es Devlin
Monsanto Lied, GMO Corn Filled with Toxins
North Korea Food Shortage Is It a Grand Solar Minimum Pattern?
Nutrition Insights for People with Diabetes
One million plant, animal species at risk of going extinct, says UN report
Penguin Chick Attacks Camera Bag
Princeton Physics Professor Discredits Anthropogenic Climate Change Theory
Social Media, Depression & Childhood Suicide - The War On Children
Texas woman discovers she was conceived from anonymous sperm donor:
The Spirit of Sola Stella
The Truth About Cancer's Hidden History and Treatments by Ty & Charlene Bollinger
What fracking bonanza?
What is Exponential Medicine?
What is Vitamin K2?
Why are Foot Rubs so Relaxing?
Why online video is the ultimate vehicle for social change
Will Apple Cider Vinegar Burn Your Skin or Heal It?


1 million species face extinction as humans plunder nature at ‘unprecedented’ rate
3D-printed vascular networks pave way for artificial organs
5G Super-Hotspots will be the most dangerous places on Earth
A Look Inside Mississippi’s Vaccine Rights Movement
A selenium/myo-inositol combination can naturally heal Hashimoto’s disease
A small town, a chemical plant and the residents' desperate fight for clear air
Adults vaccinated in 1960s may need a measles booster
Air pollution reduction measures could impact heatwave severity, say scientists
Animal protein can be part of an eco-friendly diet, consumers believe
Bamboo Is Basically ‘Fake Meat’ for Giant Pandas
Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels is (still) not a fan of the keto diet
Black pepper could be a magic potion for weight loss
Blue light-dependent human magnetoreception in geomagnetic food orientation
Boost immunity with chamomile-infused drinks
Brains of minimally verbal autistic children respond slowly to sound
Children must be screened for autism before 14 months, says new study
Climate change being fuelled by soil damage
Corrupt FDA Finally Releases Results of MMR Vaccine Trial Study
Could fat cell differences predict diabetes risk?
Cranberry compounds that prevent Urinary Tract Infection identified
Dental infections in kids tied to heart disease risk in adulthood
Does Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer Raise Dementia Risk?
Eat Onion To Beat The Summer Heat And Regulate Blood Glucose Levels
Elderberry Confirmed as Immunity Booster
Eleventh-hour lobbying by industry could kill law banning food marketing to kids
Europe's ban on palm oil might actually hurt the environment
Exercise may improve memory in heart failure patients
Farm pesticide may be behind Maryland bald eagle deaths
Farmworkers, food need to be safe from pesticide
Filming how our immune system kills bacteria
First Genetically Modified Babies Case in China
Fitness may affect risk and mortality rates of lung and colorectal cancer
Fitness may affect risk of lung, colorectal cancer and survival likelihood after diagnosis
Germany says Switzerland’s mountains could help stabilise EU power supply
Get your children vaccinated or face fine
Healthy plant-based diet (but not plant-based junk food) may protect kidneys
Heart damage from preterm birth may be corrected with exercise in young adulthood
Highest CO2 levels recorded in 3 million years still don’t budge global temperatures
How Ginkgo Biloba Fights Acne
How Sleeping With Contact Lenses Can Hurt Your Eyes
How to Stop Bad Bacteria in Your Mouth from Migrating to Your Brain
Low-intensity electromagnetic fields induce human cryptochrome to modulate intracellular reactive oxygen species
Melting permafrost ‘crisis’ debunked by historical record
Monsanto Trial - Fake Evidence or Phony Expert
NASA is readying for the arrival of the enormous God of Chaos asteroid set to skim Earth in 10 years time
Nearly half of public wrongly believe heart failure is normal in old age
New Study Finds That Wind Turbines Could Have Impact On Insect Populations, Food Chain
Oral and genital herpes are ‘having sex’ with scary results
Pharmaceutical Companies Are Bribing Doctors, and the Government Is the Cause
Physician Group Exposes False Government Measles Statistics
Pleasant Smells Can Curb the Urge to Smoke
Researchers identify a link between zinc deficiency and hypertension
Risk of metastatic cancer increases in those who have diabetes
Sanders Says Big Ag's Stranglehold a Key Part of 'Major Crisis' Facing Rural America
Scientists Successfully 3D Print an Organ That Mimics Lungs
Study reveals that pregnant French women have “very low” omega-3 levels that may negatively affect infant health
Testosterone Levels Lower in Men on Low-Fat Diets
Universal basic income doesn’t work
University lecturer who 'micro-dosed' tiny amounts of psychedelic mushrooms says drugs encouraged her to split with husband
Use extra virgin olive oil regularly to lower your breast cancer risk
Vaccinations do deserve to be questioned
Vitamins and minerals that improve the brain's functions
Your Brain in the Smartphone Age

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