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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Acteur voert actie tegen Shell - neem Shell predicaat koninklijk af
Acties om ontsnapte koe Hermien te redden. Nobel of hypocriet?
Alain kookt met de kaas van de melk van Jersey koeien
Artsen slaan alarm - Jongeren kweken letterlijk een bochel
Baby's met vier maanden pinda's en eieren geven kan allergieën voorkomen
Beruchte varkensbaron wil een nieuwe megastal bouwen
Bijdrage Frank Wassenberg debat 'Wijziging van de Elektriciteitswet 1998 en van de Gaswet'
Boeren gasgebied maken een vuist tegen aardbevingsellende
Coltan, is het stofje in uw telefoon waar in de Congo bloedige oorlogen voor gevochten worden
Curcumine verbetert geheugen vijftigplussers
De 'padman' ontwierp menstruatiepads voor vrouwen in India
De tikkende tijdbom onder onze sociale zekerheid
Demente vrouw moet 250 euro betalen voor telefoontje van arts
Dierenartsen uit Bladel ontlopen boetes voor niet melden misstanden
Door meststoffen en bestrijdingsmiddelen is de bodem zo dood als een pier
Doorbraak in de jacht op olifantenstropers
EU-subsidie voor Brabants-Fins Lyme-onderzoek
Floortje naar het einde van de wereld - Zeenomaden
GeenStijl eist rectificatie van EU-afdeling die nepnieuws bestrijdt
Hoe het dier menselijker wordt en de vleesetende mens beestachtiger
Hoe je een verstoorde stress of cortisol curve zelf weer in balans brengt
Kees van Amstel over blank en wit
Kersverse veganist? Zo krijg je toch genoeg eiwitten binnen
Lobbyisten kunnen niet langer de werkkamer van een Kamerlid binnenwandelen
Londen bestrijdt plastic met drinkwaterfonteinen
Megastal met 85.000 vleeskuikens aan de Schaiksedijk in Walik
Nederland heeft de belangen van vissers bewust op het spel gezet
Nieuwbouw zonder gas
Nieuwe video van de wolindustrie toont werknemers die schapen snijden, slaan en schoppen
Overheid versus medicijnfabrikant. Wie gaat er winnen?
Positief advies voor vergoeding van glucosemeting FGM zonder vingerprik
Rechter schrapt boete Rotterdamse milieuzone
Red Bull energiedrank in de aanbieding in ziekenhuis MeanderMC Amersfoort
Slechts 9 procent grondstoffen wordt hergebruikt
SP krijgt tientallen klachten - Veel meer mis met Wmo in Lingewaard
Steeds meer mensen willen euthanasie, kliniek kan de vraag niet aan
Teun confronteert directeur Aeden Zorg met illegale constructie
Universitair docent veegt vloer aan met ‘belabberde’ EU-website die nepnieuws moet blootleggen
Verticaal bos in Eindhoven
Voedingsindustrie lijkt veel op tabaksindustrie
Vragen over bericht dat Nederland de EU-duurzaamheidsdoelen niet haalt
Vragen over tekorten aan huisartsen in de regio
Weidevogels worden in hun voortbestaan bedreigd
Zouden mannen iets van eigen salaris inleveren voor meer gelijkheid op de werkvloer?

