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Nederlandstalig nieuws

50 jaar na de Plof Pernis
A28 moet stiller - Wij kunnen zomers niet in de tuin zitten
Alexander Kops (PVV) in het Gronings Gasdebat
Baudet die heel anders stemt dan hij praat
Bij ons thuis is het soms maar 9 graden
De nieuwe “Kip zonder kop ” show van Jinek
Frustraties op werkvloer bij ex-kankerpatiënten
Fyto-oestrogenen - de voordelen en risico’s
Ga dit weekend niet naar het bos
Geen basisinkomen, maar een basisbaan
Genezing van kanker met wietolie zet Justitie voor ’t blok
Geo-engineering - wie is er bang voor een kunstmatig klimaat?
Griepgolf breidt zich uit
Helaas stemt Baudet anders dan hij kletst
Het is schandalig dat bestuurders gemiddeld 171 keer meer verdienen dan
een modaal salaris
Historische uitspraak Europese Hof over vaccinatie. Big Pharma kan zijn borst natmaken
Hulpmiddel voor diabetici na jaren nog niet vergoed
Kamerbrief over vermissing chroom-6 registratie uit personeelsdossiers
KNVB opent polikliniek voor hersenschuddingen
Kosten van NAM die betaald worden door EBN
Leids ziekenhuis laat medicijnen afstemmen op het dna van patiënten
Liponzuur voor migrainelijders met insulineprobleem
Medische maaltijden - voeding als medicijn
Nieuw onderzoek toont relatie tussen antidepressiva en agressie
Onderzoekers wijzen de meest irritante familieleden aan
Overheid die jaagt op nepnieuws is een gevaar voor de persvrijheid
Producenten moeten grotere verantwoordelijkheid nemen voor zwerfvuil
Resultaten bloedtest voor kanker opwindend, maar geen doorbraak
Schaf huidig financieringssysteem in zorg af
Seksuele intimidatie komt veel voor bij VN, slachtoffers houden zich stil
Tommy Wieringa klaagt de overheid aan voor privacyschending
Versnelde hulp aan noodlijdende Palestijnse vluchtelingen
Vetcellen houden van regelmatig ontbijten
Windmolenbouwer voelt zich niet serieus genomen door Emmen
Yoghurt vrijwaart luchtwegen van infectie
Zeekoeien houden elkaar warm in koud water
Ziekteverzekeraar betaalt 17 miljoen schadevergoeding na lekken hiv-status van klanten
Zo kom je van een koffie-adem af
Zo rommelt minister Ollongren Nederland de EU-censuur in
Zorgen om slaappil-gebruik verpleegkundigen

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De laatste videoclips

A new weapon in the fight against superbugs | David Brenner
Asbestos - the Cancer That Keeps on Killing
Australia lifesaving drone makes first rescue
Become A Pro With Your Instant Pot
Can I Do Keto & Intermittent Fasting If I am a Diabetic on Metformin and Insulin?
Colorado Drinking Water Contaminated - DuPont Chemicals
Cosmic Electric Currents Becoming Accepted Science
Diagnosed At Age 35 With Diabetes and Obesity
Flint’s Court Battle for Clean Water
How Nigeria’s rural radio helps farmers with climate change
How Type 2 Diabetes Could Be Managed With A Smartphone
Intermittent Fasting - How It Affects You
Is My Sex Drive Normal?
Motivation - Bryan Falchuk And Ashley James
Saving Atlantis - Official Trailer
Saving Madagascar’s threatened lemurs
Sea Salt and Water Benefits
The Pesticides Causing Colony Collapse In Bees And The Chemicals From Fracking
The Rainbow Diet with Dr. Deanna Minich
Turning elephant dung into paper | DW English
Turning waste into wearables | DW English
Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression | Johann Hari
What Has Happened to the Gulf Stream and What Does It Mean for Europe
What's The Difference Between All The Different Types Of Sugar?
Why This Dr. Says The Flu Shot is Worse Than Other Vaccines

