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  Het leefbewust journaal - 1 mei 2019

428 duizend jongeren in jeugdzorg
Acupunctuur vermindert hooikoorts
Barneveld mag info over herkomst zand Vink niet gebruiken
Biologisch afbreekbaar plastic vergaat veel minder snel dan wordt aangenomen
Bioplastic net zo schadelijk als gewoon
Biotine tegen spierkrampen
Britse wetenschappers ontdekken variaties in gen dat signalen over eetlust afgeeeft
De vuile oorlog tegen cruiseschepen
Deens leren tijdens je slaap?
Deze app gaat jongeren met psychische problemen helpen
Geleide Meditatie - Heel Jezelf
Gezondheidsrisico’s 5G - feiten en fabeltjes
Greenpeace stelt overheid in gebreke vanwege geheime gegevens over landbouwgif
Grote brand in schuur met 16.000 kippen in Renswoude https://
Hoe het is om op je achtste te horen dat je depressief bent
Hoe kunnen zonnecellen nog efficiënter worden? Met cafeïne!
Honden willen helpen wanneer je huilt, stelt de studie voor
Inspectie tikt Utrechtse aanbieder thuiszorg op de vingers
It’s Not The Heat It’s The Humidity
Mainstream media betrapt op gebruiken nepfoto bij artikel over ‘vaccinatiemythes’
Muziek kan het herstel na een beroerte verbeteren
Neurodegeneratie door milieuvervuiling
Nieuwe videobeelden onthullen konijnenmishandeling in Italië
Onderzoek naar veiligheidsbeleving trampolineparken
Ouders en ‘slim bedje’ kunnen baby troosten met sensorische stimuli
Podcast over de uitzending Bollengif in babyluier
PvdA wil meldplicht voor farmabetalingen aan zorg
Steeds meer jongeren krijgen jeugdzorg
Uitvaartpolis vaak zoek, verzekeraars miljoenen rijker
Utrechtse wetenschappers onderzoeken opkomst genotsmiddelen
Vergeet elektrisch rijden. Deze auto rijdt op zout water.
Welke acties kunnen wij ondernemen om te waarschuwen voor elektromagnetische
straling en de opkomst van het 5G-netwerk?


5G Wireless Grave Danger To Entire Planet
ADHD Emotional Regulation - The Value of Touch
Allan Holmgren - DISPUK's Annual Psychiatry Conference
Are Microplastics in Seafood a Cancer Risk?
Before You Get Your Hair Colored...DO THIS!
Breaking The Carb Addiction — Kim Calhoun
China's ban on importing trash sends world's recycling industry into chaos
Earthing, The Zero Point, and Owl Medicine
Elephant Pass Away Peacefully At Her Forever Home
Glyphosate is unsafe & illegal
Gut Function Tutorial Video
Harvesting Volcanic Coffee
Health Benefits of Garlic
How to Beat Sugar Addiction
How to Become Resilient to EMF and Electrosmog Radiation with James Goran
Ingri Cassel, Director of Vaccination Liberation
Inquiry into possible blood contamination cover-up
Joanna Haigh on negative emissions and solar geoengineering
Mice Preferred Sugar to Cocaine
Microbial contaminants found in popular e-cigarettes
Military whale allegedly tricks fishermen into seizing spy harness
New Zealand Chicken Meat Farm
Offit over het bevorderen van vaccingebruik - ANGST VERKOOPT
Overcoming Constipation
PepsiCo giant slammed for suing small-time potato suppliers in India
Sam Feltham Low Carb and Public Health Collaboration UK
The 5 Symptoms of Eating Too Much Protein
The Amazing Zinc - Part 3
The Gary Null Show - 04.29.19
The latest superfruit? Senegal hopes to cash in on fruit of baobab tree
What Will Happen When The Sun Goes Out
What Would Happen if Honeybees Went Extinct?
Why African Americans Have a Higher Risk of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure


