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Nederlandstalig nieuws

NL - 's Heeren Loo ontwikkelt serious game voor kind met beperking
NL - Autobouwers knoeien opnieuw met CO2-uitstoot
NL - België moet ggo-veldproef op mais stopzetten
NL - De beregeningsverboden van de waterschappen brengen de fruittelers in Nederland in de problemen
NL - De strijd tegen de plasticsoep heeft een eigen ‘klimaatpanel’ nodig
NL - Deel van plastic soep spoelt aan na storm
NL - Deze zomer zullen we in de toekomst een koele zomer noemen
NL - Dieethype die naar Nederland komt onder vuur
NL - Diervriendelijk kiezen maakt je rijker
NL - Ebola-uitbraak Congo is voorbij
NL - Europees Hof remt kwekers vanwege genetische modificatie
NL - Geïnformeerde burger bereid tot moeilijke keuze over zorggeld
NL - Grote stijging aantal ernstige ongevallen met e-bikes
NL - Het drijfijs op de Noordpool in 2018
NL - Hoe gezond is airco?
NL - Huidige hitte een hel voor zonneallergiepatiënten
NL - IJzergehalte in hersenen kan beperking door MS voorspellen
NL - Kan zonnebrandcrème zorgen voor een vitamine D-tekort?
NL - Let goed op je huisdier met deze hitte
NL - Met deze warmte kun je beter onder een laken slapen en je voeten laten uitsteken vanonder de lakens
NL - Natuur en Milieufederatie bijft ongerust over luchtkwaliteit bij Rotterdam The Hague Airport
NL - Nieuw onderzoek onthult dat de maan mogelijk ooit leefbaar is geweest
NL - Ook circulaire economie pleegt roofbouw op planeet
NL - Ozon - een zuurstofje te veel is niet meer gezond
NL - Passief roken veroorzaakt tienduizenden miskramen in ontwikkelingslanden
NL - Pluimvee- en varkensbedrijven in Brabant te dicht bij elkaar
NL - Stop het dierenleed dat paardenmarkt heet
NL - UC professor Dionysios Dionysiou says we must do a better job protecting sources of drinking water
NL - Waarschuwing voor nieuw gesjoemel door auto-industrie
NL - Wat gaat de nieuwe Omgevingswet doen aan en de milieuvervuiling door elektromagnetische velden (EMV)?



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De laatste videoclips

Video - 4 Ways to Decalcify Arteries
Video - 500 kilo onverkoopbare pruimen van Zeeland naar Apeldoorn
Video - Big Pharma's Opioid Drug Pushers Are Destroying Lives
Video - Bloedheet in de paprikakas. In Made werken ze met een tropenrooster.
Video - Dominican Republic - Drone captures tide of plastic engulfing beach
Video - Dr. Mercola Interviews André Leu on the Myths of “Safe” Pesticides
Video - Food for Strong Bones
Video - Garbage covers Indian river that supplies drinking water to several cities
Video - Gebruik levende lokganzen in de Hoeksche Waard onder vuur
Video - Graham Hancock - The War on Consciousness BANNED TED TALK
Video - Gut feel - a study on probiotics for depression
Video - Hoe wordt bij extreme droogte het water in Drenthe eerlijk verdeeld?
Video - How we're saving one of Earth's last wild places | Steve Boyes
Video - India suffering from 'worst water crisis in history'
Video - Lightworkers, Turn Your Spark into a Flame
Video - MARTIN BLANK 2nd hand radiation
Video - Put Your Attention on THIS when doing Keto & Intermittent Fasting
Video - Sleepy After Eating Salad?
Video - The Most Powerful Strategy for Healing People and the Planet | Michael Klaper
Video - What's Wreaking Havoc on Women's Health?

