Het leefbewust journaal - 19 december 2018


Babyvoeding met rijst bevat nog altijd te veel arseen
Belgische slachterij ligt stil na schokkende video Animal Rights
Biologische boeren uit Tytsjerk door fosfaatbeleid genoodzaakt om koeien te slachten
Blijf met je kinderen praten over alcohol en roken, zegt staatssecretaris Blokhuis
Bombshell-studie toont aan dat aspartaam neurotransmitters in de hersenen verlaagt
Bye-bye bosbes?
Chirurg test 'eigen' implantaat uit op tientallen patiënten
CO2 nieuwe wagens - Europese onderhandelaars forceren doorbraak over lagere uitstoot
Daarom blijf ik doorvechten
De kostprijs van de groene religie
De Verborgen Vervuiler
De zware handenarbeid achter olijfolie
Drenthse VVD'ers boos over gaswinning
Eindelijk erkenning voor doodgeboren kind
Erik Scherder over het effect van muziek op de hersenen
EU verhoogt salarissen. Juncker verdient nu € 32.700 per maand
Europese consumentenbond wil actie tegen slijm
Geen schadevergoeding voor patiënten schildersziekte
Giftige vlamvertragers in autokinderzitjes
Het Basisinkomen - Waarom zouden we dit (niet) willen?
Het effect van slecht slapen
Hoogleraar bedenkt antibioticaloze mastitisbestrijdingsmethode
Inkomsten door uitstoten
Klimaattop losgezongen van de werkelijkheid
Koolhydraatarm dieet bij powerlifters - gewichtsverlies zonder krachtverlies
Laat bedrijven zoals Forever21 niet wegkomen met uitbuiting zachtaardige schapen
Laat patiënt beslissen over inzage in medisch dossier
Meer privacy bij opsporen zorgfraude
Milieudienst dreigt Shell Pernis met hoge boete
Niet zo productief vandaag? Doe een dutje
Nieuwsuur voert klimaatactivist op als "expert"
Noorwegen bant als eerste land palmolie als biobrandstof
Onenigheid over kinkhoestvaccinatie zwangeren
Oorlog op de weg? Pano zoekt fietsers!
Opvang gehandicapte kinderen in azc's ver onder de maat
Per dag stoppen 6 boerenbedrijven
Polen heeft de meest vervuilde steden van Europa?
Provincie zet vaart achter plan waterstof
Slaaptekort leidt tot zin in junkfood
Slechthorenden vaker buitengesloten door familie
Voormalig milieuactivist Paul Kingsnorth fileert ideologie van zijn gewezen strijdmakkers
Vragen over drijvende zonnepanelen wekken de meeste stroom op
Waarom je van sporten alleen niet zult afvallen
Wel of niet het eigen risico verhogen?
Zware metalen - risico voor hart, nieren, botten en hersenen


A Simple Way To Free Your Body From Toxins
Actiegroep Het Molenberaad vreest voor aanleg A3 in Groene Hart
Alliantie moet hart- en vaatziekten voorkomen
Biohacking, CRISPR, and Genomic Freedom with Josiah Zayner
Common Household items that are dangerously Toxic. - Dr. Tom O'Bryan
Corporate Revealed - Cancer In Baby Powder
DRUG$ - How Greed Kills The Sick
Fasting, Ketosis and Stem Cells with Dr Ed Group
How Start Reducing Chemical Exposure
Inside The EPA - Your Health At Risk - E.G. Vallianatos, Ph.D
Is Elderberry Safe for Pregnancy and Infants?
Is The Flu Shot Safe And Effective? by Neil Miller
Kenya - Harassment of Environmental Activists
Menstrual Cups to Make Period Poverty History
Mind Mending With Low Energy Neuro Feedback System - Len Ochs, Ph.D
News Update on the Measle-Mumps-Rubella or MMR vaccine and Autism
Stinging Nettle Root - Powerful Anti-inflammatory
The Impressive Health Benefits Of Apples
The Sacred Plant - Healing Secrets Examined - Episode 6
They Are Changing Our World - Do You Even Care?
Three Big Solutions to Climate Change
What if Heart Disease and Diabetes had the same cause? | Ivor Cummins
What Is Papaya Good For?
Which Coffee Is Healthier - Light vs. Dark Roast?


