Het leefbewust journaal - 28 december 2018


Nederlandstalig nieuws

'Zwarte lijst' verpleeghuizen bijna weggewerkt
Afwijkende darmflora veroorzaken chronische darmziektes
Bali wil weer schone stranden
Baudets klimaattweet is grotendeels waar
Bedreigde schildpadden weer naar zee gebracht in Indonesië
CD&V pleit voor forse uitbreiding van medicinaal gebruik cannabis
Digitale fytocertificaten uit Costa Rica voldoen niet aan de Europese normen
Dit is hoe je snelle koolhydraten verandert in langzame
Een tip voor elektrogevoeligen naar de eerste lijn zorgverleners toe
Eigenaar illegale opslag kunstgrasmatten in Velddriel hoeft dwangsom nog niet te betalen
Files dit jaar met 20 procent toegenomen
Grenzen wagenwijd open voor landen die niets doen qua milieu
Hersenactiviteit toont ontwikkeling van visuele gevoeligheid bij autisme
Hoe de Bijenkorf je privacy misbruikt
Hond die ruim een week geleden zonder pardon achtergelaten gered
Huisartsenzorg stevent op grote tekorten af
Huurders en lage inkomens de dupe van hogere energiekosten
Investering in veiligheid van implantaten
Kip invoeren uit landen waar men niets doet aan dierenwelzijn? Geen probleem!
Microverontreinigingen bedreiging voor visstand
Niet koud, wel grote kans op smog tijdens jaarwisseling
Nooit eerder zoveel verwaarloosde dieren gered
Politici bevangen door collectieve gekte
Psychologen vragen meer geld, “Patiënten betalen te veel, wij verdienen te weinig”
Schuilt de sleutel tot depressie in onze genen?
Tieners gebruiken record aantal vaping apparaten
Welk voedsel is goed voor onze hersenen?
Zonnepanelen, een tikkende tijdbom


7 Signs Your Guardian Angel is Watching Over You
Asleep in Paradise California wildfires carbon monoxide poisoning
Brain-Healthy Foods to Fight Aging
Does Fruit Cause Blood Sugar Problems Since It's Picked Unripe And It's Been Hybridized
Getting to the Root with Dr. Elizabeth Boham
Is Your Brain Shrinking?
Johnson & Johnson’s Deadly, Asbestos-Tainted Talc Is Causing Ovarian Cancer
Lonliness Is a Killer
Pleiadians and Arcturians, Which Reality is the REAL Reality?
Protein Powders Being Deceptively Marketed To Consumers
Result Of Research Studies On Animals Fed GMO's
Trend in de VS, cannabis in je koffie
Trump signs farm bill legalizing hemp
Vuurwerkstress bij dieren "Geef ze geen kalmerende middelen"
Wrap Your Leg with Cabbage and Say Goodbye to Joint Pain


36% of cancer patients in Japan spend final months in pain-
A week of holiday junk food could derail your gut microbiome—but there's hope
Acupuncture for the treatment of allergic rhinitis
After year of deadly wildfires, who will pick up the tab for natural disasters?
Alcohol, coffee could be key to living longer, study finds
Alzheimer's study to look at gut health link
Are women more likely to be harmed by medical device failures?
Are you EATING bleach?
Artificial activation of cancer cells to destroy them
Brain activity predicts fear of pain
Can't stop your brain buzzing at night? Get up, get creative and you might discover a hidden talent
Collecting clean water from air, inspired by desert life
Couple fed infant daughter vegan diet so restricted it gave her rickets
Cyclists Exposed To Less Air Pollution Than Drivers, Study Finds
Delhi's worst air pollution this year raises fear of public health crisis
Depression of fathers and their daughters linked, survey finds
Doctors tell parents cannabis will NOT cure their children of epilepsy
E-bandage accelerates wound healing
Effects of Curcumin on the Oxidative Stress Response to a Dual Stress Challenge in Trained Men.
Future of cancer 'incredibly bright' as scientists can transplant immune cells into patients
Genetically Engineered Bt Cotton - Reckless Gamble for Profit
Ginkgo Biloba and Alzheimer’s Disease
Gold nanoparticles could destroy prostate cancer
How antibiotics in livestock farming places all at risk
How Exercise Affects Your Brain
How much do our diets influence our brain activity?
How tiny implant could help thousands blighted by crippling abdominal pain
Italy Has the ‘Greenest Agriculture’ in Europe, But it’s Not Sustainable
n-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acids for the management of alcoholic liver disease: A critical review.
Need A Boost Of Healthy Fats? Try MCT Oil In Your Coffee
Neurofeedback training could build soldiers' resilience to stress
Neuronal cell death in Alzheimer's disease may actually not be a bad thing
Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce airway inflammation
Poland to build its largest coal plant
Recipes to Reset Your Gut After the Holidays
Research Finds Cholesterol Lowering Drugs May Lead To Weaker Muscles, Nervous System
Salk scientists find genetic signatures of biological aging
Seeking clues to longevity in Lonesome George’s genes
Sensors can detect developmental disabilities in kids
Should you put your food waste in a compostable plastic bag?
Showing the Calories in Fast Food Forces the Brain to Change its Response
Social media push notifications should be switched off as default for children, MPs told
Study finds consistent marijuana use can lead to accelerated brain aging
The effect of maternal tobacco smoking and second-hand tobacco smoke exposure on
human milk oxidant-antioxidant status.
The GMO Issue Reaches Boiling Point in India
The ‘miracle’ prescription for the boy who suffered 30 seizures a day?
Toddler dies in botched circumcision in Rome migrant refuge
Try baking to relieve stress and 9 other reasons you don't need a shrink to be happy
Vitamin D Deficiency Can Lead to Increased Allergies
Women with slim hips are more at risk of diabetes and heart attacks
Wristband can measure blood sugar
Your Brain Is Constantly Searching for Problems to Fix

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