Het leefbewust journaal - 29 december 2018



Aarzelende start griepepidemie
Antibioticaresistentie als nieuwe pest of melaatsheid
Bent u gestresst, uw ogen weerspiegelen uw mentale werklast
CD&V wil cannabisolie legaliseren voor ALS-patiënten en kinderen met epilepsie
De burger betaalt de klimaatrekening, de industrie niet
De IJslandse preventieaanpak middelengebruik in Nederland
Duizenden fysiotherapeuten klaar met zorgverzekeraars
Duurzame zuivel bestaat niet
Fluoride verstoort schildklier bij jodiumtekort
Gemeenten betalen 850 miljoen extra voor Jeugd en Wmo in 2019
Het dilemma van de rookvrije psychiatrie
Het mysterie van het slinkende buikvet
Histamine-intolerantie - Reactie door histaminerijke voeding
Insecteneiwit net zo goed voor spiergroei als eiwit uit soja
Italië is koploper in biolandbouw, maar mist jonge boeren en vrouwen
Jan Blaauw over vitamine B6
Jongeren weten niet hoe ze moeten helpen bij vuurwerkletsel
Kamervragen over nieuwe initiatieven voor passend onderwijs
Kerstdiner te vaak in vuilnisbak
Landbouw en ontbossing bedreigen ons klimaat, niet CO2
Lezing bij TU Delft laat de ‘complete and utter bullshit’ van klimaatpolitici zien
Mantelzorg in zorgintensieve situaties
Miljoenen voor onderzoek Nanogeneesmiddelen
Naar minder opnames van patiënten met chronisch nierfalen
Natuurlijke vijanden en zaadverspreiders houden enorme diversiteit aan bomen in stand
Natuurorganisatie vindt dat sportclubs afval moeten scheiden
Nederland voert strijd tegen voedselverspilling op
Nederlandse industriegiganten stoten weer méér broeikasgas uit
Nieuwe tsunami kan volledige diersoort uitroeien
Opkomst en ondergang van de ‘Dutch Serengeti’
Terzake docu - Kweekvlees
Voorbereiding op weerextremen moet beter
Weight-associated cancers vary widely by state, study says


Aren't Some GMO's Good Like The Hawaiian Papaya?
BioActive Carbon - Dr. Jay Davidson & Ashley James
Diagnosed with MS, This Doctor's Treatment Started Like This
Dit is waarom gezond eten duurder is dan ongezond eten
Fast Fat vs Slow Fat - The Speed of Fat Digestion
How to Detox and Flush Your Kidneys
Immunotherapy Impacts in Bladder Cancer
Living Natural Energies - Thomas J. Brown
Love Code - A Prescription for Evolution, Revolution and Global Awakening
Natural Solutions for Restoring Healthy Menstrual Cycles
Our Internal Compass
Proper Protocol Order to Healing Chronic Illness with Dr. Jay Davidson
The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 12.26.18
The End of Japan's Antarctic Whaling
The Gary Null Show - 12.27.18
The Human Body is an Organic Version of the Tesla Coil
This Ancient Remedy Can Cure More Than 100 Diseases
Timeline for Global Crop Losses in the Grand Solar Minimum
Too Much Holiday Food? How To Get Well Fast
Turkish policeman risks his life to save a dog
Vertical forests popping up in Chinese concrete jungles
What Causes Chronic Gut Infections?
Why the Dramatic Increase In Strokes Among the Youth


2018 heatwave boosted tree disease and numbers of toxic caterpillars, says National Trust
A Fatty Diet May Affect Behavior Across Generations Through Epigenetic Mechanisms
After naloxone, when can opioid overdose patients be safely discharged?
Air pollution found to damage your health on a CELLULAR level
Animal lovers’ empathy could be hardwired into their DNA, research suggests
Are Vegetarian and Vegan Diets Best for Preventing and Treating Diabetes?
Big Pharma's return to business as usual galvanizes Trump administration
Blogger reveals how putting 'butt cream' for babies on her face cleared her pus-filled acne
Breast cancer treatment may affect your brain
California to launch satellite to ‘point out those who pollute’
Can osteoporosis be reversed?
Canada's legal cannabis scene set to flower in 2019
Children with poor diet drink alcohol more often in adolescence
Current Solar Cycle The 3rd Quietest In More Than 250 Years Of Observation
Diabetes Still Isn't Easy
Diesel vehicle ban? Cleaner air pressure in Germany
Drinking red wine causes flurry of "brain exercise" as neurons work to analyze the experience
Exercise Can Shrink Belly Fat, But Not When Drug Blocks IL-6
Families use medical marijuana to treat autism
Famine as a fetus linked to early menopause
FDA admits popular medications can cause life-threatening breathing problems in kids
FDA chief to meet with heads of vaping companies
Fox ripped apart in shocking footage from Boxing Day hunt
Fukushima prosecutors demand TEPCO execs get 5 years for negligence that led to nuclear meltdown
Gel made from the bark of a birch tree speeds up healing of wounds from burns, clinical trial finds
Higher sugar-sweetened beverage consumption associated with greater kidney disease risk
How Cuteness Actually Manipulates Our Brains
How the brain enables us to rapidly focus attention
In Italy the world’s largest network of farmers’ market
Irish soil contains bacterial strains effective against antibiotic-resistant superbugs
Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumb?
Israeli company claims it has created new technology that can destroy cancerous tumors
Kern county leads the state with use of toxic pesticide
Kidney disease risk gene found in more populations than previously known
Lost relation between blood pressure and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D
Lower prostate cancer risk by drinking pomegranate juice daily
Mothers are being abused during childbirth
MUSC researchers link higher levels of AGEs to ER-positive breast cancer risk
New study shows link between secondhand smoke and cardiac arrhythmia
Oil pipeline triggers a winter of frigid protest
Pesticide Continues to Sicken Farmworkers After Attempted Ban Fails
Reducing drinking could help with smoking cessation, research finds
Researchers move forward with epilepsy study
Retinoids in Acne Management
Schatz Introduces Legislation to Protect Children From Pesticide
Scientists learn how to predict space radiation levels
Shocking study finds that high blood pressure is often a false diagnosis
Simple Sugars Wipe Out Beneficial Gut Bugs
Stressed? Depressed? Put down your phone and speak to people
Study assesses link between Vitamin D intake and obesity in occupational asthma patients
Trump EPA Proposes Expanded Use of Antibiotic as Citrus Pesticide in Florida, California
Yale Cancer Center scientists advise caution in immunotherapy research
Yale experts treat severe, disfiguring sarcoidosis with novel therapy

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