10-year colonoscopy follow-ups decrease death risk in patients, study says
12 weeks with isocaloric refined wheat intervention increases liver fat by 49%
25 best energy giving foods when you are fatigued
3 tricks to enhance your mood with vitamin D
88% of Americans find holidays stressful
All Civilizations Collapse if They Depend on This
Alpha-mangostin - Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on established collagen-induced arthritis in DBA/1J mice
Anti-anxiety drugs most misused drugs - American Psychiatric Association
Anti-smoking social norms are associated with increased cessation behaviours among lower and higher socioeconomic status smokers
Apple Watch can now detect your irregular heart rhythms
Baby seals drinking milk contaminated by toxic chemicals from ocean, study reveals
Biodegradable, edible film kills pathogens on seafood
Black and Red Rice are Better Than Brown, Which is Healthier Than White
BrainStorm gets FDA okay for stem cell trial in MS patients
Breastfeeding for More than 6 Months Associated with Smaller Maternal Waist Circumference
Can Anger Actually Be Useful?
Carmakers criticise 'unrealistic' EU plan to slash vehicle emissions
Childhood obesity is a fake epidemic
Children With Severe Autism Excluded From Research
Coffee will deliver caffeine and antioxidants in varying amounts
Colorado Department of Agriculture Adds Product to List of Pesticides That Can Be Used On Cannabis
Common painkillers (NSAIDs) have dangerous side effects, particularly for patients with some form of heart disease
Dementia-causing plaques lit up by new brain scan
Depression And Anxiety May Damage Health As Much As Smoking And Obesity
Doctors told what foods to eat migraines
Doctors warn of cancer risk from talc, parents react with outrage
Dolphins form ‘long-lasting friendships’ but shun other groups – study
Drones set to deliver blood and medical supplies to Ghana's hospitals
Drug ‘reverses’ ageing in animal tests
EBV infection may be an environmental risk factor for the development of rheumatoid arthritis
Exciting' study reveals the annoying sensation can be stopped by shining a LIGHT on the skin
Exposure to pesticides during development negatively affects honey bee (Apis mellifera) drone sperm viability
Extensive study finds that organic farming can halt pollinator decline
FDA Approves New Targeted Drug for Leukemia Tested at University of Pennsylvania
Food Labels May Influence Consumers' Consumption
Gene edited food imports into EU will be almost impossible to spot, says biotech pioneer
Genetic cause of ALS and frontotemporal dementia blocked by RNA-binding compound
Hernia Mesh – What Should You Ask?
Human rights body calls on US school to ban electric shocks on children
Injection improves vision in a form of childhood blindness
Insulation can worsen unhealthy home issues
Is Fibromyalgia Misdiagnosed as ADHD in Young People?
Is Your Diet Making You Depressed?
Is your success really shaped by your genes?
Junk Food Cravings Linked To a Lack of Sleep
Kellogg, Hipp and five others told to remove misleading 'no added sugar' claims
New study finds that surgeons under stress make more mistakes in the operating room
One type of brain cell may invite Alzheimer’s
Organic food’s impact on climate change in the spotlight following critical report
Ozone levels are decreasing, but exposure of forests remains high
PFAS in Food Packaging
Plaintiffs in Monsanto Roundup MDL call trial bifurcation 'unheard of'
Rat Poison Found in 85 Percent of Tested Wild Animals in California
Re-analysis of CDC Data on MMR Vaccine and Autism
Salmon may lose the ability to smell danger as carbon emissions rise
Serious kidney injury common during cancer chemotherapy
Solar households expected to give away power to energy firms
Study finds antibiotic-resistant bacteria in Brazil pork
Study Finds Increasing Use, and Misuse, of Benzodiazepines
Study suggests CBD may worsen glaucoma, raise eye pressure
Sugar targets gut microbe linked to lean and healthy people
Talc baby powder concerns undermine J&J's effort to bolster consumer products unit
Tamarind more effective than standard analgesics, study shows
The artificial lungs for human transplants made of tobacco
The Brain Health–Blood Sugar Connection You Need To Know About
The CDC has lied about vaccines and autism for 14 years… Weston A Price Foundation sounds the alarm
The pain you should NEVER ignore - it could be deadly hypertension
This is what smartphones are doing to your children’s brain
Trends in vitamin D supplement use in a general female and breast cancer population in Ireland
Uncovering the implants scandal - 'the lack of transparency is shocking'
USDA releases annual Pesticide Data Program summary
Valproate use in migraine prevention in women of childbearing age – Why are we still discussing it?
We've been forgotten - Brazil's Zika generation
Why Your Doctor is Wrong About Cholesterol
Why your painkiller could still leave you suffering
Your gut, like a second brain, knows when you’ve had enough of the holidays

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