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Nederlandstalig nieuws

Bas Robben wil dat we vetter gaan koken
Brazilië grootste gebruiker gewasbeschermingsmiddelen
Cashew verhoogt HDL-cholesterol en verlaagt bloeddruk
De 22 meest gebruikte verkooptrucs in de supermarkt
De drie grootste Nederlandse banken stoppen hun geld massaal in plofkippen en kooivarkens
De fijnste luchtzuiverende planten op een rij
Emotioneel protest Oostvaardersplassen bereikt climax
Facebook gaat nu ook in Europa gezichten herkennen
Gemeenschapsdienst - eerder kwestie van verwachtingsmanagement dan van wederkerigheid
Griep noopt verschillende ziekenhuizen tot uitstel operaties
GroenLinks komt met 'alternatief' voor Inlichtingenwet
Het zijn ontstekingen (en niet cholesterol) die hartziekten veroorzaken
Hoe bescherm je huisdieren tegen de kou?
Hoe de Spaanse griep 100 jaar geleden tientallen miljoenen levens eiste
Hoe fitness-apps eetstoornissen kunnen verergeren
Hoe meer rommel van de voedingsindustrie je eet, hoe groter je kans op kanker
Honduras arresteert vermoedelijk brein achter moord op activiste
Invloed van verhoogd bloedsuiker en diabetes op operatie
Is het eeuwige leven alleen weggelegd voor de rijken der aarde?
Kinderwens is goede motivatie leefstijlverandering
Linkse hoogopgeleide bakfietsmutsen laten gewone man opdraaien voor milieukosten
Meer dan een miljoen mensen gebruiken jaarlijks antidepressiva
Partij voor de Dieren verandert in Dood voor de Dieren
Polyfenolen in rode wijn helpen tegen cariës en tandvleesaandoeningen
Seks en de diepe ongelijkheid tussen hulpverleners en slachtoffers
Stijn (17) zit in een rolstoel en werd door de buschauffeur niet meegenomen
Supplementen van bietensap kunnen helpen bij hartfalen
Voor katten is de dooiperiode gevaarlijk
Wat kun je koken met brandnetels?
Welke toekomst voor kinderen op de vlucht?
Welvaart is niet slecht maar juist goed voor natuur en milieu
Zo biedt de tabaksindustrie weerstand aan antirokers



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De laatste videoclips

7 natural alternatives heartburn medicines
Baby Elephant Takes a Helicopter Ride | Nat Geo Wild
Biography of a Lymph Node Metastasis
Challenging the New Hype About Antidepressants
Coconut Milk vs. Other Milk Alternatives
Do Doctors Understand The Science Of Vaccines?
Does Laptop WiFi Lower Sperm Counts?
Enzymtherapie ondersteunt krachttraining bij atleten
Fake News about Global Warming and Over Population
Growing Role of Immunotherapy as Treatment for Lung Cancer
How Concerned Are You About Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria?
How Does Caffeine Affect a Keto Diet
How scientists recreate a solar storm on earth
Key Foods on a Ketogenic Diet
My 3 Biggest Stupid Dietary Mistakes
Ocean Ramsey and a Great White Shark
Out of Breath | Trailer
Reversing Diabetes - Robby Barbaro & Ashley James
Robotchirurgie moet aantal mislukte knieoperaties halveren
Saving Leatherbacks in Trinidad
Sharks Love To Be Petted - They're Like Dogs
Teun van de Keuken geeft voedsel marketing les - Jinek
The Importance of Cholesterol for Your Testosterone & Muscles
The Undeniable Role of Psychotropics
Unprecedented Arctic Warming / Sea Ice Gone too Early
What About Dairy To Get Calcium? with Julieanna Hever

