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Nederlandstalig nieuws

'Geen zee van rotzooi, maar een land van afval' drijft voor Franse sluis
7 tips voor minder afval
Boeren mogen fipronilmest aanlengen en vergisten
Borstvoeding vermindert het risico op hypertensie
Clint Ober, de ontdekker van Earthing, vertelt over zijn ontdekking en zijn ervaringen
Crowdfunding boek, stand van zaken
D66 zag kritiek PvdA op donorwet niet aankomen
Das Kapital - Shell wordt geen spat duurzamer bij overname Eneco
De bever rukt op, maar is dat erg?
De EU hervormt haar emissiehandelssysteem
Dieet zonder fructose herstelt leververvetting
Dokter kan hartfilmpje maken met mobiel
Dokters lopen tegen de lamp voor valse ziektebriefjes
Dotcomnieuws 4 februari 2018
Duizenden tandartsen weigeren stagiairs te leren hoe ze moeten boren
Einde geoblocking in Europa in zicht
Gezondheidseffecten van staand werken overschat?
Goed voornemen
Het conservatisme van de fossiele energiewinningsbedrijven
Kamervragen over biometrische prikklok bij bedrijven
Kimchi houdt de bloedvaten gezond
Klimaatgevoeligheid en ‘feedbacks’: een alternatieve visie
MDMA (XTC) als geneesmiddel
Moet patiënt uitslag ziekenhuis direct kunnen zien?
Nieuwe dialysemethode moet leven van nierpatiënten verbeteren
NVWA wijst publieksbedrijven op belang Q-koortsvaccinatie
Ook scholen moeten asbest te lijf gaan
Ouders mogen niet meer roken bij FC Assen
PETA veroordeelt weerzinwekkende ‘frankensteinwetenschap’ achter eerste gekloonde apen
Radioprogramma Argos over Het Verdwenen Groningen
Registratie St. Janskruid als geneesmiddel is veiliger voor consument
Rik Grashoff stelt in Brussel het Nederlandse mestbeleid aan de kaak
Risico op 400 extra longontstekingen door geitenhouderijen in Overijssel
Ruimtereis verandert je genen
Sleepwet; AIVD hackt nog veel liever dan te tappen
Smaakmakers in e-sigaretten giftig voor witte bloedcellen
Teun van de Keuken opent eigen school - De Vluchtheuvel
Van Kassabon Naar Onvruchtbaarheid - Hendrik Smit
Veteranen gaan xtc-bestanddeel testen tegen trauma's
Vitamine D3 kan schade aan je bloedvaten herstellen
Waarom kiezen we toch zo vaak voor fastfood?
Wachttijden gratis soa-testen te lang in Utrecht
Zuurstof als remedie tegen ziekte - Mike Donkers
‘Crowd funding’ financiering proces van Peter Ridd tegen universiteit levert in enkele dagen recordbedrag op



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De laatste videoclips

10 Warning Signs Your Liver Is Full of Toxins
13 Signs You Aren't Getting Enough Protein
Cancer - Monsanto knew glyphosate could cause it
Climate Scientist Makes 24 Errors in 4 minutes
Do Women Need More Carbs on a Keto & Intermittent Fasting Plan
Dr. Caryn Zinn - '...On Fat and Fasting'
Gut Bacteria Balancing Strategies w/ Grace Liu, PharmD
How Hormones Actually Influence You
How To Clean Sofa With Baking Soda and Lemon
Is The Deep State About To Activate The Sleep Cells?
Is The Ketogenic Diet Acidic?
Keto Diet & Cancer - Therapeutic Effects of a Low Carb Diet
One Law for all Cancers Theory Prediction
Saving The Planet From E-Waste
Start eating these foods the moment you feel like you may be losing your hearing
Tai Chi for Arthritis
Take GMO's and Pesticides Out of Agriculture with Paul Connett, Ph.D.
The Cure To Loneliness
The Ideal Diet And Lifestyle For Leaky Gut Syndrome with Michael Klaper, M.D.
The legacy of Kenya's toxic lake
The Radiation Warning On Your Cell Phone You Probably Didn't Notice with Robert D. Morris
Tiny Michigan town in water fight with Nestle
Toxic BPA Affecting Dogs
What Are The Solutions For Our Problems With Seeds, Farming And Gut Health?
Why Am I Not Losing in the Lowering Half of my Body on Keto & Intermittent Fasting?
Why This Could Be a Key Cause to Alzheimer's
Women And Osteoporosis with Anna Maria Clement, Ph.D., L.N.

