Het leefbewust journaal - 5 februari 2019


97% consensus over klimaat is nietszeggend
Aanklaagster tabaksindustrie Lia Breed (68) overleden
Bontindustrie zit in een financiële -maar vooral morele- crisis
Commissiebrief inzake Feitelijke vragen over de implant files
De Katholieke Kerk is een criminele organisatie
De onmiskenbare link tussen niet-genezen trauma en ziekte
Delhaize belooft maatregelen na kritiek op plastic verpakking van gadgets
Deze produkten bevatten microplastic
Elke dag meldingen CO-vergiftiging
EU-ambtenaren willen procedure tegen Nederland om pulsvisserij
Gebruik van zeer zware pijnstillers moet worden teruggedrongen
Geld voor verpleeghuizen blijft op de plank liggen
Groeiend aantal female only-sportscholen
Groenen dienen "klimaatwet" in gebaseerd op tekst geschreven door universitairen
Het aantal gezinshuizen voor pleegkinderen stijgt, maar niet snel genoeg
Je bent chronisch ziek en wordt achttien
Luteďne, deze voorname carotenoďde biedt neuronenbescherming
Nieuwe Franse wet om boer aan ‘eerlijke prijs’ te helpen
Onderzoek naar lood in bodem speeltuinen
Ophef over 'gevangenis' voor walvissen
Opkomend bewijs van naderende pandemie ziekte van Parkinson
Paprika's beschermen tegen de ziekte van Parkinson
Patiëntenstop in ziekenhuis Sneek door verziekte sfeer
Schiphol op zee financieel haalbaar
Thorium - de oplossing voor het energie- en klimaatvraagstuk?
Vervangende zorg bij mantelzorg heeft meer aandacht nodig
Vitamine D kan het risico op ontwikkelen van diabetes verlagen
Vlaamse wetenschappers vinden langverwachte link tussen darmflora en depressie
We kunnen leren tijdens onze slaap
Winterbanden? Die boeien ons amper
Zeer grote brand in twee stallen in Biezenmortel, varkens zitten nog binnen


12 Things Anti Aging Experts Don’t Do Aging Foods and Habits to Avoid
African grey parrot poaching
Alles op Facebook is ingericht om ons verslaafd te maken aan het scrollen
Big Pharma Absolutely TERRIFIED of Progressives’ Efforts to Lower Prescription Drug Prices
Celery Juice Heals - Medical Medium
Day 10 - The Real Truth About Health Free 10 Day Conference
Do These 5 Things Every Morning
Dr. Doron Sher - 'Artificial Sweeteners'
Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Signs on the Sun
How Wearing A Bra Increases Your Risk of Breast Cancer by 125 Times - by Dr Sam Robbins
Purslane nutrition and health benefits
Spiritual Healing - Eric Thorton & Ashley James
Stop Feeding Your Pet Mice Keto (Ketogenic Diet)
Sweet Potato Latkes | Ancient Nutrition
We Just Shifted Into A Parallel Reality
What do universities do to help with the research into cancer therapies?
What Facebook does NOT want you to know
What Is The Cause And Solution For Gall Bladder Disease And Gall Stones?
Why Most People Aren't Successful


7 Warning Signs of Clogged Arteries
9 Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Alkaline Water (pH of 8-9)
A third of Himalayan ice cap doomed, finds report
Afraid of public speaking? This is what the experts say
Alternatives to Antidepressants for Mild Depression
America’s dark vaccine history
Aspartame may be making you dumb
BPA replacement chemicals found to disrupt hormones much like BPA
Breakfast consumption and the risk of depressive symptoms
China Investigates Latest Vaccine Scandal After Violent Protests
Choose your post-workout snack before you hit the gym - or you might undo your good work
Climate Foundation Calls Belgian Manifesto By “3400 Academics” Alarmist
Colorectal cancer patients getting younger
Common Causes for Dry Eyes
Cool new findings about the stress response system and depression
Could Diet Soda Help Curb Colon Cancer's Return?
Could targeting this enzyme slow aging and related diseases?
Does vitamin D deficiency influence the incidence and progression of knee osteoarthritis?
Eating too many calories per day can trigger premature death
Electrical activity in prostate cancer cells
Evening bright light exposure can cause your blood sugar levels to spike
FDA warns that some home-use test strips may provide inaccurate results
Finding in Gardasil 9 Linked to Many Cancer Types
France tracks down suspect Polish beef, some already sold
Give bees a chance - Munich rallies against pesticides
Google disables its data-collecting app for violating Apple’s policies
Graphene could hold key to unlock next generation of early lung cancer diagnosis
High parathyroid hormone levels are associated with poor balance in older persons
How Long Does Antidepressant Withdrawal Last?
How Monsanto shuts down your kidneys, liver, brain, and immune system
How to Alleviate Sleep Problems After a Traumatic Event
HPV vaccine makes it more difficult for women in their late 20s to become pregnant
I can no longer reach orgasm. Is it because of antidepressants?
Industrial Farming Alone Cannot Feed the World
Infections linked to Ky. company that allegedly gave contaminated vaccinations at workplaces
Is Cancer Actually Caused by Bacterial Infections?
Leaving Facebook makes people happier but less informed
Love for animals is pre-wired
Meditation may offer relief for late-life depression and anxiety
Microplastics are being glued together in the ocean by bacteria making them big enough
to see with the naked eye, scientists find
Mother's friendships may be good for babies' brains
My son's understanding of the world is based on routine - sudden change is not good for him
Nearly Half of Americans have Form of Heart Disease, New Study Says
New Aging Clock Could Predict Your Future Lifespan
Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplementation in Type 2 Diabetes
Palm oil not the only driver of forest loss in Indonesia
Pesticides then and now, and the “toxin free” nation.
Phones should be banned in classrooms
Potential Role for the Gut Microbiota in Modulating Host Circadian Rhythms and Metabolic Health
Removing Arsenic from Groundwater - We Have the Tools, Let's Use Them
Researchers link protein clusterin to many facets of cardiometabolic syndrome risk
Rising temperatures to make oceans bluer and greener
Scientists discover potential way to treat and prevent cancer in children (neuroblastoma)
Scientists use drones to monitor whale health
Shortage of top anti-anxiety drug could cause suffering, doctors warn
Soft pill to track the insides of the stomach developed
Suicide can't be predicted by asking about suicidal thoughts, major Australian study shows
Teen e-cigarette use linked to eventual smoking
The Best Time To Exercise for Type 2 Diabetes
The fight against Monsanto’s Roundup
The Microbiome - Your Inner Ecosystem
The Reality of Psychiatric Medication
This Is How You Can Heal Leaky Gut & The Main Foods To Avoid
U.S. government proposes rule overhauling drug industry rebate system
UV light could reduce hospital-acquired infections
Vaccines distributed in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana causing infections
VAXXED II, The People’s Truth, Coming In 2019
Want to improve your mood? It’s time to ditch the junk food
When mucus can be key to treating colon and airway diseases
Why you should add tart cherry juice to your diet in 2019
Willie Soon joins Harrison to discuss what is causing the extreme weather and the polar vortex
You Won't Believe What They Admitted on the News in 1971
Your Menstrual Cycle Keeps Changing Throughout Your Lifetime

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