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Nederlandstalig nieuws

NL - Aangescherpte voedingsregels voor zwangere vrouwen
NL - Acute stressstoornis - Symptomen na stressvolle gebeurtenis
NL - Artsen weten te weinig over risico’s oxycodon
NL - Automobilisten opgelet - bronstige reeën steken plotseling over
NL - Britse studie ontdekte al - te kleine baby's groeien niet door viagra
NL - Claudia de Breij - Nationaal hitteplan
NL - Depressief door de zon
NL - Diabetici gebaat bij eten van linzen
NL - Eet jij nog steeds vlees?
NL - Eten we straks gemuteerde maaltijden of niet?
NL - Facebook protects far-right activists even after rule breaches
NL - Ggz-instelling overbelast door te zware patiënten
NL - Grote grazers houden exoten onder de duim
NL - Hebben omega-3-supplementen geen enkel gunstig effect?
NL - Hoe maakbaar is het leven?
NL - Hoelang nog voor er geen water meer uit uw kraan komt?
NL - In het spoor van duurzame soja
NL - Jaarlijks vertrekken er nog tienduizenden Nederlandse veedieren onder zeer
slechte omstandigheden naar verre landen
NL - Laura heeft een zomerdepressie
NL - Meest complete kaart van brein gemaakt
NL - Natuurbeschermingsregels kunnen verduurzaming van woningen bemoeilijken
NL - Nieuw medicijn tegen malaria op de markt
NL - Nieuwe veldproef mag niet ontsnappen aan ggo-wetgeving
NL - NVWA controleert extra op veetransport
NL - Omega 3 vetzuurmetabolisme producten hebben antikankereffecten
NL - Rabobank gaat in gesprek met eigenaren ‘fout’ Liberiaans palmoliebedrijf
NL - Recordaantal van 207 natuurbeschermers vermoord in 2017
NL - Recordaantal van 207 natuurbeschermers vermoord in 2017
NL - Resistente bacteriën in darmen gerelateerd aan antibioticumgebruik
NL - Scandinavische Velden in Zierikzee wekt eigen duurzame energie op
NL - Slecht slapen en een oververhit brein - hittestress bestaat echt
NL - Straling van smartphones kan geheugen van tieners beschadigen
NL - We hadden vrede met de dood van onze dochter, maar nu niet meer
NL - We zweten wat af en dat is heel gezond
NL - Zo vermijd je dat dieren met dorst verdrinken
NL - Zonbescherming uit een potje, kan dat?
NL - Zwerfafval langs grote rivieren is vooral plastic



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De laatste videoclips

Video - A New Way to Diagnose Glioma Brain Tumors with Daniel Brat, MD, PhD
Video - Anti-oil protesters protect us from "poisonous" bitumen | Sheila Gunn Reid
Video - Can Aloe Cure Cancer?
Video - Can you believe farrowing crates are still legal?
Video - Deciphering the Secret Language of Whales
Video - Fetal alcohol disorders are more common than you think
Video - Geen zonnepanelen op schaarse landbouwgrond
Video - Hernia Mesh - A Terrifying Health Disaster
Video - New NTP Report on the Safety of BPA (Barry Delclos)
Video - Plant-Based Proteins and Heath (Glenda Courtney-Martin)
Video - Smart phones could damage our memory side of the brain
Video - Suicide linked to Earth's hotter climate
Video - Understanding the Biology of Autism with Feinberg Scientist Peter Penzes, PhD
Video - Use Green Coffee Powder For Your Skin
Video - Waves of plastic pollution spoil the Dominican Republic
Video - What are The Symptoms of Yeast Overgrowth?
Video - What Causes ALS? with Robert Kalb, MD
Video - What is SCT Oil and How Does it Benefit You?
Video - Why Inflammation is Dangerous–How to Reduce it
Video - Zinc can halt the growth of cancer cells, study reveals

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Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