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De laatste videoclips

10 Benefits of Acai Berry
2,000 tons of plastic cleared from Indian beach
A Tip on Weight Training vs. High Intensity Cardio Exercise
Black bears re-released after holistic treatment for burns
Blood Thinners Almost Ruined My Lif
Cancers May Be Detected By A New Blood Test
Edible bandages for bears' burnt paws
Energy Waves are Accelerating the Ascension Process
EPA 'Major Sources' Of Pollution Policy Withdrawn
Flu could raise heart attack risk, Canadian study says
From Famine to Food Security
Geoengineering Disclosure WOW
How Does Eating Animal Products Destroy The Rain Forests?
How to Tell if You Have Candida or Parasites
Hunting For A Rare Congolese Weed Strain With “The Kings of Cannabis”
Intermittent Fasting - Toxic Buildup Within the System
Interview with Dr. Suzanne Humphries over vaccine troll "mass shooting" murder threat
Investigating the opioid epidemic ravaging the United States
Is Autism Really on the Rise?
Just Boil & Drink turmeric juice and Lose Weight Overnight
Overwhelmed with Detoxes? Start Here!
Putting an End to Modern Slavery
Recycling e-Waste in Rwanda
Second death threat for vaccin opponent
Snowy owl relaxing on ice is breathtaking
Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke
The Dominion of the white death
The Ocean is NOT a Dumping Ground! Stop Farmed Salmon
Three Important Facts Food Companies Don't Want You to Know Abou
Vitamin K2 - The Amazing Calcium Transporter
What Does "Excessive Carbs" or "Too Many Carbs" Mean?
What impact does smoking have on heart health?
What this woman reveals about the media
What we don't teach kids about sex | Sue Jaye Johnson
Whenever you see injustices at all, you have to speak up
Which Vaccines Are The Risks Greater Than The Benefits?
Why Are There Pharmaceutical Drugs and Toxins In Our Water?
Why Lots of Vegetables Are Crucial in Lowering Insulin & Blood Sugars in Diabetes
Why Sports Drinks Make You Fat & Prevent Weight Loss
Why Women are Attracted to Dominant Masculine Alpha Males
Yes, You Can Eat Healthy Food Without Breaking The Bank