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Aardmagnetisch veld

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Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

5G Rollout in CA Causing Brain Damage to Firefighters
A ferocious lobby that wanted to maintain intercountry adoptions stepped out
Advances along the gut-liver-brain axis in Alzheimer's disease
Aids a medical genocide with impunity
Alcohol - why we should call time on airport drinking
Alzheimer's disease risk impacted by the liver, diet
Bad dogs die young, many from euthanasia, British study...
Bin the bug spray - Study shows EU pesticide ban failing to protect suburban bees
Blood test can predict optimal treatment for advanced prostate cancer, study finds
Bright Light Therapy - Better Sleep For Cancer Survivors
Cats are far bigger bullies than dogs and are much more likely to dominate their canine rivals
Common painkillers triple harmful side effects in dementia
Depression and antidepressants are associated with an increased risk of venous thromboembolism
Diabetic-level glucose spikes seen in healthy people, Stanford study finds
Eating a handful of berries every day reduces people's risk of dying from heart disease by 40%
Eating Wheat Feeds Disease-Causing Gut Bacteria, Study Suggests
Extract of a Chinese herb exhibits protective properties against cerebral diseases
Fitness trackers prove helpful in monitoring cancer patients
For Scientists Racing to Cure Alzheimer’s, the Math Is Getting Ugly
Heart disease and cancer kill more people in developing nations than in Western countries
Herbs for psychosis
HIV remission free of antiretroviral therapy is a feasible goal
How intermittent fasting and manipulating mitochondrial networks may increase lifespan
How much pain would YOU tolerate for booze? Heavy drinkers will put up with electric shocks
In Transylvania, A Fierce Battle Over Gold And Roman History
Intestinal virus study shows major changes associated with inflammatory bowel disease
Just one month of taking curcumin can dramatically reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer's
Juul users sue e-cigarette maker for causing 'youth addiction crisis'
Latest stevia research published in Journal of Nutrition
Less than half of US school districts test drinking water for lead
Link found between resilience to dyslexia and gray matter in the frontal brain
Magnesium Deficiency - Could You Be Suffering From It?
Natural, non-toxic hair dyes now being made from blackcurrant skins
New enzyme discovery may help improve drugs against cancer, diabetes and obesity
New herbal medication effectively reduces arthritis symptoms
New research focuses on treating non-cognitive symptoms of people with dementia
Olive oil is the key to longevity - Only one tablespoon a day can do wonders
Omega-3s help keep kids out of trouble
Parasite from pet cats makes people more likely to start a business
People are breathing in antibiotic resistant genes in major cities around the world
Pregnant women have MORE THAN 50 chemicals linked to birth defects in their blood
Protein discovery may explain why patients develop resistance to new anti-cancer drugs
Psychosis Resulting From Herbs Rather Than Nutrients
Research finds that sunscreen users receive less than half the sun protection they think
Research shows climate change affects recreational behavior
Research shows how the Little Ice Age affected South American climate
Researchers find new way to target flu virus
Rising global meat consumption 'will devastate environment'
Scientists link more than 1,000 gene variants to educational attainment
Scientists warn that proposed US-Mexico border wall threatens biodiversity, conservation
Skin's immune 'alarm' may explain light-induced rashes in lupus patients
Study - Intensive blood pressure control reduces risk of mild cognitive impairment
Study reveals that cats BULLY their canine friends and threaten pets
Study shows EU pesticide ban failing to protect suburban bees
Study supports blood test to help diagnose brain injury
Successful Health Care Should be a Straight Road
Sugar Coated - How the Sugar Industry Managed to Dupe the World for Decades
The 2018 Farm Bill is a crisis of democracy
The hidden hazards of antibiotic resistance genes in air
The safety of vaccination has been questioned over and over without a true answer
Thinking about quitting Facebook? There's a demographic analysis for that
Toxoplasma gondii parasite linked to risky business behavior
Treating depression in heart attack survivors cuts risk of a second
Who owns diseases?
Widespread connections among neurons help the brain distinguish smells
Women and older people under-represented in drug trials for heart disease
Working four-day weeks for five days' pay? Research shows it pays off







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