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Nederlandstalig nieuws

2018 - Het grote klikken is begonnen
Belastingbetaler mag in de buidel tasten voor Virgil van Dijk
Bert helpt gedumpte Haarlemse alpaca - 'Geen dier kun je zo behandelen'
Contract arbeidsbeperkte blijkt vaak maar tijdelijk
Een ecokangoeroewoning op Goeree
Er staat het Arctische gebied grote veranderingen te wachten
Goede mensen roken geen marihuana
Groente verbouwen loopt uit de hand in Zevenbergen
Grotere kans op kankersoort ALCL door siliconen borstimplantaten
Het lukt maar niet om voldoende psychiaters te vinden in Oost-Nederland
Kamerbrief over onderzoeksplicht roestvaststaal zwembaden
Meer bedrijfsongevallen in zorgsector
Meer kinderen gewond door vuurwerk
Miljoenensanctie voor politie wegens slechte omgang met zieke werknemers
Nu doet de NOS het wéér! Paniek! Koraalriffen in gevaar!
Sociale werkplaatsen gepolst over schijnconstructies
Sociale werkplaatsenkoepel gaat ook andere ‘Moorlag-constructies’ onderzoeken
Spanje zet zware elitesoldaten op dieet
Steunkousen, hoe draag ik ze correct?
Trekpleister en Kruidvat stoppen met verkoop tabak
Trump gaat vol voor oliewinning in (beschermde) kustgebieden
Voorkom een burn-out. Zeg eens nee!
We hebben in de wereld te maken met roekeloze en onervaren types
Wens voor 2018 - biologische verjonging van de mens
Ziekenhuizen overschrijven norm voor wachttijden
Zo fout kan het aflopen als je je lippen laat opspuiten
Zorgen bij inwoners Doorn over 'slimme' straatlantaarns

Op zoek naar een natuurlijke multivitamine ?

– Met écht natuurlijke vitamines
– Vrij van niet-natuuridentieke synthetische vitamines
– Geen gevaarlijke maar zinvolle doseringen vitamines en mineralen
– Softgel-capsules met extra vièrge olijfolie voor optimale opname
– Géén schadelijk ijzer en chroom
– Vanaf 2 stuks 10% korting

De laatste videoclips

Addiction Theories New Treatments and the Role of Doctoring in Society
Aubrey de Grey, PhD - "The Science of Curing Aging"
Best Supplements for Hormones, Digestion & Brain Health
Cancer Deaths Down In US 26 Percent Since 1991
Do These Things Daily To Get Rid Of Bloating
Do You Ever Eat This?
Dr. Greger whips up some matcha ice cream
GOES-16 Satellite Tracks East Coast Storm
Gulf Of Mexico Has Become Chemical Industry’s Toxic Toilet
How and Why Too Much Protein Triggers Aging and Cancer with Garth Davis, M.D.
Humans May Look For The Helpers, But Bonobos Prefer The Troublemakers
I Tried Intermittent Fasting, But I'll Never Try It Again
Intermittent Fasting - Why Women Should Fast Differently than Men
Is Chewing Too Much Gum Messing With Your Body?
Johnson & Johnson Loses Again In Talc-Cancer Lawsuits
Planet Alert January 2018
Russia - Crackdown on Social Media Users
Sick Again? Do THIS to get better fast
Space Weather, Sea Floor Sinking?
Ten Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms that Most People Ignore
The brain benefits of deep sleep -- and how to get more of it | Dan Gartenberg
The Sixth Extinction (an Origins History Talk Podcast)
The Top 6 Benefits Of Pumpkin Seed Protein
The True Power of Thoughts
Turmeric Latte Recipe (Golden Milk Recipe)
Vaccines and Autism - This Will Help You See the Connection
What Food-Poisoning Experts Never Eat
Why Should A Mom Avoid Genetically Modified Foods If She Wants To Keep Her Family Healthy?