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Internationaal nieuws

2017/18 - Winter ‘One Of Darkest Ever’ For Parts Of Europe
85% of NSA Searches Under Obama Were Illegal
A Freedom of Information request has exposed a company flouting health and safety law
A groundbreaking study shows doctors may have a much bigger window of time to save stroke victims
A NEW variety of wheat with 10 times the amount of fibre could provide millions of people a health boost
ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) May Be Common in Fibromyalgia
Advocacy group calls on McDonald's to remove antibiotics from beef, pork
Air pollution linked to irregular menstrual cycles
Alex Gibney's 'Dirty Money' exposes capitalism run amok
Another Article Dismisses ElectroHyperSensitivity (EHS) Without Mentioning
it is the Same Thing as „Microwave Sickness”
Anti-aging stem cell therapy shows "remarkable" results in human trials
Aspiration As Good As Stent Retrievers for Removal of Large Vessel Clots in Ischemic Stroke Patients
Babies can learn that hard work and perseverance pay off by watching adults
Beekeepers are fuelling the decline of wild bees
Big Pharma Greets Hundreds Of Ex-Federal Workers At The 'Revolving Door'
Billions of plastic items are sickening coral reefs
Biofuel boost threatens even greater deforestation in Indonesia, Malaysia
Birmingham students raid bins for food
Blood Pressure, Sodium, Drugs and Diets
Bob Harper Reveals the "Adverse Effect" We Never Discuss About the Keto Diet
Bombshell science study reveals internal heat from Earth's hot core is what's causing Greenland's ice sheets to slide
Bone turnover, calcium homeostasis, and vitamin D status in Danish vegans
Calls for mandatory health information on alcohol labels
Can blindness be spread by flies?
Can Fall River's fight against 'big pharma' actually be won?
Can mirrors boost solar panel output - and help overcome Trump's tariffs?
Can the immune system be boosted?
Climate change concerns much higher in Latin America, Caribbean than U.S., Canada
Compassionate Kids Tried to Find Someone Who Would Help This Dog But No One Answered
Curcumin's Anti-Inflammatory Properties Might Improve Memory, Attention
Daily dose of vitamin D eases agonising IBS and even benefits sufferers' mental health
Differences in Modifiable Risk Factors Contribute to Increased T2D Risk Among Blacks
Distinct brain rhythms, regions help us reason about categories
Do western societies promote narcissism?
Do you feel light-headed when standing up? Signs of low blood pressure
Does vitamin D supplementation improve bone density in vitamin D-deficient children?
Dog nearly dies from severe burns caused by human hair dye
Don’t hand Sugar Tax money to the people who got us in this mess – David Gillespie
Eating spicy food, strong flavors while breastfeeding gives babies more mature taste buds
Evaluation of dietary intake in children and college students with and without attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Evidence for prenatal vitamin D supplementation too weak to make recommendations
Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt is 'very concerned' about AI
Exercise can cause acid reflux - avoid this drink to lower risk of heartburn symptoms
Exposure Duration Is a Determinant of the Effect of Sinusoidal Electromagnetic Fields on Peak Bone Mass
F.D.A. Panel Rejects Philip Morris’ Claim That Tobacco Stick Is Safer Than Cigarettes
Farmers Pick Mo. To Host Dicamba MDL Against Monsanto
Feeling hungry all the time? Switch to omega-3 diet
Flu Virus Used To Treat Pancreatic Cancer In Mice
Four common causes of vaginal burning
Getting out of hot water -- does mobile DNA help?
Google Chrome update mutes ads that follow you on the web
Guilty about that afternoon nap? Don't be — it's good for you
Harsh parenting linked with poor school performance in kids with ADHD
Has the President read Natural News – or is he just smart? He doesn’t get the flu shot, and here’s why
Heart cells sense stiffness by measuring contraction forces and resting tension simultaneously
High body fat levels associated with increased breast cancer risk in women with normal BMI
High doses of vitamin D reduce arterial stiffness in African-Americans
Historical migrations left genetic footprints on the Irish genome
Hospital shakes are filled with sugar, experts warn
How cutting off bread crust could lead to cancer
How does fiber prevent weight gain?
How Lipstick Endangers the Health of Women
How Pharma hires hundreds of former HHS and Capitol Hill staffers to further its goals
How polar animals cope with frigid darkness for months at a time
Ibuprofen pill claims to cut side-effects and be faster
In Cave in Israel, Scientists Find Jawbone Fossil From Oldest Modern Human Out of Africa
Iodine deficiency may contribute to women’s fertility problems
Is the MeToo Movement the Beginning of a Political Revolution?
Keele researchers to contribute to efforts to reduce mobile phone use by drivers
Kids more likely to booze if their parents let them drink
Latest Alzheimer's Flop Raises Doubts About 'Amyloid Hypothesis'
Letting silenced genes speak
Licorice root outperforms anti-viral meds for cold sores
Low cigarette consumption and risk of coronary heart disease and stroke
Lycopene Attenuates Tulathromycin and Diclofenac Sodium-Induced Cardiotoxicity in Mice
Many second hand plastic toys could pose a risk to children's health, study suggests
Map of Chemicals Can Reduce Animal Testing
Mentally challenging yourself curbs anxiety and depression, new research shows
MIND diet slows cognitive decline in stroke survivors
Modern human brain organization emerged only recently
Music really is a universal language
NASA discovers massive asteroid to skim past Earth in TEN DAYS
Natural Factors Causing Global Warming Hiatus
New research shows diabetes and worse blood sugar control are associated with long-term cognitive decline
New study reveals how icy surface ponds on Himalayan glaciers influence water flow
New York City sues pharmaceutical companies over opioid crisis
New York’s Temperature Record Massively Altered By NOAA
Not losing weight? Take a look at your DRINKS
Obese men may have higher chance of recurrence following radical prostatectomy
Oceanic Plastic Trash Conveys Disease to Coral Reefs
Phosphorus pollution reaching dangerous levels worldwide, new study finds
Plastics linked to disease in coral
Predicted rise in Canadian obesity rate may lead to higher cancer burden
Quake off Alaska caused water levels to change in FLORIDA
Quality of children's sleep may affect eating habits and weight
Scientists discover oldest known modern human fossil outside of Africa
Scientists Reveal Keys to Our Telomere Length
Sexual Harassment Is All Too Common in Hospitality Work
Soros to Google and Facebook - 'Your days are numbered'
Soy wars - Monsanto faces battle over $40bn market
Specific protein plays key role in the spread of breast cancer
Sperm may be uniquely equipped to deliver chemo to cervical cancer cells
Study finds genetic link between thinner corneas and increased risk of glaucoma
Study uncovering multiple new, unusual bacterial immune defense mechanisms
could pave the way toward new biotech tools
Surprising discovery links sour taste to the inner ear's ability to sense balance
Tactic for controlling motor symptoms of advanced Parkinson's disease
The Brexit Threat To The Pharma Cartel
The earliest ‘Homo sapiens’ outside Africa
The Effect of Moderate- Versus High-Intensity Resistance Training
The eye is not immune to immunity
Tiny particles have outsize impact on storm clouds, precipitation
Top U.S. Scientist Calls Greenhouse Gas Theory a ‘Fallacy’
UCLA study could explain link between high-cholesterol diet and colon cancer
Understanding emotional responses to traumatic injury key to planning & treatment efforts
Using virtual reality to identify brain areas involved in memory
We’ve turned into a nation of winter wimps
Why Meat Companies of the Future Won’t Slaughter Animals
Why some people are more susceptible to the flu

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