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Nederlandstalig nieuws

'Vegan Streaker' gewond bij verstoren stierengevecht
Baudet had gelijk met tweets over klimaatverandering
Beïnvloedt medicatie tegen ADHD en depressie de hersenontwikkeling?
BRCA-genmutatie 'heeft geen effect op overlevingskans bij borstkanker'
CO2 heeft daadwerkelijk een positief effect op plantengroei
De terugkeer van het Aralmeer
Depressie onder jongeren op school aanpakken
Dierenliefhebbers kunnen niet lachen met humanitair gebaar paus
Engelse vertaling van “gekochte journalisten” van Udo Ulfkotte onderdrukt?
EU blijft giftig bisphenol-A in voedselverpakking goedkeuren
Gratis online cursus over psychische problemen
Groententeler moedigt gezonde voeding aan met wegggeefacties
Herkennen van kindermishandeling op de spoedeisende hulp
Ibuprofen niet zo onschuldig - Het is mooi en roze, maar zeker geen snoepgoed
Klimatologie als afschrikwekkend voorbeeld van vermenging politiek en natuurwetenschap
Kán een sociale werkplaats wel zonder de schijnconstructie van Moorlag?
Lucht minder verontreinigd dan verwacht
Maatregelen van NAM over gaswinning zijn niet concreet genoeg
Nieuwe maatstaven voeding maken alles gezond
Nutella ineens gezond? De voedingsindustrie probeert je te misleiden
Opnieuw daling consumptie verse groente en fruit
Ouderen achter het stuur
Partij voor de Dieren uit afschuw over dierproeven bij Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
RIVM waarschuwt voor smog in Randstad en Zuid-Nederland
Rusland vernietigde al 19.000 ton voeding sinds boycot
Samsung weer onder vuur wegens kinderarbeid
Statiegeld op flesjes is ‘te kostbare weg voor recycling’
Stijging aantal implanteerbare cardioverters/defibrilatoren 2000 - 2013
Storm brengt zeemonsters naar boven
Thierry Baudet versus Gerrit Hiemstra
Vader ontvoerde Insiya dreigt met zaak tegen Amber Alert
Veel onbegrip na overlijden huisdier
Vier publicaties over beïnvloeding afweersysteem
Vieze lucht door weinig wind
Voeding met rauw vlees voor huisdieren zit vol ziekmakende bacteriën
Voedselverspilling is een groot probleem
Waarom krijgt Truiense dierenbeul geen levenslang verbod op het houden van dieren?
We zijn niet over één nacht ijs gegaan met de windmolens
Werklozen missen feedback van UWV
Wij worden elke dag geconfronteerd met tragedies en dat heeft invloed op empathisch vermogen
Windei vd Week - 0.4% appelsapconcentraat in Sultana
Ze maken herrie, zijn enorm vervuilend en stinken - scooters
Zeg 'klimaat' en binnen de kortste keren gaat het over reductie van CO2-uitstoot
Zetten antidepressiva aan tot moord?
Zorgen D66 om luchtkwaliteit in Zeeland

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De laatste videoclips

5 Year Old Permaculture Food Forest Grows 300+ Trees on 1/3 Acre
Another Burst of 11 Codes and a Second Push Towards Awakening More Souls
Can We Prevent Coronary Artery Disease? Investing in your Arteries
Chemtrails/Geo-Engineering Killing Planet Earth
Do We Really Need to Remove Wisdom Teeth?
Dolphins Mug for Camera in Awareness Test
Eco-friendly houses in Nigeria | DW English
Efforts to curb antibiotics use in livestock farming undermined by imports
How People Hated The Big Corporations
How to Combat Candida
How to Safely Eat Wheat - CHTV 203
If the Planet is Warming, Why am I Freezing?
March Against Monsanto, Actual Activist 10 year old Daniel Bissonnette
Nestle Believes Water Isn’t A Right So Corporations Should Control It
NYC Sues Big Oil Companies Over Climate Change
Research Tells You The Real Key To Longevity
Should You Add Spirulina Powder to Your Breakfast ?
Signs That Your Thyroid May Be Out Of Wack
Symptoms Of An Unhealthy Heart
The alarming statistics behind recycling
The Effects of High Blood Sugars on Your Arteries
The Effects of Radiation Leaking from Microwave Ovens
The Social Brain in Anorexia Nervosa
Trump Has Made The FDA Another Arm Of Big Pharma
Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease and Leaky Gut Syndrome with Michael Klaper, M.D.
Warmer seas 'turning turtles female'

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Internationaal nieuws

A Carb-Ranking Controversy
A Fracking Company Is Suing a Victim of Its Own Pollution for Speaking Out
Age is not a risk factor for complications after surgery among older patients
AI can warn researchers where CRISPR might make a mistake
Alcohol may be 'very damaging' to people with 'Asian glow'
Alcohol-related ER visits are increasing rapidly
Amazon dams are disrupting ecologically vital flood pulses
American children are more likely to die before age 20
An innovative PET tracer can measure damage from multiple sclerosis in mouse models
Anxiety - An early indicator of Alzheimer's disease?
Are you living in a bed bug sanctuary city?
Asthma costs the US economy more than $80 billion per year
Benefits of a healthy diet greater in people at high genetic risk for obesity
Big data for clinical trials - a perfect blend
Biggest volcanic eruption in 100 years went unnoticed
Broccoli yogurt could treat and prevent bowel cancer
Camel's milk found to restore insulin activity in diabetics, making it a natural treatment for the disease
Cellphone use dramatically increases crash risk
Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) as an antidote or a protective agent against toxicities
Controversies related to electromagnetic field exposure on peripheral nerves
Correct Warm-Up Reduces Soccer Injuries in Children by Half
Could Aspirin and Diets High in Fiber Act Synergistically to Reduce the Risk of Colon Cancer in Humans?
Could targeting the body clock stall brain cancer?
Could vitamins be creating disease?
Decorated Stem Cells Could Offer Targeted Heart Repair
Decreased melatonin disrupts the body clock and increases cancer risk
Dementia is too big a problem to walk away from
Digital technology is helping women to explore their sexuality
Discovery of a new source of world’s deadliest toxin
Effect of long-term nutraceutical and dietary supplement use on cognition in the elderly:
Engineered bacteria and broccoli can help keep colorectal cancer away
Epileptic Seizures and Depression May Share a Common Genetic Cause
Europeans will remain exposed to BPA in food packaging
Expert warns of microbeads entering the food chain
Flu deaths soar by 77% in a week, figures show
Food Chemicals and the FAILSAFE Diet (RPAH Diet)
Genetic analysis can improve depression therapy
Global warming will put millions more at risk of floods
Help Protect the Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale From Oil Exploration
Here’s How Stress May Be Making You Sick
How Sleep Affects Your Diet & The Foods You Crave
How your gut bacteria may protect you from cancer
Interfering with gene expression to fight cancer
Intervention reduces ‘stress hormone’ in war-affected youth
Jet stream changes since 1960s linked to more extreme weather
Leading aluminum scientists shatter settled science
Lentils, nuts and cereals reverse breast cancer treatment
Massive Expansion Of Thick Arctic Ice Over The Past Decade
New therapeutic approach for advanced lung disease
Orang-utans use medicinal plants to create 'ointment'
Pollution hotspots revealed by new air quality tool
Polyphenols and Oxidative Stress in Atherosclerosis-Related Ischemic Heart Disease and Stroke
Positive - Solar steam powers homes - and new jobs - in South Africa
Pregnant Women in NC Exposed to Less Secondhand Nicotine After ‘Smoking Ban’
Reduced sunlight may contribute to winter weight gain
Renal damage induced by the pesticide methyl parathion in male Wistar rats
Research finds social media users actually calm down
Riding a bike does NOT damage sexual or urinary functions
Science confirms - Inflammation is the underlying cause of almost ALL disease
Scientists curb growth of cancer cells by blocking access to key nutrients
Scientists identify a key mechanism regulating a protein required for muscle and heart function
Smartphone Addiction vs. The Benefits of New Media
Stomach fat is linked to a stressful lifestyle
Student suffers blood clot and pneumonia after taking Pill
Study shows arsenic reduces insulin secretion in male mice
Sunbathing could help you burn off fat, study says
The effects of oral supplementation of spirulina platensis microalgae on hematological
parameters in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
The success of thousands of family organic farms is at stake
The supplements scientists use to protect their health
Time with grandparents may impact how kids view the elderly
Top 10 Natural Resources for Healing Adrenal Fatigue
Untangling How Epstein-Barr Virus Infects Cells
Vitamin D Improves Neurogenesis and Cognition in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease
Why Low Fat Diets and Exercise are minimally effective for Type 2 Diabetes
Why the obese may struggle to lose weight if they diet
Why too much sunscreen could be bad for your health

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