Het leefbewust journaal - 5 maart 2019

Aantal AED's flink gestegen, ook meer burgerhulpverleners
ADHD gen kan rol spelen bij gebruik van verslavende middelen
Arseen in Rijst Cornflakes voor Baby’s
Blootstelling aan röntgenstraling verminderd
Brits meisje heeft een hartverscheurend gedichtje gemaakt over de gevolgen van dyslexie
Brood, fruit en rijst in de vuilnisbak
Campagne tegen verspilling van voedsel
Column Pauline Laumans - Wedloop naar het einde van leven
Cosmetische producten, Wat zit er in?
Doeslief - campagne tegen asociaal gedrag
Gezonde snack bij treinstation moet gedragsverandering brengen
Hoe zorg je voor een blije kat in huis?
Klimaatstrijd is klassenstrijd
Leefstijlgeneeskunde - reddingsboei of los touw?
Levenselixer gevonden in eeuwenoude tombe in China
Meer kinderen met autisme in buitengewoon onderwijs
Minister De Jonge wil af van aanbesteden in Wmo
NZa controleert zbc’s op declaratiefouten
Recordbedrag aan onterecht gekregen subsidies voor zonnepanelen gerecupereerd
Renovatie Waalbrug na uitsel chroom-6 nu toch van start
Steeds meer buitenlandse tandartsen in Nederland
Utrechtse onderzoekers ontwikkelen mini-nieren uit urinecellen
Veel eten in de vuilnisbak
Veganisten, hou eens op met die morele meetlat
Vrolijker worden? Ga eens twintig minuten in een park zitten
Waterstofland Nederland in de steigers
Zelfdiscipline belangrijk voor gezond dieet van diabetespatiënten


"Healthy" LDL Cholesterol on the Prison Food Diet | Dave Feldman
333 Lucky Energy Portal, Divine Masculine & Feminine, True Love
Deep Ocean Live - The Mission
Dr. Mercola Interviews Antonio Jimenez on His Philosophy on Cancer Treatment
Drinking Roundup Weed Killer | The Unfortunate Truth
Ease Your Cold or Sore Throat with Sage
Forced Vaccinations - The Chemical Attack On Children - Joe Imbriano
Leptin, Adiponectin & Ghrelin - Why You Should Care
Low Carbohydrate Nutrition For Type 1 Diabete
Maltodextrin - What is it and is it Safe?
March 2019 Intense Ascension Flu Symptoms
Pinched Nerves and Neurogenic Pain
Schrikdraad om roofdieren weg te houden bij broedende vogels
Should a Woman Ever Undergo a Vaginal ‘Scrapping’ Procedure?
Strengthen Spirit and Body at the Same Time?
The Economic Crisis Will Expose The
The Event, Divine Insights Received
Vaping shouldn’t be included in potential smoking ban for Wellington beaches
What Can Urine Smell Tell You About Your Body
What Is The Connection Between Diabetes And Alzheimers?
Why Don't They Give MMR Vaccine At 3 Years Old Instead Of 12-18 Months If Study Says It's Safer?


