Het leefbewust journaal - 22 december 2018



450 miljoen voor doorbetaling ziekte in mkb
Antwoord op vragen van het lid Ouwehand (PVDD) over de mishandeling bij de slacht van verzwakte, afgedankte melkkoeien
Bangmakerij schaadt het klimaatdebat
Beantwoording Kamervragen met betrekking tot bloemenveiling en het eenmalig gebruik van plastic trays
Blockchain kan biologisch onderscheiden van regulier
Blok- en stadsverwarming wordt 15% duurder
De rustgevende kant van passiflora
Dierenorganisaties lopen stille tocht voor slachtoffers dierindustrie
Domino-effecten in klimaatopwarming groter dan gedacht
Eindelijk komt er stilaan inzicht in de rol van neuronen
Elektrische cv-ketel uit Goirle staat op punt van doorbreken
Ervaringsdeskundigen hebben toegevoegde waarde in de GGZ
Groene hesjes demonstreren tegen uitbreiding Lelystad Airport
Haal honden uit hartonderzoek. Help mee!
Hoe je je bloedsuiker stabiel kunt houden
Hoe ouders kinderen kunnen beschermen tegen lange termijn effecten stress
Hoog over Ede voert strijd op tegen laagvliegroutes
Is preventief screenen op genetische aandoeningen een goede zaak?
Kabinet wil verkoop benzineauto verbieden
Katwijk blijkt niet zo goed in afval scheiden
Luchtkwaliteit in Amsterdam niet verbeterd
Luchtkwaliteit in de stad blijft gelijk
Luisterlijn komt 1000 vrijwilligers tekort, veel oproepen onbeantwoord
Na Duits dieselverbod dreigt nu ook ban voor benzinemotoren
Niet Hoodia gordonii, maar Hoodia parviflora
Noordzeevissers slepen hun netten vaak door beschermde natuurgebieden
Onderzoek, wie bio eet, zorgt voor ontbossing
Ook Frankrijk heeft klimaatzaak aan het been
Over het criminaliseren van wetenschappers die klokkenluiders zijn
Pecannoten - gezondheidsvoordelen en voedingswaarde
Regeldruk Wmo en Jeugdzorg aangepakt
Slootbodems Westdijk in Bunschoten ook vervuild
Stijgt je energieverbruik als je koolhydraatarm eet?
Te comfortabele hardloopschoenen verhogen het risico op blessures
Vragen over de veiligheid van slimme gasmeters
Windmolens belemmeren luchthaven in zee
Zo bescherm je je huisdier tegen vuurwerk
Zuivel biedt niet genoeg vitamine B12 voor zwangere vrouw


An Ecologic Approach to Health and Disease
Benzine- en dieselrijders krijgen de rekening van het Klimaatakkoord
DC Sierra Club Testimony on 5G Small Cells Washington DC
De gemeente Dongen grijpt in bij TUF Recycling
Developmental Neurotoxicity of Ultrafine Particles
Early life exposure to ambient air pollution and cognitive function
Early life exposures to air pollution and the risks for autism
Eat a Handful of Nuts Everyday to Keep Diseases Away
Elana Freeland on Geoengineering
EMF Protection Clothing RF Microwave Shielding Hat and Hood
Freedom Through Movement - Hannah Blake at New Frontiers
Happy Sex Season
How Do you Get Vitamin D? He Prefers This Way!
How doctors are taught to fear not giving vaccines
Influence of ambient air pollution on brain health trajectories during development and aging
Is Iodine Deficiency the Cause of Your Fatigue?
Is The CDC Insane?
Johnson & Johnson Documents Reveal Knowledge Of Cancer Causing Talc Powder
Milieuactivist Kingsnorth gelooft dat we ons al midden in de klimaatcatastrofe bevinden
Particulate Matter Air Pollution - Neurological and Psychiatric Dysfunction
Patreon May Have Violated Anti Trust Laws In Sargon Debacle
Prenatal exposure to combustion-related air pollutants and cognitive/behavioral dysfunction
Prenatal inflammation by combined environmental stressors alters microglial phenotype and behavior
The role of early life environmental exposures in late life neurodegenerative disorders
The Shortest Lifespan Of Any Occupation In North America by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
The Thyroid Testing Your doctor Isn't Telling You About
Understanding One's Stress
Water Of Onion And You'll Be Better Than Ever
Why Do People Eating Whole Food Plant Based Diets Do So Much Better
Winteractie MAX Maakt Mogelijk