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Internationaal nieuws

3-D-written model to provide better understanding of cancer spread
A new study in mice shows that fasting increases BDNF, a protein that promotes
the growth of neuronal connections
A profile of body composition, omega-3 and vitamin D in National Football League players
A Single Psychedelic Drug Trip Can Change Your Personality for Years
A Stimulus-Responsive Peptide for Effective Delivery and Release of DNA in Plants
Acupuncture for lumbar disc herniation
Algorithm warns two years before dementia begins
Anti-vaxxers 'isolated' by No Jab, No Play policy establish own services
Antibiotics may impact cancer treatment efficacy
Apple Investors Call for Action Over IPhone 'Addiction' Among Children
Arctic Alarmists Hit New Records Of Hysteria
Arctic Sea Ice INCREASING Since The 1930s
Association Between Vitamin D Insufficiency and Metabolic Syndrome in Patients With Psychotic Disorders
Belgium sets record for power production from solar
Big pharma, big data - Why drugmakers want your health info
Birth Control Pills Increase Risk of Ischemic Stroke
Brain implants could restore the ability to form memories
Brain stimulation really can improve your memory - if you're young
Breakthrough research to help women affected by early menopause
Can Sound Be Used As a Weapon?
Cannabis drug halves the risk of an epileptic seizure
Case Reports of Acne and Homeopathy
Changes in Brain Connectivity ID'd in Toddlers with Autism
Chinese Doctors Are Using Modified T-Cells to Treat Advanced Forms of Cancer
Clashes between humans and lions to increase with climate change
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Usage by Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Could a collagen drink really make you look younger?
Could Toxic Food and Medications Be Contributing to School Shootings?
Curing blindness with stem cells – here’s the latest science
Diabetes is actually made up of five different conditions
Diets known for promoting inflammation in the body also found to increase risk of colon cancer
Do racial and gender disparities exist in newer glaucoma treatments?
Dying Brains Silence Themselves in a Dark Wave of 'Spreading Depression'
Early psychosis programs significantly reduce patient mortality, study finds
Earth’s magnetic field is pretty adept at flipping polarity
Effect of an vitamin D deficiency on depressive symptoms in child and adolescent psychiatric patients
Effect of Food Order on Ghrelin Suppression
Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Astaxanthin and Sesamin on Daily Fatigue
EPA eased herbicide regulations following Monsanto research
Europe Was Colder Than the North Pole This Week. How Could That Be?
Expert warns plague bacteria may be hiding in soil and water microbe
Extra Sunlight in Late Summer, Early Fall Could Help Stave Off Flu
Facebook does not decrease social interaction
Fake Publishers Are Ruining Science
Familial breast cancer not only inherited genetically, finds new study
Folic Acid Promotes Wound Healing in Diabetic Mice by Suppression of Oxidative Stress
Gastric bypass surgery can give better control for diabetes and obesity than lifestyle modification
Germany considers to fight pollution with free public transportation
Getting the hormone cortisol under control
Greenlandic gene could be key to beating obesity
Head traumas raise early-onset Alzheimer's risks
Heart attacks more likely after sudden falls in temperature
Hormones may affect girls’ interests, but not their gender identity or playmates
Horseback riding may relieve combat vets’ PTSD symptoms
How Big Pharma Is Corrupting the Truth About the Drugs It Sells Us
How do our brains tell us we are thirsty?
How records of earth's past can better predict future climate responses
How to become an optimist in 21 days
Human skin bacteria have cancer-fighting powers
In Climate Science, You’re Right When You’re Wrong
Inflammation and oxidative stress markers in diabetes and hypertension
Insecticide-laced mosquito netting has become widely used in fishing,
releasing toxins into aquatic environments
Is Poor Glucose Control and High Prevalence of Obesity Expected with Early-Onset T2D?
Is Your Diet Destroying Beneficial Gut Bacteria?
JHU scientists discover how extremophiles flourish in stressful environments
Kids persistently allergic to cow's milk are smaller than peers with nut allergies