6-month implant newest option in Canada to treat addiction amid opioid crisis
82-Year-Old Woman with Alzheimer’s Regains Her Memory After Son Put Her on Mediterranean Diet
9 Natural Muscle Relaxants that Ease Muscle Pain
A Big Week in the Fight Against Factory Farms in Maryland
A highly sensitive new blood test can detect rare cancer proteins
A Huge Amount of Children Worldwide Are Dying From Cancer For a Bitterly Sad Reason
A meta-analysis on associations between vitamin D receptor genetic variants and tuberculosis
A new artificial synapse is faster and more efficient than ones in your brain
A Simple Blood Test Is as Effective as a Biopsy in Detecting Lung Cancer Mutations
A systematic study of microdosing psychedelics
Accenture settles Lux Leaks tax claim for $200m
Are you suffering from 'anxsomnia'? 7 ways to beat sleeplessness caused by anxiety
Association of vitamin D and vitamin B12 with cognitive impairment in elderly aged 80 years or older
Babies with healthier diets are more active, sleep better
Benefits of Ginger for Menstrual Cramps
Bigger, Saltier, Heavier - Fast Food Since 1986 in 3 Simple Charts
Bloody shocking! Austrian skier caught doping midway through blood transfusion
Can Any Animal Survive Without Sleep?
Can Gum Disease Cause Alzheimer’s?
Carbon Dioxide Monitors are the Law
Censured by Britain, Hezbollah is bigger than ever in Beirut
Chemical pollutants in the home degrade fertility in both men and dogs, study finds
Clues to brain differences between males and females
Conceiving within a year of stillbirth does not increase risks for next pregnancy
Costco Becomes First Major Retailer to Stop Selling Glyphosate
Diabetes type 2 - four of the best breakfast swaps to avoid high blood sugar symptoms
Doctors may be prescribing antibotics for longer than needed
Documentary Explores Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome
Double blind placebo controlled prospective study on aged garlic
Drinking Alcohol May Be More Harmful Than Thought for Young Adults
Elderly people consuming high-fat diet rich in Omega-6 fatty acids could be at risk of diabetes
Environmental disaster as tons of oil spills into UNESCO protected waters
European lawmakers discuss medical device oversight
Exposure to aluminum in daily life suggested as possible contributing factor to Alzheimer’s disease
Firms face ban on use of gagging clauses to silence whistleblowers
French poppy seed bread found to contain dangerous levels of morphine
Glyphosate disrupts redox status and up-regulates metallothionein I and II genes expression in the liver of adult rats
Got Brain Fog? Eat This Salad for Lunch
Greater fiber intake risk associated with lower risk of irritable bowel syndrome
Groundbreaking study examines changes in emotion sensitivity across the lifespan
Health risks of smokeless tobacco product often misunderstood by American smokers
High levels of chemicals found in indoor cats
High-fat diet and age alter microflora and cause inflammation in heart failure
Hospital sanitation system cuts infections by 52 percent
How an anti-inflammatory diet can help tame an autoimmune condition
How Coconut Benefits the Brain, Liver, and Digestive System
How the cat parasite exploits immune cells to reach the brain
Influencer Marketing Of Junk Food To Teenagers Criticized In Norway
Is nutritional psychiatry the future of mental health treatments?
Journal flags articles about radiation exposure following Fukushima disaster
Junk food's immediate impact on your cells
Kritik an Behörden in Mexiko wegen fehlender Sorgfalt bei Pestiziden
Lawmaker says mandatory measles shots are 'Communist'
Leaked docs reveal Facebook lobbied former UK chancellor to soften EU data protection laws
More blood pressure drugs recalled due to cancer risk
New study shows unselfish people have more children and earn more money
One food to always eat with your meals to lower your blood sugar levels
Pesticide safety and flawed animal testing
Pollutants may speed up ALS progression
Pollution can harm quality of sperm cells - how to boost sperm health
Radiation Doses Underestimated in Study of City in Fukushima
Rheumatoid arthritis risk lower among smokers who quit
Scientists create an artificial brain that stores memories in silver, lives forever
Scientists discover predictors that determine toxic fats in the liver
Scientists rejuvenate stem cells in the aging brain of mice
Social media has negative influence on children's food intake
Stem cell heart patches ‘could save lives’
Study finds that in mice, lycopene in tomatoes reduced fatty liver disease, inflammation and liver cancer
The Gut Health/Blood Sugar Connection You Need To Know About
The Implant Files Sparked Reform Around The World
The Sun Dominates Climate Change
This untranslatable Danish word is the key to lowering stress
Toxicant levels in heated tobacco prototype are substantially lower than cigarettes
Wearable sensors designed for premature babies could make us all healthier
Why Big Pharma Is Diving Into Gene Therapy
Why Gallbladder Removal Surgery Can Cause Diarrhea – and How to Treat It

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