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Nederlandstalig nieuws

NL - Airco's zijn populair met deze temperaturen maar er zijn duurzamere systemen zoals koudenetten
NL - Amerikaanse regering versoepelt gebruiksmogelijkheden vor neonicotinoiden
NL - Burger weet weinig van grensoverschrijdende zorg
NL - Chantage, niet vaccineren, korten op kinderbijslag
NL - Contracten met farma-industrie zijn te duur en niet transparant
NL - Een droombaan én borderline
NL - Geplande uitstroom Wmo naar Wlz niet zonder risico’s
NL - Gestopte darmbewegingen met verstopping van darmen
NL - Gezond, sterk en gelukkig met de Wim Hof (The Iceman) methode
NL - Hitte en droogte drama voor vlinders
NL - Hoe de bioindustrie het leven verkort van dieren
NL - Is alcohol drinken met mate nu goed of slecht?
NL - Koolstoflekkage heeft de planeet wellicht al 11.000 jaar verwarmd
NL - Kurkuma, genezend en booster immuunsysteem
NL - Longen uit het lab nu succesvol getransplanteerd
NL - Lycopeen verlaagt bloeddruk
NL - Massale vissterfte in de Zwitserse Rijn door hoge watertemperatuur
NL - Meer mkb’ers in de zorg vragen bijstand aan
NL - Met het afschieten van katten los je niks op
NL - Niet alle vrouwen doen mee met het bevolkingsonderzoek naar baarmoederhalskanker
NL - Nieuwe radar moet levens trekvogels redden van windmolens
NL - Oude smartphones inzamelen om elektrische auto's te laten rijden
NL - PDF - De Weg van het Stille Midden
NL - PDF - Lessen van De Oude Cheng
NL - PDF - Terugkeer naar De Oerbron
NL - Pesten van dieren in het wild is totaal onaanvaardbaar
NL - Plasticsoep duidelijk zichtbaar in Italiaanse meren
NL - RIVM waarschuwt voor smog in heel Nederland
NL - Water drinken beu? Ook door voeding krijg je heel wat vocht binnen
NL - We hebben één gedeelde droom - gezond oud worden
NL - We leven in de eeuw van de hyperconsumptie
NL - Zeewater Waddeneilanden bijna net zo warm als Middellandse Zee

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Video - 'Hoe heter, hoe beter' gaat niet op voor zonnepanelen
Video - 100 years of suffrage
Video - Cities Adaptations to Sea Level Rise
Video - Clive de Carle at Anarchapulco 2018
Video - Environmentalism and democracy
Video - Globalism and neo-liberalism
Video - Immigrant versus citizen - is freedom of movement a human right?
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Video - Say No to Herpes Simplex Vaccine
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Internationaal nieuws

