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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Behandel langzaam groeiende prostaatkanker niet, zeggen onderzoekers
Bestrijding van nepnieuws moet geen vals alibi gaan vormen
Catastrofale opwarming?
Censuur Duitsland - precies zo redeneerde de Stasi
De oceaan in ademnood
De vraag is - hóe is Nouri verteld over zijn hartafwijking
Deze Netflix documentaires mag je niet missen
Dit slipje helpt tegen ongewild urineverlies
Gameverslaving is nu ook een ziekte
Gestandaardiseerde behandeling prostaatkanker verdubbelt risico dementie
Het hoog diabetesrisico bij zwarte mensen wordt veroorzaakt door obesitas
Hoe wordt de milieubeweging diverser?
Kees van Amstel over de vlogger burn-ou
Kritiek op Macrons plan tegen nepnieuws
Lessen in koolhydraten - suiker op het etiket
Mick (19) doneerde zijn stamcellen
Noorse rechter laat olieboringen in poolgebied toe
Nu al klachten over nieuwe aanbieder Vervoer op Maat
Ook buiten roken is nu verboden bij Fries ziekenhuis
Over vijf jaar kunnen blinden weer zien
Pas regels aan zodat zonnepanelen op sociale woningen kunnen
Patroon in ziektes asieldorp Ter Apel
Pervers dat tabaksindustrie jongeren wil bereiken met e-sigaret
Recept doperwtensoep met kookroom
Schimmeldodend middel laat hommels verschimmelen
Toekomstvisie - Hans Zevenboom
VanPlestik recyclet oud plastic met een 3D-printer
Vier dagen volledige stilte in Wageningen
Windmolens op zee leveren dit jaar stroom aan miljoen huishoudens
Zes miljoen euro overheidssteun per jaar voor grootste zonnepark van de Benelux
‘Neem' draait prostaatkanker terug

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De laatste videoclips

20% Of Americans Suffer From Acid Reflux, What Should They Do?
A Whole Food Plant Based Diet Is Critical For The Survival Of Our Planet
Bronchitis in Dogs - 7 Holistic Solutions
Certain gut bacteria can supercharge the benefits of soy foods
Deep Vein Thrombosis (Blood Clot in Legs) & Vitamin E
Do NOT Take Calcium If You Have a Heart Condition or Atrial Fib
Dr Bahr is a passionate advocate for naturopathic approaches to health and wellbeing
Global Temperature Fraud is Exposed
How music can help those suffering from dementia
How plastic is harming India's holiest river
How to Transition From 2 Meals to 1 Meal Per Day with INTERMITTENT FASTING
How We Are Controlled and Why Most People Can't See It
Learn How to Grow Food at the Library and Eat Free Food
Montreal Protocol a Success (Saving the Ozone Layer)
Norway's decision on Arctic oil drilling blow to environmental groups
On the trail of the pink river dolphin | DW English
Regenerating Hair Cells to Treat Hearing Loss
Rennajj Fish Farm - A haven for Nigerian wetland wildlife
Tips from High Carb Hannah
Toxic Air in Planes
Ugandan farmers reap from avocado demand
Using Your Heart to Beat the Matrix
Weight Loss and living Healthy with Dr. Berg and Karen Berg
What's Wrong With Fish? Is Fish a Healthy Alternative to Meat?
When Your Cooking Oil Does This Trow it Out
Why more sleep could help kids do better in school and life

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Internationaal nieuws

A quarter of British honey is contaminated with pesticides
Add these FIVE great foods to your weekly shop to lower blood sugar
Americans Increasingly Too Weak, Not Just Too Fat, To Serve
America’s Wind Industry Doomed as Republicans Back Cheap, Reliable Coal & Nuclear
Antioxidants Don’t Ease Muscle Soreness After Exercise
As Mass Coral Bleaching Occurs More Frequently, Hopes For Recovery Fade
Association of Low-Moderate Arsenic Exposure and Arsenic Metabolism with
Incident Diabetes and Insulin Resistance
Begging for Global Warming as Global Cooling Becomes Obvious
Better Plastics for Healthier Oceans
BMI (Body Mass Indicator) is a Tool of the Medical Corporatocracy
Brain Signals Reflect Social Anxiety and Performance Fears in ASD
Brain Stimulation Studied as Possible Therapy for Autism
California Puts Freeze on New Uses of Bee-killing Pesticides
CDC Accused Of Inflating Flu Case Statistics
Couples could get pregnant from skin cells jokes expert
De psychologische tol die het slachten van dieren eist in Britse slachthuizen
Depression in black adolescents requires different treatment
Does Magnesium Help You Sleep?
Earth To Become A Desert – Again
Excess fat disrupts heart cell's energy system
Food Science Is Caught Between the Head and the Heart
Geopolitical risks to US oil supply lowest since the early 1970s
Herbs scientifically proven to ease anxiety revealed
How One Vitamin Cured This Woman’s Anxiety and Why MTHFR Is To Blame
Immune response to Zika virus contributes to fetal harm
In Antarctic dry valleys, early signs of climate change-induced shifts in soil
Inventor of Water-Powered Car Dies In Restaurant Screaming ‘They Poisoned Me’
Jamie Oliver believes energy drinks should be banned
Landmark genetic study better predicts stomach cancer
Leader comment - Why new diabetes research may come as a big relief
Lothian man reverses diabetes after taking part in diet trial
Mirror neuron activity predicts people's decision-making in moral dilemmas
Monsanto sued over decades of PCB pollution
NY Times Confuses Weather With Climate
Ocean acidification means major changes for California mussels, FSU researcher says
One in ten young people find intelligence most important
One World Marching In Time To The Cesium Clock
PDF - Ashwagandha and Alzheimer
Penn study on super-silenced DNA hints at new ways to reprogram cells
Radiation therapy algorithm could reduce side effects, maintain effect against tumors
Randomized Controlled Trials Vs. Effectiveness Of Real-World Use Of GLP-1’s and DPP4 Therapies
Research paves the way for treatment strategies of multidrug-resistant chronic infections
Sailors Fight to Keep Fukushima Radiation Case in US
Scientists show how toxic protein rips through the brain
Scientists uncover why sauna bathing is good for your health
SGLT-2 Inhibitors Vs DPP-4 Inhibitors Vs. GLP1’s For Type 2 Diabetes
Sniffing a romantic partner's shirt does reduce stress
Spicy foods and loose clothing can improve circulation
Study boosts hope for cheaper fuel cells
Taking Antidepressants Long-Term May Increase Your Risk of Death Significantly
Taking paracetamol during pregnancy may reduce fertility of daughters
The FDA & Contaminated Chemo Drugs
Tobacco shops associated with crime in urban communities of color
Use of mobile devices at home can carry conflict to workplace, UTA study says
What Michael Mann’s ‘Hockey Stick’ Graph Gave To UN Climate Fraud
Why are we losing the fight against the obesity epidemic?
Why Are We Waiting To Treat Diabetes Until A1c Reaches 6.5%?

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