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Nederlandstalig nieuws

NL - Amper 13 procent van de oceanen nog ongerept
NL - Astrologie was ooit een wetenschap
NL - Bemanning reddingsschip aangeklaagd om illegale migratie
NL - De meest gehate varkensboer van Nederland
NL - De vis op uw bord was nog nooit zo duur
NL - Diabetes type 2 - hoe kom ik er van af?
NL - Ga een peuter die geen peentjes lust, vooral niet pushen
NL - Gebruik van lachgas neemt toe
NL - Geef voeding prominentere plek in opleiding geneeskunde
NL - Heckrunderen moeten direct worden bijgevoerd
NL - Help ik word 100! Kan er een medicijn komen dat dementie voorkomt?
NL - Het afbreken van de darmflora met antibiotica kan het glucosemetabolisme beïnvloeden
NL - Medical Medium’s onthullingen over Lyme - wat is waarheid?
NL - Nederland besteedt zorgeuro niet optimaal
NL - Oefentherapie bij artrose verbetert ook psychosociaal functioneren
NL - Ritje op een olifant? 'Doe het niet'
NL - Syndroom van West als gevolg van ondermaatse vaccins
NL - Toename in vraag naar jeugdhulp
NL - Vijf zeehondenpups sterven zomaar in opvang
NL - Wachtlijsten in de ggz wegwerken? Laat een psychiater de intake doen
NL - We moeten naar een waterstofeconomie toe



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De laatste videoclips

Video - Big Pharma Has Launched A War On Medical Marijuana
Video - De oceaan in verval (deel 2); Tirso Francés en Dos Winkel
Video - Does Cancer Spread Randomly or With a Purpose?
Video - Essure Birth Control Pulled From Market After Thousands of Lawsuits
Video - Free Speech, Hate Speech, and The Importance of Disagreement
Video - Healthy Foods To Control Diabetes
Video - Intermittent fasting and Cancer
Video - Revealing the Invisible Toxins in Our Homes that Wreak Havoc on Our Immune
Video - What Nano Foods Are You Consuming ?
Video - Why You Keep Waking Up at the Same Time Every Night

Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

10 Foods That May Benefit Your Brain Better Than Antidepressants
29 Common Foods that are Bad for Your Brain
4 Billion New Minds Online - The Coming Era of Connectivity
70% North Indian Women Lack Vitamin D
70% of Cosmetic Companies in Brazil Are Now Located in Regions That Have Banned Animal Testing
A 3-D model of a human heart ventricle
A brain injury diagnosed with a single drop of blood
A Class Action against 5G deployment in Australia
A Gut—and Liver—Check to Get a Bead on Alzheimer’s
A Major Drug Company Now Has Access to 23andMe’s Genetic Data. Should You Be Concerned?
Abnormal Brain Folds In Autism - Another Clue From The Gut?
Air pollution from daily travel found to impact the respiratory health of primary school children
Allergy clinic finds large percentage of anaphylaxis cases from tick bite meat allergy
Alpha-Lipoic Acid improves the testicular dysfunction in rats induced by varicocele
Anti-excitotoxic and anti-oxidant effects of virgin coconut oil on aluminium chloride-induced Alzheimer's in rat models)
Anti-slavery app will help users spot potential victims of labour exploitation
Are you experiencing these easily-missed symptoms of diabetes? Watch out for these warning signs
Being overweight may change young adults' heart structure, function
Biotech's Dark Promise - Involuntary Cannibalism for All
Brain stimulation could improve memory while you sleep
Britain to legalize medicinal use of cannabis
Cellphone Distraction in the Classroom Can Lead to Lower Grades
Central IGF1 improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in mice
China orders its state-run media to delete all articles and images about an exploding vaccine scandal…
sound familiar?
Deadly virus pandemic could kill 900m people if it started today
Developing a screening test for ovarian cancer
Dietary Polyphenols and Periodontitis-A Mini-Review of Literature
Dizziness when getting up could increase dementia risk
Dry eyes caused by immune cells meant to prevent infection
Electromagnetic waves (EMW) emitted from mobile phone (MP) may cause variety of ocular effects
EMA restricts use of prostate cancer medicine Xofigo
Endocrine Disruptors – Put Exposure Reduction at the Centre of EU Action Now, Urge Health Groups
Experimental drug reverses hair loss and skin damage linked to fatty diet
Fascinating study concludes that dentists can smell when you're afraid
Fat tourists are crippling donkeys that carry them around Santorini
Garden thyme essential oil’s antibacterial properties found to be useful in fighting childhood illnesses
Germany’s Ticking Turbine Time Bombs - Green-Induced Environmental Nightmare Unfolds
Herbal blend containing two plant extracts shown to protect the pancreas of diabetic patients
Herbal remedy that was effective against SARS found to be beneficial for acute lung injury
How children who are fussy eaters can end up healthier
How resistant cancer cells can be fought
How wildlife will keep cool in the face of rising temperatures
How your immune system promotes friendly gut bacteria
Inflammation inhibitor delivered directly to kidneys reverses course of destructive nephritis
Influence of Vitamin D Supplementation by Sunlight or Oral D3 on Exercise Performance
Intermittent Fasting or Low-Cal Diet? Similar HbA1c Drop in Adults With Diabetes
Is Sleeping with a Fan On Actually Bad for Your Health?
Is this the next superbug? Understanding drug-resistant candida and why antibiotics don't work
Israeli research shows CBD has 80% success rate in reducing problematic behavior among children
with autism spectrum disorder
Limited evidence for association between maternal occupational exposure to ELF-MF and increased
risk of childhood CNS tumors
Low vitamin B12 is a risk factor for having a fetus with neural tube defects
Monsanto wouldn’t hurt us, right? The EPA looks out for us, yes?
Natural remedy for rheumatoid arthritis found in this traditional Chinese ethnomedicine
Need More Time? Read These Tips to Eliminate Back-to-School Stress
New Study Shows L-Glutamine Decreases Sickle Cell Pain Crises
Opioids tied to bad sex life and lack of desire
Periodically constipated? A traditional Japanese foot massage can alleviate its symptoms
Poor diet and air pollution are two of the leading drivers of disease across the world
Red light therapy is a form of medicine that delivers energy to cells
Research Conducted at Fukushima Medical University Has Provided New Information about Heart Failure
Researchers find way to unblock aging brain vessels, improve memory
Researchers spot blood sugar spikes in seemingly healthy people
Rich countries pushing 'dirty energy' in Africa, report claims
Scientists in Australia have warned chemicals in plastics are the number one threat to male fertility
Shadowbanned - Prominent Republicans missing from Twitter search
Shadowbanning is a technique employed by Twitter to prevent a user from reaching its full audience
Some Statins May Be Associated With Cognition, Memory Deficits
Stop 'super-cool' e-cigarette from taking off among kids, UK told
Study finds pomegranate juice combined with propolis protects against heart attack
Study suggests journalists must take care in reporting on suicide
Supplement Use and Dietary Sources of Folate, Vitamin D, and n-3 Fatty Acids during Preconception
Supplementing Mfn2 May Help Prevent Lou Gehrig’s Disease Symptoms
Taking magnesium may be more effective for people whose migraines include aura
The Battle for “Globalist” Control of Europe Rages
The Gut Microbiome as a Major Regulator of the Gut-Skin Axis
The mechanism of DNA damage induced by Roundup 360 PLUS, glyphosate and AMPA in human
peripheral blood mononuclear cells - genotoxic risk assessement
This bacteria could boost solar panels on cloudy days
Why bariatric surgery wait times have nearly doubled in 10 years
Why investigative journalist Carey Gillam won't stop writing about Roundup
Working and eating at night increases your risk of Type 2 diabetes, according to new study
Young women are lacking vital nutrients such as potassium and copper because of trendy diets

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