8 Health Benefits of Fasting, Backed by Science
A child lost a sixth of his brain, then made an amazing comeback
A Perfect Storm of Factors Is Making Wildfires More Expensive to Control
A Social Media Expert Explains Why You Should Just Delete Your Old Tweets
A systematic review of the vitamin B12, folate and homocysteine triad across body mass index
Adding crickets to your diet can be good for your gut
Aggressive tumors - New regulator in breast cancer cells discovered
Almost all world’s oceans damaged by human impact, study finds
Archeologen ontdekken ondergrondse stad en piramide in Bolivia. Wat ligt hier verborgen?
B Vitamins Can Reduce Body Weight Gain by Increasing Metabolism-related Enzyme Activities
in Rats Fed on a High-Fat Diet
Billions of dollars in food wasted annually thanks to “use by” date on food labels
Can't quit smoking? Intense psychedelic experiences triggered by magic mushrooms could help
Chemical-free sunscreens and sunburn treatments
Children born from frozen embryos are more likely to be girls, fertility doctor claims
Children who have lost a parent to family violence need to be listened to
Circadian rhythm and melatonin in the treatment of depression
Circulating Vitamin D–Binding Protein Linked With Decreased RCC Risk
Cocaine relapse is reversed with BDNF microinjections in the brain
Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Hospice and Palliative Care
Could tea replace chemicals as a natural food colorant?
DEA’s lack of action to license marijuana growers threatens next phase of PTSD study
Dietary intake of vitamin K and risk of prostate cancer
Does Monsanto's Roundup Cause Cancer?
DowDuPont "defers" field trials to seek sale of GM corn seed in India
Dr Michael Mosley - Greens, peppers and trout
Early trauma may be risk factor for anxiety and depression in adults with head/neck cancer
Earthquakes can systematically trigger other ones on opposite side of Earth
Eat spicy chilli or soup to keep cool in the heatwave, say experts
Eating crickets can be good for your gut, according to new clinical trial
Evidence of curcumin and curcumin analogue effects in skin diseases
Exposure to 5G Small Cell Towers Can Cause Excessive Sweating
Extract from dandelions and mangoes could function as first “natural Plan B pill”
Fat In Your Diet vs. Fat In Your Blood
Fried foods, especially overcooked potatoes, dramatically increase cancer risk
Ginkgo biloba Exocarp Extract Inhibits the Metastasis of B16-F10 Melanoma
Girl Died Due to MR Vaccine Complications, Alleges Kin
Glycated Hemoglobin Directly Impacts Cardiovascular Disease Risk
Godfather of GMOs Wants Consumers to Be Less Afraid of His Food
Google Glass is being used to treat children with autism
Got skin cancer? Blame the FDA
Here's What We Know About CRISPR Safety
Ibuprofen increases the risk of cardiac arrest by 30% — why do people still believe that NSAIDs are safe?
In May 2018, Cochrane released a flattering review of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines
Is Sunlight Exposure Enough to Avoid Wintertime Vitamin D Deficiency in United Kingdom Population Groups?
Low-Carb Diet May Reduce HbA1c More Than Low-Fat Diet in T2D
Meteor strikes near early missile warning radar at US Air Force base in Greenland
Millions of people battling addiction to prescription drugs in 'hidden crisis', experts warn
Monsanto trial - day 16
More sensitive blood test diagnoses heart attacks faster
Mother left bedridden by Lyme disease after tick bite
Neuroscientist reveals how good night's sleep can stave off dementia
New estimate shows 7% of preterm infants have autism
New Study Shows Some Corals Might Adapt to Climate Changes
Nonstick Chemicals Contaminate Drinking Water, Americans Urge EPA to Ban TCE and More
Older adults who get physical can lower their heart disease risk
Only a third of plastic food packaging can be recycled, councils say
Our Cellphone Addiction Is Turning Wireless Tech Into an Invisible Weapon That’s Destroying Wildlife
People Are Getting Sick From an Opioid-Like 'Dietary Supplement'
People who sleep for more than eight hours each night have a greater mortality and cardiovascular
risk than those who sleep for seven hours or fewer
Pesticide - The silent killer
Protein ‘atlas’ could aid study, treatment of diseases
Psychobiotics - Intestinal bacteria that improve your mental health
Researchers find potential key to unlocking the immune system in pancreatic cancer
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – The Case Against Monsanto and Glyphosate
Sepsis deaths have risen by MORE THAN one third
Should Artificial Intelligence Copy the Human Brain?
Sleep deprivation is an increasing problem in many developed countries
Smoking ban in public housing might make quitting easier
Stress slows your reaction to danger, new study finds, increasing vulnerability
Sunlight triggers chemical reactions that make the Deepwater Horizon oil spill unlikely to degrade
Sunscreen products block the production of vitamin D by 99%
The New Oil - Green Hydrogen from the Gulf
The Surprising Link between Salt and Weight Gain
This fatty food could help REVERSE your blood sugar problems
This unapproved antidepressant is poisoning people
Trump hits out at ‘fake news’ media, warns they can cause war
UC Davis researchers find quiet viruses alter body's response to vaccines, pathogens
Vaccine to conquer obesity could become reality after scientists find virus linked to weight gain
Vitamin D Supplementation for Diabetes Prevention
Want to boost your math test score? Sit up straight, say scientists
What are the signs of frontotemporal dementia and are you at risk?
What role do inflammatory cytokines play in creating T cell exhaustion in cancer?
Why does radiation-induced breast cancer occur?

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