A Close Look at the Microbes that Thrive in Air Conditioning
A high level of cardiovascular fitness reduces your risk of dementia by 90%
A promising approach to translational research on stem cells for Parkinson's disease
A safety review of proton pump inhibitors to treat acid-related digestive diseases
A slice of pizza could be a healthier option for breakfast than most popular cereals
A traditional Chinese medicine found to be effective in treating depression
Acidity in seas to reach levels not seen in 14 million years
Adding sugar to your tea increases risk of Alzheimer's by 33%
Adding walnuts to your diet can help you lose weight and improve your heart health
Ageing overweight scuba divers at risk of underwater heart attack
Air pollution linked to higher breast cancer risk
Alfalfa as human food - A rich source of nutrients, it is consumed as a tea, herb, supplement and now as flour
America's Drinking Habits Are Killing More Young People
Americans Think Pot Is Healthy, But Scientists Still Have Questions
Amyloid beta protein protects brain from herpes infection by entrapping viral particles
Antarctic Melt Accelerates Sea Level Rise
Anti-fatigue effects of small-molecule oligopeptides isolated from Panax quinquefolium L. in mice
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria on the rise
Antidepressant prescriptions for children on the rise
Are dates healthful?
Are strong-armed tactics by Big Pharma behind the country’s birth control shortage?
Are Your Body’s Schwann Cells Protected When You Use Cell Phones Or Are Exposed
To Other Microwaves Like Wi-Fi?
Author of book on opioid addiction to speak
Average child spends just 7 hours a week outside
Banned chemicals linked to air force base found in drinking water in WA township
Bayer to stop sales of Essure birth control device
Beets and carrots could lead to stronger and greener buildings
Bigger eyes but reduced brain power in nocturnal fishes
Biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields
Blindness gene discovered
Boosting Your Immune System as You Age Is Key
Breakthrough in battle against type 2 diabetes
Breast cancer fuelled by mysterious Yin Yang protein
Calculator can predict heart age, risk for heart disease
Can the Paleo diet put you at risk of iodine deficiency?
Chemicals in Food May Harm Children
Children are being harmed by food additives, US pediatric association warns
Children of mothers with type 1 diabetes have a higher body mass index
Chlamydia and gonorrhoea cases in France triple in 4 years
Coronary Calcium Score and Cardiovascular Risk
Depleting microbiome with antibiotics can affect glucose metabolism
Did a Stellar Intruder Deform Our Outer Solar System?
Dietary oleic acid is inversely associated with pancreatic cancer
Do Vitamin D Pills Help Control Asthma Symptoms?
Doctors don't always recognize 'financial toxicity' of cancer
Does Sugar Really Suppress the Immune System?
Dying groundskeeper to testify in Roundup cancer trial
E-cigarettes are no better than regular cigarettes, say insurance companies
Eating the trendy Viking diet may reduce the risk of dementia by up to 30%, study finds
Effects of childhood trauma exposure and cortisol levels on cognitive functioning among breast cancer survivors
Effects of EMF emissions from undersea electric cables on coral reef fish
Effects of exposure to electromagnetic field from 915?MHz radiofrequency identification
system on circulating blood cells in the healthy adult rat
Electricity sparks neuronal diversity during brain development
Estrogen treatment after premature birth could stop development issues
Evidence-based complementary treatment of pancreatic cancer
Exhaled e-vapor particles evaporate in seconds -- new study
Experts reveal why we always seem to crave sweets after meals
Extinct vegetarian cave bear diet mystery unravelled
Extra virgin olive oil found to reverse many of the effects of a high-fat diet
Eyeliner with dangerous levels of lead linked to sick children in Sydney
Farmer Who Ran For Legislature Suing Monsanto
First randomised trial of 'kick and kill' approach to HIV cure leaves puzzles to be solved
Foodborne illness may be on the rise, here's why
For Scientists Racing to Cure Alzheimer’s, the Math Is Getting Ugly
Fukushima radioactive cesium particles detected in California wine
Gene study pinpoints superbug link between people and animals
Giant 'pac-man' system could gobble up plastic from Pacific Ocean
Giant neurons in the brain may play similarly giant role in awareness and cognition
Gluten free kids' snacks are full of sugar, study reveals
Glyphosate-based herbicide impairs female fertility – new study