L-carnitine mitigates UVA-induced skin tissue injury in rats through downregulation of oxidative stress
Lead Affects Vitamin D Metabolism in Rats
Less Stupid Than Climate Scientists
Lipopolysaccharide-binding protein (LBP) can reverse the amyloid state of fibrin seen or
induced in Parkinson's disease
Long-Term Effects Of Psychotropic Drugs Are 'Cloaked In Mystery'
Low Cholesterol Affects Mental Health
Low free 25-hydroxyvitamin D and high vitamin D binding protein and parathyroid
hormone in obese Caucasians
Lower Vitamin D Status Is Associated with an Increased Risk of Ischemic Stroke
Majority of people consider alcohol more harmful than marijuana, according to recent survey
More Than 75 Trump Administration Lawyers Present Revolving Door Concerns
Most over-60s are living in areas with illegal levels of pollution
Nearly 19 million newborns at risk of brain damage every year due to iodine deficiency
New Diet Trend Can Help in Management of Diabetes
New evidence of nuclear fuel releases found at Fukushima
New method identifies splicing biomarkers for liver cancer
New research showed better survival outcomes in one type of heart failure
Now there are five types of diabetes
Obesity and chronic kidney disease
Obesity epidemic driving up healthcare costs across America
Ocean Surface Temps Cool In 2018, Major Driver Of Climate
Paleolithic diet healthier for overweight women
Pathological hypertrophy and cardiac dysfunction are linked to aberrant endogenous unsaturated
fatty acid metabolism
Pollution from Ships Creates Massive Clouds Visible from Space
Poor nutrition in early childhood linked to hearing loss
Potato-derived prebiotic shows insulin resistance benefits in study
Potential Health Benefits of Olive Oil and Plant Polyphenols
Prostate test 'breakthrough' in NHS trial
Protective effect of Antarctic krill oil on cognitive function
Protective effects of glutamine on human melanocyte oxidative stress model
Protein calls up ‘reserves’ to make stronger memories
Public at risk from 'daily cocktail of pollution'
Record Cold In Europe…Greenland Adds 12 Billion Tonnes Of Snow And Ice In Single Day
Relationship between serum vitamin D levels and inflammatory markers in acute stroke patients
Researchers find transferable antibiotic resistance gene in pathogen of developing nations
Rocker bottom shoes help reduce chronic low back pain
Science - Cold Is The New Hot
Sedative may prevent delirium in the ICU
Short-term increases in inhaled steroid doses do not prevent asthma flare-ups in children
Smartphone users should switch off devices before bed - NHS chief
Smoking behavior reveals genes linked to blood pressure
Social media giant YouTube moves to PROTECT Alt-Left domestic terrorist group Antifa
Some data suggests Global Cooling started in 2006
Spirulina effect on modulation of toxins provided by food, impact on hepatic and renal functions
Student-led depression awareness program boosts teens' understanding and help-seeking
Study finds farm animals are among the deadliest in the US
Study shows improving pediatric asthma care is possible
Suicidal Tendencies, Part II - The Real ‘Stigma’ of Suicide
Survey reveals 59% of people say they could easily quit social media
Systematic review of palm oil consumption and the risk of cardiovascular disease
Taking LSD or magic mushrooms can change your personality
The Cancer Threat to Africa’s Future
The Colombian government was threatened by pharma giant Novartis
The hidden threat of teacher stress
There is no proof et all that CO2 causes global warming
These therapeutic 'cyborg legs' help people learn to walk again
Time To Expose Predatory Bottled Water Marketing Tactics
Treat liver cancer with the anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties of vitamin D
Vertical measurements of air pollutants in urban Beijing
Veterans find quick relief from post-traumatic stress
What are the different types of diabetes?
What Makes Circadian Clocks Tick?
Why Big Pharma Is Fighting Cannabis
Why Do Antidepressants Cause Weight Gain?
Wind Turbine Noise Exposure Proven A ‘Pathway To Disease’
Women 'don't regret one night stand if they made first move'
YouTube deletes entire Health Ranger video channel; deletes over 1700 videos
YSM researcher explores how sex hormones regulate memory formation






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