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Internationaal nieuws

A chemical industry front group defends the freedom of corporations to pollute
A healthy diet is not only balanced between food groups but also WITHIN them
A new brain-mapping study is the first to connect brain lesions to a higher propensity of criminal acts
Advances in brain imaging settle debate over spread of key protein in Alzheimer's
Air pollution around conception tied to birth defects
Alarmists Trumpet ‘Global Warming’ Amid Record Cold Temperatures
Alcohol can cause irreversible genetic damage to stem cells, says study
Anxiety drug reverses problems in mice with autism mutation
Avoid these five foods to reduce risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
Beijing may be starting to win its battle against smog
Big corporations are still pushing sugar and junk food ‘to protect profits’
Caffeine Level in Blood May Help Diagnose People with Parkinson’s Disease
Caffeine prevents bilirubin-induced cytotoxicity in cultured newborn rat astrocytes
Can Road Salt and Other Pollutants Disrupt Our Circadian Rhythms?
Children born with 'blue-baby syndrome' given gift of life
Common birth control shot linked to risk of HIV infection
Common virus used to help fight incurable brain cancer
Compounds in leafy green vegetable could help prevent cognitive decline
Cookstoves in India more polluting than thought
Could infections cause Alzheimer's?
Deep Learning Sharpens Views of Cells and Genes
Device quiets ‘phantom sounds’ of tinnitus
Disposable sensor could report when food isn’t fresh
Easy Hacks to Boost Your Kidney Health and Function
Eating more foods with choline during pregnancy could boost baby's brain
Eating Yogurt Regularly Improves Bone Health, Lowers Osteoporosis Risk, Study Finds
Facebook has become the smugglers’ channel for reaching out to people interested in getting from Africa
Fizzy drinks and sweets 'have major role in disease'
From Observing Whales to Lobbying in DC
Girls' social camouflage skills may delay or prevent autism diagnosis
High-protein breakfast key to weight loss
How blueberries help to kill cancer cells
How cholesterol contributes to age-related neuron impairment
How Sleep Deprivation Is Linked to a Loss of Antioxidants
How the largest European soil dataset was born
Impact of inactivity on muscles more severe for older people
Inattentional blindness
Jeff Sessions re-criminalizes cannabis nationwide
Leptin hormone spurs body’s shift from burning carbs to fat
Method may reverse vision loss from diabetes
New article challenges commentaries linking glyphosate to wide range of diseases
New Study Links Brain Injuries to "Acquired Sociopathy"
Noise could be key to helping beat dementia
Overweight children more likely to underestimate their body size
Painkillers during pregnancy could damage baby's fertility
People who sleep less than 8 hours a night more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety
Pickles could increase risk of hypertension and heart attacks
Precision editing of gut bacteria - Potential way to treat colitis
Pregnant women who eat eggs have babies with higher IQs
Scientists create a 'better opioid' that is not addictive
Sedentary desk jockeys, stand up for your health
Shakedown in Oklahoma - To cut the number of bigger earthquakes, inject less saltwater
Six member states call for glyphosate alternatives, exit plan
Solar Cycle To Cause A ‘Mini Ice Age’ As Early As 2020
Specific microbes in digestive tract can boost success for cancer immunotherapy
Stressed out? Try smelling your partner's shirt
Study links asthma and allergic rhinitis with cataracts
Study Links Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis with Cataracts
Study shows women find rich men more attractive
Teenagers are having less sex as 'risky behaviors' decline
The combination of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids has an enhanced anti-inflammatory effect on microglia
The GMO agenda takes a menacing leap forward with EPA’s silent approval of Monsanto/Dow’s RNAi corn
The ocean is losing its breath -- here's the global scope
UTMB develops promising anti-obesity drug that shrinks fat without suppressing appetite
Violent games like Call of Duty change people's brains
Virus could treat brain cancer and boost immune system
Virus sleeps for years then wakes up to cause skin cancer
Viruses may boost immunotherapy in brain and breast cancer
Why cumin is the new kale in latest healthy-eating trend
Women who don't like their breasts at risk of cancer

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