Add These Vegetables to Your Springtime Menu to Cut Your Cancer Risk
Alzheimer’s in minibrains
Antibiotics save lives—but misusing them could lead to millions of deaths
Are Algae Products The Next Big Thing in Sustainability?
Are Canadians kept in the dark about new risks of medicines?
Are dietary interventions and supplements for depression effective?
Are Microplastics in Seafood a Cancer Risk?
As oceans warm, microbes could pump more CO2 back into air, study warns
Autism diagnoses in children as young as 14 months appears to be remarkably stable
Babies given formula milk instead of being breastfed are 25% more likely to become obese
Bay Area families cope with ‘epidemic’ in food allergies
Bayer and Monsanto are facing the music
Big Pharma’s Pollution is Creating Deadly Superbugs While the World Looks the Other Way
Bottle-fed babies are a quarter more likely to end up obese
British American Tobacco under investigation over Instagram vape posts
Caffeine prevents PGE1-induced disturbances in respiratory neural control
Can 'forest bathing' reduce stress levels?
Can sweet potatoes save the world?
Can We Cure Cancer by Finding Out How Two Proteins Interact?
Cancer Unleashed My Wild Child
CBD may be Alzheimer’s worst enemy
Check for autism from age of one, new study finds
Cholesterol’s not necessarily bad... as long as there’s not too much
Combination of biological markers and genetic changes can predict radiation sensitivity
Contaminated blood scandal
Cops say touching fentanyl is making them sick. Doctors say it's impossible
CRISPR Co-Inventor - We’ll Be Eating Gene-Edited Food In Five Years
Dentists could play a key role in identifying domestic violence cases
Dentists detect more cases of oral cancer and pre-cancer than ever before
Do ‘microglia’ hold the key to stop Alzheimer’s disease?
Does your morning coffee need a boost? ‘Superfoods’ could be the answer
Drone delivers kidney for transplant over Baltimore
Drug-resistant diseases could kill millions unless the world takes action
Effective Timing of Curcumin Ingestion To Attenuate Eccentric Exercise-induced Muscle Soreness In Men
Energy drink consumption has increased substantially in the United States
Fecal transplants may be best answer to antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder more prevalent in certain groups
First responders learn best-practices related to helping people with autism
Genetic makeup does not predispose people to tooth decay
Genetic test can help doctors decide on breast cancer treatment
Global 5G Wireless Networks Threaten Weather Forecasts
Government warnings about potential drug safety risks vary a lot across countries
Graphene can purify water, making it drinkable without further chlorination
Ground-level ozone is damaging crops
Higher weight increases risk of psoriasis
How ABA therapy is helping children with autism
How Can Your Diet Contribute To the Risk Of Diseases?
How climate change is impacting the world’s water
Hunter who killed 5,000 elephants blasted by Piers Morgan in tense live interview
Indian farmers sued by PepsiCo reject any settlement
Indoor tanning may trigger gene mutation that boosts melanoma risk
Is insulin’s high cost keeping diabetes patients from taking their medicine?
Is Your Cat Depressed?
Light therapy reduces ‘jet lag’ and shortens hospital stays
Lung cancer warning - what colour are your eyes?
My Generation Has Done Terrible Things
Natural ways to manage anxiety
Neurologist to study cannabis as epilepsy treatment in response to patient queries
New research says obesity can cut years off your life
New treatment for diabetic kids shows promise
No amount of alcohol safe during pregnancy
Non-thermal plasma - new technology could kill 99.9% of the deadly germs in the air
Our water pollution is a cancer
Patients unhappy over increase in medical fees
Pesticide exposure causes bumblebee flight to fall short
Pesticide use blamed for rising number of cancer patients
Pregnant women may think vaping is safer than smoking
Prenatal and Infant Pesticide Exposure Associated With Autism Spectrum Disorder
Researchers use nitrous oxide to unravel rapid function of antidepressant mechanisms
Scientists say they're closer to possible blood test for chronic fatigue
Severe child obesity highest in Greece, Italy and Spain amid decline of Mediterranean diet
Shiitake mushrooms demonstrate potent antimicrobial effects
Sleep problems in autism may be linked to gene mutation
Sniffing Rosemary Improves Memory
Study links exam stress with junk food cravings, snacking, and eating less fruit and veg
Study results of a potential drug to treat Type 2 diabetes in children announced
The effect of air pollution on convenience-based or other-oriented lies
Traumatized children tend to suffer from diseases suffer in adulthood
Trump Admin Finds Back Door For Tobacco Industry’s Plan to Censor Science
UK scientists aiming to use bionic leaves to tackle air pollution
United Nations sounds alarm bell on drug-resistant infections
Veterans, active-duty service members with PTSD and mTBI have larger amygdalas
Vitamin D status and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Water contamination study underway as concerns grow following rise in dolphin strandings
What to know about vitamin K-2
Where medical marijuana is available, death rates from opioid abuse are lower
Why losing the ability to smell lemons or onions could herald an early death
WSU study links gene to sleep problems in autism

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