Het leefbewust journaal - 1 februari 2019


Advertentiebedrijven schenden Europese privacyregelgeving met gevoelige profielen
Al het CO2-overschot naar onze kas-kwekers
Alders adviseert 'gematigde groei' Schiphol, bewoners verbijsterd
Alom gebruikt chroom-6 is ziekmaker
Auteur boeken over autisme - Judith Visser
Belastingkorting op stekkerauto
Betere kaarten van de visuele hersenschors
Britse kinderen laten frisdrank staan
CBR legt voormalige depressiepatiënten dure keuringen op
Cholesterolverlagende geneesmiddelen kunnen erectiestoornissen erger maken
De duistere kanten van de Klimaatkerk
De omstreden weg van CRISPR-Cas
De verleiding van junkfood weerstaan? Ruik!
Een hartstilstand krijg je het liefst in Rotterdam
EU-ambtenaar stuit op organen en kinderhandel
Europarlementsleden moeten ontmoetingen met lobbyisten publiceren
Gaat Google ook onze banken naar zijn hand zetten?
Gemeente Tilburg, NedTrain aansprakelijk in chroom-6-zaak
Gezondheidsrisico's biologische pluimveehouderij
Google moet links naar arts op zwarte lijst verwijderen
Griepgolf minder hevig dan vorige jaren
Immuunsysteem al opgevoed in baarmoeder
Je kunt doodgaan aan een slechte mondgezondheid
Judith Visser over leven met Asperger
Kamerbrief over reactie op de verzoeken over geboortebeperking bij hoefdieren in de Oostvaardersplassen
Natuurlijk. Meer sneeuw in de pool gebieden komt door ‘klimaat opwarming’
Ook Google verzamelde internetverkeer en privégegevens via app
Open access-boeken leveren aanzienlijk meer lezers en iets meer citaties op
Orgaandonaties, maar hoe zit het met de donor?
Patiëntje misbruiken om prijs van geneesmiddel op te drijven is misdadig
Presentaties Kanker en Stress - Frank Suarez
Raalte valt niet over Duits beroepsverbod megastal
Romige winterkroketjes met pastinaak
Schandalen of niet, omzet Facebook blijft stijgen
Seksueel misbruik is wijdverbreid bij goede doelen – en de leiding kijkt vaak weg
Speciale oppasdienst voor mensen met beperking in Deurne
Steeds meer financiële problemen door Wet passend onderwijs
Steeds meer Nederlanders blijven kinderloos
Steeds meer studenten grijpen naar prestatieverbeterende middelen
Steeds meer werknemers kampen met burn-outklachten
Uitgaven dure medicijnen steeds hoger
Veel landen in Europa voldoen niet aan normen voor luchtkwaliteit
Verband tussen schildklierfunctie en AF
Vitamine D test met slechts 1 druppel bloed
Vooral jonge vrouwen sukkelen van de ene verkoudheid in de andere keelontsteking
Wakker Dier - Inspectie grijpt nauwelijks in bij dierenleed
Website De Verleiders (DWDD) staat vol met cookies en tracers
Wetenschappers KU Leuven ontdekken meer over de visuele werking van onze hersenen
Wetenschappers ontdekken waarom sommige walvissen zich massaal op strand gooien
Zijn deze 3 wetsvoorstellen de gamechanger voor de Deep State?
Zo houden we ons brein fit
Zorgleerlingen in het normale onderwijs frustreren leraren


25% deaths in Netherlands caused by doctors - euthanasia
A deeper look at gut microbiomes
Brain Repair on Steroids - Intermittent Fasting
Chroom-6-slachtoffer Fons Tannenbaum moest werken aan treinen met giftige verf
Dog Chained To Abandoned Building Gets Transformed By Love | The Dodo Faith = Restored
Dr. Joseph Mercola Interviews Mike Dow on Using Hypnosis for Healing
Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Cosmic Blast Scale
Energy Healing, Clearing Karma Between People
Fruit juices may contain harmful metals, report finds
Golden Root - New Ways of Harvesting Nature's Riches
Harvard scientist on validity of Qi Gong energy
Microchipping humans wields great promise, but does it pose greater risk?
Most Common Question, Electromagnetic Sensitively, Osteoporosis Protocol
Murder after Birth Bill in Virginia - Nurse WILL NOT COMPLY
Olive Oil - Might have more uses than you thought - Doug Kaufmann
Preparation For Challenges Water and Waste
Solar Storm Symptoms & How to Alleviate Them
Speech over rijken en belasting gaat viral
Tafeldame Sophie Frankenmolen over poep
The Hormone Fix - Dr. Anna Cabeca & Ashley James
The Methane Big Lie
This is NOT the House of Commons
Toxicoloog Martin van den Berg - chroom-6 kan je DNA veranderen
Translational Research on Biomedical Interventions for Autism
‘De dokter als patiënt’ Esther van Fenema en Bram Bakker


