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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Bestanddelen in voedsel die oestrogeen nabootsen kunnen effectiviteit borstkankerbehandeling verminderen
Bioboer Sil wil spuitvrije zone
Biohackers die vanuit hun luie stoel hun eigen DNA aanpassen
De gemiddelde artrosepatiënt bestaat niet
De Waddenzee heeft ook rechten en die horen in de Grondwet te staan
Europarlementariërs roepen VS op netneutraliteit in stand te houden
Facebook censureert niet alleen Martin Vrijland
Fakkeltocht tegen gaswinning
Gevaren van de nachtdienst
Grootste landzoogdier uit het Arctische gebied kampt met ernstige groeiachterstand
Havermout anders
Heilige grond of heilige grondstoffen? Trump maakt natuurmonument stuk kleiner
Hoe stress je ziek kan maken
Hoofdauteur van studie over giftige deeltjes in vaccins spreekt zich uit. Loop jij gevaar?
Je kunt toerisme en natuurbescherming heel goed met elkaar combineren
Minder plofklassen op basisscholen, maar bonden nog lang niet tevreden
Nederlanders meest goedgelovige mensen ter wereld
Orale wondheling en het aangeboren orale immuunsysteem
Oude man verliest alles in brand maar redt zijn kat
Seksualiteit van jongeren als sociaal fenomeen
Smokkelleider neushoorn-hoorns en ivoor opgepakt in Thailand
Stropers hebben 's nachts vrij spel in Zeeland
Tienduizend Nederlanders protesteren tegen aardgasboringen
Transitiecoalitie Voedsel - Supermarkten moeten om
Varkens en broodfok in Boer zoekt Vrouw
Voorkom Voedselverspilling
Waanzin - Leeftijdsgrens nachtdienst oprekken
Wat te doen als negatieve entiteiten / demonen aanvallen?
Zo verloor Nederland in Brussel de lobby over pulsvissen van de Fransen

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De laatste videoclips

20 Things that Keep You Deficient in Minerals
A fact-free, post-truth environment
A once in a lifetime connection with a curious orca in the Sea of Cortez
American Are Sleeping More and Watching Far Less TV
Americans Produce A Lot More Carbon Emissions Than People In The Developing World
Hospitals Are Banding Together Against Big Pharma
How Wind-Farms Destroy the Environment
Human CRISPR Trials To Begin Soon
Integrating yoga with psychotherapy
Is rice safe on a Gluten Free Diet?
Lead in Calcium Supplements
Living plastic-free is harder than you think
Lose Weight Forever - It's the Leptin! with Dr. John Whitcomb, M.D.
Managing Mental Health in Multiple Sclerosis
Max and Stacy discuss the latest numbers on the opioid crisis in America
Most Of What You Have Been Told About Genetically Modified Foods Is Not True
Recharge your Brain Sleep and Multiple Sclerosis
The 10 Biggest Ketogenic Diet Mistakes
The Rise In The Rate of Autism with Mark F. Blaxill
What is Mercury Poisoning? | National Geographic
Why We ONLY Need a Moderate Amount of Protein on a Keto and Intermittent Fasting Plan

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Internationaal nieuws

Activating a single gene is sufficient to change skin cells into stem cells
Alaska’s So Hot It’s Suffering From Record Cold
Ambitious New Anti-aging Trial in Humans
Ambulance delays led to 40 dying or suffering harm
Arkansas Bans Spraying Of Monsanto Weedkiller To Protect Farmers
Artificial stomach enhancing digestive, dietary research at University of Manitoba
Association of Dietary Inflammatory Potential With Colorectal Cancer Risk
Atmospheric CO2 Levels Change With Planetary Movements
Bio-renewable process could help 'green' plastic
Caffeine’s sport performance advantage for infrequent tea and coffee drinkers
Can Stem Cell Exosome Therapy Reduce Fatal Heart Disease in Diabetes?
Can Vitamin D Supplements Improve Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome?
Can We Slow Aging in our Bodies with Intermittent Rapamycin Therapy?
China publishes more scientific articles than the U.S.
Chlorogenic acid protects against liver fibrosis in vivo and in vitro through inhibition of oxidative stress
Climate change linked to more flowery forests, FSU study shows
Corporate Monopolies Will Accelerate the Globalisation of Bad Food, Poor Health and Environmental Catastrophe
Could the secret to losing weight be in your GENES?
Cystic fibrosis bacterial burden begins during first years of life
Daily Beast vaccine propagandist tries to "expose" vaccine truth researcher, fails miserably
Dead woman 'gives birth' to stillborn in South Africa
Difference between multigrain, wholegrain and wholemeal
Emerging evidence on the link between depressive symptoms and bone loss in postmenopausal women
Factor that doubles the risk of death from breast cancer identified
Fads come and go but traditional exercise remains
Fetal vitamin D concentration and growth, adiposity and neurodevelopment during infancy
Glaciers Disappearing During NASA’s Coldest Years On Record
Hedgehog signaling proteins keep cancer stem cells alive
Herbal compound Teng-Long-Bu-Zhong-Tang inhibits metastasis in human RKO colon carcinoma
Infant mortality rates in Texas vary dramatically from one zip code to the next
Iron deposition in rabbit cerebellum after exposure to mobile GSM electromagnetic fields
Is our children's food making them sick? These experts think it is
Jane Bradley - Toxic plastic waste is returning from sea to poison us
Kaiser Permanente study finds cognitive behavioral therapy is cost-effective
Long-Term Exposure to Low-Dose Radiation and Cancer
Looking To The Sun To Create Hydrogen Fuel
Most genome edited crops fall under GMO food laws according to new legal opinion
Nearly half of 'fixed' Dieselgate cars show problems
New England Faces More Blackouts As Power Plants Close, Pipelines scuttled
New Study Just Threw Cold Water On Worst-Case Global Warming Scenarios
Novel genomic tools provide new insight into human immune system
Potential male birth control pill has deadly origins
Protective effect of the standardized leaf extract of Ginkgo biloba against hypertension-induced renal injury
Radioactivity from oil and gas wastewater persists in Pennsylvania stream sediments
Recall of medication for high risk heart attack and stroke patients - Clopidogrel, sold as Plavix
Researchers disprove one of the most widespread assumptions among geneticists regarding DNA
Researchers find link between breast cancer and two gene mutations
Researchers illustrate how muscle growth inhibitor is activated, could aid in treating ALS
Roundup Causes Major Changes in Gut Microbiome of Rats
Serum vitamin D levels and risk of prevalent tuberculosis
Sex-dependent impact of Roundup on the rat gut microbiome
Sexual Activity Linked to Zinc Deficiency And Infertility In Men
Social media companies accelerate removals of hate speech
Soy Protein and the Heart Health Claim
Special moss can thrive in toxic environments
Strong flavors leave babies with more mature taste buds
Tamiflu terrors - Girl, 11 saw 'the portal to HELL'
The Cherokee Nation vs. Big Pharma
The effect of royal jelly on the growth of breast cancer in mice
The Hepatoprotective Effect of Selenium-Enriched Yeast and Gum Arabic Combination on Liver Injury
The hole in Earth's ozone layer is healing, first-of-its kind study shows
The infection took my nose and legs
The Protective Effect of Antarctic Krill Oil on Cognitive Function
Therapy for depressed teens saves $5,000 annually
Tool tracks brain proteins from infancy to adulthood
We’ve had enough! - Protesters demand new agricultural policies in Germany
Why do supermarkets sell organic products wrapped in non-cyclable plastic?
Why stress is making you sick

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