Het leefbewust journaal - 6 maart 2019

3 alternatieve oplossingen voor schonere luchtvaart
Agent Orange blijft Vietnamese milieu verontreinigen
Alertheid ouders leidt tot gezondheidsklachten bij kinderen rondom Sloegebied
Amerikanen willen chloorkippen kunnen invoeren na brexit
Belgisch farmabedrijf UCB moet man met handicap bijna 3 miljoen euro betalen
Bescherming tegen asbest in veel gevallen overbodig
Biologisch is de winnaar in het verssegment
Blootstelling aan pesticiden verhoogt kans op spierziekte ALS
Boeren strenger gecontroleerd op voldoende speelmogelijkheid voor varkens
Branches waar Chroom-6 aan de orde kan zijn
CBD-producten uit de schappen?
Chemicaliën betekenen het einde van Britse orkapopulatie
Chinezen vinden onsterfelijkheidsdrankje
Concentratie medicijnen in zoetwater wordt zorgelijk
Consumentenbond wil steun voor bejaardenplan CDA/50Plus
De EU loopt de groene kantjes er van af
Does Coffee Cause Acne?
Donorkinderen gedupeerd, spermadonoren alsnog anoniem
Drie nieuwe zorgcentra voor slachtoffers van seksueel geweld in Antwerpen, Leuven en Charleroi
Europees parlement stelt zomertijd voor als standaardtijd
Gesjoemel bij zorgreus Alliade
Gezond voedingspatroon beschermt tegen depressie
Graaseieren zitten boordevol gezonde eiwitten en vetten (Omega 3)
Groenteburger vervangt vlees, maar bevat te weinig groente
Het bewijs, stress maakt dik
Hoe het luisteren naar muziek de creativiteit aanzienlijk schaadt
Kamerlid De Groot (D66) dwingt regering uit marktoverwegingen tot strengere omgang met glyfosaat
Levensmiddelen op basis van cannabis - wat is nu toegestaan?
Luis in de pels van de bontindustrie | Animal Rights
Nieuwe strategie om ‘eet-me-niet-op’-signaal van kankercellen te blokkeren
Onderzoekscentrum Triskelion, onderdeel van TNO, stopt met dierproeven
Petitie gestart tegen 'windmolenverbod' in provincie Noord-Holland
Proef met zonnepanelen die energie opwekken en dijk versterken
Regelgeving statiegeld op schema
Reumacentrum eist medische dossiers patiënten Flevoland
Risico van werken en wonen met asbest vaak onmeetbaar klein
Stamcellen genezen HIV patiënt
Stel je voor dat Nederland grootschalig zeewier voor de kust gaat telen
Stoppen met fossiele brandstoffen zal massasterfte veroorzaken
Suikers verzwakken het immuunsysteem
Tijgermug zal verder oprukken richting België
Verovering van de Noordpool
Welke impact hebben hormoonverstoorders op voortplanting dieren?
Wie vilt het Klimaatkonijn?
WWF werkt samen met paramilitairen in de strijd tegen stropers
Zorg om vrijheidsmaatregelen in jeugdinstellingen
Zorgverleners steeds vaker mobiel of tablet van het werk


A Grim Silver Lining of the Opioid Epidemic?
Are Nonstick Pans Safe? Here's The Truth About Nonstick Cookware
Avocado? Voor ons gewoon lekker, voor Daniel dé redding
Best Foods for Halitosis and Gingivitis
BNR Beter - Mantelzorgers lopen vast in regels en zorgen
BNR Beter Pioniers in de zorg - Nieuwe gehoortest-app
Can I Eat Pasta on Keto? It Does Not Spike my Blood Sugars
Connecting Keto Communities - Dr. Eric Westman & Glen Finkel
Cost-Effective Approaches to Save the Environment, with Bjorn Lomborg
Dolf Jansen over de bijzondere verpakkingen van vleesvervangers
Foods That Spike Insulin | Must See!
How to Fix a Stomach Ulcer
Is Moringa the Next Superfood?
Keto AutoImmune Diet - Burn Fat and Inflammation
Lawmakers seek to MANDATE vaccinations
Leptin, Adiponectin & Ghrelin - Why You Should Care
Lies Geluk filmde proces erfelijke borstkanke
Main Cause Of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
Natural Solutions for Blood Pressure
Noudje en Doris krijgen villa's aangeboden voor demente bejaarden
Stop Buying Expensive Mayo - Here's how to Make it CHEAP
The Gary Null Show - 03.04.19
The risk of banking on renewable energy | DW News
Understanding the Gallbladder on Keto with Dr. Boz
Uplifting Music to Fight the Flu?
Why Mainstream Media Sucks