A video that explains why airplane food sucks
Afib Linked to Breast Cancer Differently by Age, Disease Duration
Alzheimer's blood test detects brain damage years before symptoms
Analyzing metagenome helps understand the role of bacterial species in Crohn's disease
Apple leaves Facebook offices in disarray after revoking app permissions
Association of Sunlight Exposure and Consumption of Vitamin D-Rich Foods During Pregnancy
Autism’s connection with air pollution explored in research
Bangkok closes 400 schools due to 'worst ever smog'
Being a Night Owl Really Can Hurt Your Mental Health
Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day
Breast Cancer Linked to Bone Marrow Cells
Cancer Society Calls Out Consumer NZ on Sunscreen Testing
China’s methane emissions rise despite tougher laws, satellite data shows
Chronic kidney disease - Everyone's concern
Climate Alarmist Attacks Skeptics For Using Same Tactics
Climate change could hurt babies' hearts
Cocoa has profound healing properties, beating even acai and blueberries
Compound Found in Olives May Help Prevent Deadly Type of Breast Cancer
Continual consumption of aspartame found to increase oxidative stress in brain tissue
Controversial electric shock therapy approved to treat depression is not safe
Correlation between periodontal lesions and liver disease
Could stem cells reverse diabetes?
Court Hears Merck Gardasil Science and Moves Forward
Delays in blood cancer diagnosis could be avoided, study finds
Diabetics can benefit from dog-rose
Difference in brain connectivity may explain autism spectrum disorder
Differential effects of N-acetylcysteine on retinal degeneration in two mouse models of normal tension glaucoma
Discovered interaction between bacteria and immune cells protects the intestinal barrier
Do you know that bluetooth earpieces can increase your risk of dizziness, depression, and more?
Dr. Colin Champ on Dietary Recommendations for Cancer and the Warburg Metabolism
Earth's Magnetic Field Nearly Disappeared 565 Million Years Ago
Eating more high-fiber foods can reduce food allergies
Effect of vitamin D3 seasonal supplementation with 1500?IU/day in north Italian children
Electronic cigarette liquid exposure induces flavor-dependent osteotoxicity
Engineers translate brain signals directly into speech
EPA’s Chemical Negligence Shows Need for Cuomo to Act on Clean Water
European colonisation ‘killed so many indigenous Americans it caused global climate change’
Exercise-induced muscle changes could help boost mood in older adults
Fasting may boost human metabolic activity, research suggests
Fasting Ramps Up Human Metabolism, Study Shows
Flu shots do more harm than good
Higher serum vitamin D concentrations are associated with longer leukocyte telomere length in women
Highly sensitive method to detect potential cancer biomarker
Hot coffee has more antioxidants than cold brew, new study concludes
How dirty air could be affecting our gut health
How to Boost DNA Repair with Produce
Human milk is a 'life-saving intervention' for infants with congenital heart disease
I had a yellow fever jab, then the voices told me ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’
Immune cells in the gut may explain why some people can't lose weight
Implant uses copper to fight bone infection
Instagram Helped Kill My Daughter - Censorship Tendencies in Social Media
Intestinal immune cells play key role in metabolic regulation, cardiovascular health
Is coronary artery calcification in highly active people like marathon runners associated with increased risk of death?
Junk food triggers a type of addiction that unleashes withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit
Lack of sleep affects how your brain stores memories
Long-term painkiller use makes you more sensitive to pain
Low levels of vitamin D and the relationship between vitamin D and Th2
axis-related cytokines in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders
Measuring stress around cells
Medical Experts 'Sound the Alarm' on Medical Misinformation
Mystery over ‘pill-shaped’ UFO spotted ‘pulsing’ in broad daylight
Nearly half of all adult Americans have cardiovascular disease
Occupational Exposures and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Oral antibiotics may work for some ortho, heart infections
Parasite spread by cats may cause schizophrenia, experts warn
PFAS chemicals pass through the placenta to fetal tissues throughout pregnancy
Physical punishment of kids tied to antisocial behavior in adulthood
Radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure and risk perception
Rectenna converts Wi-Fi to electricity
Roads to be made from recycled plastic to stop potholes forming
Scientists believe salt could be cure to common cold
Scientists explore new treatment targets for retinal damage
Scientists show that cancer can accelerate ageing
Skipping breakfast may help you lose weight
Sugar consumption at a crossroad
Tax the rich, one man's hard truth comments at Davos go viral
The Bullying of Families with Vaccine Injured Children Must Stop
The collapse of vaccine science is well underway
The European Parliament must guarantee full transparency of lobbying
The Flu Is Tied to an Increased Risk of Stroke and Ruptured Arteries
The Fracking Industry’s Flaring Problem May Be Worse Than We Thought
Today’s Climate Still Impacted By Medieval Warm Period & Other Surprises
Treatment for Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease May be in Reach
UCLA Scientists Discover Important Clues Related to Causes for Autism
UK fish and chip shops are selling endangered sharks, DNA tests prove
Unexpected link between air pollutants from plants and manmade emissions
We need to fine-tune our 'maps' of the visual cortex, study shows
Your Heart Needs More Than Six Hours of Sleep Nightly

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