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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Als we als sector ons stinkende best doen
Antirook-advocate Ficq zoekt klokkenluiders tabaksindustrie
Brandgevaar in Antwerpse natuurgebieden
Dat criminelen fraudeerden met pgb was al duidelijk, maar het neemt toe
Dat Nederland voedsel moet produceren voor andere landen is een totaal fout idee
De georganiseerde misdaad richt zich steeds vaker op fraude met het persoonsgebonden budget
De nieuwe oogst voor de zeewierburgers komt binnen
De werking van cannabisolie op kanker
Eindhoven moet toewijzing Wmo controleren
Er verdwijnen driehonderd boeren per dag in de EU
Hersendode' jongen (13) ontwaakt vlak nadat ouders zijn organen doneren
Hoe effectief is het klimaatbeleid van de EU?
Huisarts moet vaker regie nemen in laatste levensfase
Kamerbrief over filterventilatie van sigaretten en aantrekkelijkheid elektronische sigaretten
Klimaatconcept voorziet basisschool van gezond binnenklimaat
Last van hooikoorts? Pas maar op, het wordt nog veel erger
Legaal maar fataal
Lezenswaardig en goed onderbouwd artikel over bijensterfte
Meer bewijs dat probiotica goed zijn voor je lever
Met deze fijnstof-jihad van de WHO breken verwarrende tijden aan
Moeten onze parlementariërs voortaan gaan wobben voor de waarheid?
Mondhygiënisten blij met verruiming bevoegdheden
Nederland stapt per direct uit commissie sjoemelsigaret
Nieuwe test om pinda-allergie vast te stellen
Privacyfunctionaris voor meeste huisartspraktijken niet verplicht
RIVM stapt per direct uit tabakscommissie - Invloed van industrie is te groot
Roundup voor de rechter in de VS
Ruim 3200 grote grazers Oostvaardersplassen dood afgelopen winter
Schadelijke stoffen tijdens zwangerschap hebben effect op puberteit
Seks belangrijk voor ouderen, zo suggereert onderzoek
Slapen naast snurker ongezond
Sloterplas - zwemmen kan zolang terugslag uitblijft
Verminderen frequente sauna’s het risico op beroerte?
Waarom caloriearme zoetstoffen toch tot diabetes en obesitas kunnen leiden
Waarom pgb's en fraude hand in hand gaan
Warmtenetten - duidelijke koers van Deense overheid is sleutel voor succes



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De laatste videoclips

10 Fast Facts About Fluoride
All irrational food choices are around high-glycemic load
Germany - Greenpeace Youth dive into Spree river to protest coal mining
How to make Gluten Free Crepes for Beginners
Quick Tips & Easy Yoga Poses for Anxiety & Stress with Lindsey
Ruim de helft van de Brabanders heeft wateroverlast
The Ten Toxins I Would Like to Get Out of Our Lives with Paul Connett, Ph.D.
This Blackcurrant Extract Can Burn As Much Fat As 4 Weeks Of Regular Exercise
Weaponized 5G
Why Childrens Creativity Is Being Stifled
Will Canada go to pot?

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Omega 3 vetzuren gewonnen uit algen

Internationaal nieuws

3°C may double Europe’s drought risk
A poor diet and having little or no fruits can lead to delayed pregnancies
A Simple Way to Improve a Billion Lives - Eyeglasses
Adaptable Seeds - the Answer to Food Shortage
Agroecology - A better alternative in Sub-Saharan Africa
Alcohol-related cirrhosis patients are sicker, costlier and often female
American Airlines has program to get children with special needs familiar to airport
An enzyme involved in cancer and aging gets a close-up
Antioxidant effects of compound walnut oil capsule in mice aging model induced by D-galactose
As Winter Warms, Bears Can’t Sleep. And They’re Getting Into Trouble
Association of 25-hydroxyvitamin D with liver cancer incidence and chronic liver disease mortality
Autism and Parental Depression
Bee Propolis Benefits to Fight Everything From Colds to Cancer
Being Extra-Itchy May Mean You're Missing Some Cells
Blood pressure and your brain
Breakthrough blood test reveals colour of chronic pain
Breast cancer - Discovery of a protein linked to metastasis
Breast cancer patients need more support for ‘chemo brain’
British women who have had boob jobs at risk of deadly cancer
Can Intermittent Fasting Slow Aging?
Carbon Dioxide Levels Set New Record With Concentrations Averaging Over 410 Parts Per Million
Children hospitalized for injuries have increased mental health needs
Children with autism face obstacles when seeking mental health
Cinnamon Consumption Improves Clinical Symptoms and Inflammatory Markers
Could Low Vitamin D Mean Higher Diabetes Risk, Thyroiditis Too?
Criminals could manipulate own DNA to avoid detection
Depression among parents of newborns can persist 6 months after NICU discharge
Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Autophagy and its Regulation
Eggs not linked to cardiovascular risk, despite conflicting advice
EPO protects preemies' brains by modifying genes essential for generating new brain cells
For mothers with advanced cancer, parenting concerns affect emotional well-being
Forget Botox, most women DON'T want to look younger!
Helicopter Parenting Plays A Major Factor In Raising Unemployable Children
Herbal medicine use among Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in Nigeria
Higher risks associated with vaginal birth after cesarean, although absolute risk small
How gray hair is linked to the immune system
How safe is cellphone’s electromagnetic radiation?
Impacts of windfarm construction on harbor porpoises
Increased Nerve Activity Raises Blood Pressure, Risk of Heart Disease
Is air pollution making you sick?
Is Netflix killing sex? Bedtime internet surge as we snuggle up... to watch TV on our iPads
Just two glasses of wine can reduce sleep quality by nearly 40%
LA Sues Big Pharma For 'Reckless' Opiod Sales
Large Spanish study finds higher rate of pneumonia in vaccinated group (Pfizer's Prevnar 13)
Magnetic stimulation at acupoints relieves mental fatigue
Marine animals can hear us swim, kayak and scuba dive
Micronutrient intake is the key to maintaining health, especially for HIV patients
More doctors should start taking care of their own health with dietary supplements
New approach in the fight against antibiotic resistance
New study links strong pupillary light reflex in infancy to later autism diagnosis
Ophthalmologists link immunotherapy with a serious eye condition
Pepsi Previously Failed To Warn Consumers Of It’s Known Carcinogens
Placental ALLO levels rise during pregnancy and peak as fetuses approach full term
Proper burial of dead cells limits inflammation
Should You Try a High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet?
The Eldercare Ecosystem - It Takes A Village
The Gut Microbiome Contributes to Atherosclerosis
The rapid rise of Autism and other Physical Disorders and Diseases
Tropical dengue fever could be spread through sex as scientists find mosquito virus in semen
Unique study concludes that migratory birds move away from diseases to raise their young
Very-low-carb diet shows promise in type 1 diabetes
Wet wipes will be 'eliminated' in Britain under ministers' latest plan
What If Earth Doubled in Size?
What is the true cost of eating meat?
Why did the maker of OxyContin pay Canadian doctors nearly three-and-a-half times more
money per capita than it doled out to U.S. prescribers?
Why Greek diet is among the best in the world
Why tests can do more harm than good for some women
Why thinking out loud can help solve problems
Women's preference for masculine faces not linked with hormones






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