Great white and hammerhead sharks already in UK waters, say Devon fishermen
Heat making you miserable? Global warming could lead to THOUSANDS more suicide deaths
Here's Why That ‘Clean Swimming Pool’ Smell Is Actually Bad for Your Health
Hernia Mesh Lawsuits - High Failure Rate
Hormone Levels Likely Influence A Woman's Risk Of Alzheimer's, But How?
How cannabis and cannabis-based drugs harm your brain
How experience changes basics of memory formation
How going for an eye test at your opticians could spot dementia
How we read emotions on people's faces may say more about our perceptions of what others are feeling
Human influence detected in changing seasons
Hydrogen-powered boat plots course for the future of ocean travel
If you don't have ADHD, Adderall does NOT make you work better
Immigrant Shelters Are Drugging Traumatized Teenagers Without Consent
Impact of Long-Term RF-EMF on Oxidative Stress and Neuroinflammation in Aging Brains of C57BL/6 Mice
Impact of Spirulina Supplementation on Semen Parameters in Patients with Idiopathic Male Infertility
Improved risk management of paralytic shellfish toxins in lobster fishery
Increased rates of 25-hydroxy vitamin D testing
Is HIIT Worth It? Check Out the Latest Research.
Is Parkinson's an autoimmune disease? More evidence emerges
Jet lag affects more than just our sleeping pattern
Largest genetic database on Alzheimer's disease now re-open for business
Legislative and regulatory solutions for halting the censorship of independent media
Lurking inside your gut, the cause of nasty tummy aches you've probably never heard of...
Marine ?-3, vitamin D levels, disease outcome and periodontal status in rheumatoid arthritis outpatients
Masses Of Seaweed Threaten Fisheries And Foul Beaches
Monsanto's 'cancer-causing' weedkiller destroyed my life, dying man tells court
More vitamin D can decrease bowel cancer risk by a third
Music found to induce cooperative behavior - Upbeat tunes improve mood, inspire teamwork
Natural chromium sources threaten California groundwater
New study uncovers how lutemax 2020 protects the eyes against blue light damage
Nitrate in drinking water increases risk of colorectal cancer, according to study
Ocean acidification a challenge for science, governments and communities
Paying parents to read to their children boosts literacy skills
Pesticides behind falling fertility rate in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana
Report from the leech's gut - Even trace amounts of antibiotics boost resistant bacteria
Researchers find connection between viruses and inflammatory bowel disease
Researchers find link between viruses, inflammatory bowel diseases
Right-sided colon cancer patients have poorer survival than those with left-sided disease
Rothschild Bank caught up in money-laundering scandal
Scientists identify more than 1,200 genes linked with academic achievement
Scientists reverse wrinkles, gray hair & balding in mice
Scientists uncover new connection between smell and memory
Stanford wearable monitors stress hormone levels using sweat
Stem-cell therapies are being used by the beauty industry to combat aging – but is that safe?
Study Finds Common Cardiac Arrest Treatment Causes More Brain Damage than Benefits
Study finds flushing water lines protects inconsistently and may increase lead exposure
The environmental impact of dumpsites could be reduced by reusing construction and demolition waste
The epigenetic component of the brain response to electromagnetic stimulation in Parkinson's Disease patients
This Deadly Nut Oil Is Poised to Take on Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs
This Sweet Spice May Fight Off Superbugs
Top 7 pollutants of the organic food industry
Top contraceptive implant is pulled from US market as 16,000 women sue
TORC1 inhibition enhances immune function and reduces infections in the elderly
Tracing the history of farming in the Amazon
Two drinks a month during pregnancy raises children's risk of low IQs
Using activated water and stevia means longer shelf life, better quality, no sugar
Vitamin B12 deficiency associated with hyperbilirubinemia and cholestasis in infants
We can feed the world if we change our ways
We're Drowning In Plastic Trash. Jenna Jambeck Wants To Save Us
What is adverse effect of Wireless Local Area Network, using 2.45?GHz, on the reproductive system?
What would your dog do to help if you were upset? Quite a bit, study finds
Why Refined Sugar Isn’t Great for Your Skin
Worried About Lyme Disease?
Yale scholars tackle opioid crisis in groundbreaking journal issue







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