5 Studies That Prove Friendship is Good For Our Health
A brain workout that prevents memory loss
A cup of cocoa a day could reduce fatigue in MS sufferers, research suggests
Arctic Sea Ice Extent Same As In 2005
Are you losing your hearing? Six subtle signs you may be overlooking
Association of free sugar intake with blood pressure and obesity measures in Australian adults
Background Music Might Stifle Creativity
Bacteria might become a natural, toxin-free alternative to pesticides
Black Seeds For Type-2 Diabetes
Brain's ability to synchronize voice sounds could be related to language learning
Brazil's indigenous groups unite to protect their land
Breast cancer cells rely on pyruvate to expand in new tissues
Can Anti-Aging Treatments Offer Abundant Life?
Censorship is Here. Vaxxed, Removed from Amazon Prime Streaming
Checking DNA base editor's mistakes and tricks to reduce them
Chemicals found in carpets, floors and clothes damage SPERM
Childhood exposure to systemic antibiotics linked to celiac disease
Chimpanzees go into retirement as US relaxes animal testing
Coal ash contaminates groundwater near most U.S. coal plants -study
Cocoa flavanol effects on markers of oxidative stress and recovery after muscle damage protocol in elite rugby players
Could genetic breakthrough finally help take the sting out of mouth ulcers?
Cowards at Amazon have started removing anti-vaccine documentaries from its Video streaming service
Dairy fat— newfound friend or (still) a foe?
Dental fillings could last twice as long
Diabetes impairs multipotent stromal cell antibacterial activity
Diet Could Influence Immunotherapy Response Via Microbiome
Does our immune system hold the key to beating Alzheimer’s disease?
Earth’s Shield Against Cosmic Radiation
Eating for your genes - the 'anti-diet' revolution
Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Sputum Culture Conversion in Tuberculosis
EPA's Plan to Regulate Chemical Contaminants in Drinking Water Is a Drop in the Bucket
Ever Wonder What to Do With Mung Beans?
Exercise can improve non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease
Exposure to trauma impacts ability to squash bad memories
Fatty Liver Disease Is Triggered by Choline Deficiency
Fermentable fibers affect the structure and function of gut microbiota
Five ways life would be better if it were always daylight saving time
For Alzheimer’s Sufferers, Brain Inflammation Ignites a Neuron-Killing “Forest Fire”
Forget Global Warming, The Sun Says An Ice Age Is Coming
Genomics Could Guide Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
GMO scientists think they've discovered the "God gene" for plant yields
God in a kit - the perils and possibilities of a tool called CRISPR
Good habits for better sleep
Guggul and Acne
Gut immune cells play by their own rules
Heatwaves sweeping oceans ‘like wildfires’, scientists reveal
High blood pressure - the fruit juice you should drink every day
High-Fiber Diet Found Beneficial To Cancer Patients
How a common oral bacteria makes colon cancer more deadly
India's stubble burning air pollution causes USD 30 billion economic losses, health risks
Is the key to good skin locked in your DNA?
Jabbed - How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment, and Government Stick It to You
Just a little junk food is enough to damage blood vessels and ’cause strokes’, scientists warn
Keto diet is having a nasty side effect on vaginas
Kids with eczema may sleep poorly
Landlord disclosure of bedbugs cuts infestations, creates long-term savings
Leftover pills help fuel opioid epidemic
Linking bacterial populations with health
Maternal risk factors and newborn infant vitamin D status
Mistletoe being considered as an alternative treatment for cancer
Moving to a Warm Climate Proved That I Wasn't Just Sad, I Had Seasonal Affective Disorder
New research suggests using frankincense to treat arthritis
No One Knows The True Cost Of Medicines, And Blaming Other Countries Won't Help
One Of The World’s Biggest Charities Funds Guards Who Have Tortured And Killed People
Portable fluorometer detects breast cancer cells
Recent Rise In CO2 Has Made Earth 5% Greener
Relationship between low maternal vitamin D status and the risk of severe preeclampsia
Researchers look toward nature to beat cancer
Researchers pan blood test for autism as premature for clinical use
Scientists Find Way to Create Renewable Supply of Cancer-Fighting Cells
Sensory stimuli improves brain damage in mouse models of preterm birth
Sensory Stimuli Improves Brain Damage in Mouse Models of Preterm Birth
Seven ways to help someone through a panic attack
Single injection gives mammals night vision
Social Media 'Influencers' Can Get Kids Eating Junk Food
Stricter Controls on Medicine Linked to Birth Defects
Studies suggest link between drinking during pregnancy, child mental health issues
Study says children with autism spectrum disorder have lower circulating endocannabinoid levels
The Benefits of Magnesium for Premenstrual Syndrome
The Ocean Is Running Out of Breath, Scientists Warn
The Okinawan Islanders once ate a diet that consisted mostly of carbohydrates
Vitamin B12 in Relation to Oxidative Stress
Working long hours increases depression risk in women
World-first program uncovers errors in biomedical research results
You're being poisoned with ALUMINUM
Young people at risk of addiction have differences in key brain region

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