10 Warming Foods That Can Improve Your Digestion
17 fish farms could all be phased out under new agreement between B.C. government
5 good reasons why you should not take hot showers
6 Dangers of Not Treating Varicose Veins
A mountain of evidence on air pollution's harms to children
Air pollution in Mexico City is associated with the development of Alzheimer disease in children and young adults
Alba the albino orangutan returned to jungle in Indonesia
Antidepressant Dependence Discussed at the Seat of Welsh Government – Video
Anxious? Inhaling lavender oil can dramatically reduce your stress, study finds
Arctic Glaciers ADVANCED 16 km During 2008-2016 In A Region That Was 6°C Warmer ~9,000 Years Ago
Bayer’s Biggest Mistake –Buying Monsanto
Biggest Stress For Teens Is Homework, Study Says
Black spots on produce indicate nanosaturation
Breast implants recalled in Europe over cancer link still available to Australian women
Call for ban on cruel tests that see kittens fed poisoned meat then killed
Can autism be treated with a simple microbial-based therapy?
Canada acts on Implant Files
Cannabis Attracts Big Tobacco, Alcohol, and Pharma. Which Big Industries Will Join Next?
CDC study finds higher rates of suicide in veterinarians
Cellphone as WMD; REMEDY restore brain chemistry after frequency bombardment
Certain antibiotics may cause aortic aneurysm, FDA warns
Chemistry 103 and practical applications with Tony Pantalleresco
Chemo after solid tumors linked to higher risk for rare blood cancers
College binge drinking linked to social media addiction
Deadly weather - the human cost of 2018's climate disasters – visual guide
Diabetes type 2 warning - how many toilet trips is ‘normal’?
Diabetes-inducing blood vessel damage could be prevented by a growth factor, study finds
Diet soda consumption associated with increased risk of diabetic retinopathy
Doctors told about the dangers of green tea
Electromagnetic Fields of Mobile Phone Jammer Exposure on Blood Factors in Rats
French Farmers To Be Off Glyphosate in Three Years
Getting the most out of spinach – maximising the antioxidant lutein
Ground and Discharge shielding; ground wave reach depends on surface material
High Omega-3 Levels May Up Cognitive Abilities Of Elderly
Hold the fries! How calorie content makes you rethink food choices
How sperm stem cells maintain their numbers
How To Boost Executive Functioning Skills In Toddlers
Improved stem cell approach could aid fight against Parkinson's
Is this a cure for diabetes? Scientists discover insulin-boosting drug 'cocktail'
Komt voedsel in de toekomst uit een 3D-printer?
Large U.K. database reveals links between genes and brain function
Legal hemp raises questions about pesticides
Levothyroxine Associated With Increased Mortality in Patients With Heart Failure
Light-therapy pod Solius provides all the vitamin D you need in two minutes
Mercury levels in fish fluctuate along with water levels in lakes
Myths, Lies, Oil and Climate Wars
Negative mood signals body's immune response
New research shows how a fatty diet can lead to life-threatening liver disease
New York's rat crisis made worse by climate change
No check on use of highly toxic pesticide
On the right path to fusion energy
Our obsession with busyness is about managing relationships, not just time
Power plants produce more ultrafine dust than traffic
Radiation-soaked Fukushima town REOPENS to visitors 7 years after meltdown
Researchers discover a genetic cause that links erectile dysfunction and Type-2 diabetes
Salt reduction - food companies fail to achieve half of government targets
Scientists uncover how protein clumps damage cells in Parkinson's
Serum Nutrient Levels and Aging Effects on Periodontitis
Simple method rescues stressed liver cells
Sleep Habits Affect Insulin Sensitivity in Adolescents With Overweight, Obesity
Smoke from kerosene stove was associated with reduced birth weight
Starchy food may reduce autoimmune reactions in people with lupus
Study finds proof that Neanderthals used plant-based medicines
Support well-known Danish medical scientist, Professor Peter C. Gøtzsche
The Benefits of Reflexology for the Chronic Pain Patient in a Military Pain Clinic
The Blood Sugar Diet that cuts belly fat
The Oil Industry’s Covert Campaign to Rewrite American Car Emissions Rules
The truth about fats - which ones are really good for you
The United States has an Epidemic of Processed Food?—?and it’s Killing Us
Verbetering voedselveiligheid door geleerde lessen Fipronil
We discovered more about the honeybee 'wake-up call'—and it could help save them
When a US child experiment goes wrong
Why green leafy vegetables can protect liver health
Wintertemperaturen auf Tirols Bergen sind innerhalb der letzten 50 Jahre statistisch unverändert
Wireless network constantly emitting waves like WMD
Yoga, faith healing and herbal remedies still popular in Africa

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