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Internationaal nieuws

A chip implanted under the skin allows for precise, real-time medical monitoring
A couple of glasses of wine a day CLEANS the brain
A high carbohydrate, but not fat or protein meal attenuates postprandial ghrelin, PYY
and GLP-1 responses in Chinese men
A low-inflammatory diet is in your best nutritional interest
A New Method To Get Your Patients To Exercise
Adaptogenic potential of royal jelly in liver of rats exposed to chronic stress
Algorithm identifies vulnerable people during natural disasters
Always tired? Can’t nod off?
An Ancient Virus May Be Responsible for Human Consciousness
Antibiotic resistance in children’s E. coli is high when commonly prescribed antibiotics are used
Antioxidant therapy prevents devastating vision loss when added to standard-of-care on rare birth defect
Australian University Sued for Censuring a Professor for Criticizing Alarmism over the Great Barrier Reef
Bacteria in AC units that feed on cells produce bad smell
Binge Drinking Causes Type 2 Diabetes In Women
Birds Suffering From PTSD-Like Symptoms Shows How Noise Pollution Is Affecting Animals
Bottled water is a nonsense. Just ban it and fill our towns with drinking fountains
Brain-damaging neurotoxic pesticide found in hundreds of foods
Can folic acid mitigate autism risk for kids with epileptic mothers?
Can high intensity exercise help patients with prostate cancer?
Can the brain 'rewire' itself to aid recovery?
Can you CURE your own prostate cancer? Noel Edmunds 'tackled' his disease
Can You Get the Flu Twice in One Season?
Can your brain testify against you?
Cardiovascular illness related heart damage can be treated with sunshine
Cause of severe genetic disease identified
Cell phone radiation linked to cancer in rats
Cellular 'powerhouses' may explain health effects of stress
Children with disabilities in West Africa experience violence from the day they are born
Crash diets may stop the heart pumping properly, Oxford University warns
Curcumin targets multiple enzymes involved in the ROS metabolic pathway to suppress tumor cell growth
Cutting off tumor supplies
Diabetes type 2 warning - too much red meat increases risk of high blood sugar
Doctors Say Exposure To West Lake Radiation Could Cause Cancer
Does Aging Have a Reset Button?
E.coli in children - Doctors' fears as antibiotics stop working
Ecuador - Deforestation destroys more dry forest than climate change
Eczema CURED by simple diet change
Effects of environmental Bisphenol A exposures on germ cell development and Leydig cell
function in the human fetal testis
Epstein-Barr virus is present in the brain of most cases of multiple sclerosis
Examining the Relationship Between Vitamin D and Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
Extending dosing intervals reduces deadly side effect risk from multiple sclerosis drug
Facebook as communication support for persons with potential mild acquired cognitive impairment
FDA reviewing animal studies in wake of monkey deaths
Government Study Suggests Cell Phones May Cause Cancer in Rats
Half of cancer cases in Germany are preventable, experts say
High exposure to radiofrequency radiation linked to tumor activity in male rats
Human memory could soon be tracked, boosted, or erased with the use of radical new technology
In Philippines, Deaths of 3 Children Linked to Dengue Vaccine
Including Grapes in Your Diet May Help Treat Depression
India’s BLOOD RAIN could confirm ALIENS have visited Earth
Investigating the roles of regulatory T cells, mast cells and interleukin-9 in the
control of skin inflammation by vitamin D
Is Binge Eating Disorder Just Another Made-Up Disease?
Israeli study finds sexists are less attractive to women
It sounds like music to my ... brain!
Just one week of crash dieting reduces heart function
Link Between Zinc and Prostate Enlargement Needs Further Study
Loosen the back, neck and shoulders with three tai chi moves
Loud snorers are 3 times more likely to develop dementia
Low muscle strength identified as early risk factor for ALS
Luteolin Could Improve Cognitive Dysfunction by Inhibiting Neuroinflammation
Mobile health applications put millions of users’ privacy and security at risk, researchers find
Monsanto weedkiller is killing humans – America’s Lawyer
Natural Diet is Key to Preventing, Reversing Crohn's in Children, Israeli Expert Says
Normal/high-fat milk consumption is associated with higher lean body and muscle mass in
Japanese women aged between 40 and 60 years
Outspoken Animal Activist Ellen DeGeneres Gets a Gorilla Protection Center
Polar bears ‘running out of food’
Popular, common allergy medication may prevent neuromyelitis optica relapses
Postpartum depression and vitamin D
Protective Effects of Blueberry Anthocyanins against H2O2-Induced Oxidative Injury in
Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells
Researchers find grape-derived compounds may promote resilience against depression
Resistant starch prevents tumorigenesis of dimethylhydrazine-induced colon tumors
Scientists call for global and local control and management of mercury
Scientists present new long-term ecological research
Sex is best in your SIXTIES, survey finds
Staying up all night harms women's working memory
Telegraph Repeats Fake “40000 Deaths Caused By Air Pollution” Claim
The contribution of secondhand tobacco smoke exposure to pediatric multiple sclerosis risk
The ketogenic diet could delay the effects of aging
The war on statines - have we been misled about the evidence?
The ‘Adjustment’ Methods Used To Show ‘Global Warming’
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