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Internationaal nieuws

A flight attendant has a theory about ‘unhealthy’ airplane food like eggs and even fruit
A highly efficient two-stage cultivation strategy for lutein production using heterotrophic
culture of Chlorella sorokiniana
A Prescription For Fruits And Veggies
Acupuncture treatments for infantile colic
ADHD drug prescription rate has QUADRUPLED among women
Amazing Benefits Of Mushrooms For A Healthy Skin
Ameliorating Role of Lycopene, Tomato Puree, and Spirulina + Tomato Puree on the Hematology
Animals Are Shrinking and Freezing to Death in a Changing Arctic
Anti-aging proteins may treat diabetes, obesity, and cancer
Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Herbs with Special Emphasis on Herbal Medicines for
Countering Inflammatory Diseases
Anti-smoking plan may kill cigarettes
Antidiabetic Agents Compared in Patients With Diabetes and Heart Failure
Are Implanted Medical Devices Creating A 'Danger Within Us'?
AUSTRALIAN researchers believe they’ve developed a revolutionary new blood test
Aviation Emissions Rising Steeply, With 'Colossal Gap' Between Carriers
Baby brain response to touch sets stage for empathy
Bacteria under your feet
Battery Storage Revolution Could 'Sound the Death Knell for Fossil Fuels'
Blood test detects cancers in up to 98% of sufferers
BP's Deepwater Horizon bill tops $65bn
Brain disease found in 110 of 111 deceased NFL players
Bright light therapy improves sleep in people treated for cancer
British scientists challenge UN global warming predictions
Can a Vitamin D Supplement Improve Non-Skeletal Disorders?
Can We Insulate Ourselves From Food Shortages?
Cape Town Could Become 1st Major City To Run Out of Water
Change in mood could relate to change in seasons
Chernobyl – from nuclear wreck to solar power farm
Childhood physical activity is positively related to educational and labor market success
Children who travel to school independently are more satisfied and perform better in school
China is stealing solar panel jobs from American workers – Will Trump send a tough trade message?
Cilantro - Why You Should Choose This Unique, Pungent Herb
Circulating Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Levels and Bone Mineral Density
Colon cancer - Could proinflammatory diets raise risk?
Could Vitamin C Help Fight Tuberculosis?
Craving carbs? Blame your brain, Japan study finds
Cycling like a Copenhagener can save lives, study shows
Deaths from synthetic opioids have risen from 3,000 to over 20,000 in just three years
Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis
Distinct Types of Amyloid-beta Prion Strains in Alzheimer’s Disease Discovered
Distorted view amongst smokers of when deadly damage caused by smoking will occur
Donald Trump sleeps four hours a night - but is it wise?
Drug-Induced “Iatrogenic” Disorders
Early menopause results in higher risk of heart disease
Eating late may wreak havoc on your body
Effects of vitamin D on insulin resistance and myosteatosis in diet-induced obese mice
Essential oil from the bark of Mexico’s “paradise tree” found to have antimicrobial
and antibacterial properties
Exposing psychiatry as a fraud from top to bottom
Fish Are Getting Their Animal Rights Moment
Florida lawmakers want porn declared public health risk
Flu can be spread just by breathing
Furniture flame retardants increase smoke toxicity, study finds
Gardening may help cancer survivors eat and feel better
Gluten-free foods contain more fat and lower protein
Good bacteria last longer with a sugar coating
Good carbs vs. bad carbs
Here’s how Twitter, Google, and Facebook are DESTROYING Western-style democracy
How a Magnesium Deficiency Affects Every System in Your Body
How babies learn to walk holds potential clues to autism
How Big Pharma Infiltrated the Boston Museum of Science
How can we live our modern lives with balance?
How did we evolve to live longer?
How The US Temperature Record Has Changed
Increased Scientific Rigor Will Improve Wildlife Research and Management
Increasing Number of Adolescents Receive a Psychiatric or Neurodevelopmental Diagnosis
Industry Radiation Experts - Greenhouse Gas Theory Debunked
Inflammation and biomarkers of micronutrient status
Is Your Child Taking Any of These Unsafe Cough and Cold Medicines?
Laundry pods also pose poisoning risk in young children
Leafy greens have power to improve overall health
Leptin blocks the inhibitory effect of vitamin D on adipogenesis and cell proliferation
Let dementia patients listen to songs, urge experts
Low vitamin D levels are independent predictors of 1-year worsening in physical function
in people with chronic spinal cord injury
Marine scientists steer trawlers away from sensitive sea floors
Microwaves in Britain generate as much carbon dioxide as 1.3 million cars
Modern mutagenesis techniques are genetic engineering and give rise to GMOs
Modern-day humans have lost acute sense of smell
More reasons to eat pumpkins and other gourds
New blood protein markers help track premature ageing disease
New robot can help treat rare birth defect
No, Big Pharma's drug market is not a free market
Over 90 per cent of receipts contain dangerous chemicals
Paleolithic diet healthier for overweight women
Paleolithic diet healthier for overweight women
Patient-Derived Organoids May Help Personalize the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Cancers
Periodontal diseases and adverse pregnancy outcomes - Is there a role for vitamin D?
Popular diets could create opportunity for fiber ingredients
Popular morning sickness drug 'ineffective,' study reveals
Preparing a pasta dinner? Diabetes patients should follow this trick to lower blood-sugar
Prescription drug labels provide scant dosing guidance for obese kids
Prescriptions during pregnancy are on the rise – and so are birth defects
Re-evaluation of silicon dioxide (E 551) as a food additive
Rebearth is a water-based Bio Stimulant
Red meat, junk food raise bowel cancer risk by one third
Research reveals atomic-level changes in ALS-linked protein
Rules of meridians and acupoints selection in treatment of Parkinson's disease
Scientists discover how treating eczema could also alleviate asthma
Scientists identify potential target genes to halt progression of thyroid cancer
Should We Be Concerned About Geoengineering?
Study ends debate over role of steroids in treating septic shock
Sugar and sleep - More rest may dull your sweet tooth
Supplements for heart health
Surprising Health Risk Linked to Swimming in the Ocean
The chemical death of cancer cells creates inflammation, which feeds cancer growth
The Dirty Secret of the Fish Oil Supplement Industry
The effects of wireless electromagnetic fields on the activities of carbonic anhydrase
and acetylcholinesterase enzymes
The Lancet Accused Of Sacrificing The Poor On Pollution
Touchy moms may boost ‘social brain’ in kids
Turmeric for IBS - Does it work?
Video shows humans were used to test vehicles in Germany
Vitamin A and vitamin D deficiencies exacerbate symptoms in children with autism spectrum disorders
Vivax malaria - another key to red blood cell invasion
Why we're more likely to overeat in the evening
Women run faster after taking newly developed supplement, study finds

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