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Nederlandstalig nieuws

NL - "Zero Plastic Rivers" schone rivieren voor schone zeeŽn
NL - 'Mannenclans' in de oertijd sloegen elkaar de hersenen in en vernietigden zo hun DNA-lijnen
NL - Aantal cameraís op de werkvloer neemt toe
NL - Agenten hebben zondagmiddag een hond bevrijd die was opgesloten in een warme auto
NL - Belangrijker voor hartpatiŽnten om actief te zijn dan slank
NL - Best betaalde zorgbestuurder is Jos Aartsen van UMCG
NL - Bio is hot en de wereld is nu klaar voor onze oplossingen
NL - CafeÔne maakt mensen positiever door hun alertheid te beÔnvloeden
NL - De donorwet gaat over je eigen lichaam en gaat elke Nederlander aan
NL - Extra toezicht door bewoner verpleeghuis levert geen frisse blik op
NL - Gezondheidszorg herfederaliseren foute conclusie
NL - Google gaat luchtkwaliteit meten met Utrechtse ondersteuning
NL - Helft Nederlanders vindt gasloos onverstandig
NL - Insecten vermist in Utrecht
NL - Italiaanse minister wil havens sluiten voor hulporganisaties
NL - Kraantjeswater is niet gratis
NL - Meer cocaÔne in het rioolwater dan in Brussel, Parijs of Berlijn
NL - Microben uit konijnenkeutels gaan uitstoot hoogovens te lijf
NL - Minder mensen maken gebruik van Wlz
NL - Narcisten kunnen hun bedrijf behoorlijk veel schade toebrengen
NL - Niet genoeg handtekeningen referendum donorwet
NL - Op woensdagvoormiddag zijn we het meest productief
NL - PatiŽnten ME/CVS dringen aan op nieuwe behandelmethodes
NL - Plastic in rivieren - brengen "plasticvangers" de oplossing?
NL - Plasticvervuiling is een maatschappelijk probleem
NL - Rook is altijd schadelijk voor de gezondheid
NL - Toekomst klimaatplan onzeker door ruzie tussen milieuorganisaties en industrie
NL - Valse informatie aan de pers verstrekken om vervolgens diezelfde pers aan het kruis te nagelen
NL - Wel olie uit Saoedi-ArabiŽ maar geen gas uit Rusland?



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Video - 3 Home Remedies for Acne
Video - Are Vaccine Ads Using DECEPTIVE MARKETING?
Video - Combating Common Diseases With A Whole Food Plant Based Diet with Michael Greger, MD
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Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

1,000s of Canadian breast cancer patients will reap reward of no-chemo study
10 Foods That Help You Improve Bone Health
30% of the UK's natural gas could be replaced by hydrogen, cutting carbon emissions
A single control center for sleep and wake in the brain
Adapting lifestyle habits can quickly lower blood pressure
Always use a fresh tea towel! How drying up with an old cloth boosts food poisoning risk
Alzheimerís disease - how amyloid aggregates alter neuronal function
American Children Lacking Critical Nutrients In Daily Diets
American toddlers consume too much added sugar
An organic solution to heal plants and help them grow
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in the US presents a triple threat
As we age, it's important to focus on nutrition
Bacteriophages - Are they an overlooked driver of Parkinson's disease?
Bifidobacteria supplement colonizes gut of breastfed infants
Cesium from Fukushima
Choice matters - The environmental costs of producing meat, seafood
Cholesterol Code Workbook 2
Converting bad fat to good fat - a new means of tackling obesity
Curcumin enhances disease resistance in aquaculture
Deep-freezing of orange juice can increase the absorption of compounds that are beneficial for health
Depression ó Could Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Disrupting the Blood-Brain Barrier Be Playing a Role?
Does the smell of blood make us hungry?
Dr. Oz Podcast features Transcendental Meditation 'to conquer anxiety'
Drug may quell deadly immune response when trauma spills the contents of our cells' powerhouses
Drug resistance genes shared among bacteria in hospitals can be deadly
Effects of mobile phone exposure on metabolomics in the male and female reproductive systems
Enzyme found to control formation of collagen carriers and inhibit collagen secretion
Erectile dysfunction means increased risk for heart disease, regardless of other risk factors
Extent of immune response associated with degree of inflammation and joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis
Fibre deficiency - How to get enough 'roughage' in your diet and prevent a stroke
French farmers block refineries over palm oil imports
Fukushima Nuclear Plant Radioactive Waste Flowed Into Bay for Five Years After Disaster
High-salt diet may kill off 'good' gut bacteria
How to save Antarctica (and the rest of Earth too)
I.Coast to destroy cocoa trees in fight against virus
Immune system does not recover despite cured hepatitis C infection
Improving Americans' diets could save billions in health-related costs
India takes aim at the witch doctors who brand children with hot irons
Information Overload - 7 In 10 Americans Are Overwhelmed By News, More Among Republicans
Ingesting honey after swallowing button battery reduces injury and improves outcomes
Inhibitory effect of green tea molecule EGCG against dengue virus infection
Key difference between humans and other mammals is skin deep, says study
Large study finds workplace foods contribute to unhealthy eating
Mangoes helped improve cardiovascular and gut health in women
Moderate and extreme temperatures could increase the risk of occupational injuries
Mutation links bipolar disorder to mitochondrial disease
New research reveals benefits of a vegetarian diet
New study examines impacts of fracking on water supplies worldwide
New wind turbines are even efficient in low winds - the benefits are fivefold
Oxytocin Can Warp Our Sense Of Time
Patients put at risk by outdated scanners and X-ray machines more than 30 years old, Labour warns
Pesticides making America STUPID - Agricultural chemicals found to lower the IQ of children
Predicting Suicide Is a Complex Challenge
Proinflammatory diet associated with an elevated risk of upper aerodigestive tract cancers
Researcher studies effects of microplastics on the ocean
Researchers identify new type of depression
Researchers look at plant extracts as a natural treatment for wrinkles and skin aging
Risk of dementia is increased in 50-year-olds with blood pressure below the current threshold for treating hypertension
Scientists identify foods that fight disease
Serum 25-hyroxyvitamin D levels and tic severity in Chinese children with tic disorders
Smoking-induced aggravation of experimental arthritis
Some People Are Saying The Ketogenic Diet Causes Acne. Does It?
Stressing over weight gain? The timing of stress responses found to impact conversion of fat cells
Study proposes a new way to reverse the aging process
Study shows plastic waste can be converted into energy and fuels
Take fish oil OR blueberry powder for better brain health
TED Betrays Its Own Brand By Flagging Nutrition Talk
Teenage girls who are dieting are more likely to binge on alcohol and cigarettes, new study finds
The Clever Guts Diet - The 'secret spies' living in your gut
Thousands protest against uranium mine in Spain
To protect the ocean and coastal communities, US and Canada must tackle 'rule-breaker' oil barges
Tracing the impacts of food and nutrition policies
UV light treatment ďcould save cash-strapped NHS millionsĒ
Want to remember your dreams?
Who Owns America's Water?
Why you get hangry - Study reveals that an empty stomach DOES affect some people's emotions
Wonder stem cell CURE for heart failure
Your smart speakers are listening to you. Here's how to delete their recordings
Youíll sleep better without